Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Day 6

Day 6 is now ready and can be found here.

First in this morning is Mary Jane who has this to say

“Well it took awhile. Not good on Catherine Wheel but like new stitches. My leg has a tail. Neat. Now can’t wait until day 6”

Well you don’t have to wait, Mary Jane!!!!  It’s already there.

Melanie has popped in next with her days 1 - 5 and she has this to say

"Good afternoon-
I finally got to this adventure. I find myself at work going out on a limb regularly. Day 4 &5 are most appropriate. But what can we be tatting?????
Thank you for the fun game,

Teresa is next and she says

Here are my three little items for this year's game. I'm later than usual because we had a minor catastrophe in the family last week. All is better now.

I have never really enjoyed to a CWJ and therefore must continually refresh my connection between my hands and BC3. That connection has been in very sad disrepair for quite a while!

At any rate, I did CWJs on the white and ombre (pink) colorway. For the mocha-colored one, I decided to just use lock joins. However, I took the lock joins to the back of the work since I prefer front side/back side style of tatting. I'll take a few minutes and read the information on the TIAS blog. I do look forward to that portion of the activity every year."

Well, Teresa, I've not met anybody yet who says 'I LOVE CWJ joins'!!!

Kaylyn has now arrived and she says she's enjoying how it's progressing.

"Ok, this definitely looks like a person to me!! I love how it looks!

Jacee is next in the inbox and she says

"Hi Jane,
Day 5 and we have just tatted a tail of an unknown animal.

Oh do you think so, Jacee?  I wonder!!!

Well first in with her day 6 is Maureen in Australia!!! Jenni must be busy as she’s usually in first!!! Anyway Maureen has come up with an excellent suggestion - or two!!!

“The organic vegetable section in our supermarket has bags of odd shaped, irregular vegetables: so I am still calling this a carrot. Or perhaps a bunch of carrots. It could even be an animal or the Skeleton someone was thinking about.
But no, mine is a bunch of odd organic carrots…….”

Second in with her day 6 is Jane who says

“Hi Jane, my day 6. My arm, if arm it is, is waving at rather a high angle compared to the diagram, but there you go. It's looking like a gnome, although I'd expect a gnome to involve more colours. ”

An arm? I suppose it could be. I like the idea of a gnome, though.

Just back from my Tuesday mornign craft group and off out walking shortly. Meantime Val has arrived all the way from Singapore. She says

“ Good day, Jane!
It's been a rainy CNY here in Singapore. 3 full days of wet weather, and it hasn't stopped raining today. Hope it's not too cold in the UK.
Managed to do up 3 days now, and the pictures are attached. Catherine Wheel is a first time for me, and I'm not sure I got it right!
Anyways, at this stage, I could kinda see the rear leg and butt of a ๐Ÿฆ’! LOL
Looking forward to the next steps.

I’m pleased to announce that Jenni is home and in her little corner of Tat Land!!! She says

“Hi Jane.
Had to wait until I got home for this one!! Been a long day driving.
This is a real stumper!! A turkey??
I will probably change my mind 50 times before we finish though lol.

A TURKEY?  Well I suppose it could be!!!!

Finally in this batch is Antonia who has this to say

“Hi Jane
Here is day 6 submission. I still think it gonna be a lion or Griffon.

A lion or griffon sounds very feasible, Antonia but I wonder!!!!!! 

Back again with more TIAS offerings. First of all is Julie who says

“Well perhaps it is still to become an ostrich though it may not be bowing it's head but flapping one wing wondering when it's head will appear. ”

Could be, Julie, could be!!!!

Lyn is next with her day 6 and this is her comment

“Good evening Jane,Well here is day 6 ! No idea what we are making but interesting guesses from everyone!

Be brave, Lyn, be brave and take a guess!!!!

Now for Melanie’s with her comment. She says

“Good morning-
I've a full day ahead so best to start out with tatting. But what are we tatting?????

You have the best idea - tat before anything else in the morning!!!

