Sunday 31 January 2010


Thankfully more Normans are still wandering into the coup.

The first one today was 'kidnapped' off Jeff's blog which is well worth a visit.  Here's the link.  There's a lovely tribute there to Mary Konior too.  Here's his rooster - a handsome beast all the way from CANADA.

Next rooster is from Doris in ENGLAND who says:-
"Jane, here is a left handed rooster I have compleated, great fun. still having problems with the computer. best wishes .  Doris R (Notts)"
Now we have a rooster from Jane in ENGLAND who says:-
"Well I finished but not sure he looks like he’s ‘sposed to I think I got things a bit twisted.  Anyway here he is in all his glory.  Thanks for the fun and looking forward to more in the future."

Saturday 30 January 2010

Saturday morning

Saturday morning and things have slowed down.  
All roosters are welcome whenever they get finished!!!!  
There'll be room in the coup for all!!!

First in today is from Vanessa who says:-
"Thanks for organising this TIAS, it was really fun.  Attached is my version, Max.  

It was really interesting to look at everyone else's TIAS to see the same product in a variety of threads."

The next rooster comes from Manie in THE NETHERLANDS.  This was forwarded on from Riet who gives this information about Manie's part of the country:-
"Good morning , here is the Rooster of Manie. She lives in Rijswijk a small village in the Betuwe. This is a piece of our country between the big rivers and it is a very famous place, because in the spring there are all over that country fruit-trees blooming It is a very nice environment to visit in the spring.

You know what is so wonderful during a TIAS a lot of tatters are not only learning new techniques in tatting, but also making scans and e-mail them and so on.  Is there still room enough in your henhouse, because they are coming in with dozens, are they making a lot of noise or are they quiet. Take care the neighbors will not complain about the noise. In my neighborhood they don’t want henhouses."
Next in is from Linda in AMERICA (New Mexico) and she says:-
"Thank you Jane Eborall for the January TIAS.  The neck area became twisted but I forgot to change threads for the beak and didn't add a big bead. The rooster has 2 eyeballs.."All the better to see with"! I added some orange thread to the beak. Jane did a great job explaining every step including pictures of "how to".   Fun Project during the winter snow!"

Now we have Wendy's rooster all the way from ENGLAND!!!!  She says:-
"Here is is finished.  Thanks for doing it all, I can imagine how much work it takes to organise a TIAS.  They are great fun though and I am sure greatly appreciated by us all." 

From a 'bit' further away comes the rooster from Maria in MEXICO.  Maria says:-
"Dear Jane it has been a pleasure tatt with you this nice I send you my mexican vertion of NORMAN.....I hope you like it... and please don´t stop......I know you are one of the great moden tatters at this time.
A big, big hug!
Maria Alcantara. Mexico"

Friday 29 January 2010

Friday's parade starts HERE!

First in on this gloomy Friday morning here in the UK is Sandra from AMERICA'S Norman.  

Next in is also from AMERICA and Mary who says:-
"Here is my Norman the proud rooster of the barnyard.  I cannot wait to finish Norman's family."

Also in from AMERICA is Kelly's rooster.  She says:-
"I did get my TIAS done!!!!!! This is my first chance to e-mail his picture to you. I really enjoyed doing this. It was my first! I think he turned out pretty good if I may say so.  Thanks again for doing this. Sign me up for the next one. LOL"

Next in is from Heather who doesn't say where she's from!!  So here's what she has to say:-
"ta da, got it done :)  heather"

Now we have Denise from AMERICA who says:-
" got a little behind because I decided I wanted to do a second one. I tried to do the second one front/back side, but got a little confused so part of it reverted to traditional tatting. But they are both fantastic.  Thank you so much for this game! I had lots of fun and can't wait until you do another one.
--Denise & her two roosters from Central Texas"

Next in is from Karen F in AMERICA who says this:-
"My Norman hails from Bend, Oregon, USA and says “REAL MEN WEAR PINK.”   This was a very good TIAS and I learned it is o.k. to tat over two tails at once.  Also it’s my first time for a weaver’s knot to start the new thread.  Your pattern was easy to understand and enjoyable and taught me a few new things.  Next time he’ll look better."

