Sunday 28 February 2016

Number 76, I think!!!!

Now Marla has been taking a few liberties with the rabbit pattern but isn't it a hoot?

76. "Yeah!!!! He's finally done and very happy about it! Now he can have that carrot treat he's been waiting for. ūüôÉ 
Thanks so much for the fun game again this year! Though some of us are slow (darn life just gets in the way when you least expect it!).... we really do enjoy the fun challenge! I'm looking forward to the next time! 
Marla & Bunny, in Boise, Idaho, USA"
This is the first time I've seen a rabbit with wings!!! We've all heard of pigs flying but now here's the first ever rabbit. Thanks for the giggle, Marla.

Thursday 25 February 2016

The 75th Rabbit!

Yes, that's right - the 75th rabbit has arrived from Coretta. She says.

75. "My what a delay, :) but here is my finished rabbit. 
I undid day 11 to change out the eye beads for slightly smaller ones. 
I finished tatting it in the park on a warm sunny day before picking up my son. 
It's taken ridiculously long to send the picture. 
Thank you so much for all you put into this. I always look forward to it. 
This was tatted in Lizbeth 20 Charcoal Med 607, the carrot was √Ėren Bayan koton Pearle size 8 and Lizbeth size 20 Leaf Green Med 684 
And this bunny hops in from Central Florida, USA."
Well that's a little different weather wise to here in the UK!!! Thanks for your rabbit, Coretta.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Tuesday's rabbit!

Today I have Mary's rabbit which arrived during the night! She says.

74. "Jane, 
Finally finished! Several errors, but not in vain since I learned something. This seems like a massive amount of work on your part - thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Monday 22 February 2016

A rabbit a day

Keeps the doctor away!!!! I know that's silly but it certainly cheers me up each time a new one arrives.

This evening I have Joanne's rabbit along with her comment.
73. "Hi Jane. My bunny finally ate enough carrots to hop across the pond. He wants to spend Easter at your house with the other bunnies. I used Liz beth thread size 20. I enjoy doing the TIAS. They are so much fun. Hope you do another one next year. Than you for all your work. Joanne Hayes...Santa Claus, Indiana."

Sunday 21 February 2016

Another new rabbit!!!

Sunday morning and all is well in my little corner of Tat Land. Well, it's more than well - it's brilliant as I have a new rabbit to show you from Sonya.

72. "Good morning, Jane, 
Another TIAS has come to an end. It is always a sad day. It looks like I was quite the procrastinator this year! I hope you don't mind, but I changed the carrot just a little bit. 
My colors are Lizbeth Purple - Dark, Bright Yellow, Snow White, Christmas Green Mix (the dark green section - I did not want to start a new ball for such a small amount of thread), and a DMC peach (I do not have a size 20 orange in Lizbeth). 
Thank you for all of your hard work preparing the design and posting the responses. You are a very generous person. 
I am looking forward to January 2017! 
Thank you, 
Sonya - Oklahoma City, OK USA"

Saturday 20 February 2016

A Saturday rabbit!!!

Whoooppppeeee. Another rabbit has just arrived and made me yet again - a happy bunny!! This one is from Sue who says.

71. "They finally got finished. 
Sue Fugere"
They look a happy family, Sue.

Friday 19 February 2016

Another cute rabbit

Friday and another lovely rabbit has hopped into my inbox. This one is from Cocotte who has taken a great deal of trouble to finish her rabbit in spite of a broken finger. Hope it gets better soon, Nina, and thank you for finishing it too. She has this to say.

69. "Hello Jane c'est "Nina" (ou "Cocotte " mon surnom) de Belgique plus exactement de Bruxelles. 
Ce matin j'ai essay√© de reprendre mes navettes malgr√© mon doigt cass√© ... 
C'est moins difficile que les 1er jours !!! :) mais pas √©vident ! 
Je suis donc heureuse de t'envoyer mon dernier jour 
J'esp√®re qu'il te plaira ? 
Mon lapin sera donc un futur lapin des terres belge ;) 
Il a √©t√© fait √† la navette avec du fil lizbeth 20 : 
- # 171 pour le corps 
- # 695 pour la carotte 
- # 688 pour les feuille de la carotte 
Un grand merci pour ton travail :) avec Julie c'est √† gr√Ęce √† vous 2 que j'ai pu r√©aliser mon 1er TIAS 2016."

