Tuesday 31 January 2012


We all know it's Tuesday today but what some of you probably don't know is that it's also DAY 8 of the TIAS.

Just a quick note in from Karen who says this before she goes to work:-
"LOL just downloaded, haven't got time to do it before I leave but all has suddenly become clear - Is it a goat?"

Well, what do the rest of you think? It could be a unicorn perhaps or ?????

Catrin says this:-
"Day 8 - CAPRICORN !!  (I haven't made it yet but ..)"

I LOVE this bit when the guesses are really coming in!!!!

First in with a picture is from Mariya and she's got a guess too!!! Here's what she says:-
"Dear Jane, This is my day 8! I'm sure that it's a goat! And our beads are going to be it's eye and nose!
PS Sorry for bad photo - I'm at work now and can make a photo with my mobile only :)"

Another guess now from Val who also thinks it's a goat!!!
Good morning!
I saw your new release, Day 8. I know! It's a goat with horns! Hehehe... Will send you the picture later.

Next in with a completed day 8 is Wanda who says:-
"Good morning, Jane. Here's day 8. I'm thinking we're making a goat!"

Now I present Sonja's day 8 with the same suggestion. I wonder if these people are right?
"Hello Jane
I think it will be a goat.
Greetings from a snowy Holland
Sonja from Holland"

Now I have Angel San from France who has this to say:-
"I'm late today, but I overslept, as there's a strike in France, and my man is one of those who remained in bed ;)
The TIAS sure looks like an animal, a goat or something. A cow?"

Now I have a comment in from Fiona who says:-
"HI Jane, Have just downloaded the pattern, agree with current guess, could be a goat, or a reindeer??? Will fix my threads and tat it up tomorrow, picture will be in then :)
Thanks Jane,
Fiona T"

AHA, it could well be a reindeer, couldn't it?

It seems that Frances is thinking along the same lines too. She says:-
"hi Jane,
here is day 8 with and without my lousy drawing
he looks like a very nice billy goat gruff, but may
also be a reindeer?
tatting in fun and friendship
LOVE the drawing, Frances.

You guys are fast - I've not even had my second cup of tea this morning yet!!! Here's Catrin now and she says:-
"I had a morning off so I can go to work already having achieved something !"

Just before her bedtime Fiona popped in from Australia to say this:-
"Hi Jane, I thought I could leave this until tomorrow, but I just couldn't contemplate sleep until I had completed day 8. (hmmm a bit obsessed...lucky there isn't long to go!)
I think, like the others, that it could be a goat, or a reindeer....less like a Llama than yesterday.
Now I can shuffle off to bed. The weather has cooled a bit in Melbourne today, so I'm hoping for a good night's sleep! Night Night
Fiona T"

Now in to the inbox is Maureen who has sent in days 6, 7 & 8!!! Here's her comment:-
"I've had to run to catch up! - knew I had missed Days 6 and 7, but lo and behold, there is Day 8 already waiting too! - so here they are....and we are tatting a GOAT aren't we? - a goat with a crumpled horn - or was that a cow.......I don't get along with goats, I once spent rather a lot of time with a very bad-tempered specimen called Annabel. Annabel lived on a banana plantation and ate up two of my skirts while I was wearing them.Maybe this goat won't be so challenging!

Now I have Meredith who I wish I could be with!!! The comment is as follows and you'll see why I'd like to be there although gin would be nicer!!!
"Hey there Jane, I have only just managed to complete the needle tatted version of the "thingamyjig" which has been quite a triumph after having had several vodkas and pineapple juice this evening. So far, it looks like a cloven hooved critter, eg a goat or an alpaca. I think I will leave the shuttle version until the morning when I am a little more focused.
It is now 10.25pm Tues and time for me to hit the sack.
Canberra, ACT Australia"

Next in is from Nima - she seems to be careful with her guesswork!  Sensible lass!!
My day 8 ...It looks like an animal off course...

Now I have Karen's version of day 8 and she says:-
"As the light dawns over Sussex Monty the Mountain Goat is making an appearance but he is still too shy to show his face. Small bead the eye, large bead maybe the bell?"

Next in is from Ginny who says:-
"Here is day 8! And i think it is a cute blue goat!!

