Wednesday 28 February 2018

28th February

I have a new mermaid in this morning from The Netherlands. This has been sent to me by Riet who translated the TIAS 2018 into Dutch for the tatters in her country. This is what Riet says:
101. "Hi Jane,
a mermaid for you from Marian de leng
She said I am so glad that this year I can mail the mermaid It is not without a mistake but 
I mail it she also is feeling sad that this is the last one I told her to become a member of your blog and she can find all kind of patterns.
Riet the B-engel"
Thank you, Marian and thank you, Riet too.

I also have two gorgeous mermaids from Janet who says:
102. "I did manage your mermaids, I need to block them but I hopefully shall try and attach them, to this email. Really enjoying getting back to my favourite hobby. (I was quite a sickly child so I used to do lots of handicrafts. In Sheffield hospital when I was 7 yrs, A patient Ann Overend used to tat round handkerchief it was beautiful, I could crochet but never got the hang of tatting. Couldn’t flip the thread. I was at work before I met Alice and we sat in a cafe and she taught me to flip the knot.)"

Mary is next to arrive with her mermaid and she says:
103. "Thanks for another TIAS. Here's my mermaid she swam up the Grand Union Canal to you."

Next to arrive is Claire who tells us of others doing the TIAS too. She says:
104. "I think there have been quite a number of us who have done your TIAS this year and past years who don't take pictures on a daily basis, but who enjoy doing it. This was the first one my friend ever did. Ruby's is on the left and she used size 10 thread. She has struggled with following patterns in the past, but she did this all on her own. I've been doing it every year since 2011. I truly hope this wasn't the last year. When did you do the first TIAS and how can we get the directions for the earliest ones? I used Lizabeth size 20 thread , color #105--Confetti and the hair was size 10 thread. I have been struggling to make the twisted chain for a long time, so I decided to practice after l made the ring to hold her hair. Now I have a loop to hang her from the lamp shade. 
I have two other friends who did the TIAS this year who have not shared their work with you either. All four of us live in Washington state, not Washington DC. Thank you for all of your hard work developing these TIAS's all these years. I hope all of us around the world will be able to do this again for many years to come. Claire"
Thank you, Claire and please say thank you to Ruby too.

Tuesday 27 February 2018

February 27th mermaids

Well as you've probably read in my last post - I've given up numbering the mermaids as I had a huge influx from Hungary!! Thank you to the Hungarian tatters. 

Today's finished mermaids come from Lelia who says:
"Dear Jane:
Photos of my 2018 TIAS mermaids are attached.
Thank you for this and past TIAS games. I looked forward to seeing all those participating during the tatting game. 
I, too, have enjoyed participating.
Always, Carol 
Northwest Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

Next to arrive is Mary who has sent in her slow swimmer!!! She says:
"My thread was # 20. Color. Number disappearedThank you Jane for all the work you did for us
The reason I’m so late my son had open heart surgery and I was gone for a week. Icu. 5 days. He’s home. Doing great. God is good"

Monday 26 February 2018

Monday's mermaids

When I've added this morning's 'overnighter' I will have 99 mermaids in the 'pond'!!!! I wonder who will send in the 100th?!!?? I wonder if there will be even more? Who knows!!!

Well I think that Ginny's mermaid gets the prize for the longest hair!!!! That's if there was a prize, of course!!!! This is what Ginny says:
99. "Here she is all finished!!!"

Next to arrive is Lelia's day 14 - both mermaids!!! She says:
"Dear Jane:
Awwww ... so sweet!
Hope to finish the mermaid hair tomorrow : )
Always, Carol NW Indiana USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II"

Well now I'm going to have to give up counting as Jolimama has sent this picture in and I don't know who's mermaids are on the blog already and which ones aren't!!!! It's been a real pleasure to have met with the Hungarian tatters and I'm so pleased that they obviously enjoyed the game too.  Here's what Jolimama has to say:
"Ezzel az idézettel és képpel köszönöm meg a munkádat, mert játszani jó :-) 
A Facebook Hajócsipke csoportjában 17-en kezdtük el a játékot Veled és 15-en be is fejeztük, és kíváncsian vártuk napról-napra a következő feladatot. Jó lenne még játszani, de Te érzed, hogy pihenésre van szükséged. További szép alkotást kívánok Neked. 

thank you for your work on this quote and image, they play good :-) 
The Facebook group of 17 en Boat Lace started the game with you and 15 of your well expressed, and eagerly waited every day on these tasks. It would be nice to play more, but you feel that you need to relax. I wish you a nice art."

