Saturday 30 April 2022

Saturday 30th April

I'm delighted to announce the arrival of Dawn's dragon with her comment which is

92.        "I had so much fun making Doris. I decided that Fall would be the perfect time for dragons to hide among the Autumn foliage."

93.    Another Doris from Rose Anne arrived in February 2023.  Thanks, Rose Anne!!!

Thursday 21 April 2022

April 21st

Almost the end of another week and it seems to me that I’ll need to start thinking of another TIAS idea pretty darn soon as this is Kathy’s and it’s number 90. This is what she says

90. ”I enjoyed this one enough to do it twice! Granddaughter Adelle chose the other. Thanks for the fun!

You’re very welcome, Kathy.

Saturday 16 April 2022

April 16th

What a lovely surprise this sunny Spring day. Another dragon has arrived. 

This is from Maria who says.


“Jane, send you muy big eye Dragon.
Hope you hace a wonderful Easter Day.
Regards from Guatemala.”

Thank you so much, Maria.  Hope you’re having a good weekend.

Wednesday 13 April 2022

April 13th

Well it may have taken time for Madhur's TIAS to arrive but WHAT an adventure her gang of dragons has had!!! This is her comment

88. So here are my TIAS 2022, finally done.
Now I have something interesting to share.
You will know there was so much delay in completing day 12 and 13 by me.
You see I was on a fortnight travel trip with family in the second week of Feb, staying at various hotels at different destinations during that period. Usually I carry my tatting pouch on travel trips, just in case I get time in between sightseeing etc. On 4th day I realized that the tatting pouch wasn't in my luggage. I was devastated. The "dragons " were on wings!!!! But just wasn't too sure if I had brought it this time or not.
Just because didn't want to spoil my vacation, I put the thought of losing the pouch at the back of my mind, believing that this time I might have left it back home.
It was upon return when I couldn't find the pouch at home either, that resulted in a series of frantic phone calls to all the various 8-10 hotels where we had parked ourselves.
And you can't believe my happiness when the hotel staff of one of the hotels ( where we had stayed on day 2) informed me that they had found the pouch and had deposited the same with the " list and found" desk.
They were courteous enough to have it sent. It took about another fortnight for the courier to reach me making its way from the snow clad remote village to the cities and finally to my address.
I thus completed the project and here they are safe, back at home.
I thoroughly enjoyed tatting these Jane.
Hugs from India.

Thanks, Madhur and I'm so happy they arrived home safely after their 'Tour de India'.

Friday 11 March 2022

Friday 11th March

What a lovely surprise to get another dragon and not long before heading for bed too. This is from Betty via Mary Ann who has sent it on.  This is what she says

85.    “Hi Jane. It's Mary Ann from Michigan, tatting in Yuma for the winter. I received this picture from Betty, in Missouri. She finished the TIAS and I wanted you to see her work and add her into your total submissions for this year. We all really enjoyed the exercise! Betty said she learned lock chains and brushed up on SCMR. It's finally warming up here in Yuma. 😎 Mary Ann”

Glad it’s warming up for you - wish it would over here!!!  Thanks for sending Betty’s dragon in.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Wednesday 9th March

A lovely sunny day both outside and now inside with the arrival of Teresa's dragon.
She says

84. "Jane,
Pinkie finally decided to vine out of hiding … well she was in the bottom of a Tamie bag … to get her crowning glory.
Your TIAS’s are always so much fun to do! At any rate, she’ll join Gumball in my tatted menagerie."

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Tuesday 8th March

The sun is shining - a rare event lately and another dragon has arrived.

