Thursday 24 February 2011

Another plane lands safely!

80.  Today's plane comes from the USA and Claire who says:-
"Thanks for adding to the drab days of winter for three of us from Washington state.  I was the first one to send you my practice sample to see if I was doing it right.  My TIAS is  the prototype for the new gigantic Boeing Jumbo Jet as I did mine using Knit Cro-Sheen thread rather than size 20 as you suggested.  Since I goofed on both of the first two days, the thicker thread made it easier to unpick my mistakes as I could see the knots better.  I got a lot of experience those first two days opening closed rings.  It would probably have taken less time to just start completely over from scratch, but I didn't. "

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Another arrival!!1

79.  After a break of perhaps a week or so I'm very pleased to announce a new arrival.  This time it's from Brigitte who says:-
"Thank you very much for a great tat it and see!  I enjoyed every minute tatting this cute little plane.  For the longest time I thought it was going to be a salamander."

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Wednesday once more!!!

Today I start with a day 9 from Rayanna who says this:-
"Hi Jane:
"I know Phoenix has risen is not so original but that is what I was thinking for this blog post.  I am on day 9 on Jane's TIAS and wanted to post a pic of it before time gets completely away from me. "

78.  Number 78 is going to be a VERY special post.  I think I'm going to leave it to Coretta to tell you all about it in her own words.
"Coretta, here from Utah, USA.
Attached are days 7-9 which were tatted up Friday Morning. Later that night I decided to have a baby... and was nursing said baby in my hospital room at about 2 am here when I saw the tenth day of the pattern post. I couldn't download it due to the hospital's restrictive internet policy, even if I had been awake enough to tat it... I know because I did try. :)  Also attached is my son's birth announcement. And Day 10. :) "
Here is a link to Coretta's blog post.  I've asked her for permission to link but couldn't wait to share.  I figured that as her photographs are on a public blog it would be fine.  


Tuesday 15 February 2011

Tuesday's arrivals

75.  First in today is from Karen in the USA who says:-
"I finished mine up today so it’s not blocked.  You had a wonderful pattern for us and kept it a secret from me, too.  It sure doesn’t look like the reptile I thought it was going to be.  Thank you for the fun suspense.  Karen in OR, USA"

76.  Next in is from Typstatting and she says this:-
"Hi Jane! Well here is my plane it flew the wrong way that's why it's late.  Had a great time tatting this thank you for the pattern!  Cheers."

77.  Landing at Chez Eborall on a wet and dismal February afternoon is Nancy in the U. S. A.'s aeroplane.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,   Happy Valentines to you and yours:) i'm flying in under the radar, what fun this was! Nancy from Louisiana."


Monday 14 February 2011

Monday afternoon.

Good afternoon!!!!  

73.  The first plane to arrive today is from Elfriede in GERMANY who says:-
"Here my plane all the way from the Germany. My name is Elfriede and I live in Esslingen. It was very fun to do. Hope to see one TIAS in the future again.  Greetings and thanks again for a lovely TIAS.  Best regards.   Elfriede

74.  At long last I have got around to photographing my TIAS contribution! Life can certainly get in the way of the important things in life!!!! With mine having emerald green as one of the colours, I think my plane must have landed from Ireland! LOL!  Congratulations on another grand TIAS, most enjoyable!"


Sunday 13 February 2011

Sunday's arrivals!

Sunday is supposed to be a 'day of rest' but not in my airport - thank goodness!!!

67.  New landings today start with Patsy who says:-
"Here's my finished TIAS.  Enjoyed making this one.  Guessing this one was a lot easier than the rooster we did last time.  Don't know if I can wait a whole year for the next one.  Hope you come up with one a lot sooner."

68.  Next to taxi into the terminal is from Carol in the USA who says:-
"It was so much fun tatting your TIAS.  Of course I assumed it was going to be a critter of some sort.  Even to the 9th day I was convinced of this even though people were already guessing an airplane.  I thought it might have been Godzilla.  It is a great looking airplane, a great item to tat for a little boy!  Thanks for all the work you put into this TIAS.  You're the BEST!!"

69.  Next in is from Denise in the USA (Texas) who seems to be very excited to have finished!!!  There's also a link to her blog in her message:-
"Yay!! I win! I win!! That is how I always feel when I finish hiding ends for a tatted pattern. I managed to get it up on my blog finally
Thank you once again for a fun tatting game. This really helped me have some fun with tatting since I put my shuttles down for so long. I think I enjoy tatting along with others more than tatting alone. I hope you do another TIAS again sometime. I'll keep your page in my google reader so I'll see when you start posting the next one.
It really has been lots of fun, but now I have to fly!"

