Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Continuing from yesterday

Day 9 will be out tomorrow.

First in today is Carol with her days five and six and who says

"Dear Jane:
Day 6 + Day 7 tatted patterns are attached. My guess is a tatted dog. In the day 6 photo, you will see a portion of Georges Seurat's "Bathers in Asnieres Performance Di Medici."
I am using Lizbeth, Size 20, Color 651.
I'm enjoying the tatting and learning new tatting techniques. Awesome playing this game with our global tatting friends.
Looking forward to tatting Day 8 + catching up with the other participants : )
Always, Carol in NW Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life IIhttps://lelia-stitchesoflife.blogspot.com/  -- "

Ruth is next to arrive and this is what she has to say

"Hello Jane,
Here is my Day 7 and 8. I have no idea! If the day 8 "arm" had faced the other way, I would suggest a hydra!
I enjoy seeing how other people style their photographs.
Ruth in Narrabri, NSW Australia "

Confused?  I'm delighted!!!!!

Rita is next in the inbox and her comment is this

"Still looks like a sea creature.

Hmmm, yes it does.  No further comment!!!

Coretta ran into problems with her thread. What rotten luck. She says

"I was going to finish 7 and 8 before bed, but my thread broke in 8 so that will be tomorrow. :("

What bad luck.  See you later today, perhaps.

Kerstin has arrived all the way from Germany.  Welcome, Kerstin you’re never too late to join the TIAS.  She says

“Dear Jane,
fortunately, I found the TIAS 2 days ago and hurried up to be up to date… Here is my picture. 
I had no idea so far, but during I was looking at the lots of previous pictures, I thought, hmmm, could it be an ape?
So now, I am sure, it will be an ape at the end 馃槉
It is exciting as every year, thanks a lot for the time you spend with us.
Greetings from Germany
Yours Kerstin”

Well it could be an ape, I suppose, Kerstin!!!

Pam is back with her day 8 and she has this to say

“Ostrich either running fast or kicking somebody behind him?”

Well done with the seta/setb problem, Pam.  You did it beautifully.

Maria has just arrived with her day 8 and this is what she says

“Dear Jane,
Here is the Thing, Super Tat, happily dancing…
I had some problems with the direction of the arm… I had to retrotat and tat again….
Maria “

Is that you happily dancing or the ‘thing’, Maria?  I think it’s both of you!!!!!!  

Melanie has been thinking hard about what we’re making and she’s just arrived with this comment

“Hi there!
I finished Day 8. I'm tatting this with Anchor thread size 20. It seems smaller than other size 20. Definitely softer. I'm not sure I like how it lays with the way I did the CWJ. Ah well....
As for what we're creating? I'm still trying to imagine what will connect to those picots from Day 3. Maybe when we get to those, we'll be tatting a cap for a swimmer in the big blue sea. 
Thanks for the game, I enjoy reading what everyone around the world sends in!

Now that’s a novel suggestion, Melanie.  I like that one.  

Monday, 30 January 2023

Another Monday

Well my inbox is full to the brim this morning so between my shower and breakfast I'm going to start work on it. May take some time!!

First in this morning is Teresa and she says

Greetings from sunny but COLD SW Montana. It's nearly 3:00 PM MST and while its very SUNNY, the temperature is a whooping -3F (our high for today, about -20C) however the windchill is showing us about -19F. Here are my renditions for Day 8 of the 2023 TIAS.
I was gnashing my teeth on the white one. I had nearly completed the first chain when I lost my thread chicken battle. I knew that the wrapping thread (which I was short) would handle the core portion so I retro-tatted the chain, did a shoelace tie, tatted the first chain, added a new thread (hiding both ends in the ring), another shoelace tie, and back down the chain to ring 12.
What I see reminds me of the fidget spinners that were popular several years ago but the "arms" are not the same as there is a leg in split rings and the arms with their CWJs. It's looking more and more humanoid but it could still be ANYTHING."

Now you mention it it does look like those fidget spinners.  Why did people want those when they could've learnt to make tatted lace?

Nona is next but she seems puzzled still

"Here’s mine for Day 8. No clue as to what it will be!

