Tuesday 18 July 2023

18th July

91.   Whooppeee another alien has arrived. Thank you to Judy for sending her little chap in.

This is what she says

"My alien looks funny.. but is finished."


Saturday 29 April 2023

Saturday 29th April

Another surprise and this time from Janet. Unlike the last post it’s been a glorious warm day here today for number 

Janet has this to say

90.    “Hi Jane at last my aliens are ready to come to you Think they will be when blocked. But can’t put off sending them to you.
Thanks looking forward to the next tias! Happy tatting.
Janet X


Saturday 15 April 2023

Saturday 15th April

What a lovely surprise on a cold April evening here in the middle of England. Not just one but TWO new aliens. These arrived, thanks to Pamela, who said

“Aliens from Jackie, the first one with dog and mine the variegated one. 

Our two Aliens come in peace. They are sorry they didn’t arrive earlier but they were delayed by a couple of humans and a dog who they met on the way. The humans asked them so many questions about where they came from that in the end they had to make a run for it!

I LOVE the dog, Jackie.  He seems to love aliens!!!!




Tuesday 11 April 2023

Tuesday 11th April

A wet, windy and thoroughly horrid day (weather wise) so a lovely surprise when I had another alien drop in! This is from Sue who says

87.    “ Here he isLooking a bit poorly as he had a rough trip here :-(
So he's phoning home for a tow-truck!!!

I missed a toe off the first foot, so adjusted the other foot to match
Also had to increase the counts for the top of the head
His antennae wouldn't stay twisted so attacked them with a bit of glue

He's destined for my mad patchwork Jacket 
Thanks for all the hard work designing & sharing this pattern
As I say, you have a convoluted mind me dear :-)”

I LOCW the picture, Sue.  I hope ET got home in the end - onto your jacket.  


Monday 3 April 2023

Monday 3rd April

I'm glad this one didn't arrive on All Fool's Day (1st April) as he may not have landed safely! You never know who or what is floating around in space or cyberspace!!

Thanks to Claire for taking us another step further towards the 100 target. Here's what she says.

86.    "Used old Coats and Clark size 30 thread. Hope we do it again next year.


Saturday 18 March 2023

Saturday 18th March

What a lovely surprise to receive not one, not two but FOUR new aliens.

81, 82, 83 and 84. These four were sent in by a member of a group in America and the sender said.

“Jane , We are missing Maryann’s alien. She has COVID and couldn’t attend the party with our aliens here in Yuma Arizona. We enjoyed getting our critters together. Thought you might enjoy them, too. 
Happy St. Patrick’s Day. 🍀”

85.    Another alien has also arrived today which is very pleasing.  This is from Wendy who says

Here is the alien, Jane, at last.  I had to work up to sewing in the ends before I could send it.
A very good TIAS. You had us all guessing.  Thank you

Ah, the never ending problem with endings, Wendy!  I feel your pain!!!!


Friday 17 March 2023

Friday 17th March

What a lovely surprise. Another landing on earth!!! This is from Deana who says


“They found some pretty cold rugged terrain here in Canada….I think they may be looking for a Canadian goose or two!!! 

Tatting in London Ontario Canada


Thursday 9 March 2023

Thursday 9th March

A snowy day here today but another alien has managed to get here despite a drop of around three inches!!!  

79.    This is from Bonnie who had problems with sending the pictures but she says

“Hi Jane,
Sorry the picture didn't come, when I send emails via my phone weird things happen, you would thinlk I would stop but it's sometimes hard to get to a computer! Hopefully these pictures will be there, I downloaded them to my desktop before I attached them. You'll notice on the alien I did the CWJ on the arms but I got lazy and just did lock joins on the head. I also sent a picture of the bookmark, it was needle tatted in size 20 Lizbeth but I don't recall the color names. I will have to do the dragon I missed last year soon!
Thanks so much for all you do for the tatting world and for you pictures from your walks!
Bonnie Swank”

Shame you have problems with the phone and attachments but they both got here in the end!!!   A very late fox bookmark but just as welcome as another alien!!!!  Thanks for taking part.