Hello Jane is "Nina" (or "Cocotte" my nickname) of Belgium more exactly in Brussels. 
This morning I tried to take my shuttle despite my broken finger ... 
It is less difficult than the first day !!! :) But not obvious! 
I am happy to send you my last day 
I hope you'll like?
My rabbit rabbit will be a future of Belgian lands;) 
He was made to the shuttle with lizbeth wire 20: 
- # 171 body 
- # 695 for carrot 
- # 688 for the carrot leaf
A big thank you for your work with Julie :) it's thanks to you two that I achieved my first TIAS 2016.

Another arrival today is from Sharon's rabbit hutch. She says.
70. "Jane. 
Finally got my ends woven in and his teeth on. I have red eyed white angora bunnies so this one is a white eyed red bunny. Great fun and learned some new skills. 
Sharon in Va"

Thursday 18 February 2016

A rush of rabbits!!!!

WHAT a lovely surprise to find a LOT of rabbits in from The Netherlands. Thank you SO much, Riet, for gathering them all in. Sadly I'm not sure of the names of the participants so will have to load them here without comments but with a very happy heart to see so many. Do rabbits breed well in The Netherlands, I ask myself?!?!?










The tail end of this rush brings Katie who has sent in her rhyme and ALL her rabbits. She says.
68. "Hi, Jane, 

Five rabbits, with carrots raised high, 
Thank our Ms. Jane, and wave her good-bye. 
It's been a fine romp. 
We can hear bunnies stomp! 
Easter morn grands and buns will ally. 

Thanks for everything, Jane, and to all the very clever participants who added so much to the fun. 
Till next year, right?! 
Happy tatting to you and to our fellow tatters! 
Katie Verna in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Another rabbit - or two!

Good morning, world!!!!

Joanie has sent in her rabbit with this comment.
57. "Jane, 
Here is my bunny! I used Lizbeth #20 in 661, Country Turquoise Medium for the bunny, Lizbeth #20 in 695, Bright Orange for the carrot and Opera #20 in 584, Forest Green for the carrot top. I live in Sebring, FL, USA. 

Thank you so much for entertaining us/keeping all of us occupied and hopefully out of trouble after the holidays! We appreciate all of the work you do to put the TIAS on for us!!! Next year will be the big 1-0! What WILL you have for us then?!?! : )"

Next in is Martha who, if you remember, was following an Alice in Wonderland theme throughout the game. She says.
58. "So here's my White (er, green) Rabbit having a bit of a sit down to rest. I've done something wonky with the join at the nose bead, so I had to improvise the teeth a bit."
He looks great to me!

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Tuesday's rabbit

Today I have another rabbit - this time from Berit who has this to say.
56. "Dear Jane, 
A pink rabbit this time. Thank you so much for the TIAS, I have enjoyed every step of it, and I have learned a lot! I hope you will give us a TIAS next year again, or better: another one this year! 
Kind regards 

Sunday 14 February 2016

Another rabbit or two!

Well it's Sunday evening in my corner of Tat Land and I have a new arrival. Here's Elsa back with her final rabbit - with carrot and teeth! She says.
54. "Hello Jane 
Here is my rabbit. 
Thank you very much for your game ! 
Elsa Schneider-Manuch 

Wanda has just arrived with her rabbit and she says.
55. "Hello, Jane. Woo hoo, I finished! I'm sorry I didn't send the daily updates but I was having trouble finding time to sit down to do this. I ended up doing most of it the last couple of days. I did something not quite right with one of the ears, but I made it work. I also think the 2 eye beads are a little large, but they will be ok. 
I used Lizbeth size 20 in#672 Burgundy. 
Thank you, Jane, for another cute pattern and a fun time. 
Wanda from Kansas, USA"

Saturday 13 February 2016

Better news!

This morning I have number 51 rabbit. This is Char's rabbit and you can read what she says here.

51. "Jane: Here is my green bunny. I haven't been fast enough to send with each lesson. But I so enjoyed the last few TIAS years, even though I didn't email any. Everybody has so much fun guessing. I used size 20 Lizbeth thread in 2 shades of green I already had on my shuttles. Thank you for all the TIAS game patterns, I am looking forward to the next one. 
Char in Idaho in the USA"
I'll be here for the next one, I hope, Char!