Cheryl is next with what I think is a pretty good guess. I'm not saying if it's right or not!!!
"Here are today's efforts. It looks like a little man running. This is great fun.

Jacee is next and she's come up with a pretty good guess too. She says

"Hi Jane,
My Day 8 submission is attached. I see tail feathers of a bird now... An ostrich perhaps?

Carol has sent in her day 6 with this picture. When she sent in her last picture I questioned whether it was her dog that the tatting was sitting on and she explained that it was a portion of Georges Seurat, Bathers in Asnieres Performance De Medici. How interesting and clever of Carol. Anyway, she says

"Day 6 pattern is attached. My guess is a tatted dog. In the photo, you will see a portion of Georges Seurat's "Bathers in Asnieres Performance Di Medici.
I am using Lizbeth, Size 20, Color 651.
I'm enjoying the tatting and learning new tatting techniques. The drop picot new-to-me. Awesome to see the guesses and fiber choices of the participants : ) Isn't it interesting viewing a global event!!!!
Looking forward to catching up with the other participants : )
Always, Carol in NW Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life IIhttps://lelia-stitchesoflife.blogspot.com/-

Breakfast eaten and back to the TIAS!!!  This time it’s Bev who’s popped in and she says

“Hi Jane
Ol茅! Whatever it is, he is dancing a fandango!
Bev ”

Well it certainly looks that way, Bev!!!

Susan has some good ideas although I’m not telling if any are right!!! She says

“Well, my treefrogs now are starting to look like a sloth, or perhaps a hydra. Hopefully all will be clearer when we get to day 9!”

Maren is next into my inbox and she says

“Good morning Jane!
Forgot to send you an update yesterday; Sunday, otherwise known as my catch-up day 馃槄
Here is my day 8. I no longer feel confident in my cat suggestion. Rather, l am now thinking that l just finished the back leg of some sort of primate 馃 Waiting for that tail!
Have a great day!

Heidi is giving this a lot of thought but she maybe close to guessing it - or is she?!?

“Hi Jane,
I still love the idea of an ostrich running, but those two picots between the legs confuse me, unless they're for the head of someone flailing their arms, or maybe it's a swimmer? Thanks for the fun.

Pam is the last in this batch - well until I go back to my inbox again!!! She says

“Here’s day 8. I did it on both. Wish I could iron them before the pic, but the idea of setting up the iron is too much with my sprained ankle. 
With different mistakes on each, I’m anxious to see what we’re making! Which mistakes will be blatant and which can be hidden? 馃ぃ”

I’m sure they’ll both be fine, Pam.  

No, Pam isn’t quite the last - Marie is!!! She has just caught me before I wander off to do some washing up! She says

“Dear Jane,
Here is my Day 8. What kind of weird alien are you cooking up for us this year ??!! I still can't find any idea to guess or draw something...
Maybe with Day 9...

You won’t find out for a little while, Marie!!!

Back home after a busy afternoon and the first person in the inbox is Antonia who says

Hello Jane
Here is Day 8 submission. 
Hurray, I did all CWJs naturally without looking up instructions.  I did so much last time and practice makes perfect.
I can see it is no longer a lion or griffon. I think it is a lyrebird.

That’s interesting, Antonia - a lyrebird.  You’ll have to wait and see!!!

Mary Jane is back now with her next stage of the TIAS and she has this to say

“Good morning Jane Oh dear my horse has a pigtail maybe I better think again. 
Really hard to guess this time. Good job Jane
Mary Jane. Southern Indiana usa”

Well I’m delighted you’re still puzzled Mary Jane!!!!  I know, I’m mean!!!

Now I’ve got Alicja’s day 8 and she says

“Hi Jane, it’s a very enjoyable and educational activity 馃ぉ I did Lj here, but … I’ve just learnt how to do CWj 馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ Hurray 馃挭馃挭馃挭 Greetings from Alicja (Italy)”

I’m glad you’ve learnt the CWJ, Alicja - perhaps you can arrange for it to stay in my brain so that the next time I meet it I’ll remember!!!!