Now I have another mermaid and this time from Sue who says:
100 "Good Morning from Michigan! I happened across your TIAS right before it started, and having not tatted in awhile decided to give it a try. At the time the only size 20 I had was white. I think she looks like she has short curly hair right now, so since mine is also short and somewhat curly, I may leave her with a short hairdo. Maybe she will grow it out later. Thank you for getting me back into tatting!"
I'm delighted to help any tatter who has fallen by the wayside to get back to the addiction.  Thanks for sending your mermaid in, Sue.

Sunday 25 February 2018

Sunday's mermaids

First in this morning has no name and I don't recognise the email address either!! Anyway, perhaps I'll find out later and then I'll add it to this lovely picture.

95. "Dear Jane,  
Thank you for your TIAS2018 pattern. this pattern is very cute to me. I am Jiamrat Supapol from Bangkok,Thailand
Beat regards,
Jiamrat Supapol"

Next to arrive is Clair with her days 12 and 13. This is her comment.
Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here are the pictures for my days 12 and 13. I took the time to hide the ends before taking the last picture, but forgot to turn our character so it's showing the 'wrong' side on it. 
Have a nice Sunday."

Next in today on a bitterly cold Sunday is Wendy with her finished mermaid. She says:
96. "Here she is. Obviously a mermaid with piggy eyes . I did wonder earlier because she had no legs. Good fun, thanks for organising this yet again.
Wendy x"

Ewa is next in to my inbox and she says:
97. "Hallo Jane! Thanks so much for TIAS 2018. My mermaid is tatted using Babylo 20. Best regards from Poland Ewa Szylewska"
Thank you, Ewa.

Anne has now sent in her finished mermaid and this is what she says:
98. "Hello Jane !! 
.thank you very much for this TIAS. M'y daughter is happy of her new friend thé mermaid :) 
Have a good day 
Anne "

Probably the last mermaid of the day is from Karen who has this to say:
99. "Hello again, Jane.
This little lady's name is Mikaela. She just swam in from Europe to make an appearance on the Red Carpet, and wouldn't you know it? Her hem came undone! Ah, but she was a trooper and carried it off with the greatest of elegance by channeling her inner Audrey Hepburn and captivating everyone with her wit and charm. She wears Azalea light and Stardate, and she had her hair dyed Mocha Brown for this appearance. I think she has charmed me as well. What about you?
Thank you for this, Jane. This started my year off on a good note. All the best to you. "

Saturday 24 February 2018

Saturday's mermaids

My thanks must go to Riet for sending in the ninetieth mermaid from Ankie. This is the message that came with it:
93. "Hello Jane,
Here is day 15 of Ankie Kaspers
She sais I'm sorry I'm late, but I had the flu
It is a pity that this is the last one but thanks for all the work you did
and this is also for Jane

Finally (and secondly!!!) today I have Maria's completed mermaid. She says:
94. "Hi Jane! I have finally gooten my TIAS Mer-maid-genie completed.... that green alge hair really grows well down in the deep! 
Thanks for all the fun over the years, it will sorely be missed! 
MAR’L’A (aka Maria to you! LOL) 
aka IdahoCanuck, in Idaho, USA."

Friday 23 February 2018

Friday's mermaids

Well things slowed down to almost 'stop' yesterday with just one finished mermaid coming in. The number of finished mermaids is now 84. 

This morning I have number 84 already in my inbox. This is from Coretta who sends in two pictures and as I couldn't decide which one I liked best then they're both going to be added to the blog but just one into my number count!!! Here's what Coretta has to say:

87. "Jane, 
Here is my mermaid in Lizbeth size 20 655 Wedgewood lt 
Her multicolored “mermaid hair” as they call it here is remnants from shuttles all Lizbeth size 20
This, as always, has been grand fun. Thanks for all the work you put into it and thanks to your translators for making this so widely available. I’m sending two pics, hair up or hair down? ;)"

Coby has sent in her THREE mermaids and I'll let her tell you about it.
88. "Hallo Jane,
Hier een paar foto's van mijn werkstukken van de zeemeerminnen, ik vond het heel leuk en heb daarom wel 3 stuks gemaakt.
Vriendelijke groetjes 
Coby Roozendaal-Kramer te Uitgeest

Hi Jane, 
Here are some pictures of my pieces of mermaids, I liked it very much and I have therefore created three pieces. 
Kind regards 
Coby Roozendaal Kramer Uitgeest"