Another rabbit has hopped in this morning. This time from Fiona who has sent in her days 13 and 14. She says.
52. "Hi Jane 
Here are the photos showing my rabbit growing! She should be happy now with her carrot too. Thanks for lots of fun and the mind bending pattern! Hope to do it all again next year. Thanks for putting this together. 

Anne has just arrived in my inbox with number 53.  She says.
53. "Hi Jane, 
I had a lot of fun with this rabbit. That second ear gave me a bit of 
trouble, but I managed it in the end. They're cute and my kids are 
requesting that I make ones in their favorite colors. Can't wait for 
next year."

Friday 12 February 2016


No rabbits today. Well, not yet!!!

Now I have rabbits!!!!
This first one is day 13 from Dani who says.
"still looking for the thread to accessorise, my 'aztec' rabbit is hungry!"

Blanche has finished her two rabbits and has sent them in with this comment.
48. "Hello Jane 
Here you are my rabbits. 
The big one is named Green-rabbit. It's made with Lizbeth 20 green thread. 
The little one is called Polochon and it's made with Lizbeth 40 black and white threads. 
It was sooooo fun to tat your TIAS and I'm looking forward to tat the next one ! 
Thank you so much !"

I don't have a name for this next person but I do have a comment and a great picture of three rabbits.
49. "Bonsoir Jane! 
Voici mes 3 lapins. Merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux √©v√©nement! Vivement le prochain! J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir √† participer et pouvoir aider des personnes √† travailler ce mod√®le √† l'aiguille. Je fais de la frivolit√© depuis moins d'un an. Le jaune √† √©t√© fait √† l'aiguille, les blanc et orange √† la navette. Le orange n'a pas trouv√© de carotte mais un panais ;) 
Encore merci pour ce magnifique modèle. Très bonne soirée à vous!"

Jane Good evening! 
Here are my 3 rabbits. Thank you very much for this wonderful event! Wait for the next! I had a lot of fun to participate and to help people to work this model to the needle. I frivolity for less than a year. The yellow was made to the needle, white and orange to the shuttle. The orange carrot has not found but a parsnip;) 
Again thank you for this beautiful model. Very good evening to you! 
A parsnip?  What a great meal for a rabbit!!

Next to arrive is Robin wth her tasty celery! She says.
50. "Hi Jane, 
Here is my tatted rabbit for this year's TIAS. I didn't have any orange thread and had to improvise by giving my rabbit a stick of celery instead of a carrot. Believe it or not, my pet rabbit Billy doesn't like carrots, but is a big fan of celery. So I guess it works out :) 
(Just outside of Washington DC, USA)"
Well I suppose not all rabbits like carrots so good for Billy preferring celery!!!

Thursday 11 February 2016

Hoppity hop!

A few more rabbits have arrived overnight so I'm pleased to introduce them to you all. 

First of all I have Lou who has sent in a lovely picture. She says.
40. "Hi Jane! Thanks again for another great tias. My bunnies are done in lizabeth thread ocean teal dark and mocha brown, with an orange crush carrot. Already looking forward to next year. Thanks for the fun time Lou Dawn Renton, WA USA"

Next a very pretty picture of her rabbit which Brenda has sent in. Love the 'fluffy' topped carrot and that's such a pretty pumpkin edging too. Thank you, Brenda.
41. "Hi Jane, 
Thank you for designing such a cute rabbit. He is very happy in the pumpkin patch. 
He is made with Lizbeth size 20, col 616. 
Brenda (Ontario, Canada)"

A quick message from Marla who will be back with her rabbit soon.
"I'm not done yet..... I've just suddenly been very very busy with work, family (cats), life and other obligations ........ 
I just thought I'd let you know that I'm still here and haven't given up and thrown in the towel. 
My purple-BUNNY-people-eater is sleeping peacefully in his cryogenic sleep chamber for a few days until I can pull him out and finish him up. 
:) we WILL get him all pulled together!"
No problem - you've got almost another year to get him done before the next TIAS starts!!!

Teresa has arrived next with her finished rabbit. She says.
42. "Let me see whether or not I can get my tablet to work. This my white rabbit. He's like me and “long in the tooth” so his teeth are yellowed. I frayed out his whiskers and the carrot greens. I think he's looking for more carrots. Thanks again for all the great designs and wonderful games we get to play with you. 
Teresa Woods "
I like the frayed whiskers and carrot tops.  Great idea.

