Monday 31 January 2022

More day 8

Tomorrow will be day 9 as I feel that a lot of people caught up over the weekend.

The first in this morning is from Aonghas and Kay Lynn who say

"Dear Jane,
Hello! Aonghas here - back on the job after my walk outside. Sometimes it helps me to think when I have my buddy, Barney the dinosaur, with me. My mom and I have really been trying to figure out this mystery. When one of the tatters mentioned a platypus, we thought we'd check out some other Australian critters (since they have some rather unique ones), and we ran across a cute little bandicoot. So that's our first guess today. My mom was looking for a pattern when she ran across the other critter we liked. It's tail is twisted the wrong way, but since it's a mythical critter, we figured we could twist that tail in the other direction and make it fit the tatting. We're glad our mystery critter has at least one foot now. This helps us rule out some of our other guesses. Thanks for keeping us thinking. We LOVE reading other tatters' guesses too.
Aonghas and his momma, Kay Lynn"

Melanie is next in the inbox this morning and she says

"Attached is my version. When I saw your diagram on the pattern, I thought "penguin" but it doesn't look that way when I tatted out the days installment. Something with vertebrae.
Melanie "

Next in the emails is from Martha and this is what she says. She could be right and everybody's off on the wrong guesses!! We'll see!!

"Here is my Day 8. Up till now, I was going to guess dinosaur, then kangaroo. Now, with the addition of that foot-looking ring, I'm going to say iguana, in honor of Florida's falling iguana weather report. Wouldn't it be a laugh if the next steps turn it all around, and that bead isn't an eye, and everyone is way, way off?"

Pam has just joined us and she hasn't cheated as she says!!! I know you wouldn't cheat, Pam.

"Sorry I am late entering the game. But I didn't cheat. I started with Day 1 and didn't look ahead or read blog until I caught up. I am going to guess a humming bird since that is what I want to believe it is!
Pam Freck"

Donna too has just arrived and this is what she says.

"Hi Jane!
So EXCITED that Pam told me you were doing another TIAS! YIPPEE! Always a FUN time!
My pic show how I chose to do Day 4 with the bead.
Shuttle 1 is numbered.
Orange pin marks end of Day 3.
Yellow pin is holding the bead onto the picot.
Split Ring 16 is now ready for the Bead Picot to join.
Donna T. (South Carolina USA)"

Welcome, Donna. Where were you hiding in Tat Land? For a dreadful moment I thought you'd abandoned tatting!! As if!!!  I'll tell you a secret - that's the way I do the bead but didn't want to confuse people too much!!!  Don't tell anybody, will you.  Oh, oooops, just realised that somebody might read this!!!

Finally I've got an email from Wilma with her TIAS. She says

"Bellissimo e divertente progetto, complimenti, io devo ringraziare anche -imparare con Alicja - perché senza la sua traduzione mi sarebbe stato difficoltoso arrivare fino a qui... Grazie a voi

Beautiful and fun project, congratulations, I also have to thank - learning with Alicja - because without her translation it would have been difficult for me to get here ... Thanks to you"

Agi has now popped into my inbox and this is what she has to say

"Dear Jane
I finally caught up with myself, so it's the 8th day. It will be a dragon? A small cute dragon? :)
And I learned make SCMR.

Well done with the SCMR, Agi.  Another skill to add to your 'tatting library'

Mary Anna has just popped in via Patricia. This is the comment that goes with it

"Here is Mary Anna Robinsons' from Springfield Ohio in the USA.
Patricia Lyn Cobb

Sue’s arrived now with her wacky sense of humour!!! She says

Morning Miss. 
Attached is my duck filled fatty puss who can finally move around hopping on his one foot, so far so good! I'm determined to carry on even with thumb and finger nails that are broken too far down to cut! Can't tat for long till the bruising goes away and the nails grow a bit.... I must think of a name.... Watch this space!”

I’m impressed with your determination to carry on, Sue.  Thank you.

Alicja Is the next arrival and she has this to say
“It was hard but very satisfying step Jane Thank you so much
Love from Alicja 
P.S what you has spent me about SCMR will be very helpful to translate this step in Italian. Thank you  

I’m glad it helped, Alicja.  That’s what I’m here for - to help!!!!

