Monday 16 January 2023


First in this morning (I apologise for my late start) is Martha who says

"Here's my Day 2. It's still purple, so I'll keep my guess of Purple People Eater. You did say the color would give it away, after all."

Bev is next and she says

"Hi Jane
I’ll probably regret my choice of green thread. It doesn’t look like a frog any more.

Don't make rash decisions just yet, Bev!!!!

Valerie has just joined us - welcome. Here are days 1 and 2 along with her comment.

"Good day, Jane! How have you been?
The annual TIAS really sort of brings me back to 'life'; as work bogs me down most of my waking hours. Thanks for getting it together again. I'm writing you this on a bus to work, actually. So, here we go again.
My guess? Right now, it looks like the start of a ! We'll see. It's too early days to know what will turn out.
Best regards,

Good to see you again, Valerie.  Life is COLD but busy in my little part of the world, thanks.

Next to arrive is a TIAS that's caused a few issues for it's owner!!! She says

"Tangled up SR6. Started over with day 1. Wanted to do CRM, so rethreaded shuttles. Forgot to join SR2 to 1. Started over, but didn’t rethread, so caterpillar has a lump in his neck. Actually there was one more start over, for a total of 4.
I think I need to do this earlier in the morning when I’m not tired.
Today’s guess: a caterpillar carrying a hippo."

Well that's the fun of the TIAS and it could easily be a caterpillar carrying a hippo!!!

Next in is Susan who says

"Susan From Yuma Arizona. I forgot to include my name in prior email."

No worries, Susan. I don't always put a name to the email address in my little brain!!!

Judy is next to arrive (I’ve actually managed to get downstairs and have breakfast - it’ll soon be lunch!!) before continuing with the overnight emails. Judy says simply

“ Rhinoceros”

Katie has arrived with all five of her day 2’s. She says

“ Hi, Jane and fellow tatters!
Contemplating those who remarked that we have no facial features yet, I thought I should dig deeper. Maybe this is a root! Perhaps we are tatting Yggdrasil, the sacred tree of Norse mythology! or maybe I came to this conclusion because of the five rooty creatures I have staring at me! Meantime, after your help on the Split Rings Technique page and after practicing 20 times, I may have mastered split ring joining!
Then I imagine that you and your Tat It And See blog page are our Yggdrasil! In our ether world, we sit together under its branches and tat and chat about the possibilities. Bonk! a branch of Yggdrasil just thwapped me--it brooks no doubts that it's the winner!
Well, let's see what Day 3 brings--another thwap!
KatieV in NC”

That’s quite an explanation, Katie.  You must have a BC3 like mine!!!

Now I have the first day 3 and it’s from Richard in Virginia who I thought would be in bed at this time of the day. Here’s his comment and picture

“ Good Morning Jane!
I see the whatsit is unlikely to be a crown! Perhaps a table because now it looks like a table leg to me!
Virginia ”

Next is Wilma with her day 2 and she says simply

“ Il mio secondo giorno. 
My second day.“

Lyn is next with her day 3 and she says

“ Good afternoon Jane,A decorative spoon Jane? Probably not!!
We have had some terrible bush fire here and Ian has been out driving the volunteer fire truck. Cooler today so that’s good 
Regards from Western Australia ”

That could be right, Lyn. The spoon, I mean.  Sorry about the fires and I hope Ian keeps safe.

Ruth is hot on Richard's tail with her Day 3. Now, is that a clue? Tail? I wonder. Anyway, Ruth says

"Dear Jane,
I think it's going to be a crocodile/alligator!!
I do like the way you used those vsp to give stability to that row of split rings on Day 2.

Next to pop into my inbox with day 3 is Marco and she says

“Here is day 3. Still no idea 
Greetings Marco”

Sue’s just arrived too with her next day and she says

“Afternoon Miss
Why are you trying to make my jigamatwist look like a tail?? I much prefer the jigamatwist!
I hope it doesn’t need to be kept warm!
Sue in a cloudy, cold up north where it’s snowing!!”

Please don’t send the snow down here, Sue.

Next to arrive is Hanneke’s day 3 and she says

“ Still no idea ”

Ha, ha. Just love Anita’s idea!!! She says

“ Hi Jane,
Still too soon to make a guess. But doesn't it looks a little bit like a crocodile head? You bet will add a bead later just to keep us off track :-)”

Next to arrive is Stephanie who has this to say

“ Day 3 attached. No guesses yet.

