Thursday, 12 January 2023

Thursday morning and more Day 1

First in today is Janet who has this to say

"Hi Jane,My first day of you tat it and see. Not a good photo but it’s a start.
All the best
Janet x"

Sue is next with her day 1 and this is what she has to say with a very good guess too!!

"Here's part one
It's thing-a-ma-gig but no bells LOL
Shuttles are both by Peter Coa (sadly no longer with us....)"

Next in is Irene who says this

"Good morning Jane,
Thanks for doing another TIAS.
Here's my day 1, no guesses yet....could become anything!
Irene W
West coast of Canada"

Ruth arrived overnight too and this is what she says

"Here's mine Jane. I have no idea what it is at this stage.
This is my first TIAS and I am looking forward to it.
There is a mistake in it but too bad!! I closed the split ring without checking that all the shuttles were in the correct place!!

I have a question. When you say "1/4 inch picot" where do you measure the 1/4 inch please. I have measured mine parallel to the core thread.
Ruth Palsson"

The picot should be ¼" when it's sitting up on the core thread but please don't worry - it won't actually matter in this case. Promise.  Anyway, yours looks fine.

Pam is next into the inbox and this is her guess already!!!!

"This is so cool! I don’t know where to send pics and guesses, so for today, I will send them here.
I think this is the toe of a large reptile. Or mammal.
I have to add that I love everybody’s awesome shuttles. So beautiful!

Everything arrived safely, Pam!!!

Next and almost the last in this batch is Melanie who says

"Hi Jane-
I finally got to this after the contractors left. My guess? A hummingbird.
Melanie "

That's a good guess.  A hummingbird.  I wonder!!!

Lyn is next to arrive and this is her comment

"Good morning Jane and everyone else,Glad to see you doing TIAS again!
While I am at home in the air conditioning Ian is out on the fire ground in 32 degree
heat !
Thanks for doing this Jane and happy tatting everyone!

Wish I were in your neck of the woods, Lyn.  Raining and dark here even though it's almost half eight in the morning.

Finally before breakfast I have Wendy. She says

"Jane, I couldn’t get into my gmail account (it’s too old) to post a comment on your blog. I’m trying the TIAS. When I do the SR2, do I start with the Shuttle 1 or do the Shuttle 2 side first? I used the Shuttle 1 that I made the R with first so is this correct?"

Absolutely right, Wendy. I'll tell you when/if you have to swop shuttles at any time. Spot on!!!  Thanks for your picture too.  All comments and questions like yours help others too.

Back home after lunch with a friend and setting up an iPad for a neighbour!!! Variety is the spice of life.

First in is Antonia who has this to say

“ Hi Jane
This is my first time doing TAIS. I use Lizbeth size 20 col 122. My guess is a lion.

Welcome to your first TIAS, Antonia. 

Now for Sue from ‘up north’ (that’s ‘up north’ in England) who says

“Afternoon Miss!
Bet you thought I’d forgotten!! No chance of that, however meetings etc got in the way!
Right, I’ve decided, it’s a jigamatwist this year!!!
Sue, aka that crazy tog from up north!!”

I think I’d better translate this - no idea what a jigamatwist is but I do know that a tog means a tatty old git!!!  Love the shuttles, Sue.

Another of my lovely regular participants has now arrived - Rose Anne. She says

“ We're back at it and I finally got my act together. Definitely no clue or guess yet!
Rose Anne Burdeny
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada”

My lovely friend Jolimama from Hungary is now back this year with her day 1. I speak no Hungarian and she speaks no English but thanks to our good mutual friend (Mr Google) we manage to communicate. This is what she says

“Kedves Jane! 2022-ben nem tudtam játszani Veled, de most remélem, hogy sikerül. 
Köszönöm, hogy ismét játszhatunk, és a játék összeköt bennünket sok baráttal,még ha messze is élünk egymáshoz. Szeretettel: Jolimama 

Dear Jane! I couldn't play with you in 2022, but now I hope I can. Thank you that we can play again, and the game connects us with many friends, even if we live far away from each other. With love: Jolimama from Hungary.”

So very pleased to see you back, Jolimama. 

Next to arrive is Anita who is another regular participant in the TIAS. Welcome back. She says

“ Hi Jane!
It is so much fun with another TIAS, thank you for taking the time and effort to make them :-)
This is my Day 1. I use a discontinued local brand in size 20. This could become anything, maybe something to do with animals? 

Could be something to do with animals, I agree but I’m not telling!!!!

Marla is back again this year. Welcome back, Marla. Here’s her day 1 with her comment.

“Well…. Here I am again…. Getting things done & in a day late….. but better late than never 👍🏻☺️
At this point I have absolutely NO ideas as to what this might be…. I’ll have to ponder on that abit. 🤔
As always… THANKS FOR THE FUN! 😁, Marla”

Now I have a day 1 from Jackie.  Here’s her picture.

For all those waiting for Aonghas to return to a TIAS I’m proud and pleased to tell you he’s arrived!! From Kay Lyn - his servant!!!

“Dear Jane,
Well, you didn't give us much for our initial guess, but that's normal for TIAS, isn't it? We pondered, and this is what we came up with today. We are looking forward to TIAS fun. 
Kay Lynn & 2-year-old Aonghas”

Nona has just arrived and this is what she said.

“Mine will always look backward, I suppose, because I’m left-handed. I’m going to guess that this is the beginning of a beautiful flower. Nona”

I have friends who are left handed and I feel for you.  Well done on a good start.  

Just arrived in my inbox is Judith who has watched but not participated before. Welcome, Judith. Here’s what she says

“Hi, Jane.
This is my second TIAS. For the first I was just an observer; this time I’ve got my shuttles out.
I’ve no idea at this stage.

Now it’s time to say ‘hello’ to Wendy who has a bit of a story about her last TIAS!!! I’m sure you’ll find this one a lot easier, Wendy.

“Hello Jane,
Thank you for organising this TIAS. 
I had problems making the TIAs last year. It kept going wrong and I gave up in the end. This year I am sure I can do it.
The picots look like bunny ears !

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