This one is from Maureen who says

82. "Doris finally made it! No excuses really, she lives firmly by the precept to never explain anything, even her tardiness.
I thought that I wouldn’t love another TIAS as much as I loved our Fox last year, but then Doris came along and she’s gorgeous! She kept me guessing until the second last day, I thought she was going to be a dachshund.
Thank you so much for all the work you do to bring pleasure to so many of us at the start of every year-
Maureen Lawrence
Brisbane. Australia
Lizbeth 20 #688"

83. Another arrival today which I'm really pleased about. This is from Karen who says

Thank you for your patience. Doris (the dragon formerly known as Durante) is ready for her debut!
I snapped her photo as she glided down for a landing on my tatting chair.
I have SO ENJOYED tatting this dragon! Merci Mille Fois for sharing the brilliance of your pattern with us."

Thank you, Karen - a lovely soft landing for her on your chair!!!!

Friday 4 March 2022

Friday 4th

A pleasant surprise this afternoon when Mary's dragon arrived. This is what she has to say

80. "Hello Jane
Thank you for another TIAS. Got in a muddle with the lock chains, so my attempt is a little different!
Best wishes from Bucks UK

The lock chains look fine to me, Mary. Nothing wrong with them at all."

81.    Next to arrive is Donna who says this

Really ENJOYED tatting this friendly dragon! Thank you for sharing your humor and tatting talents with the world! 
DO Take Care and Stay Safe!
Donna T.
from South Carolina, USA”

Humour, Donna? I’m a very serious person really!!! HA, HA, HA!!!!!

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Wednesday 2nd March

Another grey day here in England!!

First in today is Priyanka

78. "Dear Jane,
Thank you for the TIAS. It was a pleasant learning experience. I have learnt the lock chains.

I'm glad you managed the lock chains SO successfully, Priyanka.

79. Next in this morning is from Carina. Anita kindly sent it in. I agree wholeheartedly, Anita. The colour is great.

"Hi Jane,
This dragon is tatted by Carina, a member of our tatting group in Stockholm. Isn’t the choice of colour just great?

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Tuesday March 1st

Back to grey days but a cheerful start on this blog.

74.    First in today is from Sue who says

"He's been camera shy but manage to get him in the scanner :-)I went wrong at the tail but managed to get round it...
He's smashing - thank you for all your hard work"

Thanks, Sue.  Glad he got brave enough to fly in from London!!!

75. Next in is from Sandy who says this

"Hello Jane,
Here's Doris from Bremerton, WA, USA. Thank you so much for continually sharing your talent. I loved tatting this adorable dragon I think this is going to the wrong email but I was unable to post or send from the other address.
Sandy Cofer"

No worries about the email address - they all forward into this one anyway!!!  Nothing escapes tatting emails!!!

Nona has sent in two of her friends dragons and the first one is from Mary who says

76. “ My dragon only has 3 wings. I ran out of thread. ”

Oh poor little dragon, Mary!!! She still seems to be flying well, though!!!

Next in from Nona is Aggie’s dragon and she says

77.    “Here's my dragon. I had to take out the first part of the wing all the way to the tail because I didn't read the instructions carefully and didn't do the lock chain. We live and learn. But it was fun. 

Many others didn’t read the instructions either, Aggie - you weren’t on your own!!!!

Monday 28 February 2022

Monday 28th February.

Back again after a ‘call out’ for finished dragons!!! 

This is from Helga who says

Dear Jane,

Sorry to react this late, but here she is…
My needle tatted Doris. I made a few mistakes, (reading is sometimes difficult…) but let’s say that’s my own creativity
As always participating with your TIAS was lots of fun.
Every day I shared the progress (with the link to the pattern parts) in the Dutch FB group. 
One of the group members was sure it would be a “Tierelier”. Never heard of it, so I asked her what a tierelier looks like, she answered “you’ve just made one, so that’s how a tierelier looks”.
Thanks for the tatting fun
Helga Havers
(CreaHelga Tatting, Knots & Lace)”

Oh, that’s SO funny.  A Tierelier!!!  I must remember that and put it safely in my brain for using another day.