Madhur is now back with her little group of ‘whatever they are’ and she has this to say

My dear Jane
Greetings from India
Here I am with 5 versions of day 8.
You see I try to make several of your TIAS in one go for several reasons
1. It gives me sufficient practice on the several techniques that you resort to in your beautiful patterns.
2. It also gives a fair idea of the size of each completed piece in various thread sizes.
3. I.akso like the look of a piece in different solid and variegated hues.
4. Another thing is that the thickness of different brands having same number of thread size varies and though they look alike, the completed piece tells the difference. 
5.I have also noted this way, that the thread thickness of the same size thread of the same brand in different lots also varies.
And 6. Last but not the least, it also enables me to use up left over threads from various projects that are remaining on the shuttles 
I had wanted to tat up day 8 yesterday but got involved with sudden guests. 
Waiting for day 9 now. 

That’s a lot of good reasons for making several at the same time, Madhur.  Interesting facts about the threads too.  Thank you.

Jane is the next person into my inbox and this is what she has to say

“Hi Jane, My weekend was busier than my week, but I am now ready for tomorrow's day 9. My creature seems to have a crick in its neck.”

Thanks, Jane. Let’s hope your week is quieter!!!

Next to arrive is Stephanie but without the support of her husband today. She says

“ Oh, dear! I’m convinced my bird – almost any sort of bird – is probably not what this creature is. DH isn’t here this morning, so I can’t get a guess from him. I’m thinking maybe some sort of reptile or amphibian now. Large, small, in-between….and I’m a terrible guesser, so for all I know you’ll take us around the outline of this thing at the last inute and the bead could end up being a doorknob on a very fancy door. At least if it’s a dinosaur it has its mouth shut so it can’t eat me before I finish tatting it.

With another lovely drawing Andrea has now arrived with her at 8.  She says

“Hi Jane.
Day 8 here and wouldn't it be lovely to have one of these little fellas 😉. Really enjoying this one and loving the range of techniques. Thank you xx Andrea xxx ”

What a lovely drawing and yes, it would be good to have one of those but …………!!!

Sunday 30 January 2022

Day 8 and more updates

First of all the overnighters - and also to keep you in suspense about day 8!!! So first in is Annamaria who says

"Hello Jane
Finally I've got to pick up the challenge again and oh my goodness I can see a dragon or a duck or a seahorse or an alligator....must be a mystical creature if it has all these features "

That's a clever point.  I'd not thought of that about it being mystical!!!  OR is it?

Phyllis is next in with her TIAS and this is what she has to say

"So my bead size is obvious off. My creature will have character. Maybe a duck swimming happily on water!
Phyllis Schmidt"

Who knows, Phyllis but the bead might be 'just right' and it will certainly add character to 'it'!!!

Next to arrive is Richard who has his thoughts on what it is - well sort of!! He says

"Looking like we might begin tatting some legs soon!"

Weeeeellllll, we could be I suppose!!!  Perhaps it'll be easier to guess when we get day 8 done.

Well here's the first day 8 in and guess who it is?!?!? It's Jenni but looking at the inbox I think she only 'just' got in first!! Here's what she says

"Hi Jane.
Snuck away to get today's part done!
Not even sure what I think it is now....maybe a T-rex??"

Next to arrive is Kerstin who has this to say but I wonder.

"Day 8:
Ok, this is no seahorse, definitely, it could be a cute little babydragon :o)
Have a nice Sunday

Barbara from Poland is next to drop in. She says

"Witaj Jane!
Spieszę z wykonanym dniem 8. To na pewno będzie ptak, ktoś sugerował kolibra. Bardzo podoba mi się ten pomysł.
Miej wspaniały dzień!
Hello Jane!
I am in a hurry with the completed day 8. It will definitely be a bird, someone suggested a hummingbird. I really like this idea.
Have a great day!

So pleased you're enjoying it, Barbara.

Anita has changed her mind and this is what she now says!!

"With those claws, maybe not an hummingbird after all. An alligator?

Maria has also just arrived in my inbox and she says

"I am always happy to participate in your TIAS. It's fun from start to finish, and... can we make a crocodile? Thank you for your fantastic patterns every time!

It's good to see you in my inbox and now on the TIAS blog too.  I'm not sure about the crocodile but it does look like one at the moment!

Last one now before I get dressed and have breakfast!! This is from Maureen who's still puzzling over what it's going to be!!!

"It IS a bird! I’m sure it is. Although it could be a dinosaur, mine is looking definitely more dinosaur-ish than avian."

Back to the inbox, Jane!!! Here’s Elżbieta with her day 8 and her comment.