Tuesday 7 March 2023

Tuesday 7th March

I’m delighted to welcome Wilma’s alien today. 

78. Wilma says
“ Pian pianino, nel poco tempo a disposizione, sono riuscita a finirlo cercando di inserire tutti i passaggi che ho trovato durante il percorso. Grazie infinite a te Jane e ad Imparare con Alicja. Un grande saluto dall'Italia in provincia di Treviso. 👋👋

Little by little, in the little time available, I managed to finish it trying to insert all the steps I found along the way. Thank you so much Jane and Learning with Alicja. A big greeting from Italy in the province of Treviso. 👋👋“

Thank you for joining in Wilma and a big thanks too to Alicja too for all the help she’s given both to you and others.  


Monday 6 March 2023

Monday 6th March

Excellent news - another alien has arrived. This time it’s from Susan who says

77.    “Dear Jane,Here it is. I had quite a lot of company and a COVID exposure so I might be the last one to finish this TIAS. A group of us work together on Wednesdays under normal circumstances. I did not get to participate for almost 3 weeks. I missed my tatting friends during that time. This guy/gal was fun and the CWj was new to me. I have mastered it. 
As you can see, the alien is pigeon toed, but quite a cutie. Thanks , Jane for another great tatting experience 
Susan from Yuma, AZ”

It’s NEVER too late to send in a finished TIAS.  In fact unless I get around 100 I probably won’t do another.  Time will tell.  


Wednesday 1 March 2023

Wednesday 1st March

Nearly my bedtime but another alien has just arrived!! 

This one is from Betty and Mary Ann sent it in for her.  Here’s what she said.

76.    Hi Jane. Mary Ann again with another alien from Yuma, AZ. This week Betty finished an alien using Lizbeth thread for the body and another brand for the head. She is having difficulty with her eyes and found the CW joins to be quite challenging. I thought she did a great job.

She certainly did an excellent job.  I hope she reads this blog so she can see her little chap.


Monday 27 February 2023

Monday 27th February

Another lovely surprise to wake up to another TIAS. This time it's from Madhur who says

75. "My dear Jane
Good morning from India
Here are my two aliens. Made a couple of mistakes in the first one variegated. So made the latter in lilac. The threads are size 20, in Red Rose.
This time I missed the fun of tatting along with the others due to my travels. Will go through the day by day posts later.
I dare not miss TIAS after all. I truely enjoy doing it . Better late than never.
Lots of love and hugs."

Exactly right, Madhur.  Better late than never!!!


Sunday 26 February 2023

Sunday 26th February

Another day - another alien and this time it’s from Margaret who says

74.    Hi Jane, 
Finally finished my 'frog turned alien' due to rather sporadic internet access when I was away recently. Please excuse the odd colour scheme, I ran out of green on one shuttle and had accidentally taken different thread with me! 
Thank you for providing so much tatting fun again this year.


Saturday 25 February 2023


Another alien has flown in to see me before he set off on another adventure!

72. Nona says

“Hi Jane,
Greetings from Wisconsin, USA. I decided to make a birthday card with my cute purple alien. I think I found this thread at a thrift shop; the label says it’s Manuela, size 20, from Süssen, Germany. Thanks for orchestrating all the fun!

That’s a great idea.  Will he be travelling via space ship or flying saucer to his new abode?  Manuela was superb thread and I was so sorry when they stopped producing it.  

73. Kathleen has also arrived with her little alien and she says

“Hello Jane
I have finally finished my Alien.
Hope you like him.
Thank you so much have had a lot of fun and learning new techniques!!
Happy Tatting
Kathleen Hobbs”


Friday 24 February 2023

Friday 24th February

Overnight a couple more aliens have strolled into my inbox, I'm pleased to say.

69. This morning I have Susan who says this

"Finally got the head to look something like it was supposed to, even used your method of joining to the first ring with ease (on the third time). My long legged turtle is now an alien. His companion had an unfortunate encounter with Mr. Snippy & is no longer with us.
Thanks for the challenging exercise!
Susan, USA"

Oh, that's so sad about the other alien!  I hope you've told Mr Snippy off and will keep him in the 'naughty corner' for a while!!  

