Thursday 26 January 2023

Day 7

I apologise for not getting some finished TIAS’s up last evening but I had a rare but very pleasant evening out. So now I’m catching up and waiting for day 7’s to come in.

First of all I have Lindy who says

“Hello Jane, 

Day 6, still thinking about a sloth, although it could be something completey different too.

Well a sloth is a great idea, Lindy. Not saying if it is or not!!!

Coretta is next with her day 6 and a great idea for what it is! She says

“Hello! Here is day 6. I am reminded of a jester.”

Next to arrive is Alicja who has had a bit of trouble trusting herself!!  She says

Dear Jane, it was so simple step 😂 and with my interpretation I made different mistakes 🤦‍♀️ My first instinct was right but I didn’t trust… and it was the biggest mistake 😊 Now, I hope it’s ok. 
Big hug from Italy

It looks fine, Alicja.  Fine.

Next in is from Pamela who has sent in two pictures. Her comment is

“Hi Jane, reporting from Arica in Chile. Here is my Day 6 from tatting in the ship. Just been trying to photograph Humming Birds in the Atacama Desert so this is obviously going to be a humming bird feeding at a flower!”

Of course it is!!!  

Aonghas and Kay Lynn are next with her great picture for day 6. She/he says

“Dearest Jane,

It's snowing again today, so I'm anxious to get outside and play in it. Therefore, I decided to call a meeting of some of the "contenders" for the 2023 TIAS. We had a serious look at their tails too to see if they might qualify. After serious consideration, Caribou graciously bowed out. But no one would step up as the official TIAS..... They were being tricky like you. Nevertheless, we think the giraffe and the elephants are in contention as their tails might look like the TIAS critter's tail. 
Time to go romp in the snow!
Aonghas and his "servant", Kay Lynn”

Next to arrive is Annna who says

“Ecco il mio 6 giorno. Non so se è esatto ma continuo
Buonaserata e al prossimo🙋‍♀️
Here is my 6 day. I don't know if it's correct but I continue Good evening and see you next time 🙋 ♀️

È PERFETTO, Anna. Semplicemente perfetto.
It’s PERFECT, Annna. Just PERFECT.

Wilma is next to pop into my inbox and she has this to say

“ciao Jane, io sono quella che arriva tardi tardi.... Il mio giorno 6👋👋. 
hi Jane, I'm the late comer.... My day 6👋👋”

Ragazza cattiva ma lo sono anch'io !!! sono MOLTO in ritardo!!!!
Naughty girl but so am I!!! I'm VERY late!!!!

Maria has popped in with her day 6. She says

“Here the picture 🤣”

Thanks, Maria.

Rose Anne is next with her day 6. This is what she has to say

“Phewie this day was tough on my brain! And then Day 6 for the TIAS arrived and again fought with the instructions before I figured it out! Sorry for the crooked photo but I was trying for stitching clarity. 
Maybe I should just rest before messing more up! 😮‍💨🤧😆
Rose Anne”

Well you got there in the end and it looks perfect to me.  Well worth the struggle!!!

Now I have Rebecca with her day 6 and she says

“Good Evening Jane,
This is Rebecca from Michigan, USA. I really enjoy the TIAS with everyone's pictures and guesses, but I rarely send pictures. I looked at this when I finished and it looked like a jester's hat to me. Thank you so much for doing this.”

You’re very welcome, Rebecca and thanks for sending your picture in. It all helps to keep the TIAS going!!!

Ruth has arrived next and this is her comment. 

“Hello Jane,
I got home last night from a week working at the "back o' Bourke" in far north west New South Wales - beyond reception! After I unpacked and rung my children this morning, I got on with this. I am eager to see progress. My current suggestion is a one legged emu. While was out west, I saw a daddy emu and his 5 teeny boppers having a swim/cool off in a lagoon!
Looking forward to day 7.

Now I’m going to share (with Ruth’s permission) another comment which amused  me no end and would be astonishing if it happened where I live.  She went on to say

”This loo at Wanaaring, had nothing in it, but when I flushed it, all the desert tree frogs appeared!!”

Picture below her TIAS

Finally as I’m off out shopping shortly and firstly too is Jenni’s day 7!!! Here’s her comment and picture.

