Saturday 31 May 2008

Saturday and more thoughts and pictures!

Karin sent in her scan and said -
"here comes a scan of my progress. The colours I chose are very similar to Nita's, I think."

Doreen is the first today and she says -

"Hi Jane – have been on holiday but picked up the latest days, think it’s a person on a bike – but mine still looks like a hanger for safety pins!"
Well Doreen could well have the answer - a hanger for safety pins or paper clips!!!!

Friday 30 May 2008

Day 6 on Friday

If I've missed anybody off, please let me know. I had a 'mishap' with my blogging half way through yesterday afternoon. Can't blame blogger - it was my own stupidity!!!! I've got all the pictures saved and can find the comments - just need telling!!!!!

Shirley's comments are next -
"I think the figure is a person on a skate board. I hope I'm doing it right. Having a hard time with SS. The picture is confusing, so i'm tatting so the colors are the same in my tatting."

Carol says -
I think it is a necklace."

Babette says this -
TIAS2 looks a bit like a flutterbye, but with you I’m remaining a bit cynical that everything is quite that straight forward. Enjoying the experience despite the adventure with ferocious safety pins. Did not try your way with the Josephine knots, that will keep for later."

Gale Marshall has a great idea about the TIAS -
looks like a millipede doing sit-ups"

Gina's watching this TIAS and has come up with this suggestion -
"Even though I haven't had time to tat it, I've been watching. My guess is 2 kids...I saw someone said a carousel and that is what I was thinking, only the word I was using was merry-go-round. I thought a teeter-totter at first, but now I would say a merry-go-round."
For those, like me, who don't know what a teetter-totter is she has now translated it into English English - it's a seesaw!!!

Sylvia from Wales says -
"Have up-side-downed it, and it reminds me of a lambs face, or maybe the button is to be a pigs snout, I haven't forgotton that I have a shuttle of natural wood.
Oh heck! I now have to wait a week."
Well, Sylvia - cancel your holiday!!!!

Karen from Woodbridge says this -

"Today I think it looks even more like a bell shape, but I keep noticing that there are still two unused button holes on that button on the this could just as easily be a ......."

Now this made me giggle too. A message from Jenny -

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. Could be a butterfly, but I'm not sure that you are a butterfly person. We haven't used the other two holes in the button yet so maybe but I think I'm going to go for a rabbit and say the ears will be from the other two holes. Not much good listening to me though. I am so dim that I didn't recognise Diane's tulip till it got its stalk. I was expecting two more days of it on day 8, Well tha's my excuse anyway. Must go and tat now."

Kristina says -
o me it looks like a flying bat now. :)"

Next from BJ comes the following - "
Since we are only using 1 button I had ruled out a bicycle/motor bike - but it occurs to me that the 'wheels' could be tatted! - so I think it is a person riding a wheeled conveyence. LOL Is that obsure enough! I decided this on Day Five.
Totally cut apart everything I had done up through Day four - and retatted up to day five last night."

JeanneZ sent this message in earlier - "
My guess is either a bell or turtle."

Barbara says -
"here is day 6 of the ???."

From Winnie came this suggestion -
"Maybe a bell, like I said in the last mail, or ......

From Wendy comes the following -
"It's either a Christmas tree or a Bubble car. Remember those?? "

Nita says -
" have moved this around several different ways, still no real guess. "

From Marie came this remark! -
"Oops, I changed my mind, Jane. I think it is "Bob The Bike" on his bike or a skateboard!"

From Winnie came the following -
It is starting to look like a bell to me now…….."

JeanneZ sent inn this comment -
My guess is either a bell or turtle. "

Katie's finished day 6 too and she says -
" ........ but what it is is beyond me, except maybe a zipper pull."
Further thoughts from Katie plus here TIAS's!!!
" here are my little babies, or sort of babies, I guess, because I can't guess what they are, but I think they'll have triangular features, or at least one triangular feature. It's lots of fun. Now, do I have to wait till Sunday for the next bit?" Yes, Katie, you do!!!!

Oh dear, I feel so sorry for some of our tatters!! Poor Marjan. She's really trying so hard to guess what this is. I start giggling as soon as I see her name in my inbox -

"Here is day 6 - Gigi is a happy 'thing', no more legs! I'm still wondering what it is going to be but GiGi thinks she knows! ' Put me upside down' she said this morning, 'and look good.... I am a cow!! My two horns, my two ears en two eyes, a big nose.... yeah, for sure, I am an upside-down-cow!!' Again, it is what GiGi thinks... I still don't know. lots of greetings from Belgium!"

First one in with day 6 is Ginny. Does this woman ever sleep? Is she right with her guess? This is her guess now -

"I think it is turning into a butterfly!"