Hallie is determined to frighten us all - please click on her link!!!!

“Day 6 work is completed. Maybe it's a hydra? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra_vulgaris#/media/File:Hydravulgaris.jpg (Yes, I taught Biology.)
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin”


Lynn is having problems with her BC3 and says

“My imagination is still not working very well. I don’t really have a clue at this point.”

Wanda is next with her day 6 and she says

“Good morning, Jane. (It's morning for me but it might not be morning when you get this). Here is my day 6 after a restart of this section. Yes, I know how to do Victorian sets, I just had to remember how to read patterns, lol! It didn't look right the first time because I read it wrong. I think it's correct now. I still think it's an animal, but I still don't know which one. Thanks for this, Jane, I'm having fun! (I always have fun with your tias ๐Ÿ˜Š)Wanda”

Glad you enjoy it, Wanda.  I do too but I know the answer!!!!  Your Victorian set looks perfect.  

Next is Denise who simply says

“Here ya go.”

Love the simplicity of your comment, Denise. Says it all!!!!

Sharren is next with her day 6 and she says

“Beautiful, sunshiny day here - so of course, I'm indoors tatting! No guess today on what it might be - maybe Day 7 will give a broader hint!”

Actually it’s been the same here and I managed to get a good walk in with a friend.  Maybe day 7 will give you more of a clue - who knows!!!

Debra has just arrived in the inbox and this is her lovely picture of her locality along with her day 6.  She says

Good morning Jane! The snow is starting to melt here and the sun is finally starting to shine here in Southern Oregon!
I  am hoping I did this segment correctly. My imagination is running wild. When I turn the element upside down  it looks like an ostrich doing the splits lol. I know it's not right because of the joining picots. Lol
Looking forward to day 7.”

You did day 6 PERFECTLY, Debra.  Don’t be so sure you’re not right.  Anything could happen on day 7!!!!  Oh, and onwards too!!!

Stephanie seems to be having fun and this is what she has to say

“My Whatsis is definitely taking a bow! 
Lobster? Got to be a lobster, I can ‘see’ it taking shape….. If not a lobster, some other lobster-like water creature ….crawfish, perhaps?
Fun, that’s what it is. Pure fun!
Marco has just arrived with her day 6 and she says this

“And here is day 6.
Thinking, thinking,but no answers yet๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
Greetings Marco”

Keep thinking, Marco.  Keep thinking!!

Katie is next and she’s calling me names now!!! Mind, I think she’s right, I’m pleased to say.

“Well, Jane, you sly one, maybe we're tatting a monkey? Kaylyn and Anita have suggested humanoid possibilities, but I think we may have monkey mischief going on!
Thanks for the review of Victorian sets.
All the best to you, monkey lady!
Katie V in NC”

Good wishes to you, Katie and I hope to confuse you a while longer!!!

Wendy has now arrived with her days 5 and 6 and she’s got some good guesses too. She says

“Hello Jane,
I was late in tatting day 5, so I carried on with day 6. I think is is either a cow or some animal like that, or even an elephant. That’s it’s back leg and tail.

Hmmmm, I wonder!!!

Janet is the next to arrive and she has this to say

“Hi Jane, I had a bit of time to spare today, so I have started another “thingy” still not making a guess. But enjoying it. Even tried to work your LJ. 
Take care,

So you’re going to have another ‘whatsit’ at the end of the game, Janet!!!

Marla is getting on very well with her TIAS and this is what she has to say

“Hi Jane… here is my day 6 & I have to say I didn’t have any problems or confusions at all ! 
Easy peasy! ๐Ÿ˜ THANKS! 
But I’m still totally baffled as to what you were thinking & have going on up there in your little noggin….๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„”

I sometimes wonder myself what goes on in my little noggin too, Marla!!!!  Not a lot most of the time!!!!

I’m heading for bed now but I hope to wake up in the morning (well at my age you always hope to wake up in the morning) to a full inbox again!!!!

Goodnight, world!!!

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