Sunday 31 January 2016

More on Sunday!

First in this morning is from Shelly who has this to say.
"Ah ha. Taking shape. He went with to lace guild today. 
Hope he had fun, Shelly!!!!

Next in is Grace who says.
"Dear Jane!!
Here it is!! A little rabbit!! I love it!
Thank you very much for the fun.

Following in next is Mary who says.
Yep, it's a rabbit - whiskers and all! 

Next in is Dani who has this to say.
"hi Jane! 
i think the frog got shy and wandered off... and i think a bunny hopped in to take its place! 
dani, the geek 8-)"
You COULD be right, Dani!!!!

Carollyn has sent in a better picture of her day 10. She says.
"I sent you the wrong picture, not the first time :)"

Next to arrive is Bernice who has had quite an 'adventure' with her day 10.  She says.
"Hi Jane, 
Oh my what fun this last piece was. Fingers inside a ring with shuttle and paperclips hanging then phone rings, no worries, I can do this. Oops, computer goes to sleep, must log back in, tat and close ring, but second set of picots are so much smaller. Darn, open ring, retro tat, log back into computer. Hubby calls for assistance, retat, attach bead, log back into computer, close ring. Finish SCMR what, something got twisted, log back into computer. Check work, call it a day. 
Bernice B 
Well, Bernice, you won!!!!

LOVE Patricia's picture. Here's her comment too!!!
(Sorry I fell behind.) If Tigger can't tell the difference between his friends, you can't expect me to! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Finally in this batch I have 'rhyming Sarah' who says.

It certainly has been fun 
tatting up this cute little bun. 
You have kept him hidden well 
in this game of show - and - tell. 

Sarah : )"

Elirosa has arrived now with her day 10. She says.
"Buongiorno Jane, 
Le invio, un pó in ritardo, il 10 giorno del TIAS. Non le nascondo che l'ho dovuto rifare tre volte e spero di essere riuscita a portarlo a termine. La prima foto è eseguita con il poliestere. 
La saluto caramente e, vista l'ora, le auguro buon appetito e una buona domenica"

Hello Jane, 
The sending, a little bit late, the 10 days of TIAS. I will not hide that I had to do three times and hope to be able to carry it out. The first photo is made with polyester. 
I greet you dearly and, given the time, I wish you good appetite and a good Sunday.
The rest will be easy - I promise.

This afternoon I have another arrival with her days 9 and 10. Here they are.
"Good day June, 
The last parts revealed, I think, what puzzle you have made for us. 
I think this time it's a bunny. Very cute. 

Carenne is next with her day 10 and she says.
"Hi Jane !
My son thinks that our TIAS 2016 is a rabbit, and has already prepaired his friends...and food !
Nice to play and imagine with children !
Thank you Jane !
Carenne (France)"
How cute. How old is he? He's a clever boy.

Next to arrive is Adrian who says.
"Hi Jane 
Here's my Day Ten. Looks like his whiskers need a little grooming."
You'll get a chance to do that later, Adrian!!!

Caroline has just popped int my inbox with her comment and photo. She says.
"Well, you really blew my idea. I was so sure yesterday it was a court jester but now with the whiskers (my green one has an extra whisker but that is the way nature does sometimes). I think Maureen got her bunny. We would probably call it a March hare here in the USA. He is jumping for joy that spring should come soon. They are still talking about us getting the bad storm. It will depend on whether Mother Nature moves it south so Kansas gets it or if she moves it north and Nebraska gets it. Hope you are having a good nite's sleep. 

Next to arrive is Nina with her day 10 and this picture.
So, the spaceship leaves to save the rabbit.  Just toooooooo funny, Nina.  I LOVE your picture.

Geraldine has just sent in her day 10 with the following comment too.
"Well folks I have finally caught up with this years TIAS. Had a large family crisis which is slowly being sorted by the British NHS. 
Have seen a few of the picture's and guesses, Maybe mine is not albino after all, as mine looks like a rabbit .What ever it is ,well done Jane on another brilliant TIAS. 

Next to arrive is Melanie. She's had time to catch up and says.
"Hi Jane- 
I am able to tat up this day while there's a break. The weather cooperated a bit and the gardening is 90 % done. Whew! That means I'm able to really look at the critter we've been tatting. I see now we have 2 legs, a body, 1 ear and almost a face. Can't wait to finish it off! 
Thank you for your creativity!"

