Friday 28 February 2014

Friday 28th!

Today I have TotusMel's finished boat along with her comment here:-
85. "here’s my, ever so boring version of the sailboat."
No, TotusMel, it's NOT boring - no tatting is ever boring!

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Wednesday and another lone sailor!!

Another day and another round the world lone sailor has come into the TIAS harbour!!! Thanks, Lori.

82."Hi Jane
not sure you got my email so i am sending it again
here's my sail boat! i am very pleased with it!
Oh and I am from the USA"
Sorry, Lori, I didn't get it or it would've been on this blog. Perhaps it's gone on another round the world trip?!?!?

Well Lori is no longer a lone sailor and has now been joined by Mary Jane who says:-
83.  "Joanne Hayes  is sailing away in this cold weather we are having in Santa Claus., Indiana  USA.,
The colors are baby pink.,  and Sherbert Delight  Size 20 thread., Thank you Jane for the super pattern., waiting for the next one to start."

Great - another arrival which makes three more today.  This is from Michele who says:-
84.  "Sorry I took so long had to fix my mast at sr29 so had to go back and redo the sail again :) but it finally made it into the habour safe and sound. I'm gonna make another this time in black(604) and red(671) size 80 lizbeth thread and 2 white beads on the black :)
Michele in Fulton,New York, USA

Monday 24 February 2014

Monday's arrivals in harbour

First today is from Amanda who has just arrived in Tat Land's main harbour. She says:-
79.  "Hello Jane, 
My sailboat is finally limping into harbor. There was an unexpected storm at ring 30, and my line snapped! After some splicing and swearing, the breeze is back in my sails. Thank you for a very enjoyable tatting experience! 
~Amanda ( from Everett, Washington USA) 

The second sailing boat in this morning is from Bernice who has sent in two pictures.  She says:-
80.  "Jane,
I have been busy cleaning up my tatting as tax season is coming and I’ll be busy with books/meetings and paperwork.  But I am counting down the months to retirement so one last push before that actually happens and I can spend my days tatting.  Day 15 was done on the road, no I was not driving.  Here are days 15 and final.  So much fun.
Here are my threads.
Lizbeth 40 Color 136 Autumn Spice
Lizbeth 40 Color 138 Leafy Green
Best, Berniceb"

Oooooh, another boat has just sailed in from Gea.  She says:-
81.  "Hello Jane,
Sorry I am a bit late with my Tias. Had again trouble getting my pictures on the computer to send them to you.
But here I am, finished my sailboat! (with here and there some flaws in it, sorry did not pay enough attention to the pattern)..
I used Flora 20 in 3 different colours, white, kind of orange and mixed.
Greetings and thanks from Holland.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Sunday 23rd February

Welcome safely into harbour, Barbara. A happy start to the day to find another completed sailing boat arriving in my inbox!!

76. "Dear Jane, 
It is with mixed feelings that I send you my last picture of my finished sailboat. Thank you for spending the time offering this to all the tatters around the world. It was loads of fun tatting, following along with others from all over the globe, and I looked forward to each new clue like everyone else! If I ever get good enough to design my own tatting, it would be fun to offer a TIAS. Thank you for teaching me split rings and how to join in the second half of a split ring. Here's my sailboat with an inconsistent mast of split rings. I used Lizbeth "Tropical Punch" #132 Size 20 for the sails and Lizbeth "Lime Green" #679 Size 20 as the contrasting color.
Wishing you all the best!  May the sun come out to shine brightly on you this coming year.
Barbara in sunny California"

Next to arrive is Geraldine with her finished boat.  She says:-
77.  "Hi Jane
At long last I have finished my Boat. Family and work issues got in the way. I did say Boat at the beginning. But my boat did not realise what high sea's were in store for it. Around here in Leicestershire, England we could have done with the boat at times due to the weather that caused a lot of flooding. Please, please carry on coming up with T.i.a.s's I love the fun we all have. 
Happy tatting Geraldine.xx"

This picture and message from Deana is sooooo funny.  LOVE your icebergs!!!
78.  "MAYDAY!!!!!!!!MAYDAY!!!!!!!!MAYDAY!!!!!!......We are caught on an ice berg on our way to the TIAS 2014 dock......I sure did like participating in the challenge and really look forward to next years...we are just having more of a challenge bring it home......From London Ontario Canada where we are still under a few feet of snow....  Deana"

Saturday 22 February 2014

A Saturday arrival

Just sailed into harbour is another boat from Bev who says:-

75. "Dear Jane 
I am sorry my boat took so long to sail from Sydney, Australia. 
Thank you for the effort you put in to providing such fun and challenges for so many people. The tatting world is blessed to have you!!! 
Bev (Pedder)"

Friday 21 February 2014

A breeze in the sails!!

