Wednesday 26 March 2008

Completed hippos! Part 10

Well it's now the 30th April and hippos are still strolling into the bloat!

Here are three more from Karen Lowrimore. This is what she had to say. Thanks, Karen.

You just thought the hippos were put to rest! :)
When my sister saw the first one I tatted, she wanted three in purple, one for herself and for her two co-workers. I have attached a picture of the finished project.
I borrowed the tutu idea from one of the pictures on your TIAS blog. I made this one for Susan to remind her to dance. The hippo with the necklace is for my sister because she always has to dress up to do anything. The last one is for Elizabeth, who I do not really know yet.
I stitched the hippos onto scrapbooking paper and framed them.
Wanted you to know that your hipps are still on the move!

This one is from Carla Oosterbroek in The Netherlands and she says this -

"Riet Surtel told me that you still want to recieve hippo's. Well here is mine. It was very nice to do and by Riet's translation it was not to difficult. I also made the tulips and now i will try to share a tat. Till the next time.