“Told you day 7 would do the trick.
It's a frog! ?????
Usual big hug

Maureen is next in with her day 7 and she says

“Australia Day, and a new grand- puppy to welcome so I am a little late.
I was confused by today’s instructions, so followed the diagram and hope that it‘s correct. After Day 6 the direction was to RW, but that put the down picot on the wrong side for the new ring. I was also scratching my head, looking in vain for a picot between seta and setb!
Anyway, here is my Day 7, with an extra second- half stitch at the end of the ring in case I need to unpick it.
Carrots carrots carrots.

Your carrots look fine to me, Maureen.  I don’t know how you got muddled but you got there in the end!!!

Maria arrived a short while ago and this is what she says

“ dear Jane, 
my day 7, but what it will be???????”

I’m not answering that question, Maria!!!  Not yet!!!

Jane has just arrived and she reckons hers is a bit wonky but I think it’s the way it’s lying on the keyboard and I’m sure it’ll straighten up eventually without much blocking. Can’t say more or it might give too many clues!!!! Jane says

“Hi Jane, I've done day 7. Mine looks rather squonk compared to the diagram. Oops, I've just remembered squonk is a local word, not used by the rest of the world! Skew whiff? Will probably need blocking! ”

Katie V is now back with her days 7 (that was FAST, Katie) and her comment too

“Ah, Jane, I agree with Correta and Rebecca! We may be tatting a jester! Day 7 appears to become a humanoid chest while I bet the next days' work will produce another arm! More practice with CW joins--wahoo!
We'll see, you clever, sly tatting designer, you!
Happy tatting, everyone!
Katie V in NC”

Arlene is next and she asks a simple question which is

“Isn't this a yoga pose? 
Arlene M
Durham NC”

It could be, couldn’t it, Arlene but I’m not saying!!!

Sylvie is back with her next part and she says

“Hi Jane, very mysterious I have not idea to day.
I hope a new idea tomorrow 😀.
Have a good day 

I’m pleased that you haven’t guessed yet, Sylvie!!!! 

Next to arrive is Jolimama who says

“ Kedves Jane! Küldöm a 6-7. nap képét. Ahogy néztem, úgy gondolom, talán egy béka lesz. Vagy nem 😉
Dear Jane! I will send the 6-7. day picture. The way I looked, I think it might be a frog. Or not 😉“

I think you should keep guessing Jolimama - keep guessing!!!

Lyn is next to arrive and she’s not at all sure that she knows what the TIAS is going to be!!! She says

“Still not sure of what this could be. I am enjoying seeing everyone’s work and choice of colors.”

Next to pop into my inbox is Richard with his day 6 and he has this to say

“Good Morning!
I thought I sent my Day 6 but I did not see it on the blog; I guess I messed it up somehow! I have attached it to this email. I think we are tatting a horse of course! I will commence my Day 7 tatting after I figure out how to manage the new Facebook page format and get my Chat n' Tat event published on Yarnia of Old Town.
Happy Tatting!

No it didn’t arrive, Richard.  Nothing did!!!  Maybe it went off on it’s travels through cyberspace!

Antonia has now arrived with her day 7. She says

“Hi Jane
Here is day 7 submission. No idea what it is.

All will be revealed, Antonia but I’m not sure when!!!!

Julie has just arrived with her day 7 and she has this to say

“Well, I still think it still is body like. I love that I have had to look up a technique each of the last two days. I had done them both, but needed refreshers.”

I always have to look up the CWJ technique, Julie.  Others too if I’ve not used them for a while!!!!

Mary Jane’s day 7 has just arrived and she says

“Hello JaneLooking good. Think a horse love horses my daughter had cydersdales. Yes I rode them wonderful animals 
Mary Jane. Indiana USA”

A horse? That’s interesting. I wonder!!!!

Jacee’s back with her day 7 and the following comment

“Hi Jane,
Day 7 and I still have no idea what it is🤷‍♀️

Stephanie has now popped in with her day 7 and she says

“This thing definitely is taking a bow.
Still looks like it’s going to be a lobster or something similar.
Great fun, whatever it is!

