Friday 31 January 2014


I will be out most of the morning in Warwick doing 'something' for the County Council.  Not sure what but it'll be interesting - I hope!!
So before I go I'll get as many of the overnight TIAS's done as I can.

First one in this morning is from Nikki who says this:-
"Here is my day 9! Its a ummmmm thingy! Yep thats my guess. Lol"

Next to arrive is Angela with her 'gang' of TIAS's!!!!  What stamina this lady's got!!!  She says:-
I finished and photographed these a while ago, but I almost forgot to send to you! OH NO! :) Anyway, here's a picture of my Day 9 progress.

I think Suzanne understands me rather too well!!!!  Here's her comment:-
"I've been quiet for the last two clues because I was truly stumped.  Fox's comment, and your response, gave me at least a glimmer of an idea: not religious.... but with a biblical connection....a ploughshare?!  (Isaiah 2:3-4)  (Not that I imagine you to be any more preoccupied with world peace than you are with religious matters - you are too much of a pragmatist for that)  Perhaps all will come clear in the next clue."
The only peace I'm interested in, Suzanne is in Tat Land!!!  I can do something about that but not in the rest of the world!!!!  

Now I have Claire's day 9 with her comment:-
"Hello Jane, and all TIAS participants, 
We are under the rain here in Victoria (Canada), and it seems that it will continue for the whole end of week. :(  But that will not stop me from going to a blues night on Friday (Blues On Pender): nothing better than live music to upbeat the mood. :)
Here is the picture of my day 9, and the related blog post. I still think it will be the second sail of a boat. 
Have a great weekend!

 Stephanie is next with her day 9.  She says:-
"Hi Jane!
With 2 sections, I must admit the TIAS is still a huge puzzle.  The pieces could fit together in so many ways....or not be connected at ALL.  
Still have no idea what this Whatzis is going to look like.
Have a lovely week.
Big hug!

Wonderful picture is next from TallyTatty who says in rhyme:-
"Dear Jane,
You kept us all in suspense
We were, therefore, very tense
But, when we use our common sense,
It’s just flowers on a fence!


I have Sarah's next along with her rhyming comment.  Thanks for the smile, too, Sarah.
"Hi Jane, It is 14 degrees F. here in Connecticut tonight but the sky is clear and star filled and lovely. The sunset tonight was glorious ..."red sky at night , sailor's delight"... temps are suppose to rise tomorrow. Hope all the tatters in the southern US are staying warm and safe during this cold snap, and all the tatters on the other side of the world who are dealing with the opposite extreme are baring up under the heat.
Sarah : )

On this cold winter night
It is a delight
To play with my shuttles and thread
The rings and the chains
As directed by Jane
Cause pictures to dance in my head."

Now I have Marla's day 9 to show you.  Good morning to you, too!!!  She says:-
"Good Morning Jane!
I get to mean it this time because by the time you get this it really will be a 'Good Morning' for you!  :))
Today the 'puzzlement' has grown just a small little bit and nothing clear has come to mind as to what it might be..... Marty has asked Sarah Sheep what she might think (sheep know all about threads and fibers and such you see)  Sarah doesn't have a clue what it could be, but she likes it an awful lot and thinks it should have much more PINK in it!
Marla "

The next in my inbox is from Bernice (B) who finds that work is conducive to tatting in some situations!!!  She says:-
"Fortunately Day 9 found me at the office so plenty of paperclips nearby to hold my SCMR and I tried the alternate closing, many twisted threads and then the right thread plucked and pulled and all closed up nicely.  Juggled a few shuttles and done.  I took the picture against the sunny sky that came out in the afternoon.  Just love the big blue sky here.
Best, Bernice"
We haven't seen blue sky like that for ages and ages, Bernice.

Firanghish hasn't tackled SCMR's for ages so a HUGE congratulations to you, Firanghish.  She says:-
"Hi! Jane,
This is the first time I did SCMR., for a long time wanted to try.
Here is Day 9 Assignment,
Thank you sooo..... much for giving us opportunity to practices different techniques.