Monica is next and she has this to say

“Ciao cara Jane eccomi con il giorno 8,grazie ad un video che mi ha suggerito Alicja sono riuscita a fare il CWj 馃帀馃帀馃帀ma ora ho un dilemma…che faccio lascio un “braccio” con i merletti e uno no?馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃馃
un abbraccio Monica
Hello dear Jane here I am with day 8, thanks to a video that Alicja suggested I managed to do the CWj 馃帀馃帀馃帀 but now I have a dilemma ... what do I do, do I leave an "arm" with lace and one not?馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ 馃馃 a hug Monica

Ah, ah, ah - dovrai aspettare e vedere, cara Monica. Questo 猫 tutto quello che puoi fare!!!!
Ha, ha, ha - you will have to wait and see, dear Monica. That's all you can do!!!!

Next to arrive is Kaylyn who says 

Ok, looks like a waving person! If it was holding its head in one hand, would make a good Halloween decoration, lol!

That’s a good idea, Kaylyn!!! I wonder if you’re right?!?!?

Jackie is next with her day 8 and she says

“Hello Jane
Here is my day 8. 
He was a naughty little monkey? to tat because after l had done it, l realised that l had made an error on ring 12. It was a devil? to undo all the cwjs, but it's done right now, hopefully. That will teach me to concentrate and not get distracted. It really made my progress slow(th)?
Maybe he will behave better when he's got a head on his shoulders? Or maybe not.
Jackie (from Plymouth)”

Oh dear, Jackie, that’s a shame.  I know the feeling about undoing the CWJ’s - they’re no fun to do or undo!!!!

Jolimama is next to arrive and she has this to say

“Kedves Jane! K眉ld枚m a 8. napi munk谩t.
脷gy gondolom, hogy ak谩r egy t谩ncol贸 boh贸c is lehet :-)
Szeretettel: Jolimama

Dear Jane! I am sending the 8th day's work. I think it might even be a dancing clown :-) With love: Jolimama“

H谩t igen, l谩tom, hogy lehet egy t谩ncol贸 boh贸c, Jolimama. HA ez egy t谩ncol贸 boh贸c akkor lehet egy k贸cos Jane Eborall!!!!!

Well yes, I can see that it could be a dancing clown, Jolimama. IF it's a dancing clown then it could be a tatted Jane Eborall!!!!!

Now I have Aonghas and his faithful servant, Kay Lynn who says

“Dear Jane,
Well, one thing that Day #8 revealed is that our former guesses about tails are NOT correct..... It appears that whatever this critter or person is - it's flexible and happy (like me!). My mom said that Catherine Wheel Joins are NOT her friends. She plans to practice them though until she at least is competent with them......She does like learning new techniques in tatting. 
Thanks for taking us on a fun journey with other tatters all over the globe! We love seeing the postings.
Happy Aonghas and his "servant", Kay Lynn”

Aonghas looks very happy in this picture, Kay Lynn.

Wendy has just popped in with her day 8 and even her husband has been asked what he thinks it is. She says

“Hello Jane,
Here’s Day eight. I’ve gone off the idea of a peacock. Now I think it is an octopus. Dave thinks it’s a star fish.
At least it’s getting lighter in the mornings and not so cold.

Signs of Spring, I hope Wendy.

Arlene has arrived now and she says

“Hi Jane, 
I don't think we're tatting an acrobat or yoga instructor, although I toyed briefly with trapeze artist. Today my guess is ostrich (or emu, cassowary seems unlikely). 
Arlene M
Durham NC”

Hmmmm interesting guesses, Arlene.  A lot of people are thinking ostrich or emu.  I wonder!!!!  

Julie is next to arrive and she says 

I still say it looks like a person.”


Janet has arrived with her day 8 too and she says

“Hi Jane, here is my Day 8 Thingy! Not quite sure what to make of tias. 
Happy Tatting and keep us guessing. ”

I’m trying to keep you guessing as long as I can, Janet!!!!

Marla has finally worked something out - that I’ve lost my mind and am bonkers!!! You get the top prize, Marla!!!!!