Hallie is suffering bad weather just like we are in the UK. She says

“Good morning, Jane!
It's a rainy, cold day. We expect cold in Wisconsin in January, but not rain! They're promising snow for later this week; we'll see. I bought new snowshoes last year and they've not yet been used.
Here is Day 3, and I know what it is. My favorite guess in TIAS: It is NESSIE!! Well, I had to bend it a bit but otherwise, it is a definite fit. I've guessed Nessie in previous years but this time I'm sure. 😃
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin”

Much the same weather here too but a great guess.  I wonder, though!!!

Jane is still sticking with the same guess as before. This is what she says

“ Hi Jane, still a green machine!”

Sticking with her guess is Julie and she reckons it’s a - well I’ll let her tell you!

“Hi Jane, here is my day 3. I think this is still a leg for something. My guess is staying on an ostrich for now.

Coretta has been thinking hard about this TIAS and has come to this conclusion.

“Hello Jane, 
Day 2 coming in here. 
This is an ostrich leg. Because you have already designed a flamingo.”

Kathryn has just arrived and here’s her comment and picture

“Dear Jane,
I like this tatting here is day3.

Next to arrive is Alicja who emailed earlier for help. She was on the right track anyway but I’m always happy to give a hand. She says

“Sometimes we try to complicate things that are very simple 😊 It happened to with this step 😊 Thank you, Jane for your explanations. LoveAlicja”

Teresa’s next to arrive with some very useful and interesting I information. She says

“ Jane,
Well, I'm glad to see that I am not the only one with false starts. I was making the first join for Day 3 on the Pink Blossoms colorway and split the thread really badly. In fact, I just started it completely over. As I mentioned earlier, here is the information about the thread I am using for these projects. I was going to discuss some aspects of front-side/back-side tatting but I think that may be a good entry for my own blog ... especially since I haven't done anything there in more than a year.
The thread is all Lizbeth size 20 although the white is a cone that I bought from Debbie Arnold back in 2014 when she still had her DS9 Designs business. It is nicely mercerized and doesn't twist too much. Unlike Lizbeth 20 #601 - Snow White which has a white dye added before the gauzing step in the process. The cone thread has a slightly softer hand than the Snow White so I like it for testing as well as small angels and a cone makes a LOT of snowflakes!
The brown thread is Lizbeth 20 #692 - Mocha Brown. This one is visibly smaller in diameter than the other two threads that I am using. As I mentioned earlier, to get the deeper colors (blacks, purples, browns, navy blue, etc), the "cuticle" in the cotton substrate is opened and the deep dyeing process will damage the substrate. When the thread comes out of the dyeing process, it is further processed in a dyebath that sets the color and closes the cuticle before the thread is sent through the mercerizing process (the strands are twisted together, gas singed, and then wound onto balls).
The pink colorway is Lizbeth size 20 #176 - Pink Blossom which Handy Hands website describes as being Azalea Pink Medium to Very LIght (coordinating with #620 - Azalea Medium and #629 - Azalea Light). I do see at least three pink values with the lightest value being nearly white. I like the monochromatic colorways (like the Pink Blossoms) as opposed to variegated ones (like Lizbeth #103 - Tutti Fruitti) as I find the repeat length more pleasing to my own eyes but using variegation where there are separate colors "bleeding" into one another to be garish, but that's just my own personal preference.”

Pam is back now with her day 3 and she says

“Mine is backwards. What did I do wrong? Does it have something to do with the red letters? I don’t know what front side/back side tatting means. I am laughing so hard right now.
I will learn a lot from this TIAS!
New guess: rhino riding on a snail.

What did the snail say while riding on a turtle?
Answer: Weeeeeeeee!

Well the only thing I think you’ve done wrong is worrying about it!!!  It’s not necessary to work front/back side - it’s just something that some people like to do.  The only thing necessary for successful tatting is to enjoy what you’re doing - mistakes and all.

Sharon has just caught me with her day 2 before I close down and head for bed. She says

“Here is my day 2. I thought it might be a wooly worm, but there are no picots to attach the wool.
Sharon Fawns”

Joanne is the last person to be added today as it’s bedtime!!! She says

“Hi Jane, sending day 3 across the pond to you. I enjoy making the TIAS. I think it might be a runner for Santa 🎅 sled. This is Joanne from Santa Claus, IN.”

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