Thursday, 19 January 2023


First of all I have DAY 4 available now. Here’s the link.

First of the overnighters is Lynn who says

“After day 2 I thought it might be a caterpillar, but the tiny joining rings tell me it will be something larger. I will have to wait and see.Lynn”

Now are we going to be match making of old friends here? Love this comment from Liz

“Greetings from Las Vegas, NV USA I would like to think it is going to be a dragon!! 
I am also wondering if Rita is from Whidbey Island, Washington. I live there in 1990. It was such a wonderful place to live.

Julie has arrived with her day 3 and this is what she has to say

“Here is my day 3. I was thnking as I tatted that it kind of reminds me of a half a banjo.”

I wonder when the other half will appear, Julie!!!

First in with her day 4 is Jenni who I’m very grateful to for pointing out a mistake in the drawing on this page. I managed to fix it (not without a GREAT DEAL of panic) before I had to go out. Thank you big time, Jen. Anyway here’s what she has to say

“ Hi Jane.
There goes my cello guess lol.
Initial scare when it wouldn't open but got there.
No ideas now!!”

Next in with day 4 is Anita who says

“ Hi Jane,
OK, not a crocodile after all. A seahorse? :-)

Now that’s a good idea - a seahorse. I wonder!!

Finally in this batch is Alicja who has this to say

“ Hello Jane, this is Alicja from Italy ๐Ÿ˜Š I’m just thinking what it can be ๐Ÿค” I know !!! It will be a giraffe ๐Ÿ˜‚ No??? We’ll see. Thank you ๐Ÿ’• Your Tias is a wonderful break for me, short and energetic ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜

I’m just NOT going to tell you if it’s a giraffe, Alicja!!! I refuse as I stand here stamping my foot!!!!

Maureen sounds tired but still had time and inclination to send in her day 4. She says

“The end of a very long day, but I remembered to complete Part 4! My carrot seems to be branching out…………”

Just back from a walk to find Monica next into the inbox. She says

“ Ciao Jane,ecco il mio giorno 4 ora assomiglia ad una lumaca…mi sto divertendo molto a cercare di immaginare cosa diventerร !!!

Hi Jane,here is my day 4 now it looks like a snail…I am having a lot of fun trying to imagine what it will become!!!“

Next to arrive is Melanie who says

“ Good Day to you!
Attached is my Day 4 sample. I think we're tatting a large pair of scissors. I so enjoy making the small scissors from several TIAS games ago.

Hmmm, not sure I’d want to make another pair of scissors, Melanie!!!!  Maybe, though!!!

Next I am able to show you Sue’s something or other as I can’t remember what she calls it!!!

“ Well now, this jigamatwist is definitely weird!!
From the crazy TOG up north!!”

Paula has just arrived and this is her comment along with her two pictures

“Hi Jane,OH NO! As I began Day 3, I had a fray in my thread, SO cut and weave in…
Now, both Day 3 and 4 are complete! I love the ideas from others, but I’m just having fun doing a little each day or so! 
Thank you for a fun project!
Paula Barnes”

That’s so annoying when that happens, Paula.  I’m glad it didn’t put you off doing the TIAS, though.

Wilma has also sent in her day 4 - both of them made too. Love those colours together. She says

“ Il mio 4 giorno, quello fuxia l'ho fatto con la spiegazione dell' aggancio al cerchio contrario che hai spiegato tu. Grazie! 

My 4th day, the fuchsia one I did with the explanation of hooking to the opposite circle that you explained. Thank you!“

Well done, Wilma. It’s a good trick!!!

Now for Stephanie’s day 4 along with her comment. 

“Just realized I slapped this on the scanner front-side up….so we’re admiring the ‘back’ of the whatsis today. ๐Ÿ˜Š
No guesses yet….but this is great fun!
Thanks for doing it again this year.