Back home from Warwick and what I had been asked to do was very interesting.  First in this afternoon is from Grace who says:-
"Dear Jane,
Here’s my TIAS Day 9. I’m trying to guess what those vsp will join to, but nothing really comes to mind! Anyway, I will make a wild guess - a pair of boots!

Back again with her day 9 this time is Michelle who says:-
"Morning Jane. I have come to relise that I'm a bit out of practice with my tatting skills! This Tat it and see is bring me back up to speed though and I'm enjoying it fully! Well I have a busy day ahead of me and an even busier day Saturday. This is my husband's and mine birthday weekend as we are a year and a day apart in age. Happy tatting. :)

Thursday 30 January 2014

Day 9

Here it is - the link for DAY 9.

First in today with her day 9 is Umintsuru.  I gave her the link a day early as she wasn't going to be around for a few days.  Here's her comment and picture.
"Dear Jane,
No guesses on what I used for background.
You've got a VERY patient cat, Umintsuru!!!

Next in with days 7 and 8 is Stephanie who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane!
ok, I think I didn't scan Day 7, so this is 'officially' Days 7 and 8.
Figured before it turned into something else, I'd better get my rocket-shaped Whatzis sent in.  ;-)
Have a terrific week!
Big hug to everybody doing the TIAS!

Next is from Jenni who has caught up with the TIAS!!!!  She says:-
"hi Jane....catching up lol....days 4-8
Having fun!
Hugs, Jen"

Finally before day 9 goes 'live' I have Bernice O's day 8.  She says:-
"TIAS day 8 and still no idea of where we are going with this!  Bernice O"

Whoops, nearly forgot Lyn's day 8 which was at the top of my inbox.  Sorry, Lyn!!!
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 8 just in time for day 9 ! Beautiful weather here at the moment but our north Queenslanders are about to be hit by a cyclone and king tides.thanks for your time and effort that goes into these TIAS 's.
West Aust"

Another one hidden in my inbox - the attachment didn't show!!!!  This is from Barbara who says:-
"Hi Jane,
I'm totally flummoxed, but it's really pretty.  Thank you again for a fun tat.

First in with the 'live' day 9's is Val from Singapore.  This is her message and picture:-
"Dear Jane,
It's Lunar New Year's eve here, and I'm rushing off to reunion dinner with the in-laws. Before this, got to get day 9 to you!
Catch you later.

WOW, that was fast, Lyn.  Back again but now with her day 9 is Lyn who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Day 9 went "live" while I was still on line, so I did it straight away !
No idea what it is !
West Aust"

Another early day 9 is from Fiona who says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is day 9. It has been a whole year since I have made a SCMR. This year I get it done easily first time! Wondering if this will become a square shape... Hmmm. Glad to be halfway...hope to figure it out soon.
Until next time
Fiona T (one mad tatter)"

Finally in this batch is Sue of the duckhouse!!!  She says:-
"Morning Jane.  Here's my contribution to the blog! I do love scmrs! Managed to do this straight after school this morning!  It's still online for the duck house entrance!! Lol
Chat later

Another batch of day 9's starting with Kristen who says:-
"Hello Jane!
Today was not my best tatting day, but I think I got it right?? With all those shuttle switches, I'm all turned around! Any chance you could tell us whether Day 10 should start with the original shuttle 1 or shuttle 2? :-D
I really can't wait to see what this turns out to be, because I'm back to no ideas.
It's pretty, though.

Isa has arrived next along with her family!!!!  She says:-
"Good Morning Jane :
Here is TIAS day 9, from a city plenty of snow and very windy morning.
Send you and all participants of your TIAS a big hug."

Now I have Maureen's gnome which is also her day 9:-
"We are still tatting a Garden Gnome - and he is getting taller now.I think we may have just given him a hand."

Next to arrive is Sonja who has this to say:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 9. Still no ideas. It’s very difficult this time, but I like that.
Greetings from a cold but dry Holland
Sonja from Holland"

Now I have Mooskaan's day 9 along with her comment:-
"Greetings all !
Here's my day 9 , Jane.
Pandora's boxes have opened but confusion still reigns as to the contents et al...
I Loved doing the SCMRs - have had quite some practice since I've just finished tatting 2 of your Fandango Coasters with interchanged colours !
I've also posted about my TIAS experience so far. Here's the link."