Linda is the last of the overnighters in my inbox. This is what she has to say. 
43. "Hi Jane 
I have had so much fun to tat this Tias this year. But it's time to do the other catch up. 
I do enjoy your thoughts on your blog and comments on facebook. Will gather together again next year. I hope. Thanks for your talents and your willingness to share with the rest of us. 
Linda "

Good afternoon people - I'm back and have the pleasure of showing you Ann-Sofie's rabbit next. She says.
44. "Hi Jane, 
Here is my finished rabbit at last. He and his unborned siblings will soon be very nice gifts for my friends. 
I used Lisbeth 20 Pink Med. 
Thank you so much for this years TIAS. Looking forward to next year. 
Ann-Sofie (Sweden)"

Betty has just arrived in my inbox with number 45 and her comment.  She says.
45. "Dear Jane, 
It was very nice to follow the TIAS. A photo of the Rabbit is attached. One ear is not quite right but I am content with it. 
The rabbit is made with DMC nr 20 in the color cream. 
This Rabbit comes from the Netherlands from the city of Soest, that is in the middle of the country.
Thank you very much for making this TIAS again.
Betty Vos- den Blanken"
Thank you for taking part, Betty.

Just back from a lovely chat with a neighbour and nearly bedtime but I'll get my inbox emptied before I go. Next in is from Caroline who says.
46. "You are probably thinking bed time by now. Finished my bunnies last evening and blocked them a bit. They are really hopping with joy as Easter will soon be here and they will get to deliver Easter baskets. Hope he puts plenty of chocolate in mine. I used Lizabeth size 20 # 622 Pink Medium and 679 Lime Green for the bunnies and 695 Bright Orange for the carrot. I found some Buceilla Wondersheen when my daughter and I were going through things so used that for the teeth and used DMC size 80 color 701 for the carrot tops. I have really enjoyed making my bunnies. I am going to attach them to my sweatshirt that I made into a jacket and put tatting and crazy quilting on. Looking forward to next year. 
Caroline Omaha Nebraska USA"

Next in the inbox is a message and lots of pictures from Adeline. I'm so pleased to see all these pictures and I must say your English is very good, Adeline. Thank you.
47. "Hello Jane :-) 
I would say thank you very very very much for your TIAS ! I loved work in this rabbit. There are my differents step... (sorry but my english is bad... Lol)"

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Run rabbit, run rabbit!

Well they're running in this morning!!!

Top of the post today is from SueH who says.
29.  "Hey Jane.... 
Well here’s my “Blue Peter” with is breakfast and I love him… 
I’ve been very impressed by your warped mind with this one Jane! LOL 
It’s been fun but quite a challenge at times… From one of the eye beads flying & having to sweep up to find it! And you know how I hate the “H” word!!! I also messed up his right hand by making the picots a bit long so had to join the carrot around the ring (‘cause I didn’t want to retro tat) 
Thread was vintage Coats Chain #20 thread shades unknown, except for the teeth which is a bit of white “Rats Tail” cord (felt he needed a grand set of chompers) 
He will go on the Jacket I’m decorating… 
Thank you for your time, ingenuity & sharing your precious talent. 
It’s been fun - you did a grand job 
Thank you 
SueH, London UK"

Caroline is next with her day 12 and this is what she has to say.
"Well, I'm late. Took the stitches out several times trying to get them right. Finally decided I had tried enough times. Even broke the thread on one of them. 
When I have time I am going to do one with out stopping and see if I can get the turns and SLTs right. Now on to day 13. 
See you soon, Caroline.

Frances is next with her finished rabbit and the following comment too. She say.
30. "Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 14 rabbit. I had to do some brain surgery on him to correct a bulge in his head and I regret not doing your blipless joins where the carrot joins his paw. However it has been a challenge with visual orientation which my brain does not find easy. 
Thank you very much for designing the rabbit for us all to enjoy. It must have taken you a lot of time. 
Frances UK, 
Lizbeth Yellow Light (615), #10."
It does take time, Frances but it keeps BC3 out of mischief!!!!