“Jane Jane Jane…. 
You were right… it’s not a lion’s ass & tail…. 
In fact, I’m beginning to think you’ve lost your mind and completely gone bonkers! 馃槼
For now I’m going back to my ameba theory… 
Or unknown life form…. 馃う馃徏‍♀️

I hope you don’t catch it off me, Marla!!!!

Andrea has just arrived with the following comment

“Hi Jane,
Sorry that I've been quite, but had a very busy week! I have been trying to send this email from my Ipad for the last few days, but hadn't realised there was a problem with my gmail settings! Anyway, here is my day 7 guess ... I turned the lace upside down, but maybe you are trying to fool us!
Love Andrea”

Maybe I am, Andrea - but maybe I’m not trying to fool everybody!!!  Just LOVE your drawing, Andrea. Shame about your busy week. Let’s hope this week isn’t the same!

Wilma is the last person to arrive today as I’m now off to bed!!! She says

“Il mio giorno 8 in ritardo..... Ho pensato al personaggio maschera di Arlecchino. Ciaooo
My day 8 late..... I thought of the Harlequin mask character. Hellooo“

Grazie Vilma. Dovrai aspettare ancora un po' per scoprirlo, per貌!
Thank you, Wilma.  You will have to wait a bit longer to find out, though!  

I’m heading for bed.  Day 9 will be on Wednesday.

Sunday, 29 January 2023

Day 8

Hope to see you in my inbox later!!!!

Another day another (hopefully) 'lot' of TIAS progress.

First in today is from Pam (I think as it's a different email address) and she says

"Hi Jane.
I've had a slow start, but I'm caught up now. Can't wait to see what we're making!Too bad I forgot to sign it and let you know it was coming from Yuma, AZ, USA "

Carol is next and she's been a bit behind - not that that matters at all. She says

"Dear Jane: Day Five pattern/photo is attached. My current guess is a dog.
I'm using Lizbeth, Size 20, Color 651.
I'm enjoying the game. Hope to catch up with everyone : )
Awesome to see the guesses and fiber choices of the participants : )
Thx Again.
Always, Carol in NW Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life IIhttps://lelia-stitchesoflife.blogspot.com/-"

Good to know you haven't disappeared entirely, Carol!!!!  Love the dog is he yours?

Martha is next to arrive and this is what she has to say

"Here's my next bit, and I'm amazed that I wasn't behind. I'm glad to see we will be switching back to Shuttle 1. It amuses me to use these antique shuttles, but if I'm not careful one of them will unwind since the tips don't quite meet."

Now first in with day 8 is Jenni!!!! Here is her comment and picture

"Hi Jane.
Here is my day 8.
Not a frog!
Did my own version of a knot instead of the catherine wheel join. Case of it'll do as I am at work and not much time tonight.
Maybe old man emu??
Looks like he is on the run!

That's a good guess, Jenni.  I'm not saying if you're right or not!!!!

Jenni NEARLY got beaten by Maureen but was seconds earlier!!! Maureen is still sticking with carrots!! She says

"Branching out tonight- another carrot? or maybe whoever guessed that it’s going to be a skeleton was right."

Hmmm, I'm thinking it looks a bit like a skeleton too, Maureen!  We'll see!

Richard is next to arrive and he sends in his day 8 saying

“Good Morning Jane!
Here is my whatsit. It still could be a house if course...

A house?  Hmmmm, it could easily be that!

Jane follows on straightaway with her day 8 and her guess

Hi Jane, my day 8, done quickly quickly while the generator is on. Of course, I can tat without electricity, but I can't download the pattern or send an email. Looks like another waving hand!
We're going away for a few days, so I might miss a few tias days, but I'll catch up when we get back. ”

Enjoy your break, Jane.  I understand about the generator and all your power cuts.  Such a shame.  

Next in is Anita who is guessing it’s some sort of humanoid or animal or something at least with arms and legs. 

“ Hi Jane,
Now the second arm is here, so day 9 will be a second leg?
But what about the head?? Hmmm… T&C and start over?.

