Monday 28 July 2008

New arrival

This came in late last night from Janny who says -

"I found it very fun to participate, occasionally it gave me some headaches but I have succeed my work. Maybe I send my "Lady from Ede" late, but I think its fun, and I also would like to show her to you."

Sunday 13 July 2008

A new arrival in tat land

This lady has just arrived from Inge-Lise and this is what she says -

"Yesterday I made this girl and today she already in the garden, lokking for some sun.  
I did not have had any time to do her before due to my work in other contryes in Europa.  
Other products are to see at my homepage "

Monday 7 July 2008

Another lady has arrived!

This is from Diane who says -
"I finally finished my girl! She's sad because her creator didn't follow directions well and because she took so long to be created. The only beads I had for her mouth were small pink ones so I used 4 instead of two, and she ended up with a frown."

Two in one day - whooopppeeeeee. This is from Gré and she said -
"At least little woman is ready, It costed me lots of beads of sweat and retro tat
But it is ready , not totaly without mistakes , but who cares after all the problems I had."

Tuesday 1 July 2008

A hippo and a lady!!

Today another hippo has strolled into the bloat!!!! This is from Heidi who says - "I did do my hippo this February and neglected to send her to you. She has a few extra stitches because I didn't pay close attention but she's definitely recognizable. She's on a bed of a hanky I got from a great tatter, Erin Benner, in Karey's exchange from Gina's list. Love the colors together!"

Brenda has also sent in her lady and says - "This was fun – thanks! Just wish I had used brighter colors but this is what I had on my shuttles already."
Thanks to SueH for lightening up the picture. I wish I could fathom out how to do that!!!!