Sue Hanson is still a kid at heart and watching Blue Peter!!! Anybody remember that iconic telly programme? She says.
"Here's me playing catch up so two days worth. I had to take back a little of day 8 because I'd picked up the wrong bead! (Duh!) 
Anyway - me thinks your making Maureen very happy as it's looking more like a rabbit :-) 
I'm hoping we'll be joining his nose again with another ring to straighten it up... 
... and yes he is a boy... He's "Blue Peter" LOL"

Sharon is next to arrive with her day 10. She's still not made up her mind what the TIAS is.
"Hi, Jane 
Well I'm back to "I don't have a clue but I'm sure having fun" 
About as mysterious as the weather here---last week we were snowed in by 10 inches of snow;today it's sunny & 67 degrees. Go figure😉"
Our weather has been 'odd' all winter, Sharon.  I'm sure you'll figure out the TIAS soon!!!

Saturday 30 January 2016

Day 10

First in this morning is from Coretta with her day 9. She says.
"Tatted this up and forgot to take a picture and email it. Here we are! 

Catherine is next in with her day 9. She says.
"Bonjour Jane, 
De justesse voici mon extra terrestre J 9 !!!! 

Hello Jane,
Narrowly extraterrestrial is my J 9 !!!!

Mary is back with another theory. A rabbit!!! I wonder.
I wonder how many more times I'll change my mind about what we're tatting! A rabbit? 

Anne has sent in her picture of day 9.  Here it is.

Claire is another rabbit person. She says.
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here is my day 8 and the corresponding blog page
I have fallen quite a bit behind, as I can tat only when my little one is asleep (or she will play with my shuttles) and have to wait the next day to take a picture with some decent light. Anyway, that's my excuse and I will stick to it. 
Based on what I saw of the following days, Maureen might have her rabbit this year... 
Have a good day/night everyone."
Best excuse of them all, Claire!!!!!

Finally before breakfast here's Denise's day 9. She's not thinking rabbit - she's thinking -
"New guess. Jester."

Back after breakfast and a trip down the town to find Linda with her days 8 and 9 next in my inbox. She says.
"Hi Jane. 
Thank you so much for the work you do for all of us. Your heart and talent is so generous. The Tias is a fun tat.We always have a fun item as an end result. 
Hugs to all."

Martha is still in Alice 'mode' and here's her comment!!!!
"Curiouser and curiouser..."

Yet again Jacee is first in with the new section. Day 10 proved to her what she thinks it is!!!
"Dear Jane, 
You Have granted Maureen her wish - It's a RABBIT!!! Congrats to Maureen! 

Anne-Sofie is next in with day 9. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
Thank you Jane, for this fun TIAS. Here is my day 9. It might be a rabbit or perhaps a frog or maybe not. I am not sure. I wish you and everyone else a very nice saturday. 
Ann-Sofie (Sweden)"

Next to arrive is Maureen who has her own theory too. Here's what she says!
"Day 10 caught me on the hop - and although somebody unkind in this household has been going around muttering about one-eyed -orange-idols to the north of Brisbane, it's my rabbit!! - After all these years you have given me my rabbit, haven't you? - and I didn't recognise him. Such a momentous day that all the household rabbits came out of their burrows to join in the celebration. I think my LBP's were a little TOO long, but it will sort itself out when he gets the second part of his face and is all joined up."

Anita has just sent in her day 10 with this comment.
"Hi Jane, 
Oh, this was hard! I had lots of problems to keep track of SCMR, ring, joinings, adding new bead, switching shuttles so I am afraid that my picots are far from equal in length. 
But I hope they are obviously whiskers just the same :-) 
Don't worry, Anita.  The picots don't have to be the same size - you'll find out in the end!!!  You've done a terrific job on day 10.

Elsa is next and she seems to think it's a rabbit too!!!
"Hello Jane :-) 
I have never seen a baby with long ears and mustache... So... This is perhaps a rabbit :-) 
Have a good weekend :-)"

The next arrival (Bev) has paid me a wonderful compliment!!!! Thanks, Bev!!!
"Dear Jane 
I am changing my word for you from devious to devilish. This was very tricky, and not helped by me putting a size 10 bead on first instead of a size 6!! Are they whiskers? Never mind. You are not about to say I expect. I am still baffled!!!! 

