Wednesday 21 March 2012

A field of goats.

Look what Riet sent in on Monday - a field of goats!!!
In spite of a very bad cold Riet went to her guild meeting last weekend and these all came along too.  Did you know that Riet translates the TIAS each year for the Dutch tatters?  She also gallantly picks up on all my mistakes too!!!

Thank you, Riet and also thank you to all her guild.

Friday 9 March 2012

Friday 9th March

Whoopeeee, another goat. This time from Jon.

106. This is what Jon says:-
"This straggler finally came in! Considering that it had to make a long journey, I am not that surprised that it took so long.
Well, there were a lot of distractions along the way and I think he lost his way a few times. But, he knew he belong to the herd. His eyes almost turned red from lack of sleep trying to find his way there. Coming from a warm climate, his nose froze from the cold and turned icy and white. Hopefully, with the warmth of the barn he will recover soon and will roam freely.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Late on Thursday evening

Well another welcome surprise is another goat from Brigitte.

105. This is what she has to say:-
"Thank you so much for your latest TIAS. I participated and had the best time trying to figure out what it would be. By the time we tatted the horn and ear I knew if would be a goat. If I had known that beforehand, I would have used any other color than boysenberry! LOL! Sorry I am so late getting it to you, I don’t have a scanner at home and I have been extremely busy at work. But here it is finally."

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Tuesday 6th March

Here's number

104. Thank you to Liz D who says:-
"Here he is! Sorry it took me so long to finish. The small bead in his eye is so close to the color of the thread that it is barely noticeable, but I like him just the same. Thanks so much Jane for another great pattern and the accompanying fun.
No problem, Liz - sometimes a TIAS can arrive up to a year later!!!!

Sunday 4 March 2012

Sunday 4th March

This is SO exciting. Just as I'd almost forgotten the TIAS 2012 more goats are strolling in. 

103 This one is from Claire in the USA and she says:-"A friend and I participated in your TIAS again this year. Last year was the first time we participated. It really had us going for quite some time trying to figure out what it would turn out to be. My goat would have looked better in a solid color, but this guy will stick out in the herd! Was the small bead suppose to be for the eye or the nose? I'm wondering if I read the directions wrong when I put the beads on to begin with? My printer would not let me scan anything. Finally got it fixed.
Claire, Richland, Washington--USA"

Saturday 3 March 2012

Saturday 3rd March

What a lovely surprise to have two more goats to add to the herd. Both arrived this evening thanks to Mary Jane. Thank you.

101. This is Joanne's goat and she is from Santa Claus, Indiana and she says:-
"I am a beginner., and first time for TIAS., Love it., waiting for the next one.,"

102.   Mary Jane also sent in Dorcas's goat and this is what Dorcas had to say:-
"Dorcas Newkirk., Evansville Indiana., USA"