Saturday 29 April 2023

Saturday 29th April

Another surprise and this time from Janet. Unlike the last post it’s been a glorious warm day here today for number 

Janet has this to say

90.    “Hi Jane at last my aliens are ready to come to you Think they will be when blocked. But can’t put off sending them to you.
Thanks looking forward to the next tias! Happy tatting.
Janet X


Saturday 15 April 2023

Saturday 15th April

What a lovely surprise on a cold April evening here in the middle of England. Not just one but TWO new aliens. These arrived, thanks to Pamela, who said

“Aliens from Jackie, the first one with dog and mine the variegated one. 

Our two Aliens come in peace. They are sorry they didn’t arrive earlier but they were delayed by a couple of humans and a dog who they met on the way. The humans asked them so many questions about where they came from that in the end they had to make a run for it!

I LOVE the dog, Jackie.  He seems to love aliens!!!!




Tuesday 11 April 2023

Tuesday 11th April

A wet, windy and thoroughly horrid day (weather wise) so a lovely surprise when I had another alien drop in! This is from Sue who says

87.    “ Here he isLooking a bit poorly as he had a rough trip here :-(
So he's phoning home for a tow-truck!!!

I missed a toe off the first foot, so adjusted the other foot to match
Also had to increase the counts for the top of the head
His antennae wouldn't stay twisted so attacked them with a bit of glue

He's destined for my mad patchwork Jacket 
Thanks for all the hard work designing & sharing this pattern
As I say, you have a convoluted mind me dear :-)”

I LOCW the picture, Sue.  I hope ET got home in the end - onto your jacket.  


Monday 3 April 2023

Monday 3rd April

I'm glad this one didn't arrive on All Fool's Day (1st April) as he may not have landed safely! You never know who or what is floating around in space or cyberspace!!

Thanks to Claire for taking us another step further towards the 100 target. Here's what she says.

86.    "Used old Coats and Clark size 30 thread. Hope we do it again next year.