Monday 30 June 2008

Another arrival - whooppeeeeee

This next lady is from Agnes who is one of Riet's friends. Here is what she said -
"here is my work. Maybe I am a little bit late, but I was during the TIAS on vacation. Do I still get the bonus ????"
Yes, of course you do, Agnes.

Sunday 29 June 2008

Lovely surprise

Arrived late today from Jean who said -
"Well I cannot put it off any longer here is my picture of my efforts with the Tias. I think she has either been out on the town and had to much to drink, hence the colour of her eyes or she has coloured contacts in. I did enjoy making her, it took quite a lot of unpicking to get her finished and I nearly gave up a few times. However I struggled on and the Doctor said he is going to up my Valium if I do another one."

Thursday 26 June 2008

New arrival

Today Anna's lady has arrived. This is what Anna says about her -
"Here's Trudy coming to you from Memphis, TN, USA. She has been finished for some time, but has been staying inside to get cool in this hot weather. She finally relented and is coming across the pond to you. It was such fun tatting Ms. Trudy."

Wednesday 25 June 2008

New arrival

This is the latest picture from Tara. What a hoot!!!!
"Or should I say "Howdy Partner" in my best western accent. My husband has been watching old black and white westerns. So my lady is a Saloon Girl. Can you tell I've been watching those westerns right along with my husband. LOL."

Sunday 22 June 2008

Sunday and more family members!!!

Tine in The Netherlands has now started on the bonus!! Here's what she says -
"This are my husband and wife. The kids etc. will comes later on, when my cristmas-group is ready. I am making this group, half tatting and half bobbin-lace."

Elizabeth has sent in the cat from the bonus!!! Here's what she says -

"My latest button family member is the cat. It found a friend. I found the mouse button in a sale box at a local arts and crafts store and I just had to have it. I will probably take it off though as it is a little to big. Anyway I thought you might like to see it."

Saturday 21 June 2008

Saturday's arrivals

Coby from The Netherlands has sent in her picture. This is what she said -
"Here my tattingworks, I hope you like it. Many greetings Coby"

Thursday 19 June 2008

Thursday's selection!

First one in this morning is from Lesley who says -
"This my first try at a TAIS and I love your site Jane. I've only been tatting a couple of months and it was a real challenge to do split rings with beads."
Wow, Lesley, I can't say how much I admire you. Only two months and you've got this far - I think I'll retire now as another two months and you'll have overtaken me!!!

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Wednesday's new TIAS's!

Riet kindly sent this lady in on behalf of Liesbeth and Riet said -
"she calls her "Popje" and she said that it was a project with all kinds of strange things she started 3 times and the third one is here."

Ginny has sent her lady in. -
"Here is my little girl fro the bonus page. Her Name is Shelly for my youngest daughter i am going to make one for each of my family."

First in this morning (well, that's the morning in the UK!!) is Carol's. Carol had a nasty accident and had to have 7 stitches in her finger so this has held her up. Sounds horrid. Look at what she's done with her finished lady, though.
" I finally managed to finish my little lady from your TIAS 3. My finger was so sore, I couldn't tat for a few weeks. I am back at tatting now and finished my gal. I named her Belle and you can see her in her garden. "

Tuesday 17 June 2008

Tuesday's arrivals!

Here is Betty's TIAS. She says -
"It was very nice to follow the TIAS 3. On day eight I thought it would be a lion. Now it is a nice girl and I give her the name Pippy. She is not very handsome, but I find her lovely. Thank you for the very clear description of the tatting."

Just in from Anne is the following -
"Here she is - complete with her googly eyes and my mistakes. That was fun and I enjoyed the challenge of some new, to me, techniques. I think I'll make her a sister, without the mistakes!"

Remember the sequin challenge that I started? Well, Margaret has just sent her bracelet in. Isn't it pretty? I will write and ask her if she wrote it down!!!

First this morning is from Birgit in Sweden. I love these colours.

Monday 16 June 2008

Monday and more coming in

Now here's Doreen who has a funny anecdote to tell too!!! -
No 1 Miss-Hap is now happy in the great tatland in the sky. Here is Mims Hap-py. The hair was chosen by he who crawled on the floor for the one remaining (blue) beads. It was fun to do, I learned a lot - two of them patience and perseverance as well as a couple of tatting tips."

has just sent her lady in. If you look closely you will see that she has eyebrows too!! Rika had to wait for her son to make the picture of her lady - thank you, Rika.

Marty is next and she says -

"This poor little dear is very mixed up she's got Betty Boop hair and punk lipstick. Of course, who could resist lipstick to match her eyes?

