Monday, 20 February 2023

Monday 20th February

The sun is out here in my part of England. What a lovely surprise!!!

58.    Today I start with Karen's completed alien and this is what she has to say.

It will take me a few days to finish my garnet red alien, but here is my completed blue alien. He is tatted with Lizbeth thread, size 20, #707 – Sky Blue Dark. Oh no! I hope I didn’t tat Chief Blue Meanie from Outer Space! All he needs is love, love, love, right?
A garnet red alien will arrive in a day or so. Who knows? There may even be a third. These visitors are too charming.
Thank you for two weeks of creative battery-charging, energy-boosting, doldrums-banishing FUN!
You know that bittersweet feeling when you get to the end of a very good book? The end of T.I.A.S. this year is a bit like that. I have been affected by it; I have learned and conquered; I have loved the camaraderie; I am delighted by the alien I have made, and yes, I am sad it's all over.
I look forward to (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise…) another adventure.
IsDihara/Karen from Virginia, USA"

Glad you enjoyed the TIAS journey, Karen.  

59.    Mary is next in this morning and she says this

Sorry for the late submission l, life got in the way. I am always amazed by your imagination- please keep doing the TIAS. What a delight.
Tracy, CA USA"

There's no such thing as 'late' in a TIAS, Mary!!!! Anybody's welcome at any time!

60.    The next is a ‘forgotten by me’ alien. Sylvie wrote with an update to her alien and I’ve looked and looked through the arrivals and couldn’t find it. I didn’t realise until now that it had never been uploaded as it was ‘hidden’ at the bottom of the update message. My apologies to Sylvie and here’s what she has to say

“Dear Jane , here is my alien ET , I enjoyed very much made it, I give it to my little son Léon for the wall of his bedroom.Thank you for this TIAS, I hope to play with you next year.
Best regards from Millau in south of France.
It’s Sylvie again I have forgotten to tell you I’m 73 years old and tate for almost 10 Years. I am in Association française de frivolité.
See you next year😃

61.    Much later than her usual speed (first in on many days) Jenni has sent in her alien. I missed you in my inbox, lass. Here’s what she says.

“Well......he might have come in peace but this week has been chaos so I didn't get time to play on the last day.
On 2 weeks off now so thought I had better finish the cute little alien.
Thanks for another great TIAS Jane. You really kept us guessing on this one!

62.    Maren has now arrived with her lovey pink alien and she says

“Hi Jane,
Finally done with my little alien! Though I'm not too happy with my antennas, I think it turned out quite nicely. I plan to append a band with a tassel to one of the legs so it can be used as a bookmark. It will make a nice present to my brother-in-law, the book worm.
Thank you so much for all the fun and hope we'll be back with another TIAS next year!
All the best,

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