Friday, 27 January 2023

Another day, more entries!!

Good morning, world! Dull and grey here so far but it might look better when my eyes open fully!!!

First in this morning is Mary who hasn't been around for a few days but this is her comment

Well it’s been a few days but I’m now caught up and still have no idea what it is. Animal, person, thing . . . . I don’t know. But as always, this is such a great game. Thank you!!

Bev is next in with her green TIAS. Strange to have green ones following each other. Perhaps they're friends as their owners are both from Australia!!! Bev says

"Hi Jane
Now it definitely looks humanoid, or possibly froggy again. I think we are going to get another arm and leg soon.

Susan has been giving this TIAS a lot of thought and this is her latest idea!

"My shrimp is leaving its headdress behind & is turning into a kokopelli (! Either that or Nessie, the Loch Ness monster."

Now that's a good idea.  I've got a kokopelli on my pattern site but this looks like it could be a bigger one.

Maria is next in the overnight inbox and this is what she has to say

Hello Jane,I am pretty much convinced that the Thing is a superhero…

But which one, Maria?

Pam hasn’t a clue - YIPPPPEEEEE!!!! 

“ Well Ms Jane. You have me completely tree stumps intended.”

Natalie is next to arrive and she has several guesses!!! She says

“Hi Jane,
I just realized I forgot to send 5 and 6. So here they are along with 7. With guesses of umbrella, anglerfish, and dancing monster.
Natalie Rogers”

No problem, Natalie.  No time limit!!!

Now don’t worry about this next entry from Rose Anne. IF there was a time limit on the TIAS then she could be classed as ‘late’ but there isn’t so she isn’t!!!! It’s a pleasure to share Rose Anne’s offering as she says

“Yeah!!! I've completed a tatting UFO from spring of 2022. Yes Jane's 2022 TIAS Doris the Dragon is now tatted, even tackling them awful SCMR self closing mock ring and I learnt lock chains! Awesome! Mine was tatted with Lizbeth size 20, #691 Mocha Brown Medium. Talk about an appropriate colour and a cutie too!
Now to find my other tatting UFO and decide how these mysteries will be displayed!
Rose Anne ♥️”

Back to this year and Monica is next and she says

 Ciao Jane,ecco il giorno 7,sto pensando a una cosa…quella a sinistra potrebbe essere una coda🤗ma di cosa?😅😘

Hi Jane,here is day 7,I'm thinking about one thing…the one on the left could be a tail 🤗but what?😅😘

Dovrai aspettare e vedere, Monica!

You will have to wait and see, Monica!

Rita has the answer - she thinks!!

“It's some sort of strange sea creature, I'm sure.
Rita ”

Could be, Rita. Could be!!

I have two more to add to the blog but I’ve run out of time at the moment.  I’ll try to fit them a bit later.  

Just back from the Friday market and got a few minutes before going out again so here are the other two. First of all Agi from Hungary who has just joined in. Welcome, Agi. She says

“ Dear Jane
I have little time, so I don't make every day. But now I coult do it, and I caught up with myself. :) 
Ági from Hungary”

Finally Alicja is back with her day 7 and she says this. 

“Dear Jane, this is my day 7 😊. When I follow your blog I feel very happy because I can see that your Tias join ladies from different part of the world. In Italy I’ve created a small group on FB and we follow you together sharing our steps. Some of us send to you pictures, some are ashamed 😊 But I want to tell you that following together your Tias make us very happy. Thank you from Wilma, Monica, Sabrina, Antonietta, Anna, Maria and me, Alicja 😊”

I would like to thank you publicly, Alicja for asking first of all for my ‘permission’ to make a Facebook group and to keep it to the few people who need the extra help. Please say ‘hi’ to those who don’t send me their pictures and tell them I am not somebody to be afraid of and that they should never EVER be ashamed!!!! I’m a big old softie, really with an ‘out of control’ sense of humour.  Hope this translates well for you!!!!

After a busy day I’m finally home for the evening. 

First to join us this evening is Sue who says

“My palm jigamatwist is starting to look most peculiar!!
From that crazy Yorkshire TOG!!”

I love your shuttle dedicated to the late Queen, Sue.  Gorgeous.

Next to arrive is Anita who is dying to know what the TIAS is going to be!!!  She says

“ Hi Jane,I had so much to do for the past week I simply forgot about TIAS. Please forgive me! 
:-) This is my day 6/7. You are so clever, it is so difficult to guess what this is going to be!
I am all out of ideas, maybe I’ll get one after day 8. Or you can give us a clue. Pleeaase...

