Thursday 31 January 2013

Thursday again

Well my inbox is full this morning so please bear with me while I play 'catch up'!!!! Part of the reason for spacing the days out this year has been because of the many hours I need just to keep up with you all. I'm NOT complaining - I'm enjoying it all.

First in this morning is from Adrian who has this to say:-

"Hi Jane

Here are my Day 7s.

It's looking more like a flower basket all the time, so I'm waiting for it to turn into something completely different!


Next in is from Allison who says:-

"Here is Day 7 for me!!! I'm not so sure as to what the pattern could be now. I had to rotate the picture around because I scanned it upside down and it got me thinking....from this view it reminds me of a Jellyfish. This is TOO much fun! I also organized my thread box today and I might start one of two more in some pretty variegated threads I forgot I had! hehe! Cheers! Allison"

Pamela (aka TotusMel) nearly forgot her day 7:-

"Almost forgot to send you my day 7...I'm enjoying the practice this ia giving me, but I've decided I'm not going guess what it is anymore."

Denise is next in the inbox and her comment follows:-

"Well here I am finished with Day 7. It sort of looks like a pram again. But I'm guessing I'm wrong. I wonder if I shouldn't flip it upside down and look at it that way, or maybe turn it sideways. Come on, you can tell us, which way is the top? haha

Thanks for the fun,

Denise from Austin, TX"

Final one before breakfast is Liz with days 6 and 7 and who says:-

"Hi Jane

Here is Day 6 and Day 7 - good news I didn't have to unpick the ring because I followed your instructions and yes they were spot-on.



Liz had problems with the pattern today but manfully (or woman fully) managed to sort it out. 

Changed my mind - one more before breakfast as this came in just before midnight. After breakfast I'll tackle the rest!!!
This is from Judy who says:-
"No, I haven't trimmed my threads not going to until the end.
I liken split rings to the days, I started learning to tat with a cast on my right arm. It was frustrating and difficult." 

Just a couple more between breakfast and grocery shopping. 
First Katie who has resorted to rhyme!!! 
"Oh, that Jane! Now she's at it again;
TIAS can cause such a strain.
It's... Godzilla.. a pram...
Taj Mahal... Amsterdam ?
This uncertainty's scrambling my brain.
Really, Jane, will we even know what it is when we're done?!!
My husband wrote the limerick in honor of the mischief you're making.
Tatty hugs anyway!
Katie V in NC"
Where are the rest of them, Katie?!?!?

Now before I go out I have JB who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is days 5, 6 &7. 
After I had completed day 6, I realized that I did not do the lock chains. So, I untatted both days. Ta da...days 5-7 done right--I hope. I'm still having a blast even with the redo. 
Thanks do much. 

Back from grocery shopping (YUCK job like the H word) and I now have Heather who says:-
"Hi Jane, here is my day 7. My basket is coming along great, thanks Heather."

Now I have Diane's comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane,
I had very little time to tat today, so I was very grateful for the next installment of the 2013 TIAS... just enough to keep me going! Thanks!"

Sunela has now sailed into view with her day 7 - well, that's according to her the sailing bit!!!
"Looks like we are going to "sail" somewhere :)" 

Now I have Dorcas who has totally another opinion!!!
"Good evening, Jane. Well, good very early morning your time. Attached is my day 7. I can still see a pram. I am leaning more towards my orignal idea of a window box though.

Now for some reason I have Sunela's day 6 which has now come in. No worries - here it is:-
"Here you go.... This is just fantastic." 

Next is Bernice who is sure of what it is!!! 
"Day 7 of TIAS still looks like a baby buggy to me. Bernice 

Sharon still doesn't know what we're making - neither do I, Sharon!!!!!
"Here is my scan for day 7. I still have no idea what we are making."

Next is from Omar who knows me very well - she thinks!!!!
"Hi Jane.
Day 7 complete and I'm still in the dark. I can see why many are seeing the baby carriage but I know how devious you can be so I'm going to keep my guess till nearer the end.
Looking forward to the next clue.