Ans has now arrived with her TIAS and day 7. She says

“Hallo Jane,
Thank you for you're lovely blog! For the first time I work with shuttles and for me it works better than with a needle. I worked with two different threads, a thick and a thin one.
Greetings from Holland,

I’m so pleased to meet you, Ans and I’m glad you’ve joined us.  I’ve never been able to use a needle as I learned to tat before it was ‘invented’.  It hurt my hands to use one too.  Your shuttle piece looks fabulous.  Well done.

Maria has just arrived with her day 8 and a guess too. 

“hello Jane, 
I think it's a goat???
greatings, and thank you for the Tias!!!

Well I think it could be a goat, Maria. I’m not saying, though!!!

Katie has just arrived in the inbox and she says

“Hey, Jane, headless, one-legged yellow guy waves you a hale and hearty howdy! His buddies are impatient for their new arms. I tell them not to worry; their turns are coming.
Meantime, I think I have a handle on the CW join when I see it as wrapping the stitch when doing split chains; here we're wrapping through picot and around the core thread. The mischief maker is the other shuttle; I'm capable of picking up the wrong shuttle at some part of the maneuver. Life would be so dull without a mischief maker nearby!
Happy tatty Sunday to you and fellow tatters!
Katie V in NC”

So that’s what you think, Katie?  Arms and legs?  I wonder!!!  I find the CWJ a pain to do but it’s worth it in the end.  I think!!

Marco is next and she has this to say

“Hello,here is day 8.
I think a ostrich??? Or a turkey
Greetings Marco”

Others have mentioned those animals too, Marco.  I wonder if it is?!?

Lindy is next into the inbox with her day 8 and she says

“Hello Jane,
Still thinking it could be a sloth. But it is certainly something waving to us on a Sunday afternoon.
Kind regards,

A sloth?  Hmmmm.

Now from the north of England comes Sue who says

“This palm tree jigamatwist is being buffeted by winds or being friendly and waving! It’s still winter here so I’ll say it’s windy!!
From the crazy Yorkshire TOG!!”

Hmmm, a vivid imagination?  OR it could be.  

Rebecca is next and she says

“Good Morning Jane,
Attached is my version of Day 8. Looking at it now I'm second guessing my original guess of a jester's hat. Now I have no clue. 馃槈
Michigan USA ”

Oh dear - no clue?  That’s worrying!!

Lynn is next with her day 8 and she has this to say

“A monster? A palm tree? I still have no idea. I am getting some needed CWJ practice.”

It could be either, Lynn but I’m not saying!!!!

Sharren has sent in her day 8 and she said

“Cloudy day today in Greenwood. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, with the rain hanging around the rest of the week. Ah, well, it's good for the trees and for filling up the water table so we don't have drought this summer.
No guesses on Day 8 - you've got me stumped! I'll need more clues, so I'll be patient and wait for Day 9!
Tatting in Greenwood, SC, USA”

Well we’ve actually seen the sun today - for the first time in weeks.  No idea what the TIAS will be?  I know what it is!!

Kathryn is having a few problems with her thread. I’ll let her tell you about it

“Dear Jane,
I had to start again as I ran out of thread. The new attempt is not completely satisfactory as the ball of thread is running low and inclined to split. It looks a little like the Isle of Man three legged emblem.

Yes it does look like that, Kathryn.  It could easily be that!!!!  

Stephanie is next with her day 8 and a guess or two too. She says

“Still think maybe a lobster or some sort of tentacle-y sea creature….or some sort of sea creature with waving fronds….or maybe a weird sort of starfish….
Then again it could be the mythical creature – was it called Medusa? – who had hair made of snakes. (yecchh!) 
Great fun, whatever it is.

Back again after a few chores and I have somebody who’s email address I don’t recognise and there’s no name either. But she made me laugh with her comment

“ Ciao Jane, 
ecco il mio giorno 8!
Sono contenta perch猫 non ho ancora buttato tutto e sono ancora in gioco!! 馃槄馃槅馃槅馃槅
Hi Jane, here is my day 8! I'm happy because I haven't thrown everything away yet and I'm still in the game!! 馃槄馃槅馃槅馃槅”

Spero che tu non butti via tutto prima che sia finito!!! Sarebbe un peccato.