After yesterday morning's doldrums I'm pleased to report that this morning there's now a breeze sending the sailing boats my way!!!!

First in this morning is Nikki who says"-
73. "Ok sorry I'm late but I had a very sick child to attend to. But here is my final boat. It needs a bit of work with some blocking but when I get him sailing straight my son will love it! Oh I'm from the USA. Somewhere in Indiana!"

Next in is a whole fleet in it's own right!!!  This is from Angela who says:-
74.  "Jane,
Here are my 5 sailboats, coming to you from Bethel, Ohio, USA! For the solid-colored one, I used Flora thread size 20. For the rest, I used Lizbeth size 10. I really enjoyed tatting these, so thank you! Sorry I'm a bit late, but I guess the batteries wore out on my shuttles! ;)  Till next year - happy tatting!!

Thursday 20 February 2014


Sadly all sailing boats have hit the doldrums. No new ones to show today so far!!!

Well I hope it's the doldrums and not pirates that have caused the problem!!!!

You'll never believe this but just after I'd posted this Tine sent in her boat!!!  Thanks for cheering me up, Tine!!!
68.  "Hello Jane.
This is late, but I was verry buzzy.
This is mine sailing boat.
It was verry nice to do, so I am waiting for the next Tias.
Greets Tine Vedder the Netherlands."

Somebody else has arrived to take us out of the doldrums - welcome, Lou.  Here's what she says:-
69.  "HI Jane!  Thanks for making my Jan/Feb after the holidays Great!!! You kept me guessing right my until the last days. I used Lizbeth thread purple left on my shuttles so not sure which one exactly and the new twirlz winter ice.    My boat is sailing thru our Puget Sound with the Olympia Mountains in the background.  I love all your patterns  Thanks for sharing!!! Lou Dawn Renton, WA USA"

Next to arrive is Suzanne who has sympathy for anybody who doesn't like split rings!
70.  "It is a very fine sailboat indeed!  We had all kinds of fun with split rings; leading to a fabulous result.  It really is an excellent design.  Thank you.  P.S. I feel very sorry for anyone participating in the TIAS who was not totally in love with split rings.  They were likely tearing their hair out over all those second side joins.
My sailboat came from sunny Santa Barbara, USA"

Barbara has now sent in her finished boat with this comment:-
71.  "Hi Jane,
I'm behind!  Here's my Day 15. I'd been using this blue background for my photos of the tatting not realizing I was tatting a sailboat!  

Next to arrive is Joanie and she's just sent in her boat too.  Here's her comment:-
72.  "Well, Jane, I have no imagination on putting a background with my sailing ship! BUT it is finished!!! : )
Thank you (and all of your participants!) for a fun, humorous winter game! 
I live in Sebring, FL and used #20 Opera in Parasol Pink and Cradle Pink.  Joanie"

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Wednesday and a few more!!!

Only 2 in my inbox to start the day so here they are!!! 

First in is Helene who says:-
56. "Hi Jane, 
This is the bittersweet moment of the TIAS. 
I am glad to have finished the sailboat, but am a bit sad knowing I have to wait another year to be a part of this world wide tatting community. 
Thank you Jane for giving us this opportunity, it was great fun, even if I have to acknowledge that I am no good at guessing. 
I used no. 20 Coats Opera threads. 
Will be reading your blog regularly, so see you very soon. 
Laval, Québec, Canada"

Next in is Jennifer who says:-
57.  "Here's my competed sail boat from Galesburg, Illinois!"