SueF has sent in this comment and picture of her three day 8's and she says.
"Hi Jane. 
Sorry I have not been keeping up with photos but here is where I am at with my trio."

Finally at the top of my inbox is SueD who says this.
"Well... I would say that it looks very much like Maureen got her Wabbit... Except that... Being as mad as one... I'm going to say its A March Hare!!! We've all seen them dance in the snow on the Tv!! 

Blanche has arrived with her day 10 now. This is what she says.
"Hey Jane, 
Here you are my Day 10 and my little "Polochon" in my daughter's hands. 
Thanks again for this great experience ! 
That's such a cute picture of your daughter and Polochon.  Thank you, Blanche.

Sylvie has now arrived with her day 10 and she says.
"Hi Jane! 
OK, forget I ever talked about Jiminy, this is a rabbit and nothing else. Nice whiskers! 
And look, this time I managed to post the comment and the photo in just one mail! Amazing ^_^ 
Have a lovely day, 
Well done on getting message and picture together!!  It doesn't matter, really, I usually work it out!!!!

Sara has just arrived in my inbox with this message and her picture.
"Hi Jane, 
this is my day 10. Maybe the moustache are too long... for a rabbit??? 
Have a nice weekend! By by"

Just arrived too is Margaret who also thinks it's Maureen's rabbit!!! Where do you all get these ideas from? Giggle, giggle!!!
"Hello Jane, well I think Maureen has got her rabbit! Mine is sitting in the nice green field of my latest knitting project. 
Margaret in Norfolk."

Next in my inbox is Jane who says.
"Hmmm, mine is looking rather scruffy, whoever he is!"

Melanie has sent in her day 10 with this comment and picture.
"Oh, my goodness! It must be a bunny after all! Someone guessed that on Day 1 just because she'd been hoping for one for years because she loves them, but I thought any guess at that point was totally premature and absurd. It looks now like she was right and finally got her wish! But I don't believe in green bunnies!"

Shortly after Sonya sent in hers too with this comment.
"Good morning Jane, 
Here is my rendition of Day 10. I am sure Maureen is having a very "hoppy" day indeed. One thing we had right was that those legs were made for hopping. 
I struggled with keeping things from getting tangled up and/or twisted. I think I did twist the join to ring 23. I made the mistake of reading today's posts and did not bother with trying to get my long picots the same length. 
Thank you for all your hard work on TIAS. 
Have a blessed day! 
Sonya - Oklahoma USA"
Don't worry about the picots - they'll get sorted!!!!

Finally in this batch is Orane who says.
"Bonjour Jane 
Haha je suis ravis de voir que mon lapin vert jaune et bleu vient de voir ses moustache pousser . 
J'ai fait de grandes moustaches hahaha 
Have a good day Jane "

Hello Jane
Haha I am delighted that my yellow and blue green bunny has just seen his mustache grow .
I have done great mustaches hahaha
Have a good day Jane

Next in is Grace who says this.
"Dear Jane! 
I'm still wondering what animal is it. Maybe is a crab?? Hope you have a wonderfull week end. 
Grace "

Another tatter who thinks it's a rabbit. I'm not sure myself!!!
Hopefully my eyes don't deceive me but is it a dancing rabbit? "

Cassie has just arrived in my inbox with her day 9. She says.
"I've still been going but haven't stayed on top of sending my progress. I lost my tatting for a bit and fell behind but found it at the bottom of my knitting bag:) 
I think it's a bunny."

Next to arrive is Carollyn who says.
Okay mine just looks evil :)
And I use bead that are too big :) I am good example of how I don't follow direction huh good that I have the green as back up and haven got to the beads yet :)
You can always pretend that I didn't send it in :)
have a good day!

Last of the day is Christine who has just caught me on the way to bed. She says.
"Hi Jane 
Here is a picture of my TIAS, Day 10. The horned rabbit is coming along nicely! 
I had to get out various tools for this one -- the tiny crochet hook, the picot gauge, and extra beads, as I changed my mind about bead colors now that I think I see where this is going. 
I am wondering if you will have us cut those long picots later to make straight or fluffy whiskers... 
Hope you are having a great weekend! 
-Christine in Alabama"

Wendy is next into the inbox and she says this.
"Hello Jane, 
I can see a hare now. 
I had to look up the SCMR again as usual. I can never remember it. Fortunately your techniques page is always there."
Looks great to me, Wendy.  I'll get you to LOVE the SCMR!!!!