Friday and more Day 5's

Pam has written in too to have a guess.
"I probably won't start day 5 until Monday. I would like to have a guess. At this point I think it could be a Moth, but where is shuttle 3 coming in? Could shuttle 3 be a bit of a red herring, probably not, so my second guess is that it's a Bell."

This next guess comes from Zarina and she says -
"It looks like a christmas decoration - a bell to connect with 2 button holes. But then the part to hang the decoration using 2 button holes???
Uuuum - you really got us stumped with this one and its a long one (more than 5 days and still not complete).
Good and challenging. Unfortunately no tatting for me - yet!!"
Perhaps next time, Zarina?

Now here's Marie's but I've had to bleep some of her words out as I don't allow that sort of language on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Finally getting around to scanning the little (beep)! Is is a (beep)? or a booger?"

Wally has sent her day 5 in and says -
"Gosh! The curiosity is eating me! lol"

Karen has sent in days 4 & 5 which are below. She says -
"Here are days 4 and 5. I am concerned that my attempt looks so lopsided. Do you think I should start over?"

ext is from Diane Lawrence who says - "It has been much more challenging than I expected, as a lot of these techniques are new to me. I'm not sure I did the one bead between the two rings right. Thanks for posting my pictures." That bead looks perfect to me and you've done an excellent job of it. Many congratulations.

First one in (and before I'm properly awake) is from Fannie who says - "Looks horrible, but the kid went to a vacation and took the camera with her, and the only way I can take pics is with the cell phone. Poor me."

Thursday 29 May 2008

Thursday's day 5

Jane caught me just as I was going to turn off the computer!! Here's what she said - "I managed to do the new JR this time so my JR's are odd. I don't mind because when it is finished I can put it in my folder as a sample. I am really intrigued now, I can see a pattern emerging but still cannot imagine what it is.

Marco has just sent her day 5 and she said -

"I will think a little bit longer and than i will let you know what i think"

Next is Star's and she says -
"I am hoping that it something like a carosel?! what ever it is, I am having fun learning from you! "
Thanks, Star, glad you're enjoying it.

Sylvia has just sent her day 5 in after having scanner problems. Here is what she says -

"Fixed the scanner with a fuse in the plug...duh!!... Here is my effort so far,"

Hmmm, does SueH realise that pink and orange together are my favourite combination of colours? Anyway, here's her contribution and reason for a late (it's never late in this game!) addition to the blog!!!

" I'd finished day 2 but didn't get time to scan it with organizing the Tatting Exchange on HBT. In the stage of waiting for registration forms to come in, so got time to play last night. I'm now up to date - with Day 5!!! Is it a bird? No is it a plane? No it's one of Jane's mysterious creations...? At presant it looks more like part of a very deformed bell! LOL We will just have to see which way her twisted mind goes next! LOL"

Next is from Ginny who said she had trouble with her picot and had to start over.

The first I've opened today is from Teresa down in sunny 'Palmetto Land'.

Wednesday 28 May 2008

First of Day 5 and the odd 'catch up'!

I've simply GOT to share what Lauren thinks it's going to be. I laughed so much I nearly fell off my chair!!
"My guess is that this will be a 3-D Zebra! Or a Zebra costume for a stuffed horse! LOL The button goes at the top of the head between the ears! The JR's are for him to breathe through, and the ring with the 3 bead picot will fasten the whole thing under his chin!"

Barbara's day 5 is next and here's what she said -

"here comes TIAS day 5 - and now it looks like an owl, breeding her (button)-egg. This is so funny. Thank you!"

Sunela just wrote and said this -

"I had trouble at first.....because I tried to move the knot up from the lower side clockwise as opposed to counter-clockwise. These knots come up so nice and firm.
First I thought it was a flower.....but Jane Eborall and a flower....that's not going to happen. It has to be some animal, a rooster perhaps."
Sorry to dissapoint you, Sunela but Jane Eborall's doooo do flowers sometimes so it could be tat!!!

Laura's back in with hers now. She says -

"I still haven't an idea what it is, but I think it is gorgeous!"

Nita is next and look what she's calling me!!!!! Now I know I call other people that name (particularly Mark Myers) but calling ME that name (giggle, giggle, giggle) -

"Maybe a Poodle, with it's little tail sticking up with 3 beads at the end of its tail. You stinker, you just love the mystery and fooling all of us. he he!"

Katie Verna (remember she's doing 3 TIAS's?) sent in today's installment with the following comment -

"Here's my latest WIP. Are we at the circus? See the two-wheeled, blingingly (!) overloaded carts. Good to see a glimpse of possible symmetry emerging, though.

