Monday 9 September 2013

Monday September 9th

What a lovely surprise to wake up on a miserable Monday morning (it's raining again!) to find another pram in my inbox. Number 123 comes from Monica who says:-

123. "I just saw in your blog you won't be updating the 2013 TIAS because you are busy working on next years.. so exciting! And you mentioned some other TIAS before the end of the year...? I will have to keep my eyes open!

Still, I just finished mine, and I want to send it to you before life passes me by and I forget!

Thanks again for organizing this. I will see if I put this in a bib or a card... I used the airplane on a bib earlier this year, it was great!"

Don't worry, Monica - I update this blog whenever I get a new incomer!!! Even if the next TIAS is happening there's always room for previous ones!!