Saturday, 28 January 2023

A late start

My apologies for a late start this morning but the first thing I want to tell you is that day 8 will be available tomorrow. This part will take you a little longer but there’s nothing new in it. 

First of all this morning I have Julie who arrived overnight. She says

“Still thinking it is very body like. I am expecting to mirror the other side. If we don't, i will have to re think my guess.”

Hmmmm, maybe you will or maybe you won’t, Julie!!!

Margaret is back with her day 7 and she says

“Dear Jane,
Another day, another mystery! The shorter length of rings might be a tail, but then it’s ‘toes’ would be facing the ‘wrong’ way so yet again, I have no suggestions. You have certainly excelled in concealing what this may turn out to be! 

So far, Margaret, so far.  In fact I’m really pleased about it staying a mystery for so long - unless one of the guesses is right!!!

Marla is next with day 7 and she says

“Hi Jane! 
Here I am… playing catch up again! 🀦🏼‍♀️
I have to tell ya about that the ol’ brain of mine…
& it’s been waking up & kicking in & some how came up with the opinion that what we have here is a lion’s butt & tail…. πŸ˜³πŸ™„ … & I got nothing better so for now we’ll go with that πŸ‘πŸ» 🀣

That’s the funniest guess I’ve had so far but sadly I think you maybe wrong!!! In fact you’ve forced me into admitting for the first time (probably EVER) that this is NOT a lion’s butt and tail!!!!!!!  I felt I had to say that for those who are of a delicate sense of propriety.  

Poor Tessi hasn’t been well so she’s playing ‘catch up’. Here’s her day 7

“Well, I’ve been under the weather and just caught up. My work is not great or perfect, but I will see this through and learn best”

It looks fine to me, Tessi.

Janet is playing catch up and has sent this in with her day 7 picture as well. Looks like a good guess, Janet!

“Catch up time Jane,I was waiting for my husband, (Tatting your TIAS,) at the Hospital in the reception area. A lovely lady came to me and asked “ what I was doing?” What could I say. We had a good natter, but she wouldn’t guess what it could be. Roll on day 8!
Every good tatting wish

Always good to meet people who are interested in what you’re doing, Janet.

Ruth has just arrived with another attempt at the TIAS. She says

“So. I tried again because I did not like my Catherine wheel joins on the orange one. But R1 is upside down on the new blue one. Sigh.”

I award you 20 points out of 10 for your persistence. 

I’m VERY glad I don’t live in the same area as Teresa when it comes to the snow BUT it must be prettier than the dull, grey, cold day we’ve had here. She says

“Greetings, Jane!
Certainly, this is not a day to be out in SW Montana! Current conditions are 8F (-13C) with a northerly wind at 16 mph giving a wind chill of -10F (-23). We have both horizontal snow and drifting snow from last night. We're supposed to be in the "deep freeze" for the next several days and finally, get above zero (-17C) some time (MAYBE) Monday. The roads are terrible but we don't have to be out in it! 

At any rate, here are my three Day 7 bits -- no guess yet but an idea or two are starting to natter around BC3. Keeping that nattering to myself because it is still gibberish! I actually had them done within a couple of hours of your release BUT I was procrastinating (again). Looking forward to Day 8.”

Sharon has just caught up with her days and she has this to say

“I am finally caught up again. Unless day 8 came out after I went to bed last night. 
I have no clue what this is going to turn out to be.
Here are my days 5,6 and 7
Sharon in KY USA”

You have definitely caught up, Sharon but tomorrow will be day 8!!

Finally today I have Susan’s entry and she says

“A somewhat better mannered friend (Lizbeth 20 in #139 Fruit Fizz) has come over to play ! Meanwhile, my shrimp with a headdress which morphed into a kokopelli now looks like the hind end of some critter with a tail getting ready for its second leg, altho I can't figure out what has that type of foot other than a slightly irregular tree frog. Looking forward to day 8!”

Well I’m pleased to meet your forever changing TIAS, Susan!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow along with day 8.  Goodnight.

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