Saturday 18 March 2023

Saturday 18th March

What a lovely surprise to receive not one, not two but FOUR new aliens.

81, 82, 83 and 84. These four were sent in by a member of a group in America and the sender said.

“Jane , We are missing Maryann’s alien. She has COVID and couldn’t attend the party with our aliens here in Yuma Arizona. We enjoyed getting our critters together. Thought you might enjoy them, too. 
Happy St. Patrick’s Day. 🍀”

85.    Another alien has also arrived today which is very pleasing.  This is from Wendy who says

Here is the alien, Jane, at last.  I had to work up to sewing in the ends before I could send it.
A very good TIAS. You had us all guessing.  Thank you

Ah, the never ending problem with endings, Wendy!  I feel your pain!!!!


Friday 17 March 2023

Friday 17th March

What a lovely surprise. Another landing on earth!!! This is from Deana who says


“They found some pretty cold rugged terrain here in Canada….I think they may be looking for a Canadian goose or two!!! 

Tatting in London Ontario Canada


Thursday 9 March 2023

Thursday 9th March

A snowy day here today but another alien has managed to get here despite a drop of around three inches!!!  

79.    This is from Bonnie who had problems with sending the pictures but she says

“Hi Jane,
Sorry the picture didn't come, when I send emails via my phone weird things happen, you would thinlk I would stop but it's sometimes hard to get to a computer! Hopefully these pictures will be there, I downloaded them to my desktop before I attached them. You'll notice on the alien I did the CWJ on the arms but I got lazy and just did lock joins on the head. I also sent a picture of the bookmark, it was needle tatted in size 20 Lizbeth but I don't recall the color names. I will have to do the dragon I missed last year soon!
Thanks so much for all you do for the tatting world and for you pictures from your walks!
Bonnie Swank”

Shame you have problems with the phone and attachments but they both got here in the end!!!   A very late fox bookmark but just as welcome as another alien!!!!  Thanks for taking part.


Tuesday 7 March 2023

Tuesday 7th March

I’m delighted to welcome Wilma’s alien today. 

78. Wilma says
“ Pian pianino, nel poco tempo a disposizione, sono riuscita a finirlo cercando di inserire tutti i passaggi che ho trovato durante il percorso. Grazie infinite a te Jane e ad Imparare con Alicja. Un grande saluto dall'Italia in provincia di Treviso. 👋👋

Little by little, in the little time available, I managed to finish it trying to insert all the steps I found along the way. Thank you so much Jane and Learning with Alicja. A big greeting from Italy in the province of Treviso. 👋👋“

Thank you for joining in Wilma and a big thanks too to Alicja too for all the help she’s given both to you and others.  


Monday 6 March 2023

Monday 6th March

Excellent news - another alien has arrived. This time it’s from Susan who says

77.    “Dear Jane,Here it is. I had quite a lot of company and a COVID exposure so I might be the last one to finish this TIAS. A group of us work together on Wednesdays under normal circumstances. I did not get to participate for almost 3 weeks. I missed my tatting friends during that time. This guy/gal was fun and the CWj was new to me. I have mastered it. 
As you can see, the alien is pigeon toed, but quite a cutie. Thanks , Jane for another great tatting experience 
Susan from Yuma, AZ”

It’s NEVER too late to send in a finished TIAS.  In fact unless I get around 100 I probably won’t do another.  Time will tell.  


Wednesday 1 March 2023

Wednesday 1st March

Nearly my bedtime but another alien has just arrived!! 

This one is from Betty and Mary Ann sent it in for her.  Here’s what she said.

76.    Hi Jane. Mary Ann again with another alien from Yuma, AZ. This week Betty finished an alien using Lizbeth thread for the body and another brand for the head. She is having difficulty with her eyes and found the CW joins to be quite challenging. I thought she did a great job.

She certainly did an excellent job.  I hope she reads this blog so she can see her little chap.