Sunday, 15 January 2023

Sunday morning

A slightly later start this morning - it's cold and I was snuggled up in bed!!!!

First in today is Carol who is back with her day 2 and she has this to say

"Hello Jane:
The fun continues ... early guess remains todays guess ....
Caterpillar (to butterfly).
I am using Lizbeth, Size 20, Color 651. I do hope the other participants provide their fiber choices.
Great so see the variety of guesses. See you again soon for day three.
Always, Carol
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

I think if you're using butterfly shuttles then you should be making butterflies!!!  BUT!!!!!!!

Anna is next this morning and here's her picture and comment

"Grazie mille x questo nuovo gioco. Mi piace molto a presto
Thank you so much for this new game. I really like see you soon"

See you soon, Anna. A presto Anna

Judy joins the fun next with her day 1 and this is what she says

"And so it begins.. Judy"

Yes so it does, Judy.  Welcome to the TIAS of 2023.

Now I have two for the price (email!!) of one!!! These are from Pamela and Jackie

"Hi Jane, the Irish contingent reporting in on Day 2. Pamela and Jackie."


I’m back again with more from this morning’s inbox. I took a break for breakfast!! 

Next to be uploaded is Maria’s day 2 and she says

“ Hi Jane… here is my day 2 submission…. As it sits now it looks like a worm to me…. But I know how tricky you are and there’s a long way to go yet… 
and I know it wouldn’t be that easy to guess at this stage in the game….

Debra has now sent in her day 2 and this is what she has to say

“ Good morning Jane,
Day 2 and I can tell I was way off in my guessing a duck! Since the picots on the first ring seem to be decorative perhaps they're ears or toes? Hmm, baffling indeed! Looking forward to day 3!
Happy Tatting!
P.s. on the Facebook page it says to post to the tias blog page. How do I do that? I didn't see a place to post?

There isn’t a Facebook page just for the TIAS as not everybody is on that platform but you’re welcome to post to any of the groups you may be in. The more the merrier!!!  Just carry on doing what you’re doing - sending to me and I’ll add to the TIAS blog!!!

Next to arrive is Rita who has decided what it’s going to be!!! She says

“Looks like a slug
We have a lot of those on Whidbey

Please don’t think of sharing your slugs, Rita!!  Well only tatted ones are welcome in my inbox!!!!

Jacee is next with her day 2. Thanks for taking time from your New Year’s preparations, Jacee.

“Hi Jane,

Here's my Day 2. Ain't gonna make any wild guess now

Mary is next and she’s wondering what the TIAS is going to be too! She says

I’m sure we all think it’s a worm and I’m also sure we are all wrong!

I’m pleased to see that Carolyn is enjoying the game. Here’s what she says

“This is fun!”

Irene is next in the inbox and I’ve nearly caught up with the overnight emails. She says

“Good morning Jane, happy Sunday!
Day 2 complete......I thinks it's going to be the world's longest caterpillar! 
West coast of Canada!”

I think Jane’s hoping that the TIAS will match her colour choice here. I wonder!!

“I'm hoping it's a mean, green machine Jane, but at this stage I have no idea!”

Finally I’ve caught up with Lyn’s day 2. She says

“Hi Jane,
Clare the caterpillar? But who knows? You do of course

Marie has just arrived in my inbox and she says

“ Hello Jane,
Here is my Day 2 and the centipede comment :
"Whoops!... I have to walk on my head now..."

Well that’s interesting Marie.  I didn’t realise we’d got a talking centipede!!!!

Next in is Alicja who did last year’s TIAS too.   She says

Hello from Italy once again 😊. This is my day 2
Big hug

Denise has a simple statement which pleases me - she says

“Love split rings”

Me too, Denise!!

Next to arrive is Rose Anne who has been sharing her time with another of her crafts. She says

“ Well after a full day of a virtual quilt retreat, I put my feet up and tatted Day 2. I'm using Lizbeth size 20 colour 167 variegated Jungle Greens, so subtle a colour change. Don't have even an inkling of what it could grow up to be! Backside of my shuttles today!
Rose Anne Burdeny ”

Now I have Sue (from ‘up there’) who says

“Afternoon Miss
Here is my jigamatwist, a jigamatwist is a down side up whatchamacallit! (Or maybe it’s front to back…. As a left handed TOG I can’t remember! Maybe it’s a remembrall!! Lol”

The next person to arrive is Jolimama from Hungary. She says

“ Kedves Jane! Elkészültem a 2. napi mintával. Nagy öröm, hogy meg tudtam csinálni, várom a következő mintát.
Szeretettel: Jolimama

Dear Jane! I'm done with the 2nd day pattern. It's a great pleasure that I was able to do it, I'm waiting for the next pattern.With love: Jolimama“

Talán holnap, Jolimama.

Karen sent in her day 2. Well, actually she sent it in but asked somebody else to present it! Here’s what she says

“Good Evening Jane! My Day 2 submission is being guest posted by Mr. Bill! He says, “He Ho, Everybody! I’m pretty sure you are tatting ME, not camels.” 

For those who like to know, my thread choices are Lizbeth 20 #674 Garnet Dark and #707 Sky Blue Dark.”

A warm welcome to Mr Bill. I hope he enjoys seeing himself on the TIAS blog.

Julie has just arrived with her days 1 and 2. Welcome aboard the TIAS, Julie. She says

“Sometimes it takes a 2x4 for me to get things right. My guess is i have no clue what this may become, but I am happy to go along for the ride this time. Here are days 1 and 2. You started this on my youngest son's birthday. Thanks for some fun.”

That’s a VERY good guess, Julie!!! I would be the same if I didn’t know what it was going to be!! I’m hopeless at guessing!!! Happy birthday to your littlest boy.

Now for my dog participant and his faithful servant - Kay Lynn. This is what they both have to say

“Dear Jane,
Aonghas thanks you for the hugs! He's very happy to be back working on the TIAS challenge, and thinks Day #2 reminds him of his snake toys, but he realizes that you can be very tricky with these TIAS challenges....and that it's bound to morph into something else.
Aonghas and his "servant", Kay Lynn”

Maria has just arrived with her day 2 and she says

“Hello Jane,
Here is the Thing inching along 🐛

Good name for this TIAS - or any TIAS. The Thing!!!

Margaret who lives a lot further north than Sue has now sent in her day 2 with this comment

“ Hi JaneThanks for setting us all another unfolding mystery this year. I think it might (or more likely might not!!!!?) eventually grow into a submarine with periscope.

Now that’s a great guess, Margaret.  I like that idea.  

I was just closing down and heading towards bed when Judith popped in with her day 2. Love her comment which is here

“Hi, Jane.
It’s starting to look like a stilt. I’m thinking that it may be an emu, or an ostrich.
But maybe I’m just pulling your leg!

Now which leg would you be pulling, Judith?  The left or the right?!?!?!?  

Now I’m closing down for the night but day 3 will be available at 08.00 GMT tomorrow.  See you all then!!

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