Saturday 26 December 2015

26th December

Lovely Christmas present arrived on the 25th but I was too busy to put it up until the next day!! That's my excuse - nothing to do with the surfeit of food and drink!!! So, here are two pairs of scissors from Maria who says:-

116. "Dear Jane,

first of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, then thank you for your tatting patterns and for your TIAS.

You are a tatting angel and here are two lost little scissors...

I cannot wait January 6th to start the adventure again

with gratitude

Monday 17 August 2015

Monday 17th August

I'm delighted to announce another pair of scissors!!!!  This is from Gail who briefly says:-

115.  "Finally got a picture for you."

Thank you, Gail.  I'm so pleased to receive it.  Two pairs too.  

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Wednesday 20th May

Another arrival.  Welcome to Axa who says:-

114. "Dear Jane, 
I have finished the pattern in time, but have not sent it to you. But now.... ta da da daaa :) 
I am here, and here is my work.  You can see all of my experiences on my blog :
I would like to thank you for all of your work with it. I have enjoyed it very much, and I am waiting for next TIAS :) 
Axa from Hungary"

Monday 11 May 2015

Tuesday 12th May

Another new arrival today. I think we may beat the record by the end of the year!!! This is from Brady who says:-

113.  "hi Jane!
I'm sure this is the last pair of TIAS2015 scissors you'll be sent. It might be the first needle tatted pair though? 
Anyway, sorry so late. I loved all the pairs I kept seeing, but just this month got up the gumption to see if I could make it work with a needle. If anyone's interested, the only change I made was zigzag tatting instead of lock chains. (It's possible to do LC with the needle but it's not fun) 
Anyway, thanks for the great pattern! Needle crafters all love scissors. 
Brady "

Monday 20 April 2015

Monday 20th April

Lovely surprise today to find another pair of scissors in my inbox. Thanks, Val. Here's her comment and picture.

112. "Dear Jane,It's better late than never! Here's my TIAS 2015 all complete! Thanks once again for a delightful pattern. You rock! 

Tuesday 31 March 2015

Tuesday March 31st

What a lovely surprise. Just arrived is another pair of scissors and this time from Lawrence who says:-
111. "Hi Jane,
Attached please find my completed TIAS 2015 project. This is my first mystery project, and in fact one of my first projects ever! The split rings were challenging: learning to tat "wrong" on purpose, so soon after much hard work learning to tat "right".
Looking forward to more challenges,"

Monday 9 March 2015

Monday 9th March

Good morning tatters and welcome to Maria who has sent in her TIAS. She says:-

110.  "Hellow Jane:
From Spain, I am sending you my contribution to 2015 TÍAS. 
I have enjoyed a lot. Waiting for the next one. Thank you.

Thursday 5 March 2015

March 5th

One of the joys of running a 'no rules' game like the TIAS is that - well, there are no rules!!! 
That means that I get lots of lovely surprises as time goes on. Today I have had another pair of scissors (number 109) AND another sailing boat which is number - well, I've lost count, I'm afraid!  Thanks to Andrea today has been a great day.
109. "HI Jane,
Here are my sailing boat and shears... finally!
The boat got mislaid after I finished it and I had to catch up on the shears after decorating my lounge and then being ill for a while! I loved both designs and very much appreciate all the work you put into this fun project. Thank you. xx
Best Wishes
Andrea x"

Wednesday 4 March 2015

4th March

Whoooppeeeeee - another pair of scissors. Well, two pictures as they are of day 12 and day 13. Thank you, Claire. Here's her comment.

108. "Hello Jane,
Sorry for the delay in sending you the pictures of the last two steps of the TIAS. We have had some visitors from France, and everything got backlogged.
So, here are my pictures of day 12 and day 13, as well as the link to the related blog post.
Thank you so much for creating this lovely model of tatted scissors, and offering this fun game.
I loved looking at the pictures from each tatter. It was amazing to see that tatters from all around the world participated in this game.
Can't wait to see what you have planned for next year. ;-)
Have a great week.--
Claire (Canada)"

Tuesday 3 March 2015

March 3rd

Welcome now to Marie who has sent in a collection of scissors!!! Thanks, Marie.
107.  "Thanks, Jane for all the fun! Your the best. Had fun with this addicting pattern.
West Pine Creations"


Wednesday 25 February 2015

25th February

That's a cheerful sight - another pair of scissors has just arrived in my inbox. This pair is from Robin who says:-

106. "Hi Jane,
Here is my pair of scissors for this year's TIAS. I seem to always be distracted by 5 or more tatting projects at the same time, otherwise these would have been completed much sooner! Thanks again for another fun guessing game. I can't wait to join in next year :)
From the suburbs outside Washington D.C.

