Monday 23 May 2016

May 23rd

Another rabbit has arrived.  THANK YOU.   Oh, plus a pair of scissors from 2015 too.  Here they are from Claire in Washington State.

89.  "Sorry it has taken me so long to scan last year's and this year's TIAS completed projects.  It is always fun to do them.  I'm just not fast with the scanning part.  I can't remember which way you prefer to receive the scans, so one is a PDF and the other is a JPEG.  The pictures are the same, whichever you prefer to open.

Had I known we were making a rabbit this year, I would not have used Lizabeth size 20 orange thread.  I don't know what I did wrong, but each time I tried to do his carrot, I always got it going the wrong direction from the way your pattern has it.  

I live in Washington state.

Thank you, Claire.  Lovely to see them all and jpeg is the right format too.  Blogger won't 'take' pdf's!!!!