Saturday 14 January 2023

Day 2 now ready

 Here’s the link for Day 2.  Have fun, folks.

First in this morning is Denise with her day 1 and this is what she has to say

"I am so excited you are doing this. I love your tatalongs."

Good to see you back again this year, Denise.

Next is another friend from past years - Jaycee. She says

"Hello Jane,
Here's my submission of Day 1. No clue just yet
So very happy to be able to participate again. Thank you so much
Jacee, Malaysia"

First in with her day 2 is Maureen in Australia!!! Now Maureen had a fixation over rabbits for many years - until the year the TIAS WAS a rabbit. Now it appears to be a rabbit's best friend - a carrot!! Here's her comment.

"Here is my carrot, still looking carrot-y! It’s hard to join the second side, I had to make the vsp’s just a tiny bit bigger. My tongue was getting too sore."

Jenni is the next day 2 to arrive and she says this

“ Hi Jane.
Sticky humid Victorian heatwave and crummy 20 thread do not make for fun tatting.....but we got there.
Think this will get redone in nice thread and smaller shuttles.
Those second side split ring joins are killers!
No idea what it is as yet.
Hope you have a good day.

Agree about the second side joins on a split ring but the more you practice the easier it gets!!!!  Hold on to that thought, Jen!!!!!

Anita is next and she makes a very valid point. I’ll let you see if you agree - or not!!! She says

“ Hi Jane,
Day 1 I was guessing on an animal, but today I realised: No beads = no eyes!

Antonia has just arrived all the way from Australia too. She says

“Hi Jane
Here is Day 2 submission.
Antonia (from warm tropical Darwin Australia)”

The weather is quite the opposite here, Antonia!!

I’ve been out all afternoon and am now starting to catch up with my inbox. The first person in this time is another newcomer which is great. Here’s what Ingeborg says

“Hello Jane, first time participant here! Thank you for making this game, can't wait for the next part. Here is my submission for day 2.”

Arlene is next to be waiting patiently in my inbox. She says

“Hmmm. Maybe not an anatomically correct heart. Scorpion, then.
Arlene M

I think you’re going to have to wait a while longer, Arlene!!!

Julie is next waiting patiently to go into the TIAS blog. Here’s what she says

“ I think it is a leg, maybe an ostrich. Thanks for the great fun.

Janet is back with her day 2 and this is what she says this time

“Hi Jane,Day 2 I restarted “it” again, I have been making the vsp vvsp! especially on the 2nd side of the split. Ring. I’m not guessing what “it” is going to be. Roll on day 3.
Take care

Sorry to hear about the re-start, Janet, but I am always re-starting ‘stuff’.  I did at least 8 re-starts on a jumper I’m knitting before I was happy with it!!!  It’s not finished yet!!!

Nona is next and she thinks it’s a worm! Here’s her comment and photo

“ Looks very worm-like today…no clue as to what will emerge. Nona”

Next is Andrea who has just joined us with her day 1. She says

“Hi Jane, Happy New Year! Day one done. No guesses yet, but getting my sketching materials ready 🤔Love Andrea xx”

HNY to you, Andrea and welcome back.  

Hanneke is next in the inbox and she made me laugh with her comment.  She said

Hi Jane,
I just hope it’s not a caterpillar (with 245 more splitrings)
Met vriendelijke groet,

I PROMISE you, Hanneke, there are not 245 more split rings!!!  Well a few more but I think you’ll be pleased when you’ve done them!!!!

Part of the pleasure of doing the TIAS is speaking to you all from all round the world. This is a lovely comment from Teresa who says

“ Jane,
Here are my Day 2 "entries" but I don't have a hint as yet. All my threads are size 20 but the differences that are resultant of the dyeing process are quite evident. The darker (or deeper) the color, the diameter of the thread is visibly smaller. There is even a difference on the colorway between the diameters of the Azalea Pink Medium (the darkest) and the Azala Pink Very Light (the amount of hue).
I am enjoying seeing everyone's offerings for the 2023 Tat It and See. The comments are always great reading as well!
We're in the middle of a mid-January thaw and most of the snow we've had in the yard since mid-November has now melted although our lows at night are still in the low 20s to low 10s (Farenheit). Our fishmermen (including my DH) are wanting more snow. Currently our snowpack conditions indicate our area of SW Montana ranges between 110% to 129% but that could change rapidly.”

That’s interesting about the effect of the dyes.  I love comments which tell me about other people’s daily lives.  Thanks.

Now Richard has a great idea about the TIAS and he’s drawn a diagram to ‘prove’ he’s right!!! Now I’m not saying a thing about whether he’s right or not!!! This is what he says along with his diagram!!

“Good Afternoon Jane!
I think it is a crown; as the whatsit is aligning perfectly to my crown diagram! 
Richard from Virginia”

Wanda is puzzling over the conundrum!!! This is her comment followed by her picture.

“Hello, Jane, Here's my day 2. Currently, it's looking like a snail. But that would be too simple and easy! I'll have to wait for the next clue. Wanda”

Tessi has now arrived with her day 2. I’m sure she’ll get to love split rings by the end of the TIAS! Now, is that a clue or a comment meant to mislead you all!!!

“While it is far from perfect, I’m enjoying the challenge! Thank you! I had been avoiding practicing split rings! I get it now (I will start over another later today).”

Well those split rings look pretty good to me, Tessi.  

Sue has a great suggestion - but is she right? Here’s her idea!

Leg-it, Leg-itThe games a foot!
Perhaps 3 more of 'em to come???
Got it's own dedicated Hankie... :-)

Love the hanky!!! 

Now I have Hallie back again - this time with her day 2. This is what she says

“Hi, Jane,Here is Day 2. The Centipede is missing a lot of feet. I'd also thought about the lack of a bead and thus, probably no eye. So...I have no guess today!
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin”

Clever deductions there, Hallie!!!

Ruth is next and she’s determined to keep up with the game from what she says here

“Had to do this before I head off on a 6.5 hour drive home! I have been away 6 weeks. My current suggestion is a caterpillar!

Stephanie is next with both days 1 and 2. This is what she has to say

“Days 1 and 2. No guesses yet. 
This is great fun!

Marco has also arrived with her day 2. This is what she has to say

“Here is day 2.
No idea yet.
Greetings Marco”

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