73. Nona has just arrived with her dragon and she has this to say

Sorry that this is so late, Jane, but before I could work on Day 15, my sassy dragon took flight and disappeared somewhere in my house. I searched high and low and was about to give it up for lost. Found it a few days later and finally managed to complete it before it could fly away again. The thread is from a very old ball of Manuela in size 20.
Wisconsin, USA“

This is one of those ‘tatting related issues’ that we all suffer from, Nona.  Missing projects!!  Glad you found her, though.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Tuesday 22nd February

Back to another 'grey day' here but a dragon has come in to cheer me up. This is from Grażyna who says

71. "Witaj Janne
Przepraszam, że tak późno skończyłam tegoroczną zabawę ale dopiero mogłam to zrobić po powrocie z zimowego pobytu w polskich górach - Tatrach. Podoba mi się Smoczyca Doris. Ciekawym elementem był łuczek LCh którego dotychczas nie znałam. Dzięki uczestnictwu w Tias 2022 poszerzyłam swoje umiejętności wykonywania frywolitki.
Dziękuję Jane
Pozdrawiam wszystkie uczestniczki Tias 2022
Grażyna Paluch
Polska, Warszawa

Hello Janne
I am sorry that I finished this year's fun so late, but I was only able to do it after returning from my winter stay in the Polish mountains - the Tatra Mountains. I like the dragon Doris. An interesting element was the LCh bow which I did not know so far. Thanks to my participation in Tias 2022, I have broadened my tatting skills.
Thank you Jane
Greetings to all participants of Tias 2022
Grażyna Paluch
Poland Warsaw"

Monday 21 February 2022

Monday morning!!

Well here we are on another Monday morning and the third BIG storm of the week blowing outside. At least I can see sun at the moment!!!

First one in today is Martha who says

69. "Here we go again with the TIAS! When choosing a color, I thought you can't ever go wrong with white or ecru, but that's too boring. I picked up this almost used up ball of bright blue and I'll take my chances. Oops, just realized I did the last split ring wrong, darn."

Thanks for joining in, Martha.  I appreciate it as I know you lead a busy life.

70.    Maren has just arrived with her dragon and this is what she ahs to say.

Hi Jane,
Finally done with Doris! I lost a bit heart there as I thought I would run out of thread before I was done, but luckily it was just enough. Puh! And also not just a little satisfied that my dragon guess was correct this time ;)
Thanks a lot for this year's TIAS! Just like last year, I learned something new as I hadn't done the lock chain before. Looking forward to next year!
Maren from Stockholm”


Sunday 20 February 2022

Sunday and only one!!!!

Just one hour before bedtime and the only dragon to fly in today has just arrived!! This is from Joanne and this is what she has to say.

67. “ Joanne, from Santa Claus, Indiana, USA. Santa is flying my dragon across the pond. I had so much fun tatting the dragon and trying to guess what we were making. I enjoyed making the lock chains.
Thank you so much for all your hard work. I really appreciate it.”

Thank you for taking part, Joanne.

Now I should change the title to this post but it’s a bit late in the day - almost my bedtime!!! This Doris is from Eva who says

68. “Hi Jane,
Finally I finished this year TIAS and met Doris! I really love doing this because it's so different from what I usually tat.
Hope to see you next year and thanks for the journey this year!
Eva in Stockholm, Sweden”

Thank you for taking part, Eva.  I’m glad you enjoyed the journey!!!

Saturday 19 February 2022

Saturday 19th February

Storm has gone and now we're back to grey again but I'm hoping to walk to the supermarket and back before the rain arrives!!!

First in this morning is from Pamela who says

62.    "Libby’s Doris is finished. Thread is one of my hand dyed Coats Mercer 20. She says that she has learned such a lot and is itching to do the next TIAS!"

63.    Next to arrive is Olympia and her adorable cat. She says

finished, I have to pull the knots better but a nice design thanks
Aurora & Olimpia from Italy”

Thank you, Olympia and Aurora.  