Next I have a really clever idea from Grażyna. I love the idea, Grażyna.
89. "Hello Jane. 
TIAS już się skończył ale ja pobawiłam się dalej i zrobiłam Syrenkę Warszawską z tarczą i mieczem - jest to herb Warszawy, miasta w którym mieszkam. Pomyślałam o tym od razu jak tylko zrobiłam dzień 15 i dodałam włosy. Jeszcze raz dziękuję za wspólne frywolitkowanie i czekam na następne. 
Pozdrawiam Grażyna

Hello Jane. 
TIAS is over but I played around and made further Warsaw Mermaid with shield and sword - this is the coat of arms of Warsaw, the city where I live. I thought about this as soon as you did at 15 and added hair. Thanks again for the common frywolitkowanie and wait for the next. 
Regards Grazyna"

Now I have a lovely message from Betty. Thank you, Betty. She says:
90. "Dear Jane,
It was nice to follow the TIAS and I show you a picture of the result. I thank you for doing this all those years. It was always astonishing that you design something new. Your instructions are very clear. The first Tias that I followed was the Hippo and after that I made all. I hope you will make a lot of new tattings on your blog. I wish you all the best for the future.
Greetings from 
Betty Vos- den Blanken
The Netherlands"
I LOVE her hairstyle, Betty.

91. Sad, sad news from Karen but there's always hope in this world.  She says:
"Hi, Jane. Here is my first completed mermaid. "But where's her tail?" you ask. Well you see, it's like this.....Mimi had tail cancer. She had to have it amputated. She is a tail cancer survivor; but you can tell by her vibrant Forest Green hair, the color of seaweed, that she's healthy and she wears Pink Blossoms to make a statement and champion the cause for survivors everywhere. When the doctors feel she's ready, they're going to try to fit her with a prosthetic tail. Of course it won't match, but they might even bling it out for her so she can feel all girly. In the meantime, she's staying with me. We're close enough that I can take her swimming in the pool at Princeton University, NJ, in the USA, so she gets plenty of healthy exercise. "
Oh, that's hilarious and I hope the new tail works well when she gets it.

Next to arrive is from Nancy who says:
92. "Joyfully, Nancy G"

Thursday 22 February 2018

Thursday's mermaids!

Well I say mermaids but so far there's only one in from Barbara which swam in overnight!

She's sent in day 14 with the following funny comment:
"Dear Jane,
Pant, pant, pant…. I’m trying to catch up! Here are my two mermaids. They really like their tails!
Barbara from No. CA "

Just arrived in my inbox is Grazyna who says:
86. "Hello Jany. Dziś skończyłam naszą wspólną zabawę. Powstała złotowłosa syrenka. Dziękuję za ciekawy wzór przedstawiany po kawałku. Miło było bawić się z osobami z różnych krajów mających wspólną pasję - frywolitkę. Pozdrawiam Grażyna 

Hello Jany. Today I finished our common fun. Established golden-haired mermaid. Thank you for an interesting pattern represented by piece. It was nice to play with people from different countries with a common passion - tatting. Regards Grazyna"

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Further mermaids swimming in.

First in this morning is from Alutka who says:

73. "Cześc Jane!
Dziękuję bardzo za super zabawę. U mnie w jej trakcie powstała "szalona blondyna"
Do jej zdrobienia użyłam nici Babylo DMC col.4502, na włosy Aida Col.00378
Jeszcze raz się przedstawię. Nazywam się Alicja Sykucka i pochodzę z Polski. Koleżanki nazywają mnie Alutka

Hi Jane! 
Thank you very much for the great fun. With me in the middle of it he was created "crazy blonde"
Its zdrobienia I used DMC threads Babylo col.4502, hair Aida Col.00378 
Once again I introduce myself. My name is Alice and Sykucka come from Polish. Friends call me Alutka 
I pozdrwiam well as all participants have fun "
We have all enjoyed meeting you, Alutka and I think we should all thank the Google translator too!!!!!  Love your picture.

Caroline is next to send in her final mermaid and she says:
74. Well, at first I had a hard time deciding what thread to use for her hair then the computer decided to give me problems. Finally called them and they said the system was having problems. Wish they could have told me that somehow to prevent all of the frustration on my end.
Caroline Hill Omaha, Nebraska USA
I used Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy for my gal Lizbeth Bright Blue Lt for her hair with Metalilic Embroidery Thread Color No. Stac 7 for the high lights. 
Thank you for taking part, Caroline.  
Rainbow Taffy is my favourite Lizbeth variegated so it's no wonder I LOVE your mermaid.