Now I have Jane's goat, reindeer, unicorn or whatever and she says:-
"Hi Jane, here’s my day 8. A goat perhaps? I do think your diagram looks rather more goaty than my tatting, but we shall see!"

Next into my inbox is from Elfriede who has this to say:-
"Dear Jane,
This is my day 8! Is it a goat with a bell? Am really looking forward to Day 9.
Greeting Elfriede"

Next in on this wintry afternoon (and it's the same for Brenda in her part of the UK) is her day 8.
"Hi Jane,
I have just got back from looking after my brother. It took me an hour and half on freezing cold buses to get home. Drat this cold weather.
I had a hot cup of tea (without spilling it on my work) then settled down to my day 8.
It could be a deer, goat or a young horse.
What ever it is I am enjoying it.
Thanks Jane.

Next is from party girl, Valerie who must be getting tired as it's late in her 'neck of the woods'!!! Here's what she has to say:-
"Jane: I'd just got back from "partying" at mum's. It's getting late now, 11 pm, but I really should send you my goat!

Now I have Heather's comment and picture. This is what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane, Here is my day 8... can't wait to finish my ram :) thanks Heather"

Next into the inbox is from Miranda who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's day 8. A blue and pink goat, who'da thunk?

Now I have Axa's days 6, 7 and 8 to show you. This is what she says:-
"Hello Jane,
I am ready with the day 6, 7 and 8. This pattern is very interesting. Maybe will it be a deer, or an antelop?

Now I have Martha's day 7 and she says:-
"Here's another day! Ready for more!

Next in is Michelle with days 6 and 7. There's no time limit on this, Michelle. Don't panic!!!!
"Hi Jane,Forgive the tardiness! I've been doing but not good at getting the pictures downloaded! This is so fun!

A sad start to this next one. When I saw the subject in the email message I was worried. It said 'bye Mitsuki'. Anyway, here's Marjan's day 8 with her story:-
"Hi Jane!
Day 8….. I am a little bit sad, I think we saw the last of Mitsuki today…
you know what silkworms do don’t you? they pupate into butterflyes at a certain age and
I am afraid it is Mitsuki’s time… she’s building herself a beautiful cocoon but, yeah, I am sad….
I really like this bashful girl!
bye Jane, till next time!

Now I have another newcomer to the TIAS. This is from Joanie who says this:-
"I guess you don't know we are playing along with you unless we tell you and send you pictures! Sooooo, we are playing along! Sunday at the mall Gloria, Melinda and I were working on it, but I didn't have my camera so I couldn't take a picture for you! I didn't start until about Day 2.  Gloria started later also. Melinda says she likes to work a couple of days together.
My first guess on Day 7 was the picture below. BUT... today looks more like a goat or ram as someone else said! BUUUUTTTT we know Jane and is this just one of her tricks to keep us guessing and her laughing (like ROFLOL) at us?!?! I guess we will just have to wait and see!!!"

Fox has popped in twice with suggestions - first a lamb and then she came back a few minutes later with this:-
"Ahem… I am NOT a farmer… make that a GOAT!"

Cynthia's also popped in with the following too:-
"I bet a nickel it is a goat...Did I get it right? I still have to tat day 8 but from the picture I suspect a goat. Peace, Cyn"

Next in with day 8 is Caroline who says:-
"Well, it looks like you just chased away my little fluffy Easter lamb with a big mean thing with horns. We cannot never win as you keep one step ahead of us. Logic says a billy goat gruff but I am sure you will have the last laugh. Do you spend the rest of the year thinking up a new TIAS just to keep us guessing? I like the way you anchor parts with the vsps. I have tatted patterns that ended up limp and if I would think and add a vsp once in while in strategic places it would look much better. I will have to remember to try it. My problem is I have a tendency to get them to small and have to really hunt for them. I know the end is coming and I wish it wasn't. Thanks so much for all of the fun. I have even had my son in Dallas, Texas and brother in Phoenix, Arizona guessing and they have not done any better than our group has.

Just a bit later and look who's just popped back - Joanie with day 8:-
"Here is Day 8! Yes, others know you pretty good also (after reading Caroline's comments!)!!!"

Now I've got Gina's day 8 to show you.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is TIAS day 8 - and it's a goat! I just know it!