Wendy has just sent her picture in after playing 'catch up' to get to day 4. She says -
Day 5 reminds me of a Christmas tree."

Lunch time for me and bedtime for Omar in Australia! Here's her addition -
"I had a bit of a struggle with adding the beads …only because its night time and my concentration level is low….I’m leaning towards a bikie critter. He’s starting to look like he’s/she’s riding one of those low slung motor bikes."

Kristina from Sweden is also very fast at getting day 5 done.

About an hour ago I uploaded day 5 instructions - I think Marjan was waiting by her computer!!
Here's her latest -
"GiGi is completely happy, she loves her tail and she is absolutely delighted with her legs.... but she begs you not to make too many legs... she always has problems finding the right shoes, you see.
Lots of greetings from the, happely disturbed, housmate of GiGi."

More Day 4's

Bev sent in her progress with the following remarks -
"Well after the minor 'disaster' with the broken thread - no problem today; I just switched from safety pins to paper clips and retatted the part I had to cut out.
Here are my supplies and most of day 4 (until thread broke!)
I am now back to the 1st bead join - getting to the josephine knot. I am all 'thumbs' with the new method as I was in a hurry to 'catch up' - so I'll learn that later on and just do it the way that is easiest for me right now! LOL
Here is my progress. #1 My supplies #2 Up through Day 4 before the thread broke! I'm still smiling and tatting! Never give up!

Next is
Diane from Michigan who said -
" I finally finished my day 4. I had quite a time with the JK but was determined to figure out how you did it. I was very pleased with the result. I've often avoided JK because I don't like the way the threads twist up, but with your method they do give a very nice texture and not so much twisting."

Marian sent in her day 4 and said -
I haven’t any clue what this must be wording, I am very curious."

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Day 4 - continued further!!!

Barbara from Germany has been having problems. I'll let her tell you -
" I wanted to do this TIAS from the beginning, but my internet was down and I had to wait for a person to fix it. I looked to your site every day in the office and printed the pages to tat later at home. But now I am here too and send my first picture - DAY 4. After day 2 I thought it would be a flower with beaded petals, but now I changed and believe it will be a butterfly. The new Josefine-Ring was difficult to do but I like to learn new technics. "

Now this is a very clever idea for all th
e people who have been struggling with safety pins. Carol Lawecki sent in this message and her picture -
"I see a lot of talk on the lists about coiless safety pins to hold the beads in place. I use something different, as you can see in my photo. I use earring findings. I find these so much easier to use than paper clips or safety pins for that matter, you don't have the point or coil to deal with. I show one of the earrings opened up, so people not familiar with this type of earring can see how it works."

Marco has sent in all her progress pictures at once!! Thanks, Marco - they are always welcome.

Winnie has sent her Day 4 in and she says -
"Day 4, with the new Josephine knot! Is it going to be a butterfly?"

Monday 26 May 2008

Day 4 - continued

We are going through a severe weather warning in my part of the UK with gale force winds and driving rain. This has given me a good excuse to try and catch up with the blog again!
Next is Nancy's offering and this is what she says -
"I have attached a picture of the TIAS that I have done so far. I am terrible at scanning or taking pictures of things I do but anyway here is my TIAS."

I have just found Ellen's blog which shows her progress. But, Ellen, I'm not telling you whether it's an animal or not!!! I'm leaving you to keep guessing!!!

The last of this morning's batch comes from Kristina in Sweden who says -

"I've been following TIAS 3 from the start, but this is my first WIP-picture. I tried to google and measure to find out what size my beads should be, but I think they turned out too large after all. I will continue with them nonetheless, and if (or rather when) they're definitely too large to go on with the pattern I'll start again with smaller beads. Longing for the next part already. :)"
Those beads look fine to me, Kristina.

Here are Carla's day 3 and day 4. She writes from The Netherlands and says -
" Her are my foto's from the "thing". It is very nice to do and I like to learn the (new) techniques. Mail you next time for day 5 ." I look forward to hearing from you again, Carla and thank you.

Lovely to hear from Wally too who is (I think!) still living in Egypt. Here's what she said - "I have been out of the cyber world for a little but I'm enjoying the new TIA."

Omar, poor soul had a senior moment and forgot to attach hers first time (oh so good to find a soulmate over in Oz). A few minutes later her picture came through with the following comment. "At the moment mine has the look of a critter on skis complete with ski pole."

Next is from Laura who says - "I guess I should have sent this to you instead of just putting it on my blog. Sorry!"
No worries AT ALL, Laura. I'm kept well busy anyway with WIP's coming in but it's lovely to see yours.

Now Ginny is hoping that this TIAS will be - let her tell you "Could it be a curtian for my window?"