70.  Sunday afternoon and another landing.  This time from Bonnie in the USA who says:-
"Because my computer is still down & I can't get the printer 2 link up 2 the laptop 2 scan I'm still having 2 use my phone ... sorry ... I must admit that I didn't know it was an airplane until I saw day 9 ... thank you for another great TIAS .. I'm already looking forward to the next one .. (is that a big enough plea for another one soon lol). Bonnie Cassadaga NY"

71.  A new arrival now from THE NETHERLANDS and Rita.  She says:-
"Here my plane all the way from the Netherlands.  My name is Rita and I live in Kesteren.  It was very fun to do."

72.  Next in is from Marco from THE NETHERLANDS who has had weather problems getting here!!!  She says:-
"A bit late but I was flying  against a great storm!!!  But finally it arrived safely.  Greetings and thanks again for a lovely TIAS,  hope to  see one in the future again."

Saturday 12 February 2011

Saturday's landings

First of all a reminder - it's NEVER too late to send in a completed TIAS.  I will take them into the TIAS blog anytime.  The number who have already arrived is now 65 (at the time of releasing this morning's arrivals).  Happy landings!!!!

64.  First in this morning and despite cross winds over the Atlantic is Maggie B from the  USA.  She says:-
"You had me fooled till almost the very end as I was convinced it was a shark.  Thanks for a great TIAS as they are always such fun and a wonderful way to brighten a cold and dreary January. We had a blizzard last week - according to news reports, the worst in over 50 years - so my plane was grounded for a bit while runways and driveways were shoveled out and things like planes and cars could be cleared for take off. 
Thanks again, I really appreciate all the work and energy you give to making Tatland such a fun place to visit.  Maggie, Liberty Missouri.

65. Next arrival is from Izabela who says this:-
"I am sorry I didn't send you my work earlier. But for the past few days, I' ve not been in my skin. I am so tired and sleep many hours. It's not me!!
I finished my plane, but I made few mistakes. I have no idea how to correct them, so I left them as they are.  Thank you so much for this game. Thanks to you, I learned some new things, I have never tried before.  I hope soon we got new pattern to do.  Thanks again,  Izabela."

66.  Whoopeeee, another arrival.  This time from Terri who says:-
"Here's my finished TIAS airplane. All along I thought it was going to be an alligator since I know how much you love tatting critters. I was amazed to see it transformed into an airplane during the last couple of lessons.  Thanks again for the wonderful fun we all have doing these projects, the guessing game, and the end result. It's always so much fun and I'm already looking forward to the next one.  Terri"

Friday 11 February 2011

Friday's arrivals

Here we are and it's another Friday!!!  Do you know I find you get a Friday every week - how weird is that?  

59.  First in today is from Nancy from Confluence Pennsylvania, USA which is about halfway between Pittsburgh and Altoona on the beautiful Youghiogheny Dam.  She says this:-
"Here is my finished, not blocked yet though, tias 2011.  This was so much fun.  Thank you.  I was sorry to see the fun end.  Now I am working on making your seahorse.  Thanks again for the super fun time.  I really do appreciate it."

60.  Next in is from Beelizabeth in the USA who says:-
"Alligator Air  flight 1 is flying in from West Valley City, Utah (second largest city in Utah and across the Valley from Marty in Salt Lake City) for a landing at your private airport.  I was pretty sure it was an airplane after the second back wing was on, but the alligator versus rabbit was more fun to write.  Thanks again for the fun."

61.  A short note from Star as she came in to land.  She says:-
"This is star! Here is my airplane."

62.  Next to land is from Ladytats who says:-
"I finally had a bit of time to get caught up this week, and here is my day 10, the finished airplane.  Thanks Jane for all the fun."

63.  Next in from here in the UK is Margaret's plane.  She says:-
"I attach my Tias the first one was the blue and black,   but I put the wrong beads on they are too small,   silly stupid me after 40 years of tatting you would think I would get the size of the picots right,  anyway the yellow and black is no 2."

I'm sad to tell you that there's been an accident - here's the link.  Reports don't say whether there were any injuries so hopefully all passengers and crew survived.  I'll keep you informed if there's anything further news.

Thursday 10 February 2011

Thursday's arrivals!

