Saturday 15 June 2013

June 15th

Woweeeeeee - another pram has arrived.

120. "I have not taken part in the tias this year but when I saw the full pattern I immediately safed it on my laptop because friends were expecting twins in June. 
I only planned to make one for the card but end of May they got a girl AND a boy so I had to make two of course.
The picture shows my finished card. I took white glue to put the tatting on it.
I used Diana 20 (from for the prams - a relatively cheap brand but I like to tat with it.
The chassis is made with pearl thread, Rubi #8.
The butterfly and flower are tatted with my first (and so far only) Lizbeth thread. It's size 20 Carousel.
I had fun tatting your pram! THANK YOU for such a lovely pattern!!!
Greetings from Germany,

Wednesday 12 June 2013

June 12th

Today I announce the arrival of Mary Anne's pram!!! Here's her picture and comment:-

119. "Jane,
Here’s another TIAS. It’s been complete except for hiding the ends for quite a while. I finally finished it off today.
Thanks for doing this. Will you be at Tat Days in September?
Mary Anne"

Sunday 2 June 2013

June 2nd

Another pram has arrived today. I'm delighted to add Kristen's to the blog. Here's her comment:-

118. "Hi Jane:
Here is another TIAS pram to add to your sister is expecting and is hoping for a girl, so I made mine in pink to give her good luck.
I wasn't sure how to give it to her, but remembered this bib I've had around for over a year, just waiting for something perfect to attach to it...thanks for the wonderful gift idea! :)