Rosemary's back with two TIAS's and she says:-
"I'm going to have a guess... a container that's going to hold flowers. :)

Hey - I've been sent a present in exchange for something I sent to Fiona. I didn't know I had but there you go ..........
"Hi Jane,
First I have to thank you, Melbourne has gotten a lot of rain this afternoon/evening...since you sent us some rain, I'm sending you some sun and it is on it's way now! 
Day 7 almost has me agreeing with those guessing it is a pram, though this could still be an attachment point for a balloon. Can hardly wait for day 8! 
Fiona T" 

Now I have Karen's day 7 and her comment is as follows:-
"Hi All, Here is my Day 7. I never got time to play yesterday as life took over LOL. I too thought it looked like a pram but we shall see isn't that right Jane"

Next in is Maureen with an interesting observation - she says:-
"Didn't manage it last night, but here it is. I really don't know what it is, even though John keeps telling me it's a basket; but as I was working away, it suddenly dawned on me why I prefer written patterns to diagrams! - it would be really hard, wouldn't it, to have a TIAS in pictures! Words for me, every time - although I HAVE come to grips with diagrams too, after all these years. It's been rather like learning a foreign language."

Tine hasn't sent a picture but has taken the time to make a comment:-
"Hi Jane.
Is it a flower basket.
Greets Tine" 

Do take a close look at Frances's picture and read her comment. What a clever idea to keep shuttles and tatting organised. She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here are my Day 7s. This is my brilliant idea! Use a microfiber duster on my lap so I can see the thread clearly and machine down the corners to make a pouches for the shuttles so they dont get tangled when I fold the whole thing up when I am finished. The microfiber holds the tatting in place for when I next want to tat.
Frances UK" 
What a splendid excuse to NOT be able to do the dusting!!!!

Now I have Rebecca's day 7 and she's decided to take action on the puzzle:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached is my day 7 installment. I turned the picture upside down to see if it would help me guess, it didn't.
Michigan, USA"

Next in is Judy who says:-

"My guess it is a potted plant of some kind" 

Now I have Denise who has this to say:-
"Here is my day 7. This is fun." 

Brenda has popped in now after making a valiant rescue of her original TIAS which she left behind at her brother's house. Now she has both of them to show you!!
"Hi Jane,
I have finally been able to go to my brothers now the snow has cleared. 
I now have both of my ………..whatever they are.

Now I've got Sonja's days 6 & 7 all rolled into one. She says:-
"Dear Jane,just I've finished day 6 + 7. I can't see what the pattern would. It isn't a hen - but it is? I'll see soon.
Sonja = CH" 

Next in I have two pictures and comments from Marjorie. Here's the first:-
"An oops! This was supposed to be the one I did _not_ make mistakes on, but I picked it up first this morning. And see what happened- I misread Ring 35!
I'm still pondering if I want to take out four rings to correct my error. Maybe not :) Should I start another one, or fix this one? (rhetorical question) This was the one where I used different threads so I could see what was going on.
Marjorie Wilser " 
Next our intrepid Marjorie came up with this:-
"Ok, on this one-- in finer thread-- I managed to read Ring 35 correctly. Too bad it's the one I did before I really understood the Catherine Wheel join! Welcome to my learning curve. 
Now I have another rhymer!!! This time from an email address I recognise but can't put a name to - where IS brain cell 3?
"Ok Jane, I have resisted the rhyming until now. After last years rhyming responses to your TIAS I walked around for months speaking in rhymes until family members had to have an intervention too get me back on track verbally! LOL 
There is just something about the TIAS that brings the rhymes out of me. 

Oh dear, oh me
I can not think what it will be!
It’s no longer a boat sailing on the bay
or a high flying balloon drifting away.
A basket of flowers? A baby pram?
I’m perplexed, that I am!
I change my guess with each new clue.
I’m no closer to knowing than on day two.
That is why it’s so much fun.
It is a mystery from day one 
that does not end till the game is done."

AHA, I've found out who our secret rhymer is - it's Sarah from Connecticut.  She also asks if there is anybody else who lives over her 'neck of the woods'.  If anybody does then please contact me and I'll link you up.

Nima is next in with her day 7 - she says:-

"Jane, looks like from thatched roof house it is moving towards a flower pot.... lol.

Elizabeth is now here with her lovely picture of day 7 and her comment as follows:-
"More flower for my basket. This is so much fun. Thank you Jane."

