Thursday 25 February 2010

Late but hopefully NOT last!

I must say I'm extremely pleased to see Rosemary from AUSTRALIA's Norman. 

This guy almost didn't get finished as Rosemary managed to roll her car and completely destroy it.  Thankfully she survived but has taken time out to recover.  SO pleased to see you back to tatting, Rosemary.

This is her Norman and what she says:-
"Thank you for thinking up this wonderful TIAS idea.  I really did enjoy participating in it and I feel very confident in doing split rings as a result.  I would love to do another TIAS but next time without the interruption of a single vehicle rollover accident  :)"

Saturday 20 February 2010

Another family arrives

There is still room in the coup for more roosters and families. 

Today Caroline's arrived and she says:-
"Sorry I am so late with this but my life is changing a great deal.  I have my 12 year old granddaughter with me and that takes extra time.  The little yellow chick in the picture is in memory of the original Fluffy years ago that I wrote about earlier."

Another arrival today and this time it's from Barbara who says:-
"Here is my Norman!!! He is not the best but, I love him. He was so patient as he waited for his tail to be attached ;) Now I just need to get his little family done."
A third rooster (and wife) has arrived today - this time from Elfriede in Germany.  She says:-
"I live in Esslingen near Stuttgart. After two years I started tatting.  I tried to make the TIAS. It was rather difficult for me, becaus I can a littel bit englisch. It was very nice to follow the TIAS.  I send you a scan of my roosters and henn.  Thank you for the very clear description.   Thanks Jane for this TIAS I always enjoy it.  And it is a lot of fun."

Sunday 14 February 2010

Norman and his family

Today another Norman strolled into the coup - along with his wife and children!!!!

This is from Sharon who says:-
"Here is Norman and Aileen and her chicks.  Had it done for quite a while, just didn't have time to send it to you. Had a lot of snow this winter. With more today and more coming tonight and tomorrow"

Wednesday 10 February 2010


Another rooster strolled in this evening after a long walk.

This one is from Betty in THE NETHERLANDS.  This is what Betty has to say:-
"It was very nice to follow the TIAS.  I send you a photo of my rooster.  Thank you for the very clear description and translation of the tatting.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Monday evening

Late this evening I received this rooster from Roelien in THE NETHERLANDS.  This is what she says:-
"I am Roelien Moesker from the Netherlands. I live in the northern part of the Netherlands, Groningen. After 45 years I started tatting  again in april last year. I became a member of the frivolit√©kring in our country. I tried to make the tias. It was rather difficult for me, but with help of my friend Ankie I finished it. I hope you like  my rooster.
I like tatting."

Sunday 7 February 2010

Sunday's Normans!

The first rooster I have in today is from Hann in HOLLAND or THE NETHERLANDS.  
Riet forwarded this onto me with a very interesting piece which I'm sure she won't mind me sharing.  I've always wondered why sometimes people said Holland and sometimes said The Netherlands.  This has caused me to look up this link too.  Thank you Haan and thank you, Riet.
"I found this morning the roosters of Coby in mine e-mail box. She tatted 3 roosters.
Coby lives in Uitgeest and she can say I live in Holland. Uitgeest  is a place in the Province Noord-Holland.  Lots of Dutch people say I live in Holland but that is not the name for the country The name for the country is Netherlands. Just to let you know, there is more than Holland in the Netherlands."

Saturday 6 February 2010


First (and I hope not the last!!) in today is from Liz in AUSTRALIA who says:-
"Hi Jane.  I finished the Rooster and whilst it’s not as flash as the other ones, I’m still quite pleased with it."

Next fluttering into the coup is from Sonja in THE NETHERLANDS who says:-
"here are my rooster, hen and 2 chickens.  We eated 2 eggs before they were a chicken, only 2 eggs changed in chickens   Glimlach Emoticon

Friday 5 February 2010

Another TGIF

Even though I don't work anymore and most days are the same (ish!) I still love Friday!!!  Good excuse for a glass of red wine in the evening!!! 

I digress.  This morning we have a rooster from Sandy in AMERICA.  She says:-
"The real reason I’ve been so industrious is because I broke my foot and the silver lining to that is lots of time to tat!!!  A friend recommended your TIAS so I am submitting my Pacific Northwest Norman and his friend Nils to the coup.  An order of thread is on the way so that I can tat the whole family in more “chickenish” colors."

SO sorry to hear about your foot, Sandy but thankful it wasn't a hand you broke or your TIAS may never have got finished!!!

May I present more fun from Katie V who sends in two pairs of chickens!!!  Just LOVE your colours, Katie.

Thursday 4 February 2010

A lonesome rooster on Thursday!

One poor lonesome rooster has staggered in late this Thursday evening.  

He's from Marty in AMERICA and I think he's a handsome chap.  Here's what she says:-
"Finished! What fun -- and he doesn't look like an alien at all, just a White Japanese Bantam Rooster that got sprayed with paint.  He's here with his painted chicken coop in the outlands of Utah, USA."

Wednesday 3 February 2010

Wednesday and more!

First in today is from Bev (the ridgewoman) in AMERICA who says:-

"This rooster is on the ridge, calling for all his brothers to join in the TIAS.

I included the 'brown' rooster that has his tail on the wrong side, just so you can see how well I followed your directions.
I have a white one with a story, waiting in the wings (so to speak   LOL)."

This afternoon we have Carol from AMERICA first in and she's been 'playing' with the bridegroom pattern on my site again!!!  You'll see him 'transformed' into a scarecrow lower down!!!  Here's a link to her blog and this is what she says:-
"I had so much fun tatting Norman and family.  Thank you for the fun and such a great patterns.  I also hope you don't mind me tweaking your Bridegroom for my amusement.  LOL, this pattern  just has so many possibilities.  I also should have mentioned that I used the clowns hat for the scarecrow."

News has just come in from Arlene in AMERICA that there's another rooster on her blog here.  I kidnapped him so you could see him here too.

Tuesday 2 February 2010


Before I announce the first rooster in today I'd like to point out that as there's no sign of a fox the chicken coup will be kept open indefinitely for as many Normans as we can fit in.  It's a VERY large coup!!!!!!

First today is from Ann in AMERICA who got me puzzled for a while.  I did work it out, Ann.  Begins with a T and ends in an S!!!!  Here's the puzzle:-
"Took a while, but I FINALLY finished my Norman!  Thank you so much for hosting this TIAS.  I LOVED doing it and learned SO much!  Any guesses on where this Norman resides?"

Next in is Pamela's brood from IRELAND and she says this:-
"Norman is Finished......finally, here he is, he was soon overtaken by SuperNorman.....Norman on steroids!! Both tatted in size 20, Floretta and Red heart...what a difference. Look what happened when Norman met Super Norman!"

Monday 1 February 2010


Just one rooster in today and I think it's from Bep.  

I know it's flown all the way from THE NETHERLANDS because this is what the owner says:-
"Thanks for the very nice Tias I like it very much.  Here the result from a Dutch tatter."

The next rooster in is from Lynne who lives in WALES.  She says:-
"He's great, you are clever, we were convinced it was a hot-air ballon and the tail was the basket.I did wonder about the long picots but thought they would somehow be the ropes and the bead was the fire!!!! An interesting pattern and I love Norman!

Next in is from Cynthia in AMERICA who says:-
"Hi Jane here is a scan of my rooster.  I haven't gotten the ends clipped yet and worked in.  Please don't look too close as I made some mistakes and didn't fix them as I was way past where they are before I noticed them."