Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Final part of the TIAS

 Today is the last day of the TIAS and the link is here.  

When you send in today’s final part could you mention where you come from and the thread you used, please?  It might also be interesting to see how you made the alien - shuttle or needle.  Thanks.

I will also number each person's alien so I can see how many actually finish the little guy and that will give me an idea as to whether to run another game next year.

I will be slowly returning to this blog over the next few weeks as I find things to talk about.

First in this morning is Pam with her day 13 and she says

“Looks "alien" to me. Since the thread is yellow I am guessing a cheezy alien.”

Well I’ve never met a cheesy alien - or even an alien!

Maria is next in with her day 13 and she says

“Dear Jane,
Well now the Thing is catching a flying over alien….
I cannot believe it is almost over ….
Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow 

Thanks, Maria.  I think you know what it is now!!!!

Marla is next with her day 13 and this is what she has to say

HA!  This last 3 parts really threw me for a loop!  It took me all afternoon of tatting.. untatting… retatting… & untatting… then a good hour to figure out how to make a twisted picot & knot it so it didn’t untwist!  🤦🏼‍♀️ 
But Super Ant Man is almost ready to take on villains everywhere…. He just needs his hero cape! 👍🏻🤣”

But honestly, Marla he’s PERFECT.  You’ve done a good job on him/her.

Wanda is next with her day 13 and she says

“Hello, Jane. Here's my day 13. Today was one of those days my fingers just didn't want to make those Catherine wheel joins. But I persevered and succeeded! Then there were twisted picots, which also argued with me. They finally behaved themselves, leaving this cute character. When I showed it to my husband, he said it looks like a Martian waving "hi". Wanda”

Well as you now know it is an alien but tell your husband I’m not sure which planet he’s from.  Oh, probably Planet Jane!!!!

1.    I had to chuckle at the first person in with day 14!!! It’s Anita who’s hidden her last two rings with a scarf. Obviously her guy comes from a very cold planet!!! She says

“Hi Jane,
I was in a hurry to complete my cute alien, and there were only two rings left!
But don’t you think I managed to make a complete mess of the last ring!
It looked like he had serious throat problems! I didn't want to redo the head, so: it is winter and cold outside, he needed a scarf :-)
Thank you so much for making these games, I do so enjoy them and learn new things every time.
How clever you are to come up with such fun patterns!
I am already looking forward to the next one :-)”

An addition to Anita’s comment which she’s just sent in

“I am sorry that I didn't say so earlier, but I am Swedish and live in a suburb of Stockholm. I used a local brand of thread (sadly discontinued) in size 20. I am shuttle tatting, of course. Using needles is not for me.”

Not sure about the next one, Anita, we’ll see how many Aliens come in this year before I decide.  Maybe the game has become ‘old hat’ now and needs to retire.  

Martha is next with her day 13 and she says simply

“Here's looking at you!”

I’m looking back at YOU, Martha!!

2.    Second in with her day 14 is Jane who says

"Take me to your leader..." A little green man from Mars it definitely is. Thanks very much Jane, great fun. I'm in Zimbabwe, used Milford thread size 20, an Aero shuttle and a silver one. The silver one is a little too heavy to be practical, but I like to use it for the TIAS. I learnt to tat in 1978, from a Coats pamphlet, once my aunt's friend had shown me the flip.”

Thanks for taking part, Jane.  Hope the weather is better in Zimbabwe than it is here at the moment!!!

Wilma is next with her day 13 and she says

 Il il mio risultato eseguito in notturna 🥰🤗
My result performed at night 🥰🤗“

Thank you, Wilma

3.    Maureen is next in my inbox with her day 14 and she says

“Here is my sweet little alien, next to the Grumpy Cat who hasn’t been pictured during this TIAS. 
My alien is tatted in Lizbeth 20, 695 and 624.
I think he is holding his head because he has a migraine which is what prevented me from completing Part 13 in time.
Thanks Jane, it’s been fun.I will hope for another game in 2024, the year never begins for me until it’s time for the tat it and see!”

I hope there’s another in 2024 too, Maureen. Just need BC3 to come up with a ‘good idea’!!!

4.    Next to arrive is from Alain who is very topical with her comment. She says

“Here is a little alien that jumped from a Chinese balloon over Paris.
I used a shuttle and size 20 thread. I'm new to tatting, so split rings were a challenge.. and I couldn't get the long twisted picots right. But I loved doiing this.
Thank you”
WOW, you did a great job doing this, Alain as a new tatter.  Congratulations

5.    Ruth is next and she has this to say

“Hello Jane,
Thanks so much for this TIAS. It has been a lot of fun. My Alien is attached. Made with Lizbeth #20. I cannot tell you the colour because most of the tatting supplies I have with me are packed in the car as I am travelling again! Now in Tenterfield, NSW with a temperature or 14 °C, a change from the heatwave of Brisbane.
I have included in the pic the necessary tools to complete the Alien: 2 shuttles, a my vsp gauge, (forgot to include the 1/4 inch gauge!), magic loops, a fine crochet hook (passed down from my grandmother), a tapestry needle (used to open vsps when they disappear and finally the pliers to pull the magic loops through (I knot the magic loops so I can use the pliers).
In this project, I have finally perfected cwj's, learnt about twisted picots, how to stabilise a string of split rings and Victorian sets. 
I am pleased with the result and like my 3D head!
Thanks again, 
Ruth in Narrabri, NSW.”

I like your 3D head too, Ruth.  In fact I love your alien.  Well done for sticking with the TIAS while you’ve been ‘on the move’.

6.    Next to arrive is Monica who says

“Ciao Jane,buon San Valentino!Ecco i miei due alieni,quello rosa ha le cornine più alte ma è ovvio è una ragazza,oggi ha una acconciatura speciale!!!😂😂😂❤️
Un abbraccio,Monica
Hi Jane, happy Valentine's Day! Here are my two aliens, the pink one has the highest horns but it's obvious she's a girl, today she has a special hairstyle!!!😂😂😂❤️ Hugs, Monica

Beh, mi chiedo come saranno i loro bambini se diventeranno "amici" intimi, Monica!!!!!!! mi piace il suo taglio di capelli!!!
Well I wonder what their babies will look like if they become close ‘friends’, Monica!!!!!!! I do like her hairstyle!!!”

7.    Jacee is next to arrive and she has this to say

“Good morning Jane,
Here's my little blue alien and you've got us all tricked from the very beginning that it was an animal of some sort. Good job👍
I shuttle tatted this and thread I used is vintage Coats 20, shade 893.
Thanks so much for such great fun again. Anticipating TIAS 2024 now🤭
Jacee, Malaysia”

Pleased you were tricked, Jacee!!!! That makes me happy!!!!  I love the spaceship and flying saucer that your alien arrived in!!!!

8.    Hanneke is the next person in my inbox with her day 14 and she says

“ Hi Jane,I bet you had lots of fun with all guesses. 
My ‘ET’ says Hi, here I am”

Yes it was very amusing at this end of the game, Hanneke. Thank you for taking part.

9.    Carol has just arrived with her alien and she says

“Dear Jane,
I had a lapse of sanity with those twisted picots! Finally sense dawned and my friendly alien is complete. So enjoyed this Tias even with all my bungles. Very enjoyable and fun.
Look forward to seeing