Next in this afternoon is Tove's day 9.  She says:-
"Dear Jane!
Here is my day 9.
I still want it to be something i 3D.
A picture of my balcony as it look today.
Regards from a very snowy south of Sweden
Tove Karlsson"

Susan is back again with another rhyme.  Such stamina!!!
"Hi Jane,
Hope today you have some sun. Our temperatures are warming for a few days and we expect a high today of -5C-- balmy!

TIAS day 9 is done 
And I'm still having lots of fun!
The mystery is still intact
As I've no clue, and that's a fact!
I must return to play day 10.
Perhaps I'll have an idea then.
Thanks Jane.

Hugs from Suz"

Now I have Lesley's day 9 along with her comment too:-
"Good afternoon Jane
Good? Well at least it’s not raining at the moment. Having spent the morning serving in our allotment shop in the freezing cold I’m devoting the rest of the day to keeping warm and doing tatty things. So here is my Day 9. I can see why it was a short one today since I for one need more practice closing SCMRs!
Still considering something that moves; so with the winter Olympics on the horizon, why not a bobsleigh?

Miranda is next into my inbox with her day 9 and the following comment which is:-
"Hi Jane,
Day 9, and I'm none the wiser. I've rotated both pieces every which way, but I still have no idea what it could be. You're probably having a good laugh over the whole thing, aren't you?
Yes, Miranda, a slight giggle from time to time!!!

Next into my inbox is Jane who says:-
"Hi Jane, day 9, a bit later than I intended, but our internet has been off all day. Hmmm, I have no idea what it is. Happy tats, Jane"

All I can say is - Fox knows me too darn well!!!  It certainly won't be anything religious, Fox but there again it could be defined as having 'religious connections' from what I remember of having to read the bible as a kid!!  I'll say no more!!!

"I just don't get it. I know you are not the religious type, so I am perplexed. Why would you design a pattern depicting the Pope's benediction? That's all I see. Maybe it's me converting - NOT about to happen! Or, maybe I'm right!"

I just HAD to laugh at Wanda's comment.  I really have to think hard on what to name the files that I upload just so that nobody can predict what the next day is - not that I don't trust you guys but I do like to keep secrets as many of you know.  Anyway Wanda's comment made me LOL (laugh out loud) when I went and looked it up.  Thanks for the giggle, Wanda.
"Hello, Jane.  On day 9, after turning it several directions, the closest thing it looks like is a broken tea cup. As I'm pretty sure that's not it no guesses today. I do love the pdf file name today - my thoughts exactly!
Wanda in Kansas
aka tattrldy

Next in is Caroline who says the following:-
"It sounds like we are going to finally get some snow.  I don't like it but we do need the moisture.  I just hope it doesn't get started and does not know how to stop.  Jane, is it going to be a chair lift or a carnival ride of some sort?  Kind of looks like a basket and the first part will be the tower.
Caroline H"

Melanie has just arrived in my inbox with the following picture and comment:-
"Hi there!
We had a bit of rain yesterday! 0.01" to be exact! I'm NOT happy. We need more!!!! Can you send some our way? PLEASE?
To distract me, I completed Day 9 section of the, mmmmmm, Mother leaning over her baby in a pram. Well, that's what I saw. Must be all the smoggy air I see outside my window. Sigh.
Off to see if there are clouds on the horizon.

Next to arrive is from anonymous!!!  Well, not really.  Just that this person has forgotten to put their name to the message and it would take me ages to back track to find out who it is!!!
"Here is day 9... I still think it might be an alligator.  Off to get the baby who just woke up and she is not particularly supportive of my tatting! Ha!"

Jo has just sent in her day 9 and a very colourful picture too.  She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 9. Still a mystery to me.
Jo from the UK"

Next in is Kelli with her offering.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached is my TIAS Day 9 photo. The SCMR gave me pause, but I persevered.   I even tried your loop trick to close. It does look nicer.
And I'm playing with a new editing app, so I labeled the picture.  Fun.