64.    Marie-Claude is next into my inbox and this is what she says

Dear Jane,
What an adorable dragon you created Jane, I love it !! 
Here is DORIS finished after a while of waiting. So cute that for me she is a girl... She took the opportunity to take music lessons and no longer makes false notes now. She flew on the moon and is playing a beautiful serenade for you... 
I used Lizbeth 40 thread, color 100.
A lot of thanks to you for this TIAS. It was a great pleasure for me to participate for the second time, and I hope there will be a new TIAS next year!

Thank YOU for taking part, Marie-Claude.  I love your picture of a very happy Doris passing in front of the moon!!!

65.    Marthanne has just arrived and this is what she has to say

“ Good morning Jane. 
Doris was so fun to make. I will make another as she has a job to do. She is now on my design wall where she and two other dragons (different pattern) guard my quilt blocks. When I make the second one, they will each have only one side to guard. 
Thank you for the TIAS. 

I’m so pleased that your Doris is going to be put to work straightaway, Marthanne!!!!  Hope she behaves herself while ‘on duty’!!!!

66.    Next to arrive is Aleksandra who says

“ Dear Jane, So this is the end of the adventure with this year's TIAS. This year, it was a bit difficult for me to send the individual days of play on a regular basis. However, this does not change the fact that I had a great time. I am a bit sad that this is the end, but I hope that next year we will have fun again in such a large group. My dragon, Doris, is already in my husband's book. I cordially greet you and wish you a lot of health and lots of fantastic ideas for new designs. Aleksandra from Poland”

Oh, how lovely to see you, Aleksandra.  Not a problem that you didn’t send in progress photographs as it’s just great to see you with your final Doris.  I’m glad that your dragon already has a job in your husband’s book!!!

Friday 18 February 2022

Friday 18th February

There's a huge gale about to blow through our region of the UK so I'm going to be very careful I'm not blown away when I go out. This one's called Eunice and there's a red warning out.

Well first in this morning is from Pam who says

60.    "Sorry I am late checking in. I was in trouble with the Google police and had to delete pictures to make room for Doris the Pink Dragon. Again, thanks for doing this bit of fun.
Pam Freck"

Thanks for taking part, Pam and tell Jerry I'm expecting his Doris soon!!!!

61.    Teresa is next to drop into my inbox and she says

Meet Gumball, my second dragon. He’s done with Lizbeth 20, Color #118 aka Bubble Gum Mix. My first one, Pinkie, has decided to take a hiatus somewhere on my tatting tray just after Day 12. Pinkie decided to join at least five other WIPs in various stages on my tatting tray. I’ll find it other the weekend and finish it.
I love Bev’s idea of the flames; I may add some later but they will probably be in a medium yellow to balance the turquoise and both light and medium pinks in the colorway."

I have that problem with 'things that go missing' too, Teresa!!  Thanks for taking the time in your busy life to take part.

Thursday 17 February 2022

About halfway

Well that's to my target of around 100 which would make me do another next year!!!!

This morning the sun is shining and so is the first person in my inbox which is Phyllis who says

52. "My what big eye you have. The better to see and play with you. Love my little dragon. She is made of Lizbeth size 20. Will need to make her a playmate. Thanks for the TIAS. It was a great way to start the new year!
Phyllis from Georgia USA"

53. Dani is next to be in my inbox which has been very quiet overnight!!! She says

"hi Jane!
i was a little worried this was a bassinette after the last entry, but i am happy to welcome a delightful dragon to my menagerie!
i was using my DreamLit shuttles wound with Lizbeth 20 #113, Jewels. i never have a bead when i need one, so the eye was a Josephine ring thrown off of R13, which i did as an SCMR.
dani the geek, Finger Lakes, NY, USA"

Well that's a sneaky way of doing an 'eye without a bead', Dani!!!! I love your ingenuity!!!!

54. Agi is next to arrive in my inbox and she says

"Dear Jane
I'm finally ready. :) Thanks for the game, I learned a lot of new things. And the dragon. I used DMC Babilo Nr 20.

