Sunday, 22 January 2023

Day 5 now available

Yes, here it is - DAY 5 of the 2023 TIAS

First in today is a day 4 from Coretta. She says

“Day 4 
I have no idea today. Easy tatting today, but for my future reference, my shuttle 1 is green, which I had to think pretty hard on. I was excited to send day 4 yesterday but my phone was too full. It’s a problem I have. So I had to transfer and delete a bunch to get the photo to load today. :) So day 4 is ready for day 5.”

Time for a phone upgrade, Coretta?

Leara is the next of my overnight emails with day 4 and she says

“Hi Jane -
It's Leara - I just finished Day 4 - I hope I did it right! Looking forward to Day 5!
Happy Tatting - love this !”

Glad you’re enjoying it, Leara.

Martha is next in the inbox and this is her comment.

Ooops, I got behind, but I'm catching up now. It's still purple, so I must admire your consistency.”

Hmmmm, I think the choice of colour consistency is more to do with you than me, Martha!!!

First to arrive with her day 5 is Jenni who has this to say

“Good morning Jane!
Here we go. Day 5 already and I have absolutely no idea. But I reckon it now has a leg and 3 toes and by Day 7 we can start guessing!......
Ok...a rooster.
BTW you nearly killed me with those Catherine joins!!! Definitely changing to smaller shuttles!
Hope you have a great day.

Well, as I said on the pattern - you don’t HAVE to do that join!!!  I am just testing to see who will use them and who won’t.  Personally I don’t like them and can’t see a lot of reasons for using them but I’m hoping they will add another technique to the tatting skills of those who are courageous!!!!  

Maureen (also in Australia) is next with her day 5 and she says

“ …….. it’s not easy, undoing Catherine Wheel joins when you get to the end and realise that one of the vsp’s was a little TOO vs……….
But I did it with the aid of some lovely blue cheese and a small spot.”

Now Anita has come up with the answer - or so she thinks!!! I wonder! Here’s what she says

“Hi Jane,
I figured it out now :-)

What a cheerful looking chap, Anita!!!!

Richard is next with his day 5 but not sure about his guess!!!!

“I am excited Day five has arrived! I think my house has a tail now!
Happy Tatting!

Back again and I now have Jane’s day 5 and she says

“Hi Jane, here's my day 5. I started again. My thread was too thin, too dark and too twisty. Messy Catherine Wheel joins were the final straw. Still looking for a green machine though. Oh, and working continuously I could see the sense of DNRW!”

Thanks, Jane.  I’m not a fan of the Catherine Wheel join but it’s a good thing to learn if people want a smoother outline.  Shame you had problems with the thread, though.

Now I have Alicja who has also sent in her day 5. Earlier she asked me a question which I answered before I saw this message so I can tell you that she IS a GENIUS. She says

“I’m a genius 😂😂😂 Jane, your Tias is a wonderful exercise for my brain 🤩 Thank you Alicja from Italy 
P.S. As you can see I don’t need you to answer my question 💕”

Clever lady. 

Next to arrive is that crazy woman (Sue) from up in the north of England!!! Well she says she’s crazy and I’m forced to agree with her as she said it and I don’t want to fall out with her!!! She says

“Morning Miss
Freezing fog here, not too thick but cold! I’ll send you some! Been here 2 days and I’ve seen enough!
Anyway here’s the palm jigamatwist!! If it is a palm tree feel free to remove the word! Don’t want to give the game away too soon!!
Love from the crazy TOG up north”

To clarify Sue’s comment.  I’ve not removed the words ‘palm tree’ which doesn’t mean to say that it is or it isn’t one!!!  I just want to confuse everybody even more!!!!

Sylvie has just arrived with her comment which is as follows

“Hi Jane ! Have a good day!!Voici ma correction 
Je vais commencer le day 5
Here is my fix I will start on day 5
Sylvie ”

Perfect, Sylvie, perfect.

Coby has just joined us with her days 1 - 5 and she says

“Hallo Jane,
Dit zijn mjn resultaten tot nu toe, ik heb er veel plezier aan.
Coby Roozendaal-Kramer
uit Nederland.

Hi Jane, These are my results so far, I'm having a lot of fun with it. Greetings Coby Roosendaal-Kramer from The Netherlands“

Next to arrive is Stephanie who says

“I don’t think I have a guess yetl Still, it’s great fun and I love to see everyone’s color choices and shuttles.
Thanks for all your hard work doing this. We all appreciate it.

Marco is next to drop in and she says

“Hello,here is day 5.
Greetings Marco”

Now I have Marie’s offering and I LOVE her drawing.

“Hello Jane,
Here is my Day 5. Our snail now has 2 heads!! And it's the fight between the two... Who will win?? Maybe we'll know on day 6...
I'm sorry for my CWjs which are not very well done, I haven't used this technique for a long time.