This TIAS has been so much easier for me as putting it on web pages rather than a blog has meant that everybody can take their time to complete (or even start!!!). This means I'm not trapped in front of the computer for hours on end!!! Anyway, here's Shirley's finished piece and she says - "I finally got it together and finished my project. she's not perfect, but i learned a lot and enjoyed doing the tatting. i would have wished for brighter colors but the pastels were all i had to work with in #20."

Sunday 15 June 2008

Sunday's TIAS's

Just as it's time to go to bed another has come in all the way from Cape Town. This is from Lesley who says -
"Here is Phoebe. As a newbie I have had so much fun with this TIAS learning lots along the way. Thank you so much for all your work. For me having the instructions in small bites made it less intimidating. I plan to re-do it as I can see my mistakes."

This next lady has come from Michelle - her thoughts have arrived but the picture is still on the way!! Michelle says -
"Now I thought the existing threads on my shuttles were number 20, but looking at my girl, I guess not. Her skirt's 3D (hard to see in the photo, but the beads on the sides stick straight up in the air), her bodice sits on the button (although the threads are long enough to sit beside, the rings aren't). Since the rest of her was not quite right anyway, I decided to try "punk" hair by alternating pink & blue stitches. It didn't turn out as spiky as I would have liked - guess I should have added more extra stitches."

Now we have Pamela who has a great suggestion to add to the mix -
"Finally, here she is – better late than not at all, I guess. First I wanted to tell you that the directions were wonderful and very easy to follow – I learned several new techniques (Josephine knot (double) and how to tie off with a ring (that worked really well!). I am left-handed so everything is backwards – unfortunately, I get ahead of myself and had to start over several times. I like the short hair, but think maybe it might be better in “orange” – a little punkier (is this a word? Not sure J ) – I think the first two rings below her eyes (outside color) could have a bead (earring) in lieu of the VSP - what do you think?"
I think that's a great idea. Being a lover of earrings I wonder why I didn't think of it. LOVE the punk hairstyle too.

Melissa has just sent hers and her message is -
"Thanx for the opportunity to play... I've attached my girl, I've named her Pippy since my 5 year old picked a shade of pink for the hair."

Now the next lady belongs to Winnie who says -
"Got a bit behind in the TIAS, a very busy time, and then a good bout of the flu, have now finally finished it. Learned some new techniques! Somehow her arms are bending up, she is rejoicing the fact that she is finished!"

Kristina has sent in her two completed TIAS's. She says -
"Hello Jane! It took me some time to start over, and I got way way behind, but now I'm back. Here are my two blonde girls. I tried to give the red one green spikes, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted, so I changed that to another pair of blond braids."

Martha has sent in her picture and has added her usual creative flair - thanks, SO much. This is delightful -

"Here is my TIAS, ala "Mary had a little lamb". Or maybe it's a whopping big sheep as the relative proportions seem a bit off. You know I can't just leave things be. At first I planned to add wings so she would be an angel to match my guess, and then this other idea popped in my head. This was fun again. I really enjoyed seeing all the color choices from all the participants."

First in this morning is from BJ who says -

"Silver City Belle sends her greetings from the desert floor ~ Behind her are the mountains where she lives with BJ. She is anxiously awaiting the monsoon season which will turn the mountains green and make the gamma grass grow.
"Belle" has problems with her teeth - having one upper and one lower tooth is a regular feature of the 'old maids' who live in Silver City, New Mexico."

Saturday 14 June 2008

Saturday and the sun is shining!

Last in today (well last before I turn off the computer) is Rita who says -
"I enjoyed doing both of the projects, however I waited until the first one was complete before I did it so I thought I would follow along and do this one as it came up. I think this is a great idea and you are definitely one of the Queens of the tatting world. You contribute so much for everyone. Going forward I will probably wait until the projects are complete before I tat them. I like it better that way, however I know lots of people around me are enjoying the step by step and getting great pleasure from it."

Barbara has sent her completed TIAS in and she says -
"Here is a picture of completed tatting project. It kept me guessing up till the end."

Next is from Jane in Zimbabwe who said -

"Hmmm, my lady looks so scruffy I'm reluctant to send a picture of her! If I had time, I'd have another go. I think the problem is that the beads I used were much too big for the size of the thread.Not a great picture either. Oh well, I have completed her, I have learnt a lot, it was interesting to work with beads and paper clips and what not. Extended the possiblitlies no end. Thanks very much for the great project, I'm glad I was able to participate, even if the results are less than perfect!!"

The sun is actually shining this morning and more TIAS's have arrived.
First is from Wendy who is very busy at the moment. She said - " I managed to finish her."

Friday 13 June 2008

Friday's arrivals!