Hmmm, I wonder, Stephanie, I wonder!!!

Melanie has just arrived too and she’s convinced that it’s a - well, I’ll let her tell you

“Hi Jane-
Here's the photo I snapped of my creation so far. Perhaps because my daughter is working a jigsaw puzzle of her photo of a nest of hummingbirds, I agree with others that we're tatting a hummingbird. Once the puzzle is assembled, I'll snap another picture!
Thank you for the game,

I’m looking forward to seeing the jigsaw hummingbird and the one you’re tatting too.  IF it’s a hummingbird, of course!!!

Something different for you now - a limerick from KatieV’s husband. Here’s what they sent

“Here's a limerick that hubby wrote about our game. Sure, publish it if you like!

The whole world withered tatless in pain;
tatting shuttles cried, “Use me!” in vain.
And then, lo! a bright light
tats the world from its plight.
What is shining? None other but Jane!

Big tatty hugs,

Karen is next to pop in and she has this to say

“Has anyone else noticed that Day 7 tatting kinda-sorta resembles a number seven? 😜
As Max Mainspring the Mechanical Man continues to take shape, I struggle with his thread colors looking like charcoal or black in my photos. Snapshots of the lace taken in the palm of my hand seem to fix the problem, except that I am forced to snap the photo with my chin! It is awkward and hilarious! Thank you again for all the work you do to make the T.I.A.S. so entertaining for us all. I am having So Much Fun!!”

Trust you to make your life difficult!!!!  That’s SO funny taking pictures with your chin but it WORKS just fine!!!!  I would love to know who took the picture of YOU taking the photos?

Julie’s back with her ostrich - least that’s her guess at the moment!! She says

“I still think it is going to be an ostrich. Is the second wing in the next installment? I can hardly stand the wait. I know you won't tell, so I will have to be patient. 
Julie ”

No, Julie I’m not telling!!!!  If I did you may stop tatting it because you are disappointed.  Now that doesn’t mean it’s not an ostrich!!!

Nona is next and she says

“Hi Jane,
Day 6 has me even more confused! (If that is even possible).”

Not a bad thing being confused in the TIAS!!!! Well, that’s my opinion!!!

Rose Anne is next to arrive and this is her comment

“I've obviously fallen behind as this morning Day 7 TIAS was posted. Easy peasy on this step! AND I too thought of body parts the other day but then NAH she wouldn't, would she! But now it looks like a skeleton head to me, holes and all, but what animal! Or could it be a space alien? I totally love these mysteries more so than my quilting ones! Course it's one or two colour threads compared to various fabrics for a quilt, my other passion!
Rose Anne 🌹 ”

You really are thinking hard about this, Rose Anne.  Don’t wear yourself out!!!

Sharren has just arrived now and she says this

“Good evening! Dave thinks it could be a flower (eventually) and I (sort of) see a ballerina ... who needs a second arm, a second leg, and a head! And probably more of a body, although ballerinas are very slim!
Tatting in the sunny south, USA”

You two have given it a lot of thought.  I like your reasoning but I’m not telling you if you’re right or not!!!!

Next to arrive is Hallie who says

“Well, day 7 definitely gave us a clue...NOT!! LOL
My husband says it's a peacock with its tail down. 
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin, where it is still snowing...”

Your husband could be right and I can ‘see’ why he made that suggestion.

Sabrina has just joined us here on the TIAS blog and she says

“Ciao Jane, per la prima volta ti mando il mio lavoro che sto facendo seguendo il tuo Tias: ho imparato a usare la navetta facendo i corsi con Alicja e seguendo lei ho conosciuto te e questa bellissima iniziativa! 

Hi Jane, for the first time I am sending you my work that I am doing following your Tias: I learned to use the shuttle by taking courses with Alicja and by following her I met you and this beautiful initiative! Hello Sabrina“

Benvenuta nel blog, Sabrina. Alicja è stata così d'aiuto con te e gli altri brandelli italiani
Welcome to the blog, Sabrina. Alicja has been so helpful with you and the other Italian tatters.

Next to arrive is Lindy who says

“Good evening Jane,
Day 7, no new idea's what it is going to be.

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