Back again after breakfast and Emilia has joined the fleet of ships!!!  She says:-
58.  "Goodmorning Jane,
Attached the picture of the lovely sailboat you designed for us. I am sorry that it is finished. I will miss the excitement, but there will be a next year you said. Can’t hardly wait.
I used yarn DMC babylo no 20. Colors no.????
Till next year.
Emilia,  Lelystad Netherlands
p.s.  are the banks still flooded?
No, Emilia the banks are not still flooded but the ground is very, very muddy where I walk!!!

Good afternoon.  I'm back and with Val's as the first in of this batch.  She says:-
59.  "I know you say no need to thank you for the TIAS, but I want to acknowledge your generosity in sharing nonetheless. It's been a fun TIAS, yet again! Looking forward to the next! P.S. Will post this on my blog ( tomorrow. ;P
Val (Singapore -- for TIAS)"

Denise appears to be having problems with her mail getting to me but here's her picture and I'm hoping to get her comment later!
60.  "Hi Jane , 
I'm not sure if you received the other e-mails, but here is another with an attachment instead of the pic in the body of the e-mail."

Phyllis has just arrived too.
61.  "Here is my sailboat for this year.  Sorry Jane, I knew we were to change colors; however, I either did not remember/see/forgot where that change was to happen.  Anyway, it is camouflaged for sailing the high seas.  Thread is size 20 by Yarnplayer (Marilee Rockley).  Color is Peaches 'n Onions.
Look forward to next year.  Even though this is my third, it is great fun.
Phyllis Schmidt"
So if yours is camouflaged does that make it a pirate ship?

Next in is our other Denise who says:-
62.  "I love it. Never would have guessed it.
Denise Royal
Ravelry ID - wickedcrochetlady"

Helen is the next to arrive with her completed boat.  She says:-

63.  "Dear Jane, 
I would like to thank you for creating TIAS which lets me learn more. I think my sailboat is different from your pattern because of a mistake in joining. 
Well it looks great to me, Helen.  In fact it looks like it's on choppy seas in your picture!!!

Well, here's a surprise look what's turned up too!!!!  Another pram from the TIAS 2013.  That will bring the total there up to 127, I think.  So, will we beat that total this year?  Anyway, here's what Marty says:-
64.  "A sailboat!  I love it.  I thought it was going to be something else -- anything else, because so many people guessed sailboat.  :)
Here's a bonus:  I finally found my matching thread and my pram body at the same time and put on the handle. Finished my 2013 and 2014 TIAS the same day!

Next to arrive is Sue D who I was getting worried about as she's usually faster than this - too busy drinking gallons of coffee, I think!!
65.  "Hi Jane
McVroom says.... can he have one with the sails so that he can land on it please!?!?!
Here's the finished result.... just have the ends to finish off....
Thread was Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy and the green was a coats green from my stash.
Thanks for the fun!!
Sue (off to put a blog post up now....)

Sailing into the TIAS port next is Martha who says:-
66.  "Here is my final sailboat.  Last night I read Jeff's hilarious pirate talk and all the poems, etc, on the TIAS blog and I fear I have nothing witty to say, except thanks for another fun ride.  It led me to ponder color blips on split ring joins."

Betty has now sailed into this safe harbour and this is her seventh time of doing the TIAS.  Here's what she says:-
67.  "Dear Jane,
I loved it again to follow the TIAS. This time it was for me the seventh time I participated.
I send you a photo of the result. Maybe I will make another one in a different colour.

I live in the middle of the Netherlands in the city Soest. 
Thank you for the TIAS and I look forward to the next project.
Greetings from
Betty Vos- den Blanken
The Netherlands"

Tuesday 18 February 2014

More of the end and others!!

First in this morning is from Elizabeth with other sailing boats too!!!!

24. "Jane, 
You are a wonderful TIAS host. I like the colors I chose. I even like the TIAS where I tatted a blue rooster and a red hippo. Thank you so much for the fun. 
Elizabeth in Semmes, Al."

Jacqui is next in this morning with her finished TIAS.  She says:-
25.  "Hi Jane - here's my finished TIAS - what an enjoyable piece this time, especially since I'm married to a sailor (retired)
It's kept me busy during my R&R in Florida which will be coming to an end in a couple of weeks (boo-hoo) - then it's back to work for a very busy summer.
ttfn Jacqui"
Poor you having to do your R&R in FLORIDA!!!!  I LOVE America and I'm jealous.