Last in before I have my shower and start the day is from Terri in AMERICA.  Here's what she has to say:-
"I would like to introduce you to Norman from California, USA. He's been very excited to meet you and has been looking forward to this day. I, on the other hand, have been dreading this day as it means the end of a very fun, enlightening challenge.

 Really, though, it was a blast to do and I learned a couple of new things along the way thanks to your wonderful extra instructions.  I hope we're able to do this again soon."

Just found Karen's rooster in my spam folder.  What WAS he doing there?  Karen's comes from AMERICA and here's what she says:-
"I have been following the fun with the rooster.  Am attaching my final product.  It helped fill in the time during some cold days in Belton, Texas."
Next one in is from Tine in THE NETHERLANDS.  She says:-
"This is mine Cock.  His wife and the kids are verry nice."

I'm getting a bit worried about Geraldine!!!  I think she's got the chicken pox!!!  Look what she's sent in NOW!!!!
"I have so enjoyed this tias this was a first for me,please include me in the next. what wonderful and colour ful cockrals we have around the world. let me introduce you to the family norman, the wife aileen and the chicks, barry, burt, and matilda they hatched this morning and already running round the farm to every one, keep tatting, Geraldine."

Next into the farmyard is from Jennifer in WALES.  She says:-
"Picture of my rooster, at last."
From yet another part of the world comes Alba who lives in MEXICO.  She says:-
"Thank you so very much for sharing this game. I enjoyed it very much and I think a lot of persons from all over enjoyed it too. With a little, plus another little, and another little imagination, mine finally looks like a rooster, well at least to me...
Thanks again and a big Ki ki ri ki from Mexico to all the beautiful and colorful roosters around the world."

Next we have IsDihara who lives in AMERICA.  She says:-
"Well, I had to take a break for a few days but got Norman all finished up on Thursday, January 28th.  Can you believe this is the first animal I have ever made? I learned to tat in 1980. So believe you me, Norman, has a right to crow about his number one status!  He's quite the handsome banty."
We have taken to calling Norman "Chicken Boo," since my preschooler said he looked like the cartoon chicken of the same name. Here is a link to an image of Chicken Boo at Renegade Chickens web site (what fun!):
 And of course, here is a link to my tatting blog, where a post is waiting to go live at 3:00 a.m. EST (I'm guessing around 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning, your time.) Saturday morning.
T.I.A.S. Day 11 -- Finished!

Next is from Carla in THE NETHERLANDS who says this:-
"From Amersfoort in the Netherlands is here my rooster. It was a great fun to make it. Now i am doing the rest of the family. When it is ready i will send you a picture. Thank you for this very nice family.  I hope this was not the last TIAS."

Thursday 28 January 2010

Thursday's Rooster parade!

First in this morning is from Melanie in AMERICA who sends a picture of her Norman with her egg.  This is what she has to say:-
"Here is a picture of Norman saying hello to my resident rooster egg. I can't recall when or where I made the egg, I was introduced to Pysanki about the same time I taught myself to tat. Since it was a misty, moisty morning of cloudy weather. Perhaps he thought he would chance to meet an old man, clothed all in leather.

 I had fun with TIAS of Norman the rooster. Perhaps I will create a family of egg and tatted chickens during Lent."

Next in is from AUSTRALIA and Margaretha who says:-
"Well here is Ausie Norman, and he is from a place called Cedar Grove In Queensland.  Anyway I have really enjoyed my TIAS and have also learned a few things in Tatting. Your instructions were easy to follow. Thank you for being so patient."

Next in from AMERICA and Patsy is her gorgeous Norman.  This is her comment:-
"Here's my "Norman the Rooster", finished and strutting his stuff.  He's on the prowl, looking for
his hen friends.  So bring them on.  All hens welcome and even some chicks."

