Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Day 9

 Here is the link to DAY 9.

Top of today's list is Carol with her day 8 and she says

"Dear Jane:
Day 8 is attached. My guess changed to a bunny toy. Hmmmm, maybe.
I am using Lizbeth, Size 20, Color 651.
I'm looking forward to Day 9 ; ) Thx Jane for hosting our game.
Always, Carol in NW Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II"

First in with her carrots (oops, I mean day 9) is Maureen who says

"My bunch of carrots is running away from me! It’s a naked orange dancing……..something.
I think.
Or maybe not."

Oooooh, you've beaten Jenni today!!!  Congratulations!!!!

Richard is next to arrive with his day 9 and he says

“Good Morning Jane!
My whatsit resembles the tatting goddess logo! (Except for that first ring.
Tatting this has been more fun than a barrel of Monkeys! And, by the way is also looking like a monkey from the barrel of monkey game!
Happy Tatting!

Hmmmm it’s going to be a VERY long TIAS if it’s a whole barrel of monkeys!!!!

Well Anita is next and she seems to think it’s a person of some sort. I wonder if she’s right? 
“Hi Jane,
Say Hi to my new friend :-)

Love the drawing, Anita but not sure you’re right!!!  Time will tell!!!

Maria has just arrived with her day 9 and she says

“hello Jane,
my day 9,it remains exciting
thank you
Maria from Bruges Belgium”

No guesses, Maria?!?!?

Hanneke has sent in her day 9 too and she thinks she’ll know after day 10. I don’t think she will, though!!!! Here’s her comment.

Hi Jane,
I think day 10 will make it clear. For now I’d go for a sloth
Met vriendelijke groet,

Jenni has just arrived with her day 9 and she says

“ Hi Jane.
A late one today as I had St John Ambo training tonight.
Bit hard to sneak it in!
You are definitely a tricky one!
There goes poor old man emu.....
Need a good night's sleep to contemplate this level of trickery!

So, not an emu then?  Well, Jenni, what is it?!?!?

Shawna has now arrived and she says

“Hi Jane,
I finally got a minute to join the fun. Here is my attempt. Learned a new technique. Never done a CWj before. Challenged my brain. 😜. No idea yet as to what it can be. Looking forward to the rest. Thanks for the challenge. 😊

Next in is Sue who says this

“Morning Miss
Well, my palm jigamatwist has either got a split trunk or it could be a dancing jack skellington!! I will have to wait and see!! I know it’s definitely not an Elephant’s Foot Umbrella Stand!! Bet you missed that guess this year! Lol!!
From your crazy Yorkshire TOG!”

Certainly missed your EFUS this year but I’m not sure you’re on the right track yet with your guesses this year!!!

Sylvie is next to pop in and she says

“Hi Jane,How are you? Here is my progression today. I think perhaps it is a frog swiming in the water 🐸....
Best regards and good afternoon.
Sylvie ”

I’m fine, Sylvie, thanks. Just amazed at all the guesses. I like the idea of a frog.

Interesting that Debra is thinking the same as Sylvie. I wonder if they’re right?

“Good morning Jane! Happy first day of February!
When I finished today's tatting section I thought it looked like a frog swimming.
But who knows? Have an awesome day!”

Marco is next and she says

“ Hello Jane,
Here is my day 9
Greetings Marco”

No guesses yet, Marco?

Now for a new guess from Antonia as she says

“Hi Jane I am staying late to get day 9 out of the door. I anticipate there will be more split rings to do in day 10. Then later on day 11, you may do another curl to connect to the 2 vsps between rings 10 and 12. Is it a phoenix?
Good night.

Nobody’s thought of that before, Antonia.  I wonder if it is a phoenix?

Monica is next to arrrive and she says this

“Ciao Jane eccomi con il giorno 9,ne ho fatto un altro per migliorare è così sono diventati 2 bei ragazzi che salutano!!😍

Hi Jane here I am with day 9, I did another one to improve and so they became 2 beautiful boys who say hello!!😍“

Penso che uno sia un bel ragazzo e l'altra una bella ragazza visto che è rosa!!!!!

I think one is a beautiful boy and one a beautiful girl as she’s pink!!!!! 

Barbara is next to arrive and she says

“Hello Jane!
I continue to play TIAS and despite the lack of time, I try to stay up to date. Today I am.
I have photos of day 5, day 8 and 9.
On the 5th day it looked like we were making octopus, on the 8th day my guess was confirmed! We already had two tentacles and what a disappointment today 😱. The creature has hands, not tentacles, and when we make the second leg, we'll only have to do the head.
But what kind of creature this is is still a mystery. For me it will be the Green Creature, because I have a green thread.
Best regards from cold and windy Bielsko-Biała. Basia

Witaj Jane! 
Kontynuuję zabawę TIAS i mimo braku czasu staram się być na bieżąco. Dziś jestem. 
Mam zdjęcia dnia 5, dnia 8 oraz 9. 
5-tego dnia wyglądało na to, że robimy ośmiornicę, ósmego dnia potwierdziło się moje przypuszczenie! Już mieliśmy dwie macki i jakież rozczarowanie dziś 😱. Stwór ma ręce nie macki i gdy zrobimy drugą nogę, to jeszcze tylko głowa nam zostanie do zrobienia.
Ale co to za stworzenie jest dalej tajemnicą. Dla mnie to będzie Zielony Stworek, bo mam zieloną nitkę. 
Pozdrawiam z zimnego i wietrznego Bielska-Białej. Basia”

I think you’re right, Barbara.  It’s a Green Creature!!!!  

Janet is next in my inbox and this is her comment

“Hi Jane,Here is day 9 of my “thingy”. Looking forward to to the finding out was it’s going to be.
Every good tatting wish Janet.

You’ll find out soon, Janet.  I promise.

Katie and her little gang are here now. Katie says

“Dear Jane and fellow tatters,
Perhaps we have completed the torso of our critter, humanoid or otherwise. In fact, I'm guessing it's a two-toed, three-fingered scarecrow who is waving away the birds. And I have a tribe of five of them! Surely we'll know more accurately if we end up tatting a head on top of this torso. Who knows? Our Jane's a tricky one!
Happy tatting, everyone! So fun to read everyone's interpretations of our TIAS!
Katie V in NC”

Some good ideas there, Katie but I’m not telling you what it is!!!

Marla has just arrived and this is her comment

“Hi Jane…. I’ve just realized that the only picots to join to are at the top of the body of this thing….. for a head 👽 ….. 🤔…… but I know there will be more to come…🙄 
Marla Nikirk”

Oh, yes, Marla - more to come!!!!

Margaret and I have been chatting so her reference to chickens is nothing to do with what the TIAS is. OR am I just trying to lead you astray? This is what Margaret says

“Hi Jane, I loved hearing about your two legged rescue chickens.
I am now thinking that my choice of green (the only 20 colour I had when the fun started) was fortuitous as for now, I think the rather odd looking tatting is turning into a rather handsome, four legged frog. Having said that, I won't be surprised if it continues to change till it becomes a handsome Prince!

Lindy is the next to arrive and she says

“Good evening Jane,
Day 9, I guess day 10 will be split rings again. 
Greetings from Lindy & my one-legged and headless something”

Well, Lindy, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to wait and see!!!!

Now it’s Sharren’s turn to take her place on the blog. She says
“Intriguing - could it be? Have I been tatting a rare blue lobster??
Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina”

Oh, NO, have you caught me out and found the answer, Sharren?  I hope not!!!

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