Saturday 30 April 2022

Saturday 30th April

I'm delighted to announce the arrival of Dawn's dragon with her comment which is

92.        "I had so much fun making Doris. I decided that Fall would be the perfect time for dragons to hide among the Autumn foliage."

93.    Another Doris from Rose Anne arrived in February 2023.  Thanks, Rose Anne!!!

Thursday 21 April 2022

April 21st

Almost the end of another week and it seems to me that I’ll need to start thinking of another TIAS idea pretty darn soon as this is Kathy’s and it’s number 90. This is what she says

90. ”I enjoyed this one enough to do it twice! Granddaughter Adelle chose the other. Thanks for the fun!

You’re very welcome, Kathy.

Saturday 16 April 2022

April 16th

What a lovely surprise this sunny Spring day. Another dragon has arrived. 

This is from Maria who says.


“Jane, send you muy big eye Dragon.
Hope you hace a wonderful Easter Day.
Regards from Guatemala.”

Thank you so much, Maria.  Hope you’re having a good weekend.

Wednesday 13 April 2022

April 13th

Well it may have taken time for Madhur's TIAS to arrive but WHAT an adventure her gang of dragons has had!!! This is her comment

88. So here are my TIAS 2022, finally done.
Now I have something interesting to share.
You will know there was so much delay in completing day 12 and 13 by me.
You see I was on a fortnight travel trip with family in the second week of Feb, staying at various hotels at different destinations during that period. Usually I carry my tatting pouch on travel trips, just in case I get time in between sightseeing etc. On 4th day I realized that the tatting pouch wasn't in my luggage. I was devastated. The "dragons " were on wings!!!! But just wasn't too sure if I had brought it this time or not.
Just because didn't want to spoil my vacation, I put the thought of losing the pouch at the back of my mind, believing that this time I might have left it back home.
It was upon return when I couldn't find the pouch at home either, that resulted in a series of frantic phone calls to all the various 8-10 hotels where we had parked ourselves.
And you can't believe my happiness when the hotel staff of one of the hotels ( where we had stayed on day 2) informed me that they had found the pouch and had deposited the same with the " list and found" desk.
They were courteous enough to have it sent. It took about another fortnight for the courier to reach me making its way from the snow clad remote village to the cities and finally to my address.
I thus completed the project and here they are safe, back at home.
I thoroughly enjoyed tatting these Jane.
Hugs from India.

Thanks, Madhur and I'm so happy they arrived home safely after their 'Tour de India'.