Now we have Sue Anna's rooster with an explanation for his colour!!!! She lives in AMERICA.  
"Well Jane here he is in all his glory 'flying' in from lovely Norhtern Illinois( 45 miles south of Milwaukee, Wis. home to Yarnplayer and 60 miles north of Chicago,Il ) in beautiful Antioch,Il. We have 'special' rooster seed as you see. He is a bright shade of orange due to his diet.The green is all that healthy 'celery' he had. He will be sad as he has to say goodbye to all his friends, but until next time... Thanks for all the fun Jane, I look forward to reading all your lovely posts on your blog. I am working on Norman's family and as soon as I get them done, I'll send you a pic. Lots of fun tatting!"

From yet another part of our world comes Kika in CHILE.  She says:-
"DAY 11: Rooster project finished successfully! Eagerly awaiting next mission!  Thank you for these beautiful days! Salutations from Chile!"

Back to AMERICA for Melanie's picture.  She says:-
"Here is my Norman, he lives in Indiana, USA.  I enjoyed seeing his family also already thinking of ways to use them."

Just found Donna's rooster which has flown all the way from AMERICA!!!  Here's what she says:-
"I have never done the TAIS before. I can't even tell you how I stumbled across it this time, but I am REALLY glad I did.  I found the blog around day 7 and I have been working on it since. I have truely enjoyed watching all of the pictures progress and reading everyone's comments. This has truely brightened my outlook for this month. I am including a copy of my "Norman" who is running a muck in the wheat fields of Kansas. (USA)"

Just back from doing 'essential chores' etc.  This is the next one in from Wendy in SINGAPORE.  She says:-
"You are a tease.  Here is my completed rooster. Notice the large thighs. He is Norman from an urban farm in Singapore. Thank you so much for doing this TIAS. I definitely learnt from this exercise. I love how you designed the legs. Did you know we eat chicken legs here.  Thank you for the pattern for Norman's family. I want to tat that soon and post the whole family."

Now we're back in THE NETHERLANDS with Janny's rooster.  She says:-
"From Ede, the Netherlands is this my Norman. I've really enjoyed this TIAS. Thanks a lot for the nice pattern.  And Riet: thank you very much for translation!!

WOW, we now have our next rooster from OMAN.  Thank you, Nima.  I would like to suggest that you DO read Nima's blog.  I found it most interesting to read her 'journey with Norman'.  It's a good guide to me for the next TIAS too.  Here's Nima's comment with her blog link:-
"I have completed the TIAS rooster and attaching an image herewith. I know it is not really a perfect finish to show the "teacher". I have blogged about the TIAS journey, please look into my blog - Made to treasure  Thank you so much for the TIAS.."

Next in is Anita from AMERICA.  Her rooster isn't called Norman!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Meet Rocky, the Rooster!  He has finally arrived in Yuma, strutting his Fiesta colors.  He's a cousin to Norman, and he's excited to hear that there may be a new pullet coming to town, Stonie!  He dreams that perhaps they'll get together and produce little 'Rockettes'!  Seriously, thanks for the fun project!  It's been an adventure for a new tatter, and good practice at following a pattern.  I've also been making your 'very small butterfly' in various variegated colors to glue to ribbon for bookmarks... love the pattern.  We don't really have to wait until next January for another TIAS, do we????"

Now I present Rayanna from AMERICA's rooster.  This is what she has to say:-
" I am so pleased with myself on my first TIAS.  Here is my "humpback norman rooster".  He must have injured himself after chasing the Hen.  Thanks again."

Next I have a complaining email from Margaret in ENGLAND.  Well, not from her but from her rooster!!!!  This is what she says:-
"Well here comes "Naughty Norman" from Norfolk!  Why do I call him naughty?  Because he didn't give me a minutes peace until I said I'd give him two legs.  Whinge, whinge, whinge.  How do you expect me to eat properly?  How can I get all the way to Jane's place?  How do ...... and so it went on till I was tearing my hair out.  In the end I had to give in to him and told him it would serve him right if he wasn't allowed on the blog.  Sorry about all this."

Next we have Martha in AMERICA who sends her Norman in.  This time she's got it right and says:-
"This is obviously Norman, of course."