“ Witam w niedzielny, wietrzny poranek.Poniżej efekt pracy Twojego pomysłu Jane. Może kolejny dzień przyniesie kolejną kończynę, zobaczymy.
Z cieplutkim pozdrowieniem

Hello on a windy Sunday morning.
Below is the effect of your idea Jane. Maybe the next day will bring another limb, we'll see. 
With warm greetings

It’s been very windy here too, Elzbieta.

Catwich is next and she’s learned a new technique thanks to the TIAS. That’s good news. Here’s her comment

“ Hi Jane
Learnt a new technique, I've never done SCMR before. Thanks for such clear instructions for it.
I like the baby dragon or dinosaur idea but if I go with Anita's guess and illustration of a hummingbird I think mine has big feet.
Eager for the next bit now.
Cheers Catwitch

Jackie is next and she’s not quite sure that it’s going to be an alligator now. This is what she says

“ Hello Jane
Here's my day 8.
I always thought it was going to be an alligator since the snouty bit. I still do, but do alligators have wings? It has those worrying little picots on its back ready for something to be attached.
Maybe it's a friendly little dinosaur?
I'm enjoying it anyway. Thank you!

Not many people have remembered the vsp’s on the other side of the split rings, Jackie.  They could be for wings or they could be for another set of - well, legs or anything really!!!

Dorota is next with her day 8 and she has this to say
“ Witam cię Jani w Niedzielne popołudnie choć mam problem ze skrótami opisu i nie rozumiem ich do tej pory to wykonuje po swojemu według własnego doświadczenia i umiejętności :) czy to prawidłowo proszę zobacz życzę miłej Niedzieli 

Hello Jani on Sunday afternoon 😊😘 although I have a problem with abbreviations of the description and I do not understand them so far, I do it in my own way according to my own experience and skills :) is it correct please see 😘 have a nice Sunday “

I would love to know what your way is, Dorota, as it looks PERFECT to me.  Well done.

This is from Coby who says

“ Greetings from Coby Roozendaal Netherlands”

Thank you, Coby.

Sam is next with her day 8 and don’t forget to look at her TikTok links too. She says

Hi Jane. 
Day 8 was a fun one. I haven’t done a self closing mock ring in about 8 years, so youtube to the rescue (lol had to remind myself how to do it). I also ran out of thread on one of my shuttles but that was totally my fault. Lol. 
My new guess is a dragon. My partners guess is frilled-neck lizard. Link to my day 8 on TikTok.
Kind Regards

Katie and her little gang of TIAS’s have now arrived in my inbox. She’s sent another rhyme too so I’ll paste it here

Hi, Jane,
Your drawing for Day 8 makes me think it's the cutest bird ever, standing so cute and perky. Yet, what about that long tail?! The six critters have these thoughts today:

Day 8 
On Day 8, now, the critters are pleased.
A three-toed foot! Their worries are eased.
They wiggle, they hop,
They squiggle and bop;
They laugh and with joy they are seized.

Happy tatting to you and to my fellow TIAS-ers!
Katie V in NC”

Next to arrive is Mackenzie who has this to say.

“Well Jane
Day 8 complete
The nose is not wide enough and the foot is not webbed enough for the beloved Canadian goose….
As others have noted to claws are too long for a hummingbird…
I have to side to a crocodile or alligator ”

I’m saying nothing!!!  As usual!!! 

Now Hallie has popped into my inbox with her day 8 and she says

“A minor mishap with a broken thread...but I faked it and I think it's OK. My new guess: A Dachshund. Unfortunately, with the unused VSPs on the back, I guess it's a flying Dachshund...hmmm...
Thanks, Jane!
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin, USA, where we missed out on the big snowstorm that hit farther east. Whew!”

Glad you missed the worst of the snowstorm.  A flying Dachshund sounds a very good idea to me.

Lynn is next to arrive with her TIAS and she has this to say

“ It looks like it could be a bird of some kind, but of course as the days go on I’ll change my guess. I’m really enjoying the TIAS.”

So glad you’re enjoying the TIAS, Lynn.  I am too.  There’s something special about being the only person who knows what you’re all making!!!!  Heeee, heee, heeeeeee!!

Valerie has now joined this year’s TIAS with Day 1 and the following comment. She says

“No guess just yet, and I hope to be able to get up to speed soon.”

Welcome aboard, Valerie. Good to see you back doing the TIAS.