I love your thread, Agi.  I'm glad you enjoyed learning new things too.

55. Janet is next into the inbox and she says

"Dear Jane, my 3 thingyobobs finally completed. Quite pleased with the eye beads thats a first for me, after tatting for years and years. Must buy some more beads. The first time that I have tatted the lock chain, getting much better with them. I have really enjoyed your TIAS. Looking forward to the next one. Take care, Janet"

The lock chain does take a bit of practice but it's worth the effort.  I think I tend to get mine quite tight by pulling one half (can't remember which) more over to the left of my body.  I'll have to see which it is as it does make it more compact but I love the effect two contrasting colours give you when doing them.  Sometimes the chains look as if they've got tiny beads in them!!!!

56.    Adriana is next to arrive with her Doris. She says

“ Jane Eborall questa è la foto del mio draghetto terminato,Grazie per lo schema,anche oggi a Rovigo Italia abbiamo nebbia! 

Jane Eborall this is the photo of my finished dragon, Thanks for the diagram, even today in Rovigo Italy we have fog!“

Well I’m sorry to tell you but we’ve had a bit of sun here in England this morning!!!  Thank you for taking part in the TIAS, Adriana.  

57.    Next to arrive is Bogusia who says

“ To mój drugi TIAS.Pozdrawiam z Polski. Bogusia.

This is my second TIAS. Best regards from Poland. Bogusia.”

You have a lovely castle there, Bogusia.  It’s very interesting too as
I asked Google about it and this is what I found.  Thank you for joining the TIAS again.

58.    Sue is next to arrive with her Doris and she says

“Doris says Hi from southwest Michigan. 
She has been admiring her variegated sisters and is a little jealous of her fire breathing sister!”

Thanks for taking part, Sue.  Love your Doris.

59.    Andrea has now arrived and she has this to say

Hi Jane, 
I absolutely love these little dragons. They are adorable. Thank you so much for yet another brilliant challenge. It's been fun. Sincerely hope that this won't be the last. 
Andrea xx 
I used Lizbeth 20 thread. ”

Glad you enjoyed it, Andrea and it was good to see you back again in my inbox too.

Just HAD to share this story that Pamela has sent in. She says

“You already have Jackie’s one numbered. She has just made another one in one go now she has sll the info… not on your pattern pages yet! I asked her why she made another and she said her original had mysteriously disappeared and the new one was being sent to sniff her out….. and she did. SuperDoris!!! Little blighter was skulking under some papers at the side of the chair.”

Which just proves one thing - this dragon is magical!!!!  That’s MY story and I’m sticking to it!!!

Wednesday 16 February 2022

More dragons

After several days of rain the sun is shining - at last.

First in is a fire breathing Doris from Bev. I wonder what Bev's done to upset Doris!!!!

26. "Hi Jane
And hello to Doris! How cute she is. Thank you for all your hard work, and the opportunity for tatters to come together in this fun challenge.
My threads are Lizbeth 652 and 671, size 20.
Bev from South Australia"

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Bev and I love the flames coming out of Doris's mouth!!!