Jeff is in next from Canada.  He says:-
26.  "Ahoy Captain Jane!
Arrgh! First Mate Jeff from Canada here with me completed TIAS 2014 motif. My sailboat has become a pirate ship, ready to sail the seven seas. Or at least the nearby river. Don't mind loose threads you might see, them be the riggings and such. Tatting this ship has been great fun, almost as much fun as making people walk the plank-not that that comes up much. I'd better be off, much to do yet today. Now, where did I put me leg....
Tooooo funny, Jeff.  Hope you find your wooden leg!!!

Back again after breakfast and an odd chore or one!!!

Next is Suz who says:-
27.  "Hello Jane!
Shall we go sailing, you and I
Over the boundless sea?
Shall we face wind, and wet and waves?
Tell me, dear Jane, shall we?
Shall we away to wondrous lands
Where skies of blue shall be?
Where sun shines hot upon the sand?
Tell me, dear Jane, shall we?
For we've been on a journey, 
For many a happy day.
And we have built our sailing ship,
So now we must away!

Thanks for the fun trip! 
Hugs from Suz in Ontario, Canada."
Great rhyme, Suz.

Sonja has also arrived with her final day of the TIAS.  She says:-
28.  "Jane,
I am sad that the fun is over so soon!!  I guess that is what I get for taking a mental vacation for the first 13 days.
I am from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
I used Liz Beth size 20 black and #657.
I learned the shoe lace trick.  I opted out of doing Catherine Wheel Joins for the sake of time (since I started so late), but a review of them would have been nice.  I did do front side/back side tatting.
It was a blast.
Until next time,

Umintsuru is now next in my inbox and she says:-
29.  "Dear Jane,
It is a wonderful little sailing boat. Thank you for the attention to details. The two sails lined up nicely to the centre. I would love to make more sail boats in different colours and size.
This one sails to you from Singapore in two shades of purple and a burgundy of Flora size 20. It measures about 4x3 inches. Where is the nearest port to where you live?

Ginny has just sent in her final sailing boat with this comment and picture:-
30.  "here is my boat I hope it can take me on a great vacation!
Port Byron, NY"

Anne is next with her final boat.  She says:-
31.  "Thank you so much! I can't wait until the next one!
Maybe I'll do last years tat along too :) Anne"

Next to arrive is Judy who says:-
32.  "Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America."

Lelia follows shortly after the last one with her comment and boat.
33.  "Dearest Jane:
Lovely sailboat.   Thank you for creating the pattern and hosting TIAS.   Great fun!
Day 16 attached.
Lelia blogging at Stitches of Life II
Northwest Indiana USA"

Heather is now the next to go onto the TIAS blog as she sails into the harbour. She says:-
34.  "Thread used: Lizbeth 20 springtime variegated and  opera 20.
Heather Robertson
Ontario Canada"

Jacee is next with a wonderful picture and she says:-
35.  "Hello Jane,
I have added some of the doodles I worked earlier from Martha and your patterns together with this year's Tias - sailboat. Thread used are Zarina's hand-dyed Garden Path and vintage Coats 521, turquoise. So it's SUMMERTIME!! To the sea we shall all go! WOOHOO!!!
Jacee - Malaysia"

Ann-Sofie is the next person to arrive in my worn out inbox!!!  She says:-
36.  "Hallo Jane,
Here is my finished sailboat and it´s really a lovely boat. I love it! I used Lisbeth size 20, color Peacock Blues for the sails and Pink Med. for the rest.  Thank you so much, this has been so fun. I am looking forward to the next TIAS.
Have a very nice day!
Ann-Sofie from the west coast of Sweden"

Next to arrive is Fiona who says:-
37.  "Hi Jane,
Here are pictures of my day 15 and 16 efforts. What a lovely little sail boat! It will look great on the map I have in my office. Once I sew in the ends I will take a picture of it sailing merrily through my studies :) Thanks for all of your work here, and for extending the mystery and fun! 
Until next year
Fiona T Melbourne Australia.  ( "

Finally in this early morning upload I have Connie who says:-
38.  "Hi Jane!!
Here is my sailboat!! It fits in perfect with the area that I live in. I am from the western end of Kentucky, USA. We have several lakes and rivers nearby. 
I used Lizabeth thread size 20 - rainbow splash and white. Already thinking of making more in other colors. 
I know you said not to thank you but I just have to say THANK YOU!! Without this activity, I would not have ventured to learn split rings as quick as I did!!!
Looking forward to next years TIAS!!!
Keep designing & tatting!!!

