Monday, 13 February 2023

Monday morning!

Well it’s another Monday and another batch of TIAS’s have arrived. 

Here’s the first today and it’s from Debra who says

“Good afternoon Jane, 
Oh my this project has blessed me with learning new concepts, CW join and twisted picots! Thank you!
I am now thinking my project is a space monkey, I attached the space monkey song video.
Oh how fun!”

Liz is next and she’s thinking something very different to Debra. She says

“Here is day 12I think it is someone getting ready to go to a Mardi Gras parade

Hmmmm it could be, Liz!!!

Bev is next and she’s happy as she thinks she’s chosen a good colour for the TIAS!!! She says

“Hi Jane
Greetings Earthling Tatters! Someone guessed an alien a while back. That was clever! It won’t be a frog as I hoped, but green is not a bad colour.

Heidi has it all worked out and has come up with the answer. Well, her answer, at least!!! She says

“Of course, I see it now, It's Mister Gray Alien from the Planet of Knots in the Thread galaxy, tatting and waving his shuttles as he untwists his antennae. What a cutie!

Don’t forget, Heidi - it’s not over until the fat lady sings!!!!

Finally in this ‘breakfast batch’ is Jane who says

“Oops, I'm behind again. Pretty sure it's a little green man from Mars.....”

Hmmmmm, tomorrow will reveal all, Jane!!!

Alicja is next in with her TIAS and she says

“Dear Jane, thank you for your lovely explanation about twisted picot 😊. My Rob is ready for the last step 😊Hugs from Alicja”

No problem, Alicja. That’s what I’m here for - to explain my ideas!!!

Antonia is next in the inbox and she says

“Hi JaneHere is day 13. Time flies, cannot believe this game comes to an end soon.
Time to retire, good night.💤 

I find it strange that it’s coming to an end too, Antonia.

Kerstin is next with her little ‘whatever it is’ and she says it’s from Mars. Well, no, Kerstin, it’s from England actually!! From the brain of a strange old lady - MOI!!!!

“Dear Jane,
here it is - a white, little man from mars 😊 Love it 😊
His head is a little bit lost, I think the neck will be done tomorrow…
Greetings from sunny Germany

Maria followed on next with her day 13 and she has this to say

“I'm from Bruges, Belgium, and I used gold metallic threat”

I love gold metallic thread, Maria.  Bruges is the place where I saw bobbin lace being made when I was just 11 years old and made me fall in love with lace.  Two years later I learned to tat. I have very fond memories of Bruges.  

Cheryl is next and this is her comment followed by her picture

“Well. There we are. I wasn't able to attach the twisted one inch picot. So I just wet my fingers and twisted them.
When I block it I'll give them a good twist. My CWj's are rougher than just doing a lock join. I need much more practice to make them with finesse. Maybe some day.”

Next to arrive is our favourite canine friend Aonghas (along with Kay Lynn, of course) as somebody has to do the typing!!

“Dearest Jane,
Well, you had us tricked and guessing again. After we'd submitted our Day 12, we looked at that mask and were just sure that it was a Mardi Gras mask since it's coming up later this month. We were ready to dress for Mardi Gras and I even put on a mask.....that is UNTIL we saw those little antennae coming from our alien's head. So now we're fairly certain that it's an alien, and we only have one more day in our wonderful TIAS. You have been trickier than ever this year. So here's our current guess and also a Valentine since we want all the tatters participating to have a Valentine from us.
Love and XO XO,
Aonghas and his "servant", Kay Lynn”

Thanks for sharing the Valentine with us all, Kay Lynn.  

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