27. Next to arrive are the intrepid snow lovers from Alaska and this is what they have to say.

"Dear Jane,
Inspector Aonghas here. Well, my job is over now, so I can just go play in the snow. You led us on quite a journey with this year's TIAS! My guesses included: worm, snakes, dinosaurs, some unknown or mythical reptile, a bandicoot, seahorses, crocodiles, raptor, and then finally a dragon. Even though they didn't turn into Puffs, both Mom and I LOVE the Dorises! And we like the alliteration in the name too - delightful Doris Dragons!
We've been writing to you from Tok, Alaska, USA. It's a small Interior community in the eastern Interior of Alaska (about 90 miles away from our nearest neighbor - Yukon Territory, Canada). It gets VERY cold here, and this winter we're getting LOADS of snow. So TIAS gave us a nice way to exercise our brains. This is my second year working on TIAS, and I thoroughly enjoyed my duties as I helped Mom. She made one Doris Dragon with LizBeth #20 Leaf Green Medium (684) and another with LizBeth #20 Blue River Glades (164). Our little Dorises aren't perfect, but we like them anyway. Mom got some much needed practice with locked chains (after she started paying attention to your well-written directions!) and also some practice with SCMRs (which she never remembers how to do without reviewing the techniques on your page). So, all-in-all, it was great fun and we liked all the people and kitties who joined in on the fun! We know we'll all miss TIAS a bit.
May I suggest that those who find themselves missing TIAS terribly - go back and try some of those other TIAS projects from other years....unless you've done each one? My mom is having great fun trying some of those she missed.
Wishing you happy tatting and a wonderful year ahead as you make designs and help some of us who aren't quite as clever as you are to better understand techniques. THANKS again!
Aonghas and his momma, Kay Lynn"

28.    Next is Bernice who also lives in the cold! She says

"Hi Jane,
Doris was a little late getting to you today as she wanted to make sure all her hair and wings were tidy and ready to go.
Thanks for that last chain as I was able to hide both ends into it like a thick eyebrow.
I just may replace the eye bead with a little ring so Doris can travel safely in a card.
Had a great time as always with the TIAS. Many Thanks
I used size 20 Lizbeth Thread Color 130 Island Breeze, Doris is 4 inches or 10.5 cm long.
Bernice tatting in Calgary Alberta Canada."

That's a good idea, Bernice.  A ring on the second side of the split ring maybe joining to a vsp on R13?  Good idea.

29.    Cheryl is next and she says

""Here's Doris the dragon. She's so cute. My mom's name was Doris. She would have rolled her eyes if she'd known a dragon had her name.

My humble apologies to your mom, Cheryl.  She was probably the opposite of a dragon but I chose the name for it's alliteration.  

30.    Annu along with her little pony is next to arrive and this is what she has to say

"Gm Jane... Day 15 completed ...enjoyed alot tatting this with very clear and well explained instructions thanks to you for that
I am Annu from India "

I'm glad you enjoyed the TIAS, Annu.  Love the little pony which came along with Doris.  I'm sure she's glad of the company!

31.    Next to arrive is Richard who has sent in two of his final Doris. He says

"I hope the weather has been kind to you! I have attached the final photos of my Minty Dragon. I utilized your clever hiding one final tail trick and I absolutely love it! I will be using it on every project! As I send this to you I see that you have posted 26 Final photos. I really enjoyed participating this year instead of watching from the sidelines as I have done previously. I look forward to next year's whatsit creation!
Happy Tatting

Oh, you've been a 'sneaky lurker' in the past, Richard?  SOOOO pleased you took the plunge and joined in this year.  Glad you found that final tail trick useful.  It wasn't 'my' idea but was shown to me.  I use it all the time now but it took a while to train my brain to use it!!!

32.    Irene is next with another very neatly tatted dragon. This is what she has to say

"Hi Jane
Here's my dragon, such a cutie! Thank you for the fun!
West coast of Canada"

33.    Well I was just leaving the room when Kathryn popped in so I've stayed to upload her Doris. She says

"Dear Jane,
Thank you so much for the dragon pattern, I will make them for my Harry Potter loving grandchildren. I made a small mistake on his back leg and found the lock chain difficult to get even. I learned 2 new techniques the SMR and the lock chain.
Best wishes.

That's really good learning two new techniques.  Opens up more pattern prospects for you to do in the future, Kathryn.

34.    Sue has just arrived with her name - well there's some deviation of opinion on that!!! She says

"Well Miss. It's official. I know you're as devious and bonkers as I am!
Phreddeigh is a phlying duck philled and phrilled phatty puss!!!
I used Lizbeth 151."