Andrea's just arrived with her day 7 and her comment as follows:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is Day 7 and it's looking more and more like a chicken ... according to my hubby!! I agree, but only time will tell!
Best wishes
Andrea x"

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Wednesday and Day 7

Here is the link to Day 7 of the Tat It And See.

Before we start. I have two tatters who want/need help. Can anybody give them a hand or point them to a group near them? Both in America. 

Firstly there's Laurie who can needle tat but wants to learn the shuttle. She lives in Costa Mesa, California which is in Orange County Southern California and about 45 minutes south wet of Los Angeles.

Secondly there's Lori who lives in Northern Indiana in the USA about about 20 minutes from Notre Dame college. If anybody can help either then I'd be grateful and will link you up.

Two over night day 6's have come in and I've JUST time to add them before I have to go out!!! First is from Surya who says:-

"Here is my Day 6, posed with a lock chain basket handle, because the lock chains are my favourite part of this year's TIAS."

Next is Madhur who says:-

"My dear Jane,

Greetings from India.

I have finally caught up. (What an immense sense of relief!). I'm seeing a turkey in the making. (The vsp on the chains and the vsp on ring 32 are the reasons that the design shall proceed in those directions. When are we going to use the solid colors? Perhaps on the last 3 days. Do I sound impatient? LOL


First in with her day 7 (I have a few minutes before I HAVE to go out) is Claudia who says:-

"Good morning Jane

Very mystery ... Looks like a cobra coming out of a basket. 

Greetings from Switzerland


OK, I'm back home again now and my inbox is looking very healthy. First in this session (afternoon) is Frances who says:-

"Good morning/evening Jane here is my day 7, now you have really got me confused.  maybe a swan????

The floods here cut us off for 2 day and the main highway to Brisbane is cut because of a landslide on the range and everyone is having to travel through Toowoomba to get to Brisbane. We are safe and dry.


Frances S" 

So glad you're safe, Frances.

Next picture and comment comes from Jaycee who says:-

"Hi Jane,Hmmm... wouldn't like to make wild guesses, I have 0 brain cell!:(

Maybe it's what many said - a basket of fresh blooms! 

Hugs, Jacee - Malaysia"

Jaycee - I'm SURE you've got lots of brain cells!! 

Madhur is back again from India with her next picture (day 7 this time) and comment:-
"Hi form India once again Jane.
Here is my day 7.  Tried to do all joins as Lark's Head Picot Join except a few.
I may not be able to tat for a few days due to heavy workload.  I wish I could.
See you soon!

I'm in trouble with the next lass. Geraldine. Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane
You have been naughty, trying to put me of "ME PRAM" but I'm back on track, it may have been the wrong way round,but to me it's still a Pram. 
Roll on the last few days of the T.I.A.S to prove me right. LOL. Geraldine.x. "
Well, Geraldine, are you SURE it's going to be a pram? I'm not - well, not yet! 

Next is Emilia who is also thinking it's a pram too!!! I wonder!
"Hi Jane,
Hereby day 7. I think I know what where tatting. Someone mentioned it before and I think she is right. I think it is a pram.
I wonder how we proceed.
Kind regards Emilia"

Another day 7 now from Claudia and she's still not sure what this is. She says:-
"my day 7 is ready jane! the shape is appearing but no clue yet!!!!
it seems we will have 38 C here today!!! so I take advantage of the ¨ fresh morning¨ to tat my tias day..
have a good tatting day!!1
claudia meza
formosa, Argentina"

Next in is from a confused is Anita with her day 6. Her comment is as follows:-
"Dear Jane,
Remember Bernice's guess the last couple of days about baby bonnets?? Well, she may be right...although just not the type babies she thought... At least not for you or us, thankfully!
No, it's going to be a Momma Swan about to have cygnets (new word for me -- baby swans - cygnet). She's all huddled down on the Indiana Lake this morning. It's a cold morning, and she's not feeling very comfortable at the moment. (Actually, I'm from Indiana, USA but spend winters in Arizona, USA, where it's supposed to be warm and sunny....Indiana this morning is at 51F while Arizona is at 46F. Something wrong there!)
Having fun with the TIAS, Jane...always an adventure!
Sorry the weather's got you confused, Anita. Time to go back to Indiana? 