Another of Riet's friends called Ankie from THE NETHERLANDS has sent her rooster in to join the farmyard!!!  This is the message that came with it through Riet:-
"Hi Jane another rooster that want to be with all the others
Ankie asked me to mail the picture to you . She lives in the city Groningen a city up in the north of the country in the province also called Groningen. The east boarder of the province is Germany."

The Thursday parade continues!

This next rooster has come from Ann-Sofie in SWEDEN.  She says:-
"This is my new pet Norman. He is soon going to be married to Aileen and they are certainly going to have a hole bunch of chicks.
Thank you Jane for the nice patterns and for this TIAS. It has been great fun. Hopefully there will be another one soon" 

Next in is Karen from ENGLAND who says this:-
"Hi Jane here is Norman finished at last, he has just asked if he can go and play with geraldines 'norman' as we live just round the corner from each other but had to say no as he's going to be baby sitting the children as the wife has gone off to find another tias :-) many thanks for all the fun and what a great way to start the year."

Next in is from Unarae in AMERICA.  She says:-
"Good Morning,  it is still early here and not quite daylight yet.  Altho Norman says it is late!!!  But not for Alaska. part of the USA... Will not be full daylight for another 45 minutes!!  We are gaining in light like 5 min a day..
 This has been so much fun.  Thank you for all the time and energy that you put into making this possible. 
Now Norman is a noisy bird and he needs some one,  or thing to keep him  busy!!   I dont see how any hen could resist him he is so colorful..  And forthwith  ta da  NORMAN!!!

 Now we have Sharren in AMERICA who pops in with her Norman.  Here's what she says:-
"Norman has been sighted in Greenwood!  He must be a bantam rooster (tatted with Altin Basak which I was using already in another project) as he is a little bitty thing.  He looks to be crowing -- wonder if something's got his feathers ruffled?
 I had to search for a darkish bead for his eye -- found this one that looked like a 'root beer' shade of brown in the room lights.  In daylight, though -- surprise!  It's purple!  Which actually goes fine with his tail colors.
 This was FUN!  I can't wait til your next TIAS!"

Now we have Jessica's contribution - she's in AMERICA and says:-
"first of all, thank you for the first TIAS of 2010! it was so much fun! i can't wait to see all the normans that come in and what glorious colors they'll be wearing!!!  i love the whole norman family that you made and i have to tell you that you are a genius pattern writer/tatter!! it really does amaze me! and to think how much tatting patterns have changed in the last century! all these modern techniques that allow us to make such inventive shapes and designs!!
i digress. i chose my colors because they were the only three i had in my very small stash that all went together, but to my surprise, my colors were quite appropriate for the pattern!!! this rooster and owner hail from the hill country of Texas, USA. so, finally, here's my norman, hot off the shuttles *meaning he hasn't been blocked and still has the end threads hanging off his back :D*"

Now we have Bernice who says:-
"Well here he is. This is the biggest project I have tried since starting tatting in November I think.  Anita, Yuma Tatter has helped me.  I know I made a lot of mistakes....some because I am using a needle. has been fun and I have learned a lot.  Thanks Jane.   Bernice, full time RVer  in Yuma, Arizona, USA"

Wednesday 27 January 2010

final day of TIAS 2010

OK, this is the link for the final day and hopefully the beginning of a farmyard full of roosters.

You will see on the final day that there is more for you to make.

I would love to welcome all the roosters to come and take their places on the TIAS blog!!!!!

Thank you ALL for taking part. Without you all this would've still been an egg!!!!

The parade starts HERE!!!!

The parade of finished Normans starts here.  Please join the 'flock' whenever you like!!!!

First one in is Riet's obviously they are looking for trouble!!!!!  I would like to say a BIG thank you to Riet who has diligently translated each day into Dutch for her guild.  Many thanks, Riet.  This is why she is first to finish!!!!

Next in is Isa from SWEDEN who says:-
"Jane in this last day of TIAS my gratitude for all those moments you have given with your pacience and knowledge shared with us through your funny game TIAS. I hope you come back soon with an other TIAS. I'll be here :)
Here it's my TIAS day 11  the last one :(....
Thank and untill next TIAS"

Next in is also from SWEDEN.  Thanks, Kerstin.  This is what she says:-
"Here comes Norman the Swedish Rooster from a snowy and cold Engelholm in southern Sweden.