Yes you might've used that thread but I think you have lost the plot on naming Doris and giving her a complicated name!!!!  I'd hate to have to type that out more than once!!!  LOVE it.

35.    Monica is next to arrive and she says

"Ciao Jane,grazie grazie grazie x questo TIAS,mi sono molto divertita moltissimo,ho imparato a fare una nuova catena e il mio drago mi piace tantissimo!!!Ho usato Lizbeth n 20 col 134 che adoro.D’ora in poi ti seguirò sul tuo bloge proverò anche a fare i TIAS precedenti che sono tutti molto carini!!Un abbraccio da Roma (Italia),a presto!!!
Hi Jane, thanks thanks thanks for this TIAS, I had a lot of fun, I learned how to make a new chain and I love my dragon !!! I used Lizbeth n 20 with 134 which I love. on your blog and I will also try to do the previous TIAS which are all very nice !! A hug from Rome (Italy), see you soon !!! "

I'm so, so pleased you enjoyed the TIAS and that you learned a new skill too.  Congratulations.

36.    Mary Jane is next to arrive and she says this

“ Doris the dragon all finished. Thanks for great pattern. Looking forward for next years pattern.  I used color Springtime 115. Size 20 
Mary Jane. Indiana USA”

Thanks for taking part, Mary Jane.

37.    Stephanie is number thirty eight to arrive and she says this

“Hi Jane!
Doris is teaching her little sister, Sadie, to fly. So much fun. I’m sorry it has to end already; I’m already looking forward to next year, hoping you do another one.
Thanks so much for all the fun you’ve brought to the darker, chillier winter months. Ok, I forgot to say I’m from North Carolina, USA, and I used Lizbeth size 20 thread (don’t know color number, probably ‘Summer Fun’ or something similar), for Doris and a size 80 vintage ball with no label for Sadie.
Have a terrific week.
Big hug!

38.    Now Alicja little dragon is so, so pretty.  Here’s what she says

 Thank you Jane for this wonderful Dragon 😍 My Italian pupils and I enjoyed and learned a lot. 

I’m so glad you all enjoyed the game, Alicja.  Hopefully if enough people have taken part this year I’ll do another next year.  I love your picture too.  Very clever.

39.    Marco is next to arrive and she says

Hello,here is my dragon. Nog perfect but online it 
Thans for this years TIAS 
Untilk next time.
Greetings Marco ”

I hope to see you again, Marco and thanks for taking part.

40.    Next is Pamela from Ireland and she says

“Here they are my beautiful Doris’s. That you for all the wonderful entertainment. The blue one is Coats Mercer 20 and the varig one is also Coats Mercer 20 hand dyed by me called Bali Sunset.  They were a bit floppy so stiffened them with festiger”

I’ve never heard of festiger before.  Wonder if we can get it here in England?  Thanks for taking part and also for looking after the other Irish tatters too.

41.    A whole flight or weyr of dragons has arrived next from Lou who has this to say

“ Hi Jane, so much fun creating these beauties! Top to bottom wearing Lizbeth 687 peppermint green, 696 autumn orange medium, 184 rainbow splash. Thank you for doing this - I look forward to it each year. Lou Dawn Bunker Washington USA”

Thank YOU for joining in again, Lou.  Without people joining in it just wouldn’t happen!!!

42.    Brenda’s Doris looks very smart in her picture. This is what she has to say

“ Hi Jane, Doris had a bath and stretched out on her pillow for an acupuncture treatment to relax her DMC size 20 body.
Thank you for designing and hosting the TIAS. You are amazing and so generous with your talents. 
Greetings and thanks also to the many tatters who shared their daily progressions and guesses. 
That was fun.
Ajax, Ont. Canada”

Thank you for joining in, Brenda.  It’s a good way to keep an old git like me out of mischief for a few weeks!!!