Now I have Jane's day 7 and she's still confused!!!!
"More this way and that way, Jane. Jack says a teapot, but I can’t see that myself. Happy tats, Jane" 

Now Pat/Arial has popped in with her day 7 and her comment:-
I am happy that there was another day available this morning. So here is my photo of day 7 completed. Keep the excitement coming!
Pat G (Arial - The Tattered Faerie)" 

Next is Sonja from Holland who seems to be having much the same weather as the UK!!! Here's her comment:-
"Hello Jane
No snow , but sun and a lot of wind. When will it be summer?
I now think it will be a baby-car, but I’m not the first who thinks that. Still fun, thank you
Sonja from Holland" 

Now, friends, I'm seriously, seriously worried about this next tatter. Her name is Marie and she lives in SC (crikey, that rhymes) but her problem is escalating!!! Every day of the TIAS that's gone out she's added another piece to her 'collection' of 'whatever they are's'!!!!! Seriously I am worried. I only hope that my other friends in the Palmetto Tatting Guild don't catch it. Here's her message:-
"Here is my day 7. I was awake at 3:45 when you put up the segment. I finished the 9 of them, but as you can see, at the bottom there is another TRIBBLE developing. I am really getting attached to the little critters!
Big ol' hug,

Now I have Monica's day 7. Do take a close look at the gentleman in this picture - you'll NEVER believe his age:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my Day 7. I had to take the pic on a calendar showing my husband's grandfather who will turn 98 tomorrow, 1/30/13.
Happy tatting.
Monica Braxton"

Next in after a small 'lull' is from Dale Marie who has this to say:-
"Day 7 complete! All these twists and turns. Such a clever girl to keep us guessing Jane:-) What could it be? I have a new guess. Could we be making an elephant? Turned on its side, days 5, 6, & 7 look like an ear! Come on day 8 :
)Dale Marie

Poor Fox. I do apologise for the TIAS getting in the way of your moving!!! You could try packing the tatting away first? Here's what Fox has to say:-
"I am seeing red as this is all I have accomplished today. I am supposed to be packing! Instead, I am running around in my underwear, tatting and untatting. Yes - untatting! I messed up in the mp, and it took a long time to pick out the knot...Ah, tatters and their tribulations! 
What the heck is it?
Fox : 0" 

Now I have Patricia's day 7 with her comment which is:-
I know what it is! It's most definitely a thing-a-ma-jig! or maybe a what-cha-ma-call-it!
Patricia Lyn Cobb" 

Now I have a comment from one of the Dutch tatters. I'm not sure if you know that my dear friend Riet who's blog can be found here, translates the TIAS for all the people in The Netherlands. Els Valkenburg sent in this comment through Riet:-
"I didn't do much on the TIAS because I am ill, but I think it will be a cradle."
Riet says that is Els Valkenburg lives in Doetinchema which is a place in the east of the country. The same place as Ineke Kuiperij lives.  Thanks, Riet for passing on the comment.

Now I have Wanda's comment and picture. She says:-
"Jane, this hasn't helped me at all to figure out what this might be! I really don't have any imagination. When did you say day 8 was coming out??
Still having fun in Kansas, USA
Day 8 will be on Saturday, Wanda, followed by 9 next Monday.

Now I have Alva's day 7 and she says:-
"Good day 7 morning Jane. Here is my intrepid day 7. I understand now why you name it intrepid. I have started it many times because this is the first time I try the split chain for which I need a lot of practice, but I will surely learn how to do it. Thanks again for sharing and making us "intrepid tatters" Alba Alicia
Tijuana, México " 

Now before I show you my sister's pictures I simply HAVE to say that this would NOT happen in my house. Chocolate accumulating like this? No WAY. Poor Sally's had a bad day so I doubt we'll see the chocolate again. Here's her comment:-
"A busy day in the parish office plus a burial in a cold, soggy and windy graveyard only to do find the church website had been hacked. Great to sit down to a warm cup of tea and carry on with the TIAS."