Melanie is next in my inbox and she says:
75. "Hi Jane-
I finished the little swimmer. It was a fun game once again. I will enjoy putting this beauty in my display for demo box. 
I used Lizbeth Carribean for most oc the thread. The hair is miscellaneous thread I found in a grab bag from an embroidery workshop.
Enjoy spring,
Melanie in CA"
Thanks, Melanie - love your colours - specially the hair.

The final overnighter in my inbox is Bernice who says:
76. "I first tatted a few rings to make a bra but it just didn’t look right, then I found the perfect sized star bead but I only had the one. Searched my stash and found these rose beads; brought back from the Philippines. I tatted with a size 20 Lizbeth Grape Pomegranate, and the fluke with Lizbeth Turquoise Lt. The hair is a mix of the turquoise and some lilac and lt green DMC Cebelia. 
Such a pleasure to see all the mermaids/men filling up the TIAS blog. 
Bernice in Calgary AB CANADA"
I did giggle when I saw your bra on your mermaid.  Splendid idea.  Thanks for taking part.

Sorry for the delay in getting more mermaids uploaded but this has been 'one of those days'!!!

So, next in my inbox is Magdalena who says:
77. "Dzień piętnasty i ostatni.Niteczka Kaja 15.
I tak oto wygląda moja syrenka z marchewkową czuprynką.
Pozdrawiam cieplutko Magdalena z Polski.

The fifteenth day and the last. 
Nitechka Kaja 15. 
And so here's my mermaid with carrot czuprynką. 
I greet warmly the Polish Magdalena."

Now I have Beata with her days 14 and her finished mermaid. She says:
78. "Droga Jane.Zabawa się skończyła i jest syrenka. Nie jest tak piękna jak inne ale jest. Nici Lizbeth 20 i Limol 20. Pozdrawiam serdecznie i do zobaczenia w 2019 roku. Beata z Polski

Dear Jane.
The fun is over and there is a mermaid. It is not as beautiful as others but it is. Threads Lizbeth 20 and Limol 20. Best wishes and see you in 2019. Beata from Poland"
Lovely to meet you, Beata.  I hope we keep in touch.

Now I have Celine's finished mermaid and she says:
79. "Hi Jane. Here is my little mermaid 🧜‍♀️ with brown hairs.
Thank you so much for this good time with the Tias
cheers from Normandy

Barbara has now arrived with her finished mermaid and this is what she has to say:
80. "Thank you very much for great fun.
Here are my ready mermaids
Bigger mermaid I used Lizbeth 10 / col. 161 / Sea Island Citrus 
and smaller - Lizbeth 20 / col. 108 / Sherbert Delight and hair Aida 0293.
I live Bielsko-Biała in Poland"

I think this is a new participant in the TIAS and I'm very grateful to Barbara (number 78) for sending it in for Bożena. This is what Bożena says:
81. "Bożena asked me to send a photo of her mermaid.She made it from the Lizbeth 20 thread.
Bożena G. lives in Łódź in Poland."
I LOVE your picture Bożena - thank you for taking the trouble to send it in.

Now the next person to drop in is AnSo who has also sent in her mermaid. She says:
82. "Dear Jane,
Here is my completed mermaid. Thank you so much for this fun and beautiful pattern and for all your hard work. I used Lisbeth 20 Falling Leaves for the body and Flora 20 for the hair.
Kindest regards
Ann-Sofie Sweden"

Next arrival is Maria who has also sent in her mermaid. I love the picture with the fish. She says:
83. "Hi Jane, this is my last day Tias. I really like my queen of the sea waves. Thank you for the fun, Maria from Poland. Greetings

Christiane has now popped into my inbox. She says:
84. "Hallo Jane, 
I really loved this TIAS and my sweet little mermaid! Used size 20 Lizbeth Spring Garden and size 20 Anchor Aida in cream. Best wishes from Switzerland and thanks a lot for my first TIAS! A lots of work you did in the past years for the Tatting community. Christiane :) "
I enjoy doing it, Christiane.  Keeps me out of mischief - well, sometimes!!!

Finally in this batch I have Carine who says:
85. "Hi Jane, 
I did not find time time to send each day my work as I have to many projects for the time beeing. 
As each year it was a pleasure to participate.
Here is my mermaid family 
Thanks again for your time <3 div="">
Thank you, Carine for finding the time to send in your finished mermaids.  That is the important part to me!!!  You have a true family of mermaids there.