Roelien has now sailed into my inbox with this comment and picture:-
39.  "Hello Jane,
Here is the endresult of my TIAS.  Anyhow a sailingship.
A few weeks ago I mentioned it already. But that does not matter. 
It was nice to do.
Many greetings,
Oh, I'm glad you reminded me, Roelien.  I did make a note on the first positive guess and that was on day 4 by Marieke's husband.  Lots of people sort of guessed soon after that too.  Hope to see you next year.

Lyn has just arrived with her finished sailing boat too.  She says:-
40.  "Hi Jane,
It might be finished but I'm not happy with it ! The verigated purple is size 20 Coats mercer cotton and the yellow is an older cotton that I thought was the same size but maybe not.
Thanks for all of your time to do these TIAS's and blog.
Lyn from Western Australia ."

Next to arrive is Mary Jane who has sent in her boat too:-
41.  "Thank you Jane.,  Love it., you can use this on all the water you have  close to your house. we have black ice this morning.,   
I live in Jasper., Indiana  USA
Mary Jane.,"

Maureen (and her gnome) have just arrived!!!  Here they are:-
42.  "Here is my ship, all the way from Brisbane, so it's had a long way to sail. Every time I look at it, I see a ship full of gnomes.......
This has been fun! - and I will be looking forward to next year's TIAS."

Helen looks as if she's sailing a little close to the rocks here!!!  Please watch where you're going!!
43.  "Hello Jane,
 here is my sailing boat, it took my right to the end to see it!
Thanks so much for the TIAS, I enjoyed it tremendously.
Greetings Helen"

Next to arrive is Julie who says:-
44.  "jane, I'm so happy with my first TIAS, it was a great adventure ^^
So, even if you don't want, I thank you for your kindness, your advices and this pattern wich is lovely!
So I live in France.
I used Lizbeth thread N°20, in purple iris fusion and silver.
I started to tat in december 2013.
Hello to every participant of the TIAS !!!!

Back after an afternoon out and my inbox is pretty full so please bear with me.  First in though is Sarah who says:-
45.  "Haven't had a lot of time for tatting due to sick baby.  She is going to be just fine just needs lots of mommy time.  Finally got the last two days done and I think it is an adorable sailboat.   Now I gotta figure out what to do with it.  Maybe applique onto the front of a cap?  Hmmm"

TallyTatty (love that name) is now back with her final day.  Here's her comment:-
46.  "Dear Jane,

On your lovely sailing ship,
I learned the shoe-lace trick
From my house in Belgium, bling, bling,
I de-mystified the self-closing mock ring!
However, self confidence in tatting, I boast
Was what TIAS 2014 taught me most!!

My boat needs re-tat, re-pair and a wash
So that sailing boat II can cross the line with panache!

Thank you !

Next in is Lesley from an interesting part of England.  She says:-
47.  "Hi Jane
I’ve finally finished my day 16. We had enough water sloshing around on our utility room floor last weekend to sail a ship, well a tatted one at least! Our hot water tank sprang a leak and short of a little Dutch boy and his trusty finger to plug the hole we had to call in British Gas, meanwhile mopping as fast as we could to avoid it escaping into the rest of the house.
I loved doing your TIAS for the first time; it certainly gave us all something to look forward to during this bleak winter weather we’ve been having in the Thames Valley.
My piece was tatted using J&P Coats Mercer cotton No 40, one in candy colours, the other brown.
Thank you for the fun and I look forward to next year’s TIAS.
Lesley from Windsor (just a stone’s throw from the castle!)"