Monday 23 February 2015

23rd February

Just on the way to bed and Geraldine popped into my inbox with her pair of scissors!!! She says:-

105. "Hello Jane,
At long last I'm finished. Here's another pair of scissors.
What a wonderful idea for all us craft people. We would be lost with out our scissors.
I have many many pairs all different for all the different crafts I do.
Happy tatting

Sunday 22 February 2015

22nd February

Today I've received Sonya's completed scissors. Thanks, Sonya. She says:-
104. "Hi Jane,
I finally finished the 2015 TIAS. I did not want it to end. There is no point in guessing now. Thank you for all your hard work from design to the game itself. I know it is very time consuming. 

Saturday 21 February 2015

21st February

One pair of scissors so far today. Thank you, Betty. Here's her comment and picture:- 
103. "Dear Jane,
It was nice to follow the TIAS and I show you a picture of the result. I thank you for doing this every year. It is always astonishing that you design something new. Your instructions are very clear. Till next year I hope.
Greetings from
Betty Vos- den Blanken
The Netherlands"

Friday 20 February 2015

20th January

Today I have number 101 and this has come in from Carol who says:-

101. "Hi Jane, Thank you for the Tat it and see. I had fun doing it. I haven't tatted in awhile, and this got me back to it. Cheers, Carol Lawecki.

Next to arrive is Sharon who says:-
102. "Hi Jane,
Thank you for the TIAS. It was fun and reminded me how much I love to tat, as I have been so busy lately I haven't taken the time till recently. Here is my final version, as well as a tiny basket I made with the left-over thread (plus a bit more).
I will be looking forward to next years TIAS.
Sharon (from Iowa) "

Thursday 19 February 2015

19th January

WOW, nearly arrived at the magic 100!!
The next pair of scissors to arrive are from Virginie who says:-
99. "Hello Jane,
Voici mon TIAS
Thank you for the project

This is the one I've been waiting for - the magic number which will certainly guarantee another TIAS next year!!!! This pair of scissors is from Ruth who says:-
100. "Hi Jane - great minds think alike (although yours is MUCH more clever) ... when I announced the first exchange this year, I was envisioning a pair of scissors to be my 'scissor fob' (see my sketch on the left) and then voila - your TIAS solved the problem !!
I've just finished my pair of scissors and you can see I added coloured 'handles' - got to make things complicated for myself ! I also used size 40 to scale them down a bit and worked on a dome fastener (snap) - the plan now is to sew the other half of the snap to a 'base' maybe a small pin cushion and get some sort of loop attached (I just placed the 'cell phone charm there temporarily) .... more thinking to do ! will it be a long lock chain, or some split rings - hmmm


Wednesday 18 February 2015

18th February

Almost bedtime and the first pair of scissors of the day have arrived. OH, what's that I see sailing into view? Another boat has arrived too!!!!
These two have arrived from Kathleen who says:-
98.  "Dear Jane,
Thank you for sharing your wonderful patterns with the tatting world AND for giving us the yearly TIAS! I've made many of your delightful animals, and 2 of the TIASs. I didn't send the sailboat earlier, although it's been done for nearly a year please add these imperfect products to your tally, and continue challenging us with your patterns. Thank you from MN, USA.
Kathleen Baldwin
tatting since 2001"
Well, Kathleen, I've added them and I don't think they're imperfect AT ALL.  It's very hard to get something perfect when you don't know what you're making and I admire all tatters who even try.  Thank you for taking part.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

17th February

We're nearly there. Nearly at the magic 100! Now, of course, I'm wondering if we're going to beat the number we reached a few years ago but naturally I can't remember what it was!! No matter - life's good when it's filled with scissors or, as my first person today calls them - tin snips!!! I don't know the name of this person but I love his/her wit!

