Tuesday 28 August 2018

Monday August 27th

I'm very, very pleased to give you this link to Axa's blog post about her finished mermaid. This will be number 117 as you can see. This is the translation to her post.

117. "This year, I started a little late this challenge, but he is not left out. :) sample vessel made of lace technique Jane Eborall plans every year and makes up the steps of the sample blog just next instalment. Thanks for that, again this year. 

While together with us busy completed in several parts of the world, trying to figure out just what it is. Mostly he used to be a nice figure, and in most cases we can be sure it is the last step with what we started to prepare. 

Everyone can send the current portion of Jane, who places it on the blog so you can track where you are from, what they think, what will be the sample, and most of what people can just play with us."