55.  First in this morning (a quiet start) is from Sue Anna in the USA.  She says:-
"Ta Da day 10 is finally done and ready to hit the 'runway' of Jane's airlines. It has been great watching all the different planes 'fly' into your blog. I wasn't expecting an object for the TIAS so it took until almost the end to know what it was. Good job Jane. Until the next 'game' or when you need cheering up from winter blahs. Sue Anna"

56.  Next in is from Leah in the USA (Tucson) who says:-
"Attached is my multi-colored plane! I suppose that's what I get for using the same colors as your diagrams - switched 'em part way through. I was waiting with baited breath between each TIAS day's release - thanks for TIAS!"

57.  A slow day at the terminal but that's fine.  The next in is from Prabhjyot who says:-
"I am sending you my finished airplane.  Also I am sending you my finished Hippo as I told you in my first email that I am so excited that I want to make all the previous TIAS also.  I will be making all the other TIAS also in next few days.   Thank you for all the excitement & will look forward to the next one."

58.  Next landing in my inbox is Emilia from THE NETHERLANDS.  She says:-
"Finally, here is another plane flying over to you. Thank you for all the fun.


Wednesday 9 February 2011

Guesses and more arrivals

Well I guess Barbara will be surprised as we were discussing the fact on Sunday 23rd January that she'd spotted a mistake in day 4 which nobody else had.  In her email she explained that she was gradually being 'taken over' by shuttles rather than the needles (VERY good news to a MOG like me).  Anyway the tail end of her message was this:-

"It looks a little bit like the tail end of an airplane at the end of day 4. LOL"  Have a great day.. :)   Barb

Next guess was on day 5 by Ginny who said:-
"I think it is a airplane now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Katie also said she thought it was a plane but I think it was rather a 'tongue in cheek' guess!!!

Alba was next in on day 5 with this:-

"Will it turn to be a plane?"

Next person to guess right was Terry who said this:-
"At this point, my version looks a bit like an airplane."

On the Tuesday after Day 5 Arlene said this:-
"I think it's an airplane, with bead windows. Am I right? Am I right? Huh? Huh?"

Again on the Tuesday Isabel said:-
"Hi Jane! here I send my Day 5, I'm more lost in a desert without water, hehehehe ...... but I've seen out there PLANE OF ARLENE, and I climbed on, jejejejeje ......... so ............ A PLANE"

So the guesses continued with some people changing their minds back and forth.  BUT the next message made shivers go up my spine.  It was on the day I released day 9 and was from Anke.  She said this:-
"here comes my day 9 and now I also think it must be a airplane. It looks just like the one on the attached picture."
The picture (below) which she sent was the very same one I used as my design source.  The only part I changed was the tail fin - just because it looked better being more pointy!  I do use several pictures when starting off on a critter or other object but usually there's one that stays on the page while I'm tatting and this 'was it'.  Well done, Anke.

Now to the new arrivals at Airport Jane on this fine Wednesday morning are:-

44. Anita is first in today with a gorgeous picture with her plane.  She says:-
"It is with fondness and a little sadness that we say goodbye to Perky the Pert Little Plane as he flies off 
Thanks for another great project.  Your instructions and diagrams are always a joy to follow."

45.  Now in is another plane from the USA and this is Sharon P's.  She says:-
"Waaaaaahh! I dawdled over this last day, because I didn't want the TIAS to end! Sniff.   Thanks for the fun and mystery! And for all the time and effort you put into these!
happy regards,  Sharon (North Carolina, USA)"

46.  Next plane is from THE NETHERLANDS and Corina.  She says this:-
"Thank you for sharing this nice project, with such an unexpected result! Here's a picture of my aeroplane.  Greetings from the Netherlands, Corina."

47.  Next in is from Martha in the USA.  She appears to have been puzzled over the motif for a long time.  I do post correct guesses, Martha but I don't say if they're correct or not!!!!  I'm a terrible tease!!  Martha says:-
"Sneaky, sneaky Jane.  I've been scratching my head since about Day 5 trying to figure out what animal has hind legs and tail that look like an airplane.  Somehow I had gotten the notion that you didn't post correct guesses, so when I saw so many people saying plane, I kept on wondering what else it could be.  Really cute motif! "

48.  Next to land is Vanessa's plane and she says:-
"Thanks for doing the TIAS again :)  It's always fun doing these types of things.  And community building too.  Here is my plane (I thought it would be a lizard.....)  Kind regards Vanessa"

49.  Next in is from Tine in THE NETHERLANDS.  She says:-
"Hello Jane.  This is mine Aeroplane.  Thanks for the tias, I cann't wait till the next one.  You are a magician with tatting.  Greets from The Netherlands."

