Sunday 19 February 2023

Sunday's arrivals

Three arrivals overnight and the first is from Judith.

55.    She says

"Hi, Jane. My extraterrestrial fellow has been AWOL checking out balloons over North America, but he found no-one to ‘phone home’. So he has arrived late.
Thanks for a most enjoyable TIAS, Jane. I used a Coats thread….no name. There were techniques we had to remember, or even learn. And our abilities to read directions were put to the test. We had a great time.
Judith in Australia."

56.    Liz is next with her little chap and her comment too.  She says

"Good evening 
Please see my finished Alien from Area 51 near Las Vegas NV. He was made from Aunt Lydia size 10 ocean thread.  His head is a bit big for his body.  I think I missed something. This has been great fun!!! I hope to do this again next year.    

57.    Finally this morning I have Coretta who has sent in day 13 as well. She says

My alien comes from Florida, USA.
I shuttle tatted it in Lizbeth size 20 color 114 SeaShells. Thanks so much for the fun to move us through January.
He was delayed because I was having a brain block on the folded join. So close, but had to put it away because it was too far past bedtime and then was delayed days. But he landed! "

So pleased to see him safely on the ground, Coretta!!!

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