I hope you don’t throw it all away before it’s finished!!!  That would be a shame.

Annna is next to arrive and she says

“Il mio giorno 8. Stringo troppo gli archi. Spero di migliorare. Grazie Jane e buona serata. A presto

My day 8. I tighten my strings too much. I hope to improve. Thank you Jane and good evening. Soon

Penso che riuscirai a bloccarlo per fermare la grande curva, Anna.

I think you will be able to block it to stop the big curve, Annna. 

Wanda has just sent in her days 7 and 8. She has this to say

“Hello, Jane. After several very busy days I'm back on the TIAS. Here are my days 7 & 8. I have no idea what it is, I can't even tell yet which way is up! Now I'm going to go read what others are saying. Maybe I'll have a better idea then. Wanda”

Good to see you back.  Take time to relax now, Wanda.  

Judy has popped in with her next day and she says

“That character from Ice Age or Wall-E”

Which one, Judy?

Next to arrive is Sue who has a good guess here. She says

“Hi Jane! 
Sue, another Michigan, USA tatter here. As I was tatting day 8, the song "One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater" popped into my brain. I have no idea why, but it is a guess!”

A pretty good guess too - if it is that guy!!!!

Mary Ann has just arrived now and she says

“Me again, the forgetful one from Yuma! I'm starting to enjoy the CW join. Still don't have a guess, but enjoying the mystery. Mary Ann”

That’s good that you’re enjoying it, Mary Ann.  I hope I get to that state in the future too!!!  

Back again with her day 8 is Hallie who is back to a previous guess!!! She says

“Hello, Jane,After 8 tries (and a few bad words), I have 3 good and one oh-the-heck-with-it CWJs. Thank you for the challenge, and for your instructional tip sheets!
I'm back to saying this is a hydra, and it's just eaten a water flea. Or else it's a guy waving his arms around, and those two small picots at the top will be his head. Eagerly awaiting Day 9!”

I hope your hydra doesn’t suffer with tummy ache after eating a water flea!!!!  

I had a good chuckle at Margaret’s latest guess. My brain has visualised lots of things but never this!!! Margaret says

“Hi Jane, After day 8, I am willing to suggest another (I assume incorrect!) possibility for this Tat It and See. I think it might - ??????? - eventually become a one legged chicken (though I am not entirely convinced about his/her tail!)

I think that’s probably the most interesting (if not unlikeliest) suggestion of this year’s TIAS!!!

Julie has now arrived with her ostrich. She says

“Here's day 8. My ostrich is doing a wacky dance, headless and one legged. Sorry to hear you are having a frustrating day. I will pray your situation improves quickly. I hope my wacky ostrich makes you smile 馃槂. 

It certainly made me smile and more. Thanks, Julie. The day is nearly over so I know that tomorrow will probably be better!! Who knows!!!

The next person in the inbox is Judy and she’s sticking to her previous guess!! This is what she says

“Sticking with Wall-E. And yes taken in my red truck flannel sheets!

I like the trucks, Judy.

Rose Anne is next from her cold part of Canada. She says

“So today is my tatting, cutting my blocks for a mystery quilt starting tomorrow and reading. Now this tatting with a cold gave me a bit of grief but Jane quickly set me straight, "rippit" and VOILA I think I got it! But now maybe my skeleton is off kilter AND if there was a head I'd say a swinging monkey? Time will tell!
Rose Anne 馃尮”

You’ve definitely got it right now. Well done. 

Debra is next with more pictures from her house. Looks lovely but ………. Here’s what she says

“Oh goodness Jane! I am sooo baffled. A dancing figure?
I am attaching pics of the surprise I woke up to this morning. Yep, glare ice on 2 inches of new snow. The snow is so dry the wind is blowing it around in swirls of what looks like glass particles. Don't worry, I won't share the joy with you! "Sharing isn't always caring!"

I’m off to bed now but will be back in the morning to carry on downloading and uploading more - I hope!!!