43.    Now I have Hallie in my inbox and she has this to say

“My Day 14's got numbered as #12 completed dragons; here are the real, completed critters. Also, there's evidence that selective breeding (and practice on lock chains) results in superior offspring: Baby Doris is done in #40 thread.
My (wrong) guesses included earthworm, pair of glasses, Nessie, snail, swan, seahorse, duck, seahorse with mumps, tepee with a doorknob or seal with a bowling pin, Dachshund, mystery canine, Dachshund with a parachute, Poodle, dragonfly, and dinosaur. Yay for Doris the Dragon!
Thank you for a delightful game!! All the best to you and yours.
Hallie in Wisconsin, USA
Size 20 Lizbeth #122, Caribbean Blue
Size 20 Lizbeth #696, Med. Autumn Orange
Size 40 Lizbeth #100, Autumn Leaves”

I’m sorry about the mislabelling, Hallie.  I’ll go and look into that.  BC3 obviously wasn’t awake at that point!

44.    Pamela has sent in Jackie’s finished dragon and she says

Jackie’s Doris is Flora 20 no 45”

45.    Marla is the next to arrive and she has this to say
ALL DONE!!! Doris the Dragon is complete!
Thanks for all the fun & yes, this old dog CAN learn new tricks ! (Tho personally I don’t know if I’ll remember them! )

Well you’ll have to do what I have to do - each time you want/need those techniques you just ask Mr Google and he’ll tell you!!!!!  

46.    Valerie is next to arrive and she says

Dear Jane!
I have Doris the Dragon flying to you over the pond. I'm tempted to call it Daniel though (since it's a blue dragon)... Heehee
Thanks for putting this together once again, and it's been fun. Wish there was more TIAS in a year than it being an annual event. Will BC #3 consider it?
Have a good day!

I’ll have a word with him (BC3), Valerie but I’m not sure it would be as popular if I did several in a year and it would be almost the same amount of work.  

47.    Coretta has just arrived and this is what she has to say

Lil Doris has come together! 
I’m tatting in Florida, USA
In Lizbeth size 20 Seagreen dark 688
And am pleased I got lucky with thread color, though all the dragons I’ve seen come in are so fun in all the various colors. My favorite dragon colors are green and purple so I’m thinking a green one with purple ridge and wings could be fun. We’ll see. It’s chilly today so I enjoyed the excuse to sit under a blanket and tat. Now, I have to think about what to feed my crew for dinner.
Thanks again for a delightful TIAS! 

Well I guess you could feed them dragon soup, Coretta although the thread might make for tough bits in the soup!!!  Thanks for taking part in the TIAS.

48.    Susan is next to arrive with her colourful Doris. She says

Here she is! She is a sweet, colorful gal. I used Lizbeth color 184 size 20. Again, thanks for the enjoyable tatting experience. Susan from Yuma,AZ”

Thanks for taking part, Susan. I’m glad you like your dragon.  

49.    Mimi has just arrived in my inbox and she says

“ Hello Jane,
Here is a Doris to add to your count. She is made from some I-don’t-know-how-old HDT dyed by Karey Solomon. My phone didn’t do it justice (operator issue?)
And yes, this Doris shows that I don’t always read patterns as carefully as I should
Thanks for the entertainment this winter!

Well your Doris looks fine as she is and I’m so glad you enjoyed the journey.  Don’t you just LOVE Karey’s HDT?

50.    Wilma is number fifty to arrive and she says

“Bellissimo, è stata una bella esperienza che mi ha fatto imparare cose nuove. Grazie

Beautiful, it was a beautiful experience that made me learn new things. Thank you“

I’m so glad you enjoyed it all, Wilma and I’m pleased you learned something new too. 

51.    Char has just arrived with her little dragon and she says

Hi Jane, here is my Doris the Dragon. Thank you so much for doing this again. I so look forward to your TIAS each year. They brighten this time of year. I sure learn what techniques I need to work on. Char in North Idaho USA.”

I’m glad you enjoy the TIAS’s, Char.  I learn from them too - particularly about how better to present the patterns.