Next in is Sonja's day 8 and she says:-
"Dear Jane,I think is really a pet! But where we've to join the beads?????
Hugs and greetings from the frosty switzerland
Sonja = Papagena"

Now I have Melanie's day 8 and she has this to say.
"Good morning Jane-
The fog didn't clear for a while this morning. Yawn! My indoor only cat woke me at 3 AM to let me know there was a "gentleman" calling for her at the door. Yawn! But, here's my day 8. I think it will be pushy like my kitty, but baaad like a goat!

Lynne H has just popped in to say:-
"Looks like a goat to me! Lynne"

Next in is from Stephanie who says:-
"HI Jane!
Oh, dear, it looks like my little dog is turning into a goat, and not just ANY goat, mind you, an ORNERY goat! No matter what I do, he keeps putting his head down - 'the better to butt you with, my dear." Oh, wait, wrong story....that was the big bad wolf....
I was going to guess 'deer' or 'sheep' but with this critter INSISTING on butting everyone and everything, it HAS to be a goat.
Tremendous fun, Jane! We appreciate all the time and effort you put into this every year."

Finally today I have Wendy's day 8 - she doesn't have a lot to say!!!!
"It's a goat !!"

Monday 30 January 2012

Monday and another week starts!

Tomorrow will be day 8 is my first announcement!!!

Right, first in today is from JB who says:-

"Hi Jane,
Here is day 7 of fun.

Next in is from Lynne who says:-
"Hi Jane,Each time we add something I change my mind. With others, I'd say it is an
animal sheep? We'll see. Lynne"

Now I have Anita's and she's still thinking along the same lines!!! Here's her picture and comment:-
"Hello Jane!
I thot I taw a puddy tat...then I thot I's wrong...but I did, I did!
I taw a puddy tat....'cause I just taw the odder end!!!
An' Caroline's rite...the mower caught it's tail!"

Next in is Pimboli the talking cartoon (oh, along with Gunhild, of course) who says:-
"Hallo Jane, I knitted a warm bobble cap and shawl for Pimboli, minus -6 degrees in germany, -15 coming soon, ....so I should have tatted in wool ;-))
clanking greetings form Guni / Germany"

Now I have Elizabeth's day 7 and she seems pleased to have met another SCMR!!! Here's what she says:-
"Dear Jane
Attached please find day 7. Yeh for SCMR (I'm getting the hang of this).

Now I have Lyn's day 6 as she makes up for being away for a few days:-
"Hi Jane,
Have been away for a few days and no computer so will be catching up over the next couple of days!!
Here is my day 6, I think I 've got a twist between r 13 and 18.If I get time I might try a new one, if not I'll just keep going with this one!!
Lyn from WA
Bye the way it's been 38* here today way to hot for me!!"

Next I can show you Katie's four thingamajigs and she says this - in rhyme too!!!"Hi, Jane,Here's my quartet milling around, singing:

There once was a tattin’ ol git,
Who kept us all tied in a fit.
Not a bat or a rat,
Maybe a pig or a cat?
Who knows when we’ll find the right bit.
Thanks, sweet Jane--looking forward to another clue tomorrow.Tatty hugs,

Now I have Margaret's day 7 and she says:-
"I attach Day 7 of the Tias, still no ideas what it might be yet.

Last one in today is from Nina who says:-
"Dear Jane,Here is my TIAS. Obviously it has a few wrong place stitches...I think it was at the first scmr on the day 3 and day 7... would you have diagram of how the thread goes around your hand for this? ring 11 and ring 26? AS far as what it might be, my guess is a warm blooded creature of some sort..
Thanks, Nina in Colorado"
Yes, Nina. I'll get round to it soon - I hope!!!!

Sunday 29 January 2012


Well having woken up thinking it was Monday I'm pleased that it's not and that I have another day to sort out stuff for next week's blog posts on the main blog!!! Panic set in and has now subsided.

Right, first in this morning is from Caroline who says:-
"Well, you can really mess with us. Now it is some kind of animal. First thought was a kitty that got scared when it got it's tail caught in a mower and lost part of it but..........on second thought a little lamb might be nice for Easter that is coming up.......but knowing you I bet you still have us all fooled.

Now I can show you Sandra's day 7 and also give you a link to her blog post:-
"I've blogged this
Continuing to say Oink. (But leaving a small possibility that this could be a Sheep!) (Baa!)"

