Friday, 15 January 2021

Day 2

 First of all here is the link to day 2

Please keep sending in your day 1 pieces as it’s all part of the fun.  I’m looking forward to another busy day!!

First in this morning is Victoria with her day 1.  Victoria is new to the TIAS so a big welcome to her.  This is her comment

"Hi Jane

This is my first time participating.  No really idea at this point. 🧐Maybe a hedgehog. Looking forward to the next clue. 

Thank you for putting this together.

Next in on this grey damp day (nothing unusual there!!) is Carol who says 
"Dear Jane:

So much fun to play the tatting game in 2021 ; )

The only thing I came up with, so far, was the edge of a heart.

Always, Carol in Indiana, USA
Blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life

Love your pictures, Carol.  I wonder if it could be the edge of a heart?  Certainly looks like it.

Finally from the 'overnight' emails I've got Anne-Marie who says this 
"Hello Jane,
what a pleasure  after so hard year! TIAS goes on ! We miss you,and,perhaps You miss us ?or you miss this funny adventure.
I found why this year 2020 has been so bad: we began it WITHOUT Tias !
My first day,just before second....perhaps  lizard's tail...
Read you soon
Anne-Marie  ( France)"
I love your reason for the bad, bad 2020 and I am now doing my best to stop Covid by running this TIAS!!!  You are funny!!!

Well, well, well.  I left the computer to get dressed and have some breakfast and before I’d had the last mouthful I had a day 2 in my inbox!!!!  Here’s what Fiona has to say!!!

 Dear Jane
Here is my day 2. It may not be a tail, but I still think we are making an animal...time will tell. 
Kind regards

Just back from a quick walk to the Friday market to get my fruit.  I got back and almost straightaway I found Aude in my inbox.  She’s sent in her days 1 and 2 and says
 Hi Jane,
Thanks for your  work!
I think my pins are not regular enough.... we will see later ;)
Aude , from Belgium”
Your picots will be fine, Aude.  Keep tatting!!!!

Now we travel to Hungary for the next addition.  This is from Belane Erzsike and has been sent by Jolimama.  She has sent in both days 1 & 2.  Thank you to both ladies.

 Béláné Erzsike Ládi munkája.
Kedves Jane, küldm Béláné Ládi munkáját. Szeretettel: Jolimama:

The work of Erzsike Ládi Béláné. 1-2 days 
Dear Jane, I am sending the work of Béláné Ládi.” 

Next is from Jane who also comes from a long way away!!!  She says
 Hi Jane, 
Definitely not first today, I had a small person here all morning and clear though your instructions are, they require a degree of concentration! Anyway, it's still a fish.”
Well if it is, Jane, we’ll all be swimming together!!!

Next in is from Marco who has sent in her day 2

Next in is Marie-Claude who says

 Hello Jane,
Here is my Day 2. I am participating in the TIAS for the first time and I am already delighted! Thank you Jane.
I said a flower for Day 1, but no... But it gets rounder... Something of an animal...
I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the TIAS, Marie-Claude.

Lovely to see Jennifer back in my inbox and she says

 Day Two
I still think it could be an alien although that’s one serious row of eyes with what is now an even more serious unibrow! He’ll need an equally impressive mouth to match. He’s starting to look like something Gilliam would do for Python! Or the Bugblatter Beast of Traal from Hitchhiker’s!!
Your drawing is HILARIOUS, Jennifer but I can see why you’re thinking that now!!!  I guess it could be either of those!!!  

Next to arrive is Helga again.  This time with her day 2.  She says.
 Dear Jane,
I had to start over again. Made a mistake in the first part, because I didn’t pay enough attention reading the pattern. 
No problem. It’s a good exercise.
I keep to my first guess, that it’s something fluffy 
(CreaHelga Tatting, Knots & Lace)”
Hmmmm, still something fluffy?  I wonder what sort of fluffy?!?!?

Sylvie is back with her day 2.  This is what she says
 Hello Jane... I suppose.. A little rabbit..
Je suis impatiente de connaître la suite.. 
I can't wait to hear more.“
I’m wanting to know more too, Sylvie and your drawing does make it look like a rabbit. A very cute rabbit!!!

Anita is back again with her day 2 and a gorgeous shuttle too. I love seeing everybody’s shuttles. Here’s her comment and picture.

 Hi Jane,
My day 2 attached.
Haven’t got a better guess than the one I had before, a lacy dress!

Back to Hungary again with a day 2 from Erika.
 Halmainé Nagy Erika

Now we’re off to Yorkshire and I think I can see a feline helper on the photo too.  This is from Sue and she says
“ Ok eventually my contribution! Toes of the umbrella stand modelled by the cat! I'm late because I can't read directions and had to undo it!”

Cheryl’s just arrived in my inbox with a good question too.  Here’s what she says
“ Well...there's day 2. Is it supposed to be coming around in a circle like that?
Well no, Cheryl, it’s not going to end up going round in circles - promise!!!!  

Valerie has changed her mind!!!  We’re no longer having a beach party but something more creepy?

 Bonsoir à tous, 
je pense que ma plage du 1er jour se transforme en 1000 pattes ou chenille ! 😄
Bisous à tous,
Valérie ( de France)

Good evening everyone, I think my beach from day 1 turns into 1000 paws or caterpillar! 😄 Kisses to all, Valérie (from France)“

Now to America and KatieV who says
 Hi, Jane,
The intrigue builds!
Thank you, thank you!!  You're the best!!
love and hugs,
Katie Verna”
Love you too, Katie.

Another guess at a heart from Yvonne and here is her comment plus picture.
 Yvonne says, hmm...

🤔, it’s beginning to look like something, not sure what yet. 

Valentines is around the corner, could it have something to do with ❤️ love. And the mystery continues.”

Well what a good idea, Yvonne.  It could easily be a heart.

You’ve just GOT to smile at Heidi’s picture!!!!  LOVE IT.
 Not sure what its going be
But it looks like a Cheshire grin to me.

Next to drop in is Stephanie who has done two of the TIAS!  Here’s what she says

 They seem to be multiplying, whatever they are.  Started out with size 20, then did another in size 80.  No idea what it is yet.


Pleased to hear you’re still confused, Stephanie!!!

Melanie is the next person to drop in and she says
 Hi Jane-
Here's my Day 2. I don't have a guess. But I look forward to seeing what other people think.
Me too, Melanie.  I don’t have a guess but I love seeing what others think too!!!!

Bernice has returned with her day 2 and she says
 Oh It just came to me, a Panda, it’s a panda bear.


Oh, thank you, Bernice.  I wondered what it was!!!!

Andrea’s popped into my inbox now.  I LOVE her drawing - so many talented tatters ‘out there’.  Here’s her comment and picture

 Hi Jane, 

A freezing cold morning, so what better excuse to stay indoors and tat! I wish the weather was warm enough to fly away in this hot air balloon.
Andrea ”

So do I, Andrea.  So do I.