Wednesday 2 December 2020

Tat It And See 2021

I thought it might be a good idea to post the introduction to the TIAS here and also as a link on the sidebar - just to get you used to where to find the links!!!  The picture is the result of the first ever TIAS which happened in 2008 (I think!).


Welcome to this year's TIAS 2021 game.  I’m back with another game for 2021.

To those of you who have played before – welcome back.  To those of you who are new to this game – it's good to see you, welcome to the fun.

The game is a brand new pattern that I have split up into small bite sized pieces and give out every few days.  This allows you to complete each part wherever you are in the world and whether you're working, retired or coping with young children!!  There will only be a few elements of the pattern to work each time and you can always leave it to do whenever you like.  Oh, the fun part is that you don't know what you're making!!!  Nearly forgot to tell you that.  That’s why it’s called ‘The Tat It And See’ (TIAS).  As usual there is no sign up required to take part and I don't keep a record of how many people take part except by numbering the final pictures on the last part.  This year I’ve added a few suggestions for techniques which may be useful.  These are just suggestions, though, and not compulsory.

To make this game more interesting I ask you to send in comments, pictures of work in progress and anything else you can think of during the game.  Guesses are always welcome too.  This is not 'compulsory' but really adds to the enjoyment for everyone!  I will add pictures and comments to the Tat It And See blog which is here.  Any private comments will be kept out of the blog but please let me know if there is something you don't want published!!!  Anonymity is respected if that is what you wish.  In that case then please just send me your 'made up' name with each picture and comment.  You are also welcome to send in links to blogs if you wish people to visit your TIAS there but you'll have to let me know when you've posted so I can add the link to the TIAS blog!  

If you post to Facebook then please bear in mind that I probably won’t pick up on your post so please send to me as well.  Not everybody is on Facebook or visits it very often.  My email address is  

I use Google translate for any pieces in other languages (welcome back to the Hungarian and Polish tatters from the last TIAS) so please bear with me if they don’t ‘quite’ make sense!!! 

Anybody who can manage the basic ring, chain and split rings should be able to complete this pattern which will be written in my usual style of text and diagrams - see examples on my website here.

I will be available to give help at all times – except during sleeping hours.

For this year's TIAS you will need two balls of size 20 thread (a darker one and a lighter one), 2 shuttles and 3 of size 10 or 11 seed beads.  To check the size of your beads you can add them to a thread and measure them.  When you have 11 beads to an inch of thread then you have a size 11 bead - similar with size 10! 

To start day 1 you will need two shuttles.  Shuttle 1 will have 5 yards of thread and shuttle 2 will have 3½ yards.

There will be three parts to this TIAS and quantities for the other parts will be given later.

Happy TIAS to all!!  

Let the fun begin – starting date will be Tuesday 12th January 2021.