I've really enjoyed this as well as earlier TIAS, thanks a lot for them and your generosity with all your pattern."

Next in is from Ginny in AMERICA who says:-
"Here is my Norman!!  I think he looks good in green.  I know I was supposed to change colors in the head part but I was lazy that day and decided it would all be one color."

Next we have Geraldine's Normans!!!!  I did ask if people would let me know where there roosters were born and Geraldine has sent hers in with the map of her area.  SO funny.  Thanks for the giggle.  By the way - they are in ENGLAND.
Here's what she says:-
"Well the end is near, will try mum and babies tomorrow. as you see my normal two come from loughborough, leicestershire, but goodness where does number three come from "must have been on steroids and hiding." going to miss the fun, now need something else to get out of bed early for!!!!!! 

Next in the parade is Jane's Norman from SOUTH AFRICA.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, here's a South African Norman. Thanks a lot, this was very fun! Happy tats, Jane"

Now the next Norman or Wothi is from - yes, Marjan in BELGIUM.  She says this:-
"I have fallen in love with Norman (sorry Aileen and kids!) - that gorgeous tail, those black beautiful eyes, that wonderful body....  oh, yeah.... I'm in love!  I have send Aileen and the kids home because I want Norman all for myself.

Now a Wothi.......
Still a lot of people doesn't seem to know what a Wothi is and the funny thing is,
that everbody who partipated in your TIAS, made a Wothi!!
So tell me, if you can make one, how come you don't know them?
All the Wothi's I've seen, each one of them, are really WO nderfull THI ngs!

Jane, thank you so much for this TIAS, I loved it! And maybe, someday,
we can see another TIAS coming? hope so, hope so, hope so!!
 all my and Wothis love and let us know how many Wothi's came in!
 Marjan  - Dutch 'girl' from Belgium
I will certainly let you all know how many Normans or Wothi's come in, Marjan.  Just watch this blog!!!!

The next Wothi Norman is from Elizabeth in AMERICA who says:-
"My purple cow is so happy to have a blue rooster as his friend.  Thank you."

Next in is from CANADA - Anne is the owner of this Norman!!! Here's what she has to say:-
"HI Jane - thanks for another fun project.  I hadn't tatted for a while - too busy - but this got me going again."

Next is from Katie who lives in North Carolina, AMERICA. This is what she says"-
"Here are my boys, struttin' their stuff and, like Riet's boys, looking for the girls!  Thanks to you, they may have a lucky encounter soon.
Awesome fun, Jane, your TIAS!  Thank you, thank you."

Next in is from THE NETHERLANDS.  Marco has been ill but this is what she says:-
"Been sick in bed, but just  got out  for a while and finished our norman.  thanks for this tias and his familie and hope to see another tias soon."

Next in is from Carolyn in AMERICA.  This is what she has to say:-

"Here are my two Normans, one in 32 ga white-coated copper wire and one in Flora & Manuela 20.  I was surprised they both are about the same size.  It has been a pleasure to participate in my first TIAS and I look forward to more (hopefully soon?)."

Next is from Heather in AMERICA (Pennsylvania) who appears a little upset!!!!  Here's what she says:-
"sniffle sniffle, here is the last, sniffle, part of my tias sniffle...

I am sad its over. I really hope you do one again soon because I HAD SO MUCH FUN and my shuttles got a work out ;) you will be glad to know I havent used my needles only for helping out my daughter and a friend while they learn to tat :)
I think my pink rooster looks better than the funky green one, HA HA funky chicken lol
I had a blast and hope to do it again soon with you!!
(((BIG HUGS)))"

The next rooster in is from Kathy in AMERICA.  She says:-
"Here's my "exotic" rooster. Maybe you can call him a bird of paradise instead.  He's all in one color because I was using a thread exchange thread to make him.  It is Finca Size 16 that I received from Lily Morales."