Now I have another person thinking it's something to do with babies. Hmmmm. This is what Stephanie has to say:-
"Wow, it's Day 7 already! It sort of makes me a little sad, knowing the TIAS is almost finished until next year. (There WILL be a 'next year' TIAS, won't there? We have to have SOMETHING fun to look forward to, Jane!) 
Ok, here's the scan. My UFO is starting to look suspiciously like a baby carriage (pram). I can almost see the next 4 pattern sections coming to 'life' over the next week or so. ;-)
To add some 'excitement,' our weather forecast for the day is 'severe thunderstorms' today and tonight with high winds, especially during storms. It's a good day for tatting indoors, that's for sure. ;-)
Have a terrific week!
Big hug!

Now Caroline has popped in with her day 7 and comment:-
"This is getting more puzzling. All of the picots indicate a lot more to go but maybe they are just decoration. It is kind of starting to look like an infant car carrier. But what the two VSP at the bottom would be for has me puzzled. Had a hard time with the picture as we got snow last night and the light is really reflecting in the window. No school today but I need a few groceries and this is Senior Citizen discount day so need to get to scooping. Maybe will chicken out.

Next to arrive is Jo who thinks quite the opposite of others but we'll have to wait and see:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my TIAS day 7. Guess it's not going to be a pram after all. Definitely getting a lot of practice on those split rings.

Now Jenny is thinking the opposite of Jo and is agreeing with Geraldine. Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane
I'm up to date now. this is day 6 and 7. I have a sneaky feeling that Geraldines guess will be right again.

Roelien is next into my inbox and this is her comment and picture:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is day 7. I understand every time more of tatting as a few years ago.
I like it, but my most important hobby is lace making.
But that does not matter this make me fun also.
Here it feels like spring at the moment,
Many greetings,

Now I have Melanie's day 7 along with her comment which is:-
"Good morning-
Here's what I have after working through Day 7 directions. I'm not sure I have everything thing correct. Too tired today to really figure it out. Sorry. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is guessing.
Next to arrive is Mary Jo who says:-
"Here are 6 and 7. I wavered a bit on clue 6 on the pram, but clue 7 has restored my confidence in the pram. Mary Jo in Mission Viejo" 

Now I have to say to IsDihara that it's not fair to ask me to make up my mind!! Consequently I'm showing both her pictures!!! Here's her comment:-
How is it possible to still be completely in the dark about this year's TIAS? No idea, but I am.
Thoughts of Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers still persist. (Say that three times fast! LOL!) But each new release jump-starts the creative brain cell(s). Today I contemplated how repeating the clover-lock stitch chain-split chain repeat would affect the direction and negative spaces. Love this part of the process.
Two scans accompany this note. One has a red background and the other a white one. You pick the one that looks best on your screen.
P.S. Also sharing this link to a more surrey-like baby buggy. It puts me to mind of the song from the musical Oklahoma! -- "Surrey with the Fringe on Top"

Next in is Nikki who says that she's no idea what the TIAS is. She says:-
"Here is my day 7, so its not a waterfall, and not a tea cup, I give up guessing for now lol. I can't wait to day 8!!

Somebody else who's still confused is Maria who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane, hope your day is going swimmingly! I finished day 7 and have to say that you are one clever lass.But I have to add that I have figured out just what we are tatting! 
We are tatting one of those ........ a 'Doohickey'! :) You know, one of those 'Thingamabobs!' HA!

Sandy has just arrived with her day 7 too. She says:-
"Hi Jane. I think my shopping cart full of flowers has morphed. Now it is pram-like, but who knows what twists future days will bring? Are you sure this will be resolved in only 4 more installments?Sandy S" 

Janet has sent in her day 7 along with exciting news too:-
"Looks like a baby pram to me, but I have babies on my mind as the birth of my twin grand babies approaches!! :-)" 

Next in is from somebody who's email address I don't recognise - BUT they've got it right.  Whooooppppeeeee!:-
"Day 7tias my guess . A peice of!!! Thanks jane." 

Now I have Cheryl's day 7 and she's been struggling with a new printer/scanner. Here's her comment:-
"OK this one turned out a little better. Silly new printer has been causing us headaches for two days. This TIAS is great fun. I still can’t imagine what we’re getting.