Monday 4 May 2009

dani's CYOP - TIAS - the end?

hi all!

so, by "tomorrow" i clearly meant a week-and-a-half later.... sigh... i should have borrowed Jane's "spare" brain cell. next time, if inspiration should ever strike again, i'll remember this!

in the meantime, for those who've been waiting sooo patiently for me to post their pics... here you go!

i kept thinking through-out that option A should have been option E... for Egg! option B is a Bunny, as many have guessed, and Option C is a chick! (one tatter couldn't figure out what option C was, until someone rotated it to horizontal instead of vertical!)

Tatskool made Option A and came out with a Chiton...? see her blog for details!

Sonja from Holland - Option A

Sonja from Holland - Option B

Sonja from Holland - Option C

Carla - Option A (Paasei)

Carla - Option B (Paashaas)

Carla - Option C (Kuiken)

Riet - Option B

Unarae in Alaska - Option C - day 5

Gina from the Netherlands - Option C - i love the background drawing and the eye!

Marty - Option A

Marty - Option C

ladytats - Option C - day 6

ladytats - Option C

mine - Option A(Egg)

mine - Option C(hick)

mine - Option B(unny)

and so the Choose-Your-Own-Pattern Tat-It-And-See comes to an end (except for pictures you send me! (dmr22 at cornell dot edu) which i promise to post at least once a week!)

the patterns will eventually (see, i can be taught!) be up on my website in PDF form... honest!

dani, the geek