Paola is next to arrive with days 7 and 8. She says

“Ecco il 7 e 8, ciao”

Here are 7 and 8, bye“

The TIAS is keeping me really busy today - HOORAH!!!! Next to arrive is Wanda and she says

“Hello Jane. I'm still not sure what it is but I'm pretty sure it's not a seahorse. Happy tatting, Wanda”

That’s a shame, Wanda.  I was hoping for a seahorse myself!!!!!

Mary is having some doubts here. She’s right though. It does look like her thoughts but I wonder!!!!!

Your diagram looks like some kind of bird, mine not so much!

Bernice is next to arrive and she has this to say

“Hi Jane,
New day, New guess, well actually I’ve decided to join the hummingbird team, at least for today. 
Bernice tatting in Calgary Alberta Canada”

Well as long as you’re not guessing a Canada goose I’m happy with you joining the hummingbird ‘team’!!!!

Mary Ann has just arrived and she has this to say

“ Morning Jane. I finished day 8 and it is looking more bird-like today. I hope my picots aren’t too large! If so, just say the word…. I do know how to un-tat! I think with a little stiffener they will look very claw-like. My interest is peaked!!! Mary Ann”

Don’t worry about the size of your picots. Actually they look great. I’m not saying anymore about that as others might read this and interpret them as being a raptor’s claws - or something. Glad you’re still interested!!!

Margaret is next to pop into my inbox and she says

Hi Jane, 
For some weird reason, I did not expect a foot today - don’t ask me why, but it was a real surprise when I saw it. At the end of Day 7, I thought it might be a rather snooty goose - the one that laid the golden egg so KNOWS it is a ‘cut-above’ the rest! Now at age 8, I think it is growing up to be an impressive but friendly pterodactyl (though my husband thinks it is becoming a scorpion). I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. 
Margaret ”

I find it interesting that people really don’t know what it’s going to be.  Maybe some have guessed but I’m not saying!!!  As I worked on this year’s TIAS I thought that it would be very easy to guess after the bead had been added.  I nearly abandoned it after that thought, but now I’m glad I didn’t!!!!

Valerie has returned with more days done - days 2 to 7 and she says

“Jane, I couldn't put down my shuttles! So here's days 2 to 7, and 8 is on it's way.
It's an animal, and I'm guessing it's a dinosaur. A cute one. :)

Well it could be but you may be wrong!!!!

Valerie has caught up with day 8. Phewww, you need to take a rest now, Valerie. I’m just so pleased to have you join us. This is Valerie’s comment and picture for day 8.

“Jane, this little buddy is looking adorable with a tiny feet!
Can't wait for the next release. :)
Best, Valerie”

Marla Has just arrived with her day 8 and a telling off for me!!!! She says
“JANE … Jane … jane…. Don’t EVER pull those “Fancy Dancy” stitches on me again!!!! SSMR!
my knots had KNOTS! What a MESS!!! I almost pulled the scissors out for combat duty!
But really… you’d think I would learn from it if only MY little brain cell could remember things… somewhere in the back of my mind I “think” (but maybe not) I had done one of these before….
Anyway…. After lots of bad words & untangling (& watching how-to vids) we finally muddled through it.
My humming gaternewt can now wiggle his toes. ”

Oh dear, Marla, I’m so, so sorry.  BUT you’ve re-learned a skill you’d forgotten and you’ll be able to do it much easier in the future. That future is not too far away either!!!!  It looks perfect to me too.

Next I have Grazyna who is also new to making the SCMR. This is what she says. 

“Witaj Jane
Dziś zrobiłam dzień 7 i 8. Po raz pierwszy robiłam kółko SCMR - myślę że wyszło dobrze.
Pozdrawiam Grażyna Paluch 
Hello Jane
Today I did day 7 and 8. It was the first time I did SCMR circle - I think it turned out well.
Regards Grażyna Paluch“

Many congratulations, Grazyna on managing the SCMR. You did a great job. 

Anke has just popped in to say she’s not actually doing the TIAS yet this year but she’s contributed to the fun. This is what she says

Dear Jane!
I'm again not taking an active part in your TIAS, but I follow all posts on your blog and save all parts so I can do it whenever I find time afterwards.
I love the nose of this cute pal… My guess for this year's TIAS is therefore
a coati – in German: ein Nasenbär (a nose-bear)
Thank you for this year’s fun!
Greetings from Germany,

Thank you for popping in, Anke to offer your guesses.  I hope you do manage to find time eventually but it’s good to hear from you anyway.  

Well it’s now bedtime for me but I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with more pictures and comments.  Goodnight.