Julie is next to arrive and she says

“I am still thinking it is an ostrich. Today it is bowing it's head. You are stretching my brain with the CWJ and all the guessing. Such fun, thank you for taking the time to do this for us. 

That’s an interesting guess as I’ve not designed an ostrich yet.  Well not unless this turns into one!!!

Lindy has caught me just as I was leaving the room to start the meal off!!! She says

“Hello Jane,
My update for day 5, maybe a sloth? It has 3 fingers/nails.
Thought about it as I'm feeling a bit lazy today.

Judy has just popped in with her day 3 and she has this to say

Sticking with Rhinoceros until I change my mind. Judy”

Right - Karen has had a really clever guess and as he’s in the news constantly since his mom died she could well be right. OR am I leading you on too?!?!? She says

“FYI—before making a Catherine Wheel join I must review the instructions EVERY time. It is comforting to know I am not alone. Today I am quite sure we are tatting none other than HRH King Charles III.
God save the King, 
IsDihara/Karen in Virginia, USA”

I have to review it every time too, Karen!!!!

Nona has just arrived with her day 5 and she has this comment

“Day 5 done….looks like a snail, but it’s probably not.
Nona ”

It could easily be a snail, Nona.

Now I have a ‘missing person’ who has turned up having started this year’s TIAS today. I say ‘missing’ because she is usually here from the start. It’s SO good to see Pam back. She says

“Hello dear Jane, thanks for doing this yet again. At the PTG meeting yesterday they told me the game is afoot, so I have caught up.

Back again a short while later is Judy who has been busy! She’s sent in her days 4 and 5 with the following comment

So maybe I will change my mind.. a caterpillar!”

Debra is next to plunge into my inbox and she says

“ Hmmm... depending on how one turns the element it could be a jester, or perhaps a peacock? I am truly stumped.”

I’m very pleased that you’re stumped - still, Debra!!!

Denise is next with her days 3, 4 and five. She says

“I got a little behind. I haven't been looking so I think it might be a dinosaur...”

Don’t worry, Denise, there’s no time schedule for this game!!! 

Hallie is next to arrive with her day 5 and she has this to say

“Oh, my goodness! Well, I'll consider it practice for the T.A.T. Apprentice program I'm starting soon. I don't know if they require CWJs in Apprentice level, but I'm sure they'll get to them somewhere!
Ta da! Four CWJs! Some of them may be Cathys or Kates (not quite Catherines!) and because of picking out the joins several times the vsps grew a bit, but for now they're close enough.
As for today's guess: A palm tree!!
Hallie in WI, where palm trees do not grow. We got more snow overnight! Don't worry, Jane, we'll keep it here. You're safe!”

Good luck with the T.A.T. Program.  Thanks for keeping the snow too!!!

Pam has just arrived with her day 5 and the following comment

“Whew! First attempt at Catherine Wheel Joins. While they are a little more like Cate’s flat tires, I enjoyed trying to figure them out.
Scorpion. I think the rhino/snail/caterpillar is a scorpion.
I’m on the struggle bus, but enjoying the ride! Marie, love your two headed snail guess!

Maren has just joined the game and has sent in her first five days. She says 

“Hi Jane,
Finally caught up so here is my first contribution; day 5. Very fun to learn a new technique with the CW join, I think the result looks quite a bit nicer than the regular lock join.
After today's tail I'm thinking maybe a cat?
Looking forward to the next part!
Maren in Stockholm”

Hmmmm, a cat.  Maybe!!!

Katie is back with her group of five. She has this to say and particularly about the CW join!!! HEre’s her comment

“Dear Jane and fellow tatters, 
Does Day 5 complete an arm and fingers? hehe, as if Jane would say!
Still those Catherine Wheel joins added intensity to tatting the arm, don't you think? I've not tatted them before (although I've long read about them). I'm pleased with their effect. Thank you, Jane!
Happy tatting---and guessing, everyone!
Katie V in NC”

Oh dear Marla has been having trouble with her Catherine Wheel join but whatever new join she’s used I want her to teach ME. It looks great, Marla. Here’s her comment and picture

“Ok…. I don’t know what kind of ameba or sea monster this is….. but don’t EVER try to suggest using a “Catherine what’cha’ma’call’it” 😳🙄 join to me again….. 
I spent way to much time attempting to tie & untie knots & shredding threads… & pulling of hair 😬…  before I gave up & figured out my own simple join…. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Marla… at least I think that’s who I am 🫣”

You are sooooo funny, Marla - you are definitely you!!!

Arlene has just dropped in and she’ll probably be the last of the day as I’m heading for bed shortly. Here’s her comment

“Ignore the knot where the thread broke.
I am still guessing lion.
Arlene M
Durham NC”

Don’t you just hate when a thread breaks, Arlene?

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