A simple comment and probably the last for today.  This comes from Anne:-
"Curious! :)"

No, that wasn't the last of the day as Fran has just arrived with her day 9.  She says:-
Here is my day 9. I still think it is going to be a fashion bootee. So lovely to find day 9 waiting for me when I came home from work.
Fran UK"

This IS the last of the day - I'm off to bed.  It's from Jennie who says:-
"Thank you for making me learn the SCMR!  What a useful skill!  Took a few tries, but I think I got it :)
On a side note,  I realized this morning while out for my morning run that you know you're a tatter when you see a beautiful sunrise and think, "these colors would make the most lovely tatting thread!"
Have a great day.

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Wednesday - the day after Tuesday!!!

Tomorrow it will be day 9.  You are now over halfway through - JUST!!!!

First this morning is from Jeff in Canada who says:-
"Hi Jane!
Here is my day 8 progress pic. Still no ideas about what we are making.

Poor Cheryl is SOOO tired she's having a job to remember which day she's done.  Don't worry, Cheryl, when you get to my age you'll have a job remembering your own name!!!!  Here's what she says with her day 8.
"I’ve been gone to my mom’s for 11 days. We shopped till we dropped, trapped mice and played lots of crib. The mice are finally gone Confused smile. And I’m not getting on a scale for a few days. Sad smile. I’ve been doing my TIAS from my cell phone. I can’t remember if we just did day 7. But I’m caught up anyway.  Yours tired out...Cheryl"

Now I have Mary Beth's days 7 & 8.  She says:-
"Dear Jane,
After day 7, I agree with many others in that it looks a little like a windmill.
But after tatting day 8, it's starting to look a little more like a face. The two flowers on top are eyes, and the triangle on the bottom is the beard. Maybe a gnome??? Or maybe, just maybe it's one of the goofballs from Duck Dynasty. Here in America, Duck Dynasty is a reality TV show where the main characters have long, shaggy beards, similar to ZZ Top. (Most Americans over 40 will remember the popular band from the 1970's and 80's. They had very long beards). So those are my guesses: A gnome, a Duck Dynasty character or a member of the band ZZ Top.
Mary Beth in Fort Worth TX."

Good afternoon and it's raining AGAIN!!!

First in this afternoon is Gea who is trying to catch up with her TIAS.  Don't panic, Gea - it will be here for another year or more!!!
"Hello Jane,
I went away for a training so it took me a while to finish my days!
But here  they are..
Just need to make later this day a picture of day eight!
It still makes me wonder...what will it going to be.

Next to arrive is umintsuru who says:-
"Dear Jane,
Here is Day 8. Will be out of action for a few days but I will catch up soon enough.

The next to arrive is Szilvia.  She seems to be having a few problems. Not tatting ones, though!!!
"Dear Jane,
After the 8. day I have no idea. Maybe a space rockets?
They were adventurous days. 6. day the dog jumped up and everything was hairy. 7. day I did not find the glasses, working at random. 8. day shoveling snow, and then tatting.
What's next? :D
Best regards, 
Tomorrow, Szilvia it will be day 9 and sunshine and a truly wonderful day.  Well, I hope!!!!!

Now it's time to add Tove's day 8 along with her comment which is as follows:-
"Dear Jane!
Here is my day 8.
From a very snowy southern Sweden.
Tove Karlsson"

Whoopppeeee another new arrival to the TIAS 2014.  Here are Miriam's days right up til day 9 comes out tomorrow!!
"This is my first time sending pictures of one of your TIAS. Hope this works! Sending from my phone. Miriam in Utah US"

Next in is from Anne Marie who says this:-
"Hello Jane,
It must be hard to cheer your sorrowing friend up and, in the same time, to go on with us with funny things and futilities!  So it is.....Life must go on....
Here is my Day 8.It does'nt see very well from its back-drop, but it is a pull-over which I must complete incessantly.  It'ld be more  useful by this present cold weather that some lace, even if pretty and funny.....I always have same idea of dancer in a beautiful gown?
Good evening Jane,and much courage to your friend.