Monday 14 April 2008

Share a Tat!

I'm moving this idea over to the TIAS blog as I feel that it will be more appropriate here!! It seems to have got itself 'lost' on my other tatting blog!!!
This is my original post from 'over there' but please read to the end as there is something new to see.

Nowadays it's becoming more and more difficult to come up with original ideas and sometimes it's nice just to do something simple.
So the sequins I've been re-visiting after several years are really simple. I think this may be a good time to introduce a 'Share a Tat' game!!!!
What I intend to do is to post the way I've found of enclosing the sequin and perhaps one or two of the patterns I've done - just to give some idea of stitch count etc.
I'm NOT going to add any copyright notice to these as I don't feel that they're 'important' enough and it will allow everybody to play the game.
I will then invite all and sundry (especially new tatters) to join me to discover as many ways as possible of making this into a motif, mobile, etc. Note, I haven't added any beads or used techniques other than rings, chains and split rings so there's room for plenty more ideas!!
I am more than happy to 'host' any patterns derived from this on a new 'guest' section of my pattern pages, or add links to other pages on other sites. I would only ask that if you write your patterns a different way to the way I do that you alter the original accordingly and add any new abbreviations. This will make it clearer for those wanting to tat them. My way of writing patterns is not necessarily everybody's 'cup of tea'!!
It would be very interesting to see how many different ideas can stem from one sequin. Not as many as there were hippos!!!!
The Share a Tat basic pattern is here.
There is another idea (but no pattern to go with it) at the side of the blog!!!
Today I have had the first and fantastic addition to the game sent in. It has come from Tine Vedder in Ede in The Netherlands and I've added it to the guest section of my web site if you'd like to go and see.