70. Next this morning is Jane and I know where she lives - Canada!!! I've visited with her some years ago. Anyway, here's what she has to say

"Hello Jane
I had a great time with your TIAS this year.
Thanks for a fun adventure.
Jane "

71.    Another alien and this time from Marie who has this to say

“Dear Jane,
It seemed to me that there was an alien story ...
Here is what he says : "Hello, I am dancing among the stars... I thank Jane for creating meand I greet you all !.."
I used Lizbeth thread n°20 color "Grape Splash".
Many thanks Jane for this lovely alien and see you next year for a new TIAS, I hope.

I hope to be back next year too, Marie.  Thank you for taking part.


Thursday 23 February 2023

Thursday and another alien!

I thought today was going to be a ‘no alien day’ but Bernice has proved me wrong - thankfully!

67. Bernice says 

“Hi Jane,
Greetings from Canada, we are in a cold spell so a perfect time to sit and tat. I used a Lizbeth thread Color 130. It is amazing how well this fellow sits up tall without his head falling over. Thanks for another wonderful TIAS. 

Thanks for sending in your alien, Bernice.  I was wondering whether there were going to be any arrivals today!!!!

68.    Another alien has just dropped by. This is from Maria who says

I'm sending the picture a little late, but I also made a Tias alien this year 😊

Thank you for sending your alien to me, Marja. I like your blog. I’ll be reading it in future. 

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Wednesday 22nd February

It’s seven o’clock in the evening and I thought that I wouldn’t get any aliens in today but happily I have two more arrivals.

64.    First in is from Beverley and she is tatting in Yuma, Arizona. She used Lizbeth #700 and she enjoyed learning the CW join.

65.    Also from Yuma, Arizona is Marion. She used Lizbeth #677. Perfect for an alien. She wore out her computer watching videos of the CW join!


Tuesday 21 February 2023

Tuesday 21st February

Back to dull weather again today but another alien has arrived which has cheered me up. 

63.    Martha is the first in today and she says

“Here is my alien, as he scratches his head, wondering if he isn't a Purple People Eater after all. This is a delightful pattern, and making was lots of fun, thank you. My thread was Lizbeth 641 Lilac Dk. Martha Ess, Greensboro, NC, USA”

Thanks, Martha. Hope your Purple People Eater doesn’t eat too many humans!!!!

Monday 20 February 2023

Monday 20th February

The sun is out here in my part of England. What a lovely surprise!!!

58.    Today I start with Karen's completed alien and this is what she has to say.

It will take me a few days to finish my garnet red alien, but here is my completed blue alien. He is tatted with Lizbeth thread, size 20, #707 – Sky Blue Dark. Oh no! I hope I didn’t tat Chief Blue Meanie from Outer Space! All he needs is love, love, love, right?
A garnet red alien will arrive in a day or so. Who knows? There may even be a third. These visitors are too charming.
Thank you for two weeks of creative battery-charging, energy-boosting, doldrums-banishing FUN!
You know that bittersweet feeling when you get to the end of a very good book? The end of T.I.A.S. this year is a bit like that. I have been affected by it; I have learned and conquered; I have loved the camaraderie; I am delighted by the alien I have made, and yes, I am sad it's all over.
I look forward to (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise…) another adventure.
IsDihara/Karen from Virginia, USA"

Glad you enjoyed the TIAS journey, Karen.  

59.    Mary is next in this morning and she says this

Sorry for the late submission l, life got in the way. I am always amazed by your imagination- please keep doing the TIAS. What a delight.
Tracy, CA USA"

There's no such thing as 'late' in a TIAS, Mary!!!! Anybody's welcome at any time!