Ummm, ME, give you a CLUE? No way, Anita!!! I enjoy all the guesses too much to do that!!!!!  Of COURSE you’re forgiven.  There are no rules but it’s always good to see you back in my inbox.

Now I have Antonietta who has just joined us and she says

“Salve Jane, 
Sono Antonietta e dopo un po' di titubanza mi sono fatta coraggio e le invio anche io la mail con il mio lavoro che avanza 😊
Colgo l'occasione per ringraziarla di questa occasione per imparare cose nuove e nuove tecniche.
Grazie mille e spero che la mia esecuzione non la deluda troppo 😉
Buona giornata.

Hi Jane, I'm Antonietta and after a bit of hesitation I plucked up the courage and I'll also send her the email with my work progressing 😊 I take this opportunity to thank you for this opportunity to learn new things and new techniques. Thank you so much and I hope my execution doesn't disappoint you too much 😉 Good day.“

A HUGE welcome to the TIAS, Antonietta.  I’m glad you are brave now and I hope you enjoy being part of this group.  

Un ENORME benvenuto al TIAS, Antonietta. Sono contento che tu sia coraggioso ora e spero che ti piaccia far parte di questo gruppo.

Coby is next to arrive in my inbox and she seems to think she sees ‘eyes’. This is what she says

“Hallo Jane,
Misschien zie ik er 2 ogen in we blijven gissen en dat is het leuke er van.
Groetjes Coby uit Nederland

Hi Jane, Maybe I see 2 eyes in it we keep guessing and that's the fun part. Greetings Coby from the Netherlands“

Another new arrival is Dani who has just joined us. She says

“hi Jane!
running behind, as usual. i did 1-6 wednesday night, and 7 yesterday at my knitting group.
using dreamlit and Lizbeth 40. the colors are better on day 7…
dani the geek, Finger Lakes, NY, USA”

Welcome, Dani.  Good to see you in my inbox.  

Richard is next and I’m keeping his ‘extra bit’ in so that if anybody lives near him they may want to pay his shop a visit. Here’s what he says

Here is my Day Seven! I hope it does not wander away in Cyberspace like Day Six! 
You asked me what is Yarnia of Old Town; it is my yarn/tatting shop here in Virginia! I think it's a wonderful Place; should you find yourself in Warrenton Virginia I encourage you to stop by to see it for yourself! I will send you some pictures if you would like to see them.
Virginia ”

Rosa is next and she’s been a great help too. Thank you very much, Rosa - I’ve changed that in Monica’s post. Rosa says

“Hello Jane,
Here my tias, No guess today
I need to practice CW join and many other things….
Have a nice weekend 
P.s. I think Monica’s “coda” is not a queue but a tail…”

I need to practice the CWJ too, Rosa!!!

Aonghas and Kay Lynn are both back now and this is what Kay Lynn says

“Dear Jane,
Well, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about this TIAS. I even buried my head in the snow to try to help! No matter what I did, I couldn't come up with a new guess today. Mom and I think we'll stick with our Day 6 guesses for now. We are getting LOTS of snow in our area & currently have nearly 6 feet on the ground. Good thing that I LOVE snow! Here's a photo of me thinking about Day 7 as I romped in the corral.
Aonghas and his "servant", Kay Lynn”

Marco has just arrived with day 7 and she says

“Hello Jane,here is day 7,
Greetings Marco”

Anne Marie has also just arrived and her comment is this

“Hello Jane, more and more mysterious this TIAS ! I don't manage to guess what it is octopus??? an ostrich??? with these large arms...or wings........My head can't follow...Good evening Jane”

I’m so pleased to hear that, Anne Marie!!!!  I’m naughty but I am pleased to keep everybody still guessing!!!

Last in this session is Marie who has this to say

“Hello Jane, here is my Day 7. 
Not too many ideas today for guessing and drawing... It's a day "without" as they say...
Possibly a 2-headed fantasy animal...

It could be, Marie.  It could be.

Wendy has just arrived - just as I picked up my knitting!!! She says

“Hello Jane,
I wish it would warm up a bit. 
Here is Day 7. I’ve changed my mind. It’s a Peacock.
Wendy ”

I agree, Wendy. No, not with it being a peacock but wishing it would warm up a bit. There again - it maybe a peacock! Who knows!!!

Another new arrival who I was missing this year is Jane. Hi, Jane good to see you back. She says

“Hi Jane
Just got caught up to this year’s TIAS. 
I have no idea what it’s going to be, but I‘m enjoying the mystery. 
Ontario Canada 🇨🇦”

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