50.  Next in is from Linda with another great picture.  She says:-
"The day has finally arrived!! I have finished my surprised TIAS to see a plane.  I have a special place for it  on a challenge wall hanging.  Thank you Jane Eborall for another interesting challenge and breaking up the dull, cold, winter doldrums!!  Linda"

51.  Now for a very sad story from Isabel in SPAIN who has had problems with her last wing.  I'll let her explain:-
"I am doubly sad that it ended the first and second TIAS that miscalculated the purple thread and I’ve missed about 5 cm.  There, I send far as I can get ..........My couage is that I only have 6 knots and a union and a picot ...... but I have very fat fingers and I cannot get the shuttle........ if I have any ideas .....ummmmmmm!!!!!! I’ll try messing around in a wool sewing needle blunt ...........Like, so I can finish what I have with that little thread ......... But now I command you, my pretty purple and green plane if .........................  To end when the next TIAS??

52.  Next to land is a plane from 'down south' here in the UK.  It's from Wendy who is a cheeky moo and says:-
"Here is my little aeroplane.  So cute, thanks for doing this for us. I am in England, although I know you know but you did ask  lol."

53. Next on the runway making a perfect landing is the plane from Liz in AUSTRALIA.  She says:-
"Awesome plane – thank very much Jane for this.  It was really so much fun and easy to manage"

54. Next flight to arrive is from Nicole who says:-
"ok here is my plane! My son loves it... It was completed Monday but ..... Life.... So I was finally able to get the pic off to you today. Thanks for the fun tatting project!"

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Tuesday's landings!!

Tuesday and a few more have flown in overnight!!

23. First in this morning is from Sharren in the USA.  She says:-
"So it really is an airplane after all!  Hope you'll get aboard and fly over to Tat Days!  This was so much fun - I'm looking forward to the next TIAS!"

24.  Now just landing is Elizabeth from the USA (ALABAMA).  She says:-
"Coming in for a landing.  That was fun.  Now what are we going to do?"

25.  Next in 'flying the flag' is Erika with her plane.  She says:-
"Oops again! I made another mistake, at the beginning of day 9, so as punishment for it, instead of doing it all over again, I unstitched until the mistake, then did it correctly.  Here it is, the final work. Thank you for keeping us entertained these days."

26.  Next to land is Melanie C from USA and she says:-
"Good afternoon in California USA.  Here's my finished creation. I don't think I gave enough room in the joining picots for the plane to be flat, but it's done. On the chance that it was intended to be a plane, I replaced my lost bead on day 9 with a clear bead. The pilots can see out better that way."

Poor Denise has been ill so is still playing 'catch up'.  She sends in days 8 & 9 and says:-
"I've been ill this past week and missed several days as they were posted. Here is a photo of my days 8&9. I will need to try to tackle day 10 later. I should have stuck with my guess of a plane when I had it."

27.  Next plane to land is from ARGENTINA and Monica who says:-
"Here is my plane, flying in from far away - it did it's first 1000 or so miles before even being finished, as I tatted it on holidays in the Andes!
This was a lot of fun, and I want to thank you once again for designing and organising this.
For your records, I am Monica from Argentina. (not sure if it is ok to have put the info on the photo, so I added a cropped one too - you choose which to use).  Peace!"

Next in with day 9 is Sue Anna who says:-
"All your bags are pack you're ready to go. Got your ticket in hand  and sitting on your trunk and ready for your flight on Jane's TIAS airlines! I guess it is safe to say one of those 'beads' is your seat. This has been a blast to play, even though I'm not done with day 10 yet. Thanks for hosting this TIAS.
My day number 9  picture attached."

28.  Next is from Karen L in the USA.  She says:-
"Thanks for the TIAS! How cute is this airplane!  Thought it was ironic that my airplane was the same colors as yours. What are the odds.  Thank you of hosting another TIAS -  hope you consider it a success."

29.  Now taxing to the terminal buildings comes Nina from the USA.  She says:-
"I finished my TIAS, and a little fidging here and there, it still looks like a plane.  Hope you like it and thank  you so much for all the fun!  I am in Denver, CO   and this is my first TIAS.  The picture isn't the greatest, so I am sending two so you can pick one if you like.  Thank you."

30.  Now in from CANADA is Rose Anne who says:-
"OK here is my "airplane" but you know it does kinda look like a gegko (as my friends say too) but I'm going to display it as my "bluejet" - wonder where it'll carry off to on my vacation!!!  Rose Anne B, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!"