Carol's lady arrived during Coronation Street!!!! This is what she said -
As you can see my first attempt failed, some how it got twisted. Anyway I persevered and my second attempt has turned out better. Although I didn’t think it would be a doll. I like most of the others thought it may have been a butterfly."

Mette's lady has just arrived too. She has different eyes!!! -

Last in before lunch is from Helen who says -
"I hope this reaches you. I have a new e-mail address as you will see, and a new scanner. so forgive me if the technology hasn't worked. Spot the mistake!" No mistakes, Helen - just 'design improvements'!!!!

Babette's little lady is next to pop in!!! Here she is -

"Attached is scan of TIAS2, sorry a bit late but our visitors have only just left, so I needed to catch up on days 10 and 11. When’s the next puzzler TIAS3????"

Fannie's sent hers with the following remark -
"Here are the days 9, 10 and 11. Finaly I got a card reader for the memory cards - the original camera cable is somewhere in the surrounding boxes, but what you could expect after 4 moves in less than 11 months? I am happy to know where my shuttles are (well, most of them), and I always can add some more LOL."

Now we have Teresa's -
"Finally ... just a bit beyond 24 hours later than I had planned. I had no inspiration until I picked a shuttle with plans to empty it by making a ruffled picot wing butterfly. Finally it dawned on me that Esmeralda would have curly hair. Since she's dressed in her best with her pearls at her throat, she have her hairdresser entwine pearls in her hair."

Lauren has sent hers in and she says -
"This is my 8th grader who graduates from middle school tomorrow! It is a blast seeing what others have done."

After struggling to get connected this morning I've finally managed to get online and am raring to give you the new arrivals.
First is from Marco who says - "at last, here is my lady!! I was away for a few days, toke it with me, but my shuttles were empty and I did not bring the balls with me. So I did it this evening."

Thursday 12 June 2008

Thursday's finished pieces

Gina's is next. Gina is one of Riet's group so the message from her has been translated by Riet.
"Gina mailed me her "zorgen"kind. How must I explane that. Zorgen is taking care that is a verb , but you aslso can have "zorgen" about a child the wordbook sais problem child."
I assume that poor Gina had a few problems with her 'child'. Well done for finishing her, Gina.

Karin has just sent her finished piece in and says -
"I had fallen back quite a bit, but today I could take the time and catch up from day 7. Here's the result."

Jon has finished her TIAS and has blogged about it here. I've sent her the bonus - as punishment - ROFL!!!

Here's JeanneZ's lady. This is what she said!
"Here she is. Boy did I have that one guessed wrong."

Back home again and a few more have popped into the inbox. Here is Bonnie's lady and I LOVE the green hair!!! "
I was envious of all the lovely ladies that you've been showing, so I said forget the housework I had to get her finished that night. :-) I was so far behind that I had to start way back on day 8."

Margaret sent hers in (last this morning before I go out!) and she said -
"What fun! I loved all the techniques, especially learning the new and improved josephine knot. These girls remind me of the pocket dolls my great grandmother used to make for me to play with in church and other places where I needed to play quietly. Making these girls brought back lovely memories. I am so excited to see the bonus pattern as you continue to outdo yourself!"

Wendy's is next and says -
Now what am I going to do? Thanks for the fun of the TIAS"

aren sent hers in saying -
"She is adorable! I think I got the arms all wrong, but not too bad for a first tatting. I started to put white hair on her so it would be me! :) LOL"

Lynda's is next in my inbox and she said -
"I really enjoyed the project."

Karen has not only made her lady but she has learnt lots of skills too - not just tatting ones! Here's what she says -

"Attached is my Lady. Thank you for making this available to us. It has been so much fun and I learned the new way to make the JK. It also is the first time I have tat with a button and you had wonderful instructions for everything. I saw Jeff's and liked his so copied his idea for her hair. This has been a fun project and I'm looking forward to another. I am also having to learn how to put my pictures on the computer. See. You're teaching more than tatting stitches!"

Sunela sent hers in next and said the following.

"have to say that my lady is looking a little weak. I made two mistakes but continued with it. One was the join to the correct hole on the button and the other was the one bead join. Never made the picot long enough. I have to say that I learned quite a bit of techniques and thank you to you for that. Loved the use of beads even though I had some trouble. The choice of my colors are so horrible."

Suzanne's is next - do look at her curly hair!!! Suzanne has given hers a name too and this is what she says -
"Allow me to introduce Ellie May. She is little overdressed for chasing cattle, but that is what she is going to have to do (that, or feed the pigs; her choice)."

Sharon sent her lady in (with hair in pigtails) and said -

"I did get her done today. Thanks for all of the hard work. I really enjoy the TIAS."

First this morning is from Lynne who sent hers beautifully mounted -

"It's lovely and I was right about the lady, well sort of!!!!"