Rosa is a newcomer to this year’s TIAS and she says

“Dear Jane
Here my first TIAS 
My guess is an elephant (I can see it’s trunk)
I consider your website wonderful and I look at you as my advanced teacher. I love especially the flowery SMCR bookmark that I adopted as decoration 
Best wishes
Rosa ( from Milan,Italy)”

Oh, you’ve made me blush, Rosa but thank you for the compliment. 

Kathryn made me chuckle with her comment and her weird coloured otter too!!! She said

“Dear Jane,
I don’t think it is an otter but I liked the picture!

Lynn has sent in her day 4 and I’m delighted she’s still puzzled too!!! I know I’m mean!! She said

“Day 4 certainly did not give me any hints to what this will be.”

Debra has arrived a short while ago while I wasn’t looking!!! She says

“Good morning Jane,
Day 4 and I am very stumped, maybe one of the previous guesses of a crown was right?
I am also sending a pic of my sunrise this morning. We were surprised with snow yesterday have about 9 inches.
Happy tatting!”

Please keep the snow, Debra.  We don’t want any!!!

Next in my inbox is Rose Anne and she’s sent in her day 4. I love the way she presents her work with the little box that she changes the day’s number in. Clever lady. Here’s what she has to say

“This morning you can actually see the variegation in the thread I'm using, Lizbeth size 20 colour 167 Jungle Greens, so subtle a colour change. Hmmmm the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this pattern images is it MIGHT BE a butterfly or moth wing! Might not be too! She's sneaky, our Jane!
Rose Anne Burdeny”

That is a lovely variegated thread, Rose Anne.  I think I’ve got some of it left - must say it’s great for leaves and ‘things’.  Maybe for this TIAS too?

Mary has just arrived in my inbox with her day 4 and she has this to say

Here’s Day 4. If I lay the tatting just right it looks like it could be the beginning of a fancy Valentine’s heart. Maybe I should start over in red!?

The next to arrive is Hallie who has been puzzling about the TIAS. She says

“Good morning, Jane!
Sigh. Definitely not Nessie. Nor my second thought on Day 3, an ankylosaurus. Whatever it is, it's a bit dizzy right now because of my turning it over and over to figure out which was Shuttle 1! LOL But all is well. Thanks again. No new guesses today.
Best wishes,
Hallie in very slightly (1") snowy Wisconsin, where they had been threatening 5-8" overnight”

For those who don’t know what an ankylosaurus is (like me!) here’s a link.

Just as I thought I’d caught up with the inbox in pops Richard!!! This is what he has to say

“ Good Afternoon Jane!
Typos certainly spice things up a bit! I have attached my Day 4. I now think this whatsit will be a horse or unicorn as it appears we have either tatted it's neck or it's tail! If it is a unicorn I should have used snow white thread.
Happy Tatting!

I like the way you’re working it out, Richard!!!

Welcome back, Julie. This is Julie’s comment

“Looking like my ostrich is getting a neck started today.

Natalie is next to arrive with her day 4 and she has this to say.

“Hi Jane,
Here is my Day 4. I doodled some of the ideas. It is still keeping me guessing.
I hope you are having a lovely day!
- Natalie Rogers”

I recommend going to Natalie’s blog post to see more.

The next to pop in is Susan with her evolving shrimp and she says this

“Hi Jane; my shrimp is sprouting a headdress decoration, just like I predicted. Thanks again for the tatting game.
By the way, the thread is Lizbeth 403, Twirlz Winter Ice.
Boyd, Texas USA”

Here is Katie with her little tribe of five!!! She says

“Hi, Jane and fellow tatters,
here are my five little critters--they're looking rather rooty again on Day4. Tree Yggdrasil is feeling reassured!
Again, thank you, Jane, for all you do! This game is so fun!
Katie V in NC”

Rita is almost the last in for today and she’s got a message for Liz too. She says

“Yes, Liz, Whidbey Island. And since I lived here in 1990, we very well might have crossed paths.
Day 4 has taken a strange turn...

Off to bed - back again in the morning.

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