Next is from Gina who says the following:-
"Here is my completed day 7!"

Interestingly the next lass in (Sharon) is using the same thread (I think it's Lizbeth Nitty Gritty) as Gina. Both pieces are equally as neat too. Anyway, this is what Sharon has to say:-
"Here's my Day 7. I take back my earlier guess---definitely not a flower. And animal of some kind, perhaps? Tonight I'm thinking Bear but I reserve the right to be wrong again.

Next in is another of day 7 from Valerie. Unfortunately Valerie had left out two picots on the inner part of the ??? and so decided to start again. I did suggest she poked her hook into the centres of those two chains and pulled the joining thread up through that new space (that's what an old cheat like me would've done!) but she decided to start all over again. This is what she says:-
"Anyhow, here's my NEW TIAS....
"OK, got it restarted. It's not too bad really. I blame myself for not paying attention at the beginning of the first "tail". Here it is... I'm pretty sure it's a four-legged animal."

Now I have Bernice's day 7 and she says:-
"Here is day 7 Whatever it is....Bernice O"

Next in is from Rose Anne with her days 6 and 7.  She's been waylaid by another projects but I'll let her tell you about that on her blog post here:-
"NOW I finally got caught up with my TIAS 2012 project and here is Day 6, nice and easy with no problems - but still clueless of what it is supposed to be.  
And here is Day 7, but Jane put another one of those SCRMs into it!!!  But this time I reread the SCRM instructions and it was a lot clearer to stitch up right from the beginning.  But still clueless as to what it is going to be!!!"

Now for the last one in my inbox this early (well, early in MY book!) Sunday morning is Nima who says this:-
This is day 7 completed...looking forward for day 8.

Next in and which made me smile too is Sonja who says this:-
"here is my day seven. I found it in my mail after 2 days away.
With tatting greetings from Holland

Poor Brenda suddenly realised she'd missed out a chain somehow so she's started again. Here's what she has to say:-
"I don't know how I missed a chain. I couldn't leave it at that so I have done it again. This is my 4th attempt.
I have changed colour because I got fed up of seeing the green. I think it was unlucky for me. LOL.
The day I spilled the tea on my work was a day that never got any better.
I hope this is okay. If it isn't them I will do it again."

Next in is from Mariya who has this to say:-
"Dear Jane, This is my day 7 part. I'm sure now that we have some animal with legs and tail, but don't know which one exactly. My husband thinks that this is a cat :)"

Now I have Heather's day 7 and she says:-
"HI Jane,
Here is my day 7, I got it done this morning... Had a fun day yesterday, spending time with family... and sledding with the kids :) My guess for today is a dog.
Thanks Heather"

Next I have a comment from Suz who says this:-
"Alright Jane! I had so much fun doing this last year! However I have been sick, but am following along on everyone's site. I don't know if I can guess...but just to see if I am right in the end....is it an owl? I have so enjoyed your sense of humor on your blog. You may think you are an old git but I don't ! Good Luck with this fun project and can't wait for your next adventure.
Suz Crites"

Now I have a cold Sue Anna sending in her day 7.  This is what she says:-
"From a cold and snowy morning I am sending my day 7. Makes me think of summer and warmer weather :) Looks like something from the mind of Willie Wonka! lol . Some kind of strange bird ??!! Oh well happy tatting! Sue Anna"

Next in is Elfriede with her days 6 and 7. Thank you, Elfriede.
"Hi Jane, thank you for the work that requires a TIAS. The additional instructions are also very helpful for other tatting work. Here are my results for Day 1 to Day 6 and Day 7.
Kind regards

Now I present Mary Jo's day 7 and her comment:-
"Here is day 7. No new guesses. The ring on the SCMR had me flummoxed for a few minutes, but the light came on eventually! Yet another new tool in my tatting tool box. Mary Jo"

Next in is from Sonja who says this:-
"Hello Jane,I tried to tat your funny pattern. It's a mysterious pet or a useful items? I think the next days are exciting. I'm waiting for the eight TIAS-Day.
Sonja = (Papagena InTatters)"

Last one in today is from Wendy who says:-
"Well it's obviously a horse/cow/deer/donkey/oxen ......."