Another English tatter next - Wendy.  Her comment and picture are here:-
48.  "See, told you it was a boat ;o)
Wendy from England"

Cheryl has arrived now with her final boat.  She says:-
49.  "Whew, done. I had to redo the second last day. I was at mom’s and using my phone to do the TIAS that day. Well, I tried to attach the boat to my shuttle thread on the second part of the split ring.
Eeek, what a mess. So, I cut it out and waited until I got home last night. I hope you don’t mind, I put an extra ring on top and a flag. My ship didn’t look very shippy, so I hope a flag will make appear more “shippy.” This TIAS turned out really nice. I do like the pattern a lot. I’m glad it’s a ship as it did so have that look with it’s billowing sails. WOW, where did the time go?
What date did we start this? Oh yea...I’m from Alberta Canada and the thread is Elizbeth #20, Girly Girl and Turquoise Twist.
We started on January 6th, Cheryl and I did think about putting a flag on top too but decided at the last minute that I'd not!!!

The next and fiftieth boat comes from  Caroline who says:-
50.  "We got rain and snow mixed first yesterday morning and the an inch of snow.  People did not realize what was under the snow and the hospitals had a record number of people in with falls.  Over 90 people.  The snow was all melted off by noon.  They say if you don't like the weather in Nebraska to wait 5 minutes and it will change.  It has sure proven true this winter.
I really enjoyed the TIAS but you sure lead us all down the primrose path this year.  I could not believe it would be a sailing ship - to obvious.  You sure kept us thinking and trying to figure out something other than a sail boat.
All of the thread I used were Lizabeth threads.  Caroline in Omaha, Nebraska, USA"

Next in is Marla who says:-
51.  "Hi Jane,
Good Day to you .... but a sad one too..... :(  as this is the final day and the adventure is over.  
Marty had the good fortune to finally seek the wisdom of the owls...  (everyone KNOWS that the Owl is the wisest of all!!!)   And Ned the Owl is wiser than most in this case... He told Marty that if he had come to him at the very first  (well, maybe the second or third) day, he could have saved him all this trouble.... for you see, he said, this is an EXACT replica (Though on a much smaller scale) of the Pea Green boat that he and Miss Kitty sailed in to England! (doesn't Miss Kitty look spiffy in her British Guard uniform!)  and they were very happy to see it as it was such a splendid craft!
So you see, if you ever have a question that you just can't figure out..... just ask an Owl!
Thank you!  and till next year,
I'm Marla from Boise Idaho USA.
and I used size 20 Lizbeth Spring Time & Orchid Green Med.
and a varied cast of characters!  :)"

Next in is Wanda who is the final person in this batch of uploads.  She says:-
52.  "Hello, Jane.  So it was a sailboat! A very pretty one, too.  Joining the mast to the sails was a bit of a tight fit but well worth the effort. As I didn't get it done before the end of your day yesterday I took the time to frame her. I'm still trying to come up with a name (all boats are named, aren't they?), maybe the "Knotty Thought"? I used Lizbeth size 20 threads in #130 Island Breeze and #657 Ocean Turquoise Dark.  Was I being psychic when I choose the thread colors???
Sailing away here in Kansas, USA

Corina has just arrived with her completed TIAS.  Here's her comment and picture:-
53.  "Hi Jane,
Although I didn't send you every update, I joined the fun and made my own sailing boat. I used Lizbeth 20 and Franks 20/3. I blogged every part on my personal blog. Great to read what other people guessed.
Thanks for all the fun!
Love, Corina

Next in is Fran who says:-
54.  "Dear Jane
Here is my final day. You caught me out there by making a join to a lock join and not just to the chain picots. I had to cut and redo my day 15. So very well done for maintaining the mystery and thank you for a lot of fun.
Fran UK"
I apologise, Fran!

Anne-Marie has just arrived and she has sent in this really pretty picture too.55.  55.  "Hello Jane,
Here is this beautiful sailing-boat! What is amazing is that I didn't guess's solution, as my husband and my older son are instructors about sail and my son make his job in teaching that....
YOU are a very good teacher for tatting...I learned during this TIAS to perfect split-rings,I finished with more easiness that day 15!
I had not understood all comments (What is BC3?) but they were very fun
You are a devoted fairy for case of tatting! And I enjoy to see that so much countries around the world have followed your invitation! 
You don't risk being forgotten until next TIAS 2015!
Made in Altin Basak 50 variegated color 3001,and Cebelia DMC 30 color 699.
Greetings Jane and thanks.
Anne-Marie quelque part en FRANCE"
I will explain BC3 in my email to you, Anne-Marie.