60.    The next is a ‘forgotten by me’ alien. Sylvie wrote with an update to her alien and I’ve looked and looked through the arrivals and couldn’t find it. I didn’t realise until now that it had never been uploaded as it was ‘hidden’ at the bottom of the update message. My apologies to Sylvie and here’s what she has to say

“Dear Jane , here is my alien ET , I enjoyed very much made it, I give it to my little son Léon for the wall of his bedroom.Thank you for this TIAS, I hope to play with you next year.
Best regards from Millau in south of France.
It’s Sylvie again I have forgotten to tell you I’m 73 years old and tate for almost 10 Years. I am in Association française de frivolité.
See you next year😃

61.    Much later than her usual speed (first in on many days) Jenni has sent in her alien. I missed you in my inbox, lass. Here’s what she says.

“Well......he might have come in peace but this week has been chaos so I didn't get time to play on the last day.
On 2 weeks off now so thought I had better finish the cute little alien.
Thanks for another great TIAS Jane. You really kept us guessing on this one!

62.    Maren has now arrived with her lovey pink alien and she says

“Hi Jane,
Finally done with my little alien! Though I'm not too happy with my antennas, I think it turned out quite nicely. I plan to append a band with a tassel to one of the legs so it can be used as a bookmark. It will make a nice present to my brother-in-law, the book worm.
Thank you so much for all the fun and hope we'll be back with another TIAS next year!
All the best,

Sunday 19 February 2023

Sunday's arrivals

Three arrivals overnight and the first is from Judith.

55.    She says

"Hi, Jane. My extraterrestrial fellow has been AWOL checking out balloons over North America, but he found no-one to ‘phone home’. So he has arrived late.
Thanks for a most enjoyable TIAS, Jane. I used a Coats thread….no name. There were techniques we had to remember, or even learn. And our abilities to read directions were put to the test. We had a great time.
Judith in Australia."

56.    Liz is next with her little chap and her comment too.  She says

"Good evening 
Please see my finished Alien from Area 51 near Las Vegas NV. He was made from Aunt Lydia size 10 ocean thread.  His head is a bit big for his body.  I think I missed something. This has been great fun!!! I hope to do this again next year.    

57.    Finally this morning I have Coretta who has sent in day 13 as well. She says

My alien comes from Florida, USA.
I shuttle tatted it in Lizbeth size 20 color 114 SeaShells. Thanks so much for the fun to move us through January.
He was delayed because I was having a brain block on the folded join. So close, but had to put it away because it was too far past bedtime and then was delayed days. But he landed! "

So pleased to see him safely on the ground, Coretta!!!

Saturday 18 February 2023


Saturday - early evening and no sign of an alien ALL DAY!!!! 

There must be an intergalactic transport strike!!!  The chief alien (mine!) has arrived to see if he can find out what the problem is.  Are they striking for more pay or better working conditions in their flying saucers/spaceships?

54. Almost bedtime and an alien arrived from Wilma. She says

“Ecco il mio umanoide, grazie Jane per aver ideato questo bellissimo e interessante progetto che con l' aiuto di Imparare con Alicja sono riuscita a realizzare con grande soddisfazione. Un grazie di cuore e un caro saluto. 
Here is my humanoid, thank you Jane for having created this beautiful and interesting project that with the help of Learning with Alicja I was able to carry out with great satisfaction. A big thank you and a warm greeting

Sono così felice che ti sia piaciuto il TIAS e spero di incontrarti di nuovo in futuro, Wilma
I'm so glad you've enjoyed the TIAS and I hope to meet you again in the future, Wilma


Friday 17 February 2023

Friday and more aliens!

Another gloomy grey day here in England but first in to cheer me up is Anne-Marie with her alien. She says

50. "Good evening Jane,
The TIAS this year was really funny and remained mysterious for a long time...
I was “dropped” on day 10, because of children and grandchildren at home during school holidays ... But I just did the last steps and I find it very funny this alien ......... And he made us languish.
Thank you again for brightening up our winter!
Kind regards
Anne_Marie (France)
Made of Altin Basak 50 color 315 yarn"

Thanks for taking part, Anne-Marie and I hope you enjoyed the children and grandchildren too. What a lovely time you must have had.