94. "While you were helping us make scissors, I found out I could make tin snips, oh my! "

Next to arrive is Martha with her scissors. She says:-
95. "Here is my overdue pair of scissors. "

Catherine has now arrived with her scissors and the following comment:-
96. "hello Jane
Here's my final step of your TIAS 2015 I have finished this week end.
I'm very happy to do it instead of all mistakes I made ! but I'm happy because it's the way to progress.
Thank you very much for all the time you give to us !
Best regards

Next to arrive is Julie who says:-
97. "Hello!
Attached is my completed scissors. This is my first year - it was fun!
Le Claire, Iowa"

Monday 16 February 2015

16th February

A lovely surprise on a very wet and dismal morning here in my part of England.

A pair of scissors from Irene. She says:-
91. "Hi Jane,
Sorry I'm late but I'm here :)
Many thanks for all.

This next pair was sent in on behalf of Dorcas.
 92.  "Jane.,  This scissors is from Dorcas Newkirk., Indiana.,  U S A

Joanne is next with her finished scissors. Here's what she has to say:-
93. "This is my third year to do the TIAS. I look forward to them each year., I appreciate all the hard work and effort you do for us.. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your patterns.,
I used #690 Autumn orange size 20 Liabeth thread on the scissors.
Joanne Hayes., Indiana USA"

Sunday 15 February 2015

15th Februarly

Good morning Tat Land. Today I have Corina's scissors and she has this to say:-
88. "I finished it a while ago, but I forgot to send you the picture. Thanks for giving us this much fun!"

Sara has just arrived with her scissors and she says:-
89. "At last I took the time to send you my scissor! Thankyou for the fun! "

Frances is next into my inbox with her final scissors. She says:-
90. "Dear Jane
Here are my completed scissors. Thank you so much for organising this game again this year. I have enjoyed it immensely.
Kind regards
Frances Burgess UK"

Saturday 14 February 2015

Saturday 14th

Another miserable day in my part of the UK with rain clouds hanging around!! Still there's always tatting to cheer us all up!
First in this morning is from Shannon who says:-
83. "I have been following along with the TIAS and i wanted to say that i really love how you tat such unassuming things. Scissors, who would have guess! I actually took a picture of mine this year... thank you for running this annual treat. Your effort is greatly appreciated across the tatting community.

Now I have Carold from the USA. She says:-
84. "Here is my scissor. It is made from lisbeth 20 , no. 122. I'm a needle tatter, and was unsure about lock chains, but proceeded full steam ahead anyway. I'd like to thank Totusmel for her excellent tutorial about split rings.
This was great fun. I especially enjoyed the comments from people around the world. Thanks for all the hard work that you've done. So many people have had so much fun.
Carol in Boulder,Colorado, USA

My next arrival has sent in a whole collection of TIAS's!!! Thanks, Alba. Here's her comment.
85. "This is my TIAS gallery. It has been a lot of fun. Thank you so very much! Waiting for the next one
Hugs from Mexico"
Finally this morning I have Firanghish who is from India. She says
86. "Hi Jane,
My apologies for going underground, as I had started early was not keeping well and then family functions.
I am from India and have used Anchor thread no. 20.
Thanks for giving me a practice of lock chain and wanted to try tatting with button.
loved the fun game.
Thanks a lot love to you and all the fun loving tatters.

Next to arrive is Wendy from here in the U.K. She says:-
87. "All finished . Thanks Jane for a very enjoyable tatting fest. 
You kept us guessing right up to the end.
Wendy x"

Friday 13 February 2015

Friday 13th

Well it might be Friday 13th but in the TIAS it's my lucky day as I have another new arrival. Thank you, Sandy.
79. "Hi Jane,
Well, here are my scissors. I love them even if they aren't a llama. Thank
you for once again doing the TIAS that has provided such fun and joy in the
tatting world! Sandy"

Next in is from Maria Vandellos, from Spain who has been taking part and who has sent her scissors via Claudia!!!  Thank you, Claudia for sending it in.