Next to arrive is from Melanie who I think maybe volunteering to run a TIAS of her own. You're welcome to use this blog to run it from, Melanie. 
31. "Hi, Jane, 
Well, here's Eco-Bunny in all his glory! 
As soon as his mouth was fully functional, he got hungry (he obviously takes after his mommy); I had no choice but to create a carrot for him Sunday night, not realizing that one was coming on the final TIAS day! Gumming it, however, only made him hungrier by getting his digestive juices flowing, so he was delighted to learn Monday that he would soon cut teeth. Then Tuesday I once again went rogue by designing his teeth myself. 
Speaking of Eco-Bunny's taking after me, since he sat for his Day 12 portrait he's gotten his prosthetic whiskers styled and trimmed more than once and has had his permanent make-up freshened. We do like to look our best! My prosthetic devices, however are not whiskers. 
I live in the U.S.A. Specifically I'm in La Mirada, which is in southern California. The bunny thread (I used size 80 for the prosthetic whiskers and the carrot) is Coats Opera in size 20; there is only a weight and length, but no color name or number."
Ummmmm, if they're not whiskers then my mind boggles as they appear to be coming from the middle of his nose!!!!!  You are SO funny, Melanie.  Thanks for the giggle.

Caroline has been busy while I've been sleeping. Here she is back again with her day 13. She says.
"This section went a lot better for me. I am sure you are enjoying a good sleep. 

Now I have Bernice with her final rabbit. Love him, Bernice.
32. "Hi Jane, 
Here is a twisted head bunny from CANADA. This is a Coats Opera thread Parasol Pink Color 586 Size 20. 
Calgary, Ab, Canada"
Twisted or not he's still a handsome chap.

Micheline has just arrived - just before I'm due to go out for the morning!!! She says.
33.  "Hello Jane, 
Here Firmin and Jasmine, I finished the challenge and I am very proud. 
I thank the girls who have given me advice and thank you also to you Jane. 
Have a good day"

Finally as I really have to go out for the morning, I have Maglina who says.
34. "Bonjour Jane 
Voici mon lapin fini. 
Merci beaucoup pour cette aventure. J'ai beaucoup aimer frivol√© avec les copines. 
Je pense faire les Tias des ann√©e pass√©. 

Hello Jane. 
My rabbit is finished. 
Thank you very much for this adventure. I really love frivolous with the girls. 
I think doing Tias the past year. 

Sophie is the next person to arrive. This is what she says.
35. "Hello Jane ,
I forgot to send you my photos most of the time but here is the last one. 
My rabbit is green with yellow eyes due to a scientist experiment and he's now radioactiv ! :-)
Thank you for this TIAS, it was a lot of fun !
Good to see you at the end, Sophie. It doesn't matter whether people send in pictures or not. The main thing is to enjoy it.

Sonja has just arrived with her rabbit and this comment. 
36. "Hello Jane 
Snik, snik, the tias is over. I loved it very much and thank you for all the work you did for us. I hope next year again. I will be there! 
Sonja from Holland 
Happy tatting the rest of the year. 

The next arrival is Anne-Marie who says.
37. "Hello Jane, 
What sadness to leave you this week, but your extraordinary blog is here for enjoying us! 
My rabbits named Chouqui and Chouquette are happy to return to your collection ! 
Be carteful ! Rabbits are very prolific ! And soon you'll are taking the lead of many many animals !!! 
Regards and thanks for the whole work you have done for us, and pleasure also Anne-Marie (France) 
Ah! My thread are : green Altin Basak,a turkish cotton 50 =20 to 30 here 
Second is Oren Bayan idem , but it seems thiner."
Oh, Anne-Marie - if the rabbits become too many I'll send them to SueD (Pigmini) to make a rabbit pie!!!!

Wendy is next to arrive and she says.
38. "Hello Jane, 
Here he is, all finished. I still think he is a hare . 
I have so enjoyed tatting him, you really had us all fooled this time. Well done. You clever old thing!"

Next to arrive is Melanie. She says.
39. "Hi Jane- 
I'm embarrassed at my track record this year with TIAS. I just couldn't seem to get it together. The latest? I clipped the picot with the bead when I was trimming the whiskers! 
So, after a walk on the beach, I tatted up another. 
Since by bead and thread stash is still behind the dust barrier sealed in the cupboard, I used what I had available (pink thread and small beads). Alas, no orange or green thread though. My bunny will just have to be grumbly for food. 
Thanks again for the game, 
Melanie in California 
PS If you saw clips of the town surrounding the Superbowl last Sunday, you saw where I used to live. If you see clips of the Pro-Am golf in Pebble Beach, that's where I live now."
Sorry, Melanie - I don't even know whether Superbowl is football, baseball or soccer!!!!  We don't have it over here - I don't think!!!