51. Next in is Mary Ann who says this

"Hi Jane. Finished today and love him. I used Lizbeth size 20, #691, mocha brown med.
I live in Warren, Michigan but spend the winters in Yuma, Arizona where I learned to shuttle tat and continue to tat with a small group of women. Catherine wheel joins and twisted picots we’re both new to me and the group. I’m very happy that we made enough CW joins to say that I have learned the technique!
Thanks again Jane for entertaining us with this TIAS. My curiosity has been satisfied by coming to the end of the project, but now I’m missing the anticipation of waiting for the next step! So I’ll have to be content waiting and hoping for the next one. Mary Ann"

I think a lot of people want the TIAS to 'never end', Mary Ann!!!  I miss my full inbox in the mornings and the lovely chats I have with people too.  

52.    Carol is next arrival on this ‘almost’ sunny afternoon. She says

“Dear Jane: I have attached the 2023 Alien!
I used Lizbeth Size 20, Color 651.
Enjoyed the tatting game! Thx for hosting
Always, Carol in NW Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II.https://lelia-stitchesoflife.blogspot.com/-”

Thanks, Carol.  I’m glad you enjoyed the journey into space!!!!

53.    Mary Jane follows next with her alien and she says

“Hello Jane
Sad to have our tias over. Thank you so much for all your hard work 
I reworked the head to match the same color of body like it better
I used daffodil color sorry no number Lizbeth thread # 20 from Handy Hands
I am a shuttle tatter started in 2001. 
Hoping for another pattern next January. 
Have a great weekend. 
Mary Jane. Jasper Indiana USA”

Thanks for taking part, Mary Jane.  It keeps me out of mischief during the dull winter months!!!

Now I have something different for you to read. This was sent in by Katie who has already got aliens on the blog (yesterday and number 48). I’ll let her tell you all about it.

“Hi, Jane, 
hubby feels that it is seriously inappropriate to write limericks for you who lives in Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare's city. So he wrote you a sonnet, inspired by Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII.
All the tatty best!
Katie Verna

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII

Shall I keep tatting through this winter’s day?
Curiosity in me does not abate,
and I am bound, alas, to tat away,
knowing full well that Jane has laid her bait.
TIAS is light; it glows; it shines!
For every shape it gives is neatly trimmed,
but with the current one my poor heart pines.
What is it? Every hope has slowly dimmed.
Hold! Lo! At last, my hope has ceased to fade,
and all my thoughts are rising, that were lowest.
I can now see a Martian’s what I’ve made,
albeit recognition was the slowest.
Right dreadful every tatter’s life would be,
but for TIAS and BC3!
By Carmine Verna”

54. This time it’s Monica who’s arrived in my inbox and she says

“ Ciao Jane,mi è piaciuto tantissimo partecipare al TIAS anche quest’anno,grazie per questi momenti così piacevoli e divertenti!!Anche la mia dolce coppietta di alieni ti saluta!!Ho usato un cotone da uncinetto n.12 e le navette
Un abbraccio Monica. 

Hi Jane, I really enjoyed participating in TIAS again this year, thanks for these pleasant and fun moments!! Even my sweet couple of aliens greets you!! I used a crochet cotton n.12 and the shuttles Hugs Monica”

It was lovey to see you back In the TIAS again, Monica.  Thanks for taking part.  

55.    Next in is Joanne who has sent in her finished alien. She says

“Hi Jane, greetings from Joanne from Santa 🎅 Claus, IN, USA.  I used size 20 Lizbeth thread. No color listed. I have been tatting about 10 years.
My Alien was a few days late because he was feeding Santa's reindeer. 
You kept me guessing most of the time. I thought it might be an underwater sea creature. You are very clever.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I enjoyed it so much. I really appreciate all you do for us tatters.

Thanks , Joanne.  I’m glad it kept you guessing.  I must admit I was wondering what it was going to turn into!!!  I’d almost forgotten it was going to be an alien!!!

56.    Now a welcome to Andrea with her little alien chap! She says

“ Hi Jane, another alien visitor has arrived! Thank you so much for this really fun challenge and a couple of new techniques. Always makes me smile to see what everyone else is doing and all the guesswork 😍. It seems to be over far too soon 🥲 Andrea from Lancashire U.K. I used Lizbeth 20 x”

Thank you for taking part, Andrea.  Hopefully another next year.