Also sent in via Claudia is Haydee's pair of scissors.  Thank you all three of you.

Poor Helene has had a lot of problems lately so I'm very happy to see her back and feeling better. She says:-
82. "Hi Jane,
My last participation was on Day 9. Since then, I've had a bad flu, computer problems and a cold. So I did not do much tatting. Now everything is back in order so here it is, my finished TIAS 2015.
When I sent in my day 5 asking if we were making the dreaded instrument, you asked me if you were that evil? Well apparently so, BUT, ONLY YOU could make us love scissors. Thank you so much for another fun TIAS. Hope you will have another one next year.
Hélène, from Québec."

Thursday 12 February 2015

Thursday 12th February

Good morning tatters. More TIAS finishers in today and the numbers are rising magnificently.

First in this morning is Bernice who says:-
76. "Thank you so much for the fun. Scissors from Canada are attached and the perfect gift for any crafter."

I'm pleased to see Jacqui in next as I didn't realise she was taking part with us. Hi, there.
77. "Hi Jane - here is my TIAS for 2015, Sorry it's a bit late but I have had my sister to stay for a month so I've not always be able to work it on time. She went back yesterday, so I could finish it today.
Thanks again for such an enjoyable project - you know how much I look forward to it each year.
ttfn Jacqui (in Florida as usual at this time of year)"

Arlene's scissors remind me why I don't like giving thread quantities for patterns. Mainly because people's tensions vary and the thread sometimes makes a difference too. Thank goodness for finger tatting. Here's Arlene's final scissors and picture.
78. "One shuttle left"

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Wednesday's new scissors

First in today is Kat who says
70. "Once again I forgot to send this! It was a lot of fun!

Tine has sent in her final scissors too. She says:-
71. "Hello Jane
This is my scissor.
I ‘m waiting for the next tias.
Thanks for this one.
greets Tine"

Lightgardener is next in with her final scissors. Here's her comment:-
72. "Who's That Guy in Seattle wrote:
I used some very old Daisy, cotton crochet thread from Lily, in a size 30.
Here is the finished product. Very difficult to photograph, without making it look like a bunny, BTW.
As we went along, I was so sure it was a bunny. I counted wrong on the LCh portions on the blades. The resulting inward turn had me rooting for Team Bunny. And it could very easily become a bunny, or kitten. Just add rings to the belly area and shorten the ears. Be careful with the bead size on the eyes.
Then I was so sure that it was becoming a lobster! GO Team Lobster!

When the lobster tail part became a circle, and the blades still looked a bit bow-legged, well now, we're going to go with Team Cowboy. The second handle portion could easily become more of a thicker body. Some folks do wear huge western buckles round these parts, after all. But how would she make the lasso look right? 
I did not count the LCh around the button sides correctly, either, making the cowboy a little wide in the hips. And that feature also made for a more rounded bunny head.
Playing along instead of lurking, made all the difference! Thanks to all who played along.

Next to arrive is Julie with her gorgeous scissors. Her comment and picture follow:-
73. "Hello Jane !
Here are my scissors !
I had so much fun with this TIAS!
I want to thank you for your great work and your great sens of sharing.
And congratulations to all the tatters who finished their TIAS.
Let's play again next year ^_^
les Frivolités de Pandore, dentelle aux navettes.: TIAS 2015, the end 

Marco has just popped into my inbox with her scissors. She says:-
74. "Hello Jane,
finally here is my tias. i think it is a lovely pattern,
thank you very much
greetings Marco"

Next is Maria who has just arrived in my inbox too. She says:-
75. "And you didn't have to wait a whole year!!!!! :) So I won't be last & bringing up the tail!
I finally took some time off last night to tat a bit and finished these up....
I know they are a bit wonky but that's because they are well used! :)
A pair of thread snips and a pair of what looks like Sheep Shears! HA!
It really was fun and I enjoyed the journey even if it was a bit disjointed with all the interruptions that are called "LIFE".... ( I really miss tatting when I don't do it for awhile! It keeps me and life sane! ) I am already looking forward to next year's mystery journey.
Marla, in Boise, Idaho, USA"