31.  Now coming in to land (bit of a nose dive by the look of the position on the platten) is from Ridgewoman who says:-
"I didn’t feel well today, so finished this too late.  I’d planed to have it done before 11 AM, but no such luck.  I’ll get back to you, want to get this on it’s way...If I’d known the 1st two picots were connecting, I’d made them smaller.  Looks kind of like a loose wing.....not good!  LOL"

32.  The next plane just coming into land is from ROMANIA and Maria who says:-
"Heloo.  I hope the plane that I did you'll like.  It was a very pleasant experience and I hope to meet soon."

33.  Next to drop in is from Rosemary in AUSTRALIA.  She says:-
"Thank you for lots of fun AGAIN!   I had a great learning time tatting this animal-cum-aeroplane.  I am sooo sorry it's finished!  I hope you can give us another surprise next January.  :)  I'm Rosemary from Dubbo, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA"

34.  Now into the inbox flies Eva from SWEDEN.  She says:-
"here is my aeroplane. By a coincidence I have chosen the colours of the Swedish flag!  I have had great fun with tatting this. Thanks for organizing this TIAS.  Greetings from  Eva in Varberg, Sweden."

35.  Next to land is another plane arriving at terminal 'tat land' from SWEDEN.  This is from Ann-Sofie who says:-
" This was great fun. Thank you so much. I agree with Elisabeth who said "what are we going to do now?"

 36.  Now landing is the plane from Manie in THE NETHERLANDS.  She says this:-
"My name is Manie van den Berg I live the Netherlands.  I enjoyed very much of your TIAS.  Thanks for that."

Just to prove there is no such thing as 'late in' in a TIAS I have the following Norman from Erika in CHILE.  She says:-
"I'm from Iquique, Chile. I was also on last year's TIAS, made this chicken. I don't understand a word of english, it's my son who translates everything for me.  Have a nice day. Hugs!"

37.  Just about to land is Valerie's plane all the way from SINGAPORE with her comment:-
"My mighty whooping cough has returned two days ago. Hence the delayed departure of VA001 to Straford Upon Avon. Sorry about that. I'd hoped to fix the "wires" (still sticking out) before it took off but I just haven't got anymore energy... Anyhow, you surprised me by not designing a creature. Thanks again for the fun."

38.  Next in is from Bernice in the USA.  She says this:-
"Here is my TIAS day was fun!  thanks   Bernice"

39.  Now I have another plane in from the USA.  This time from Sarah who says this:-
"Oh Jane, this has been so much fun! I think that the very fact that you are known for your critters kept this intriguing up to the very end. Even as the shape of the plane became more evident I was never sure that the next element of the pattern would not send our brain cells flying in a new direction. Thank you for a pleasant flight of fancy. As a first time TIAS participant and a relative  newbie to the world of  tatting on the internet, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you and others do to inspire and teach. 
I think I will send this little jet off to my niece who is an aerospace engineer and just landed her first job in the industry.   Have a happy day. I'll be tatting more of your patterns.   Sarah in snowy Connecticut, USA (but it is beginning to melt... yipee!)"

40.  Next in despite not being comfortable with computers is Lou from the USA who says:-
"Hi Jane!  I love your tias. As you can see I did Norman last year and airplanes this year.  I am not computer literate but got my husband to help me send you pics.  Thanks for sharing all your patterns-I wish I could design but I am not that talented. So many thanks for sharing your talent!  From the state of the Boeing Company (seems appropriate)  A happy tatter Lou Dawn"
Just GOT to show you Lou's roosters too which flew in on the same flight!!!
41.  Next in is from Becky who says this:-
"this is my first time in doing this. Heather M wanted me to do the last one, but had to much on my plate to do it. This is great thanks..Love the mystery."

42.  Kathy is the next airline pilot to bring her plane into land in my inbox!!  She says:-
"Here's my finished TIAS.  I showed it to DH and he asked what it was.  When I told him an airplane, he let out a slow "oh kay....if you say so".  He thinks it looks more like a salamander with red spots.  Perhaps if I had used different colors. The thread came from the last thread exchange.  One of my partners sent me Lizbeth Size 20in contrasting colors of green.  Very nice thread to tat with."

43.  Next to land is Marty from the USA who says:-
"Here's my jet plane.  I was right about the poet -- look closely, he's had to take a seat at the back!  Marty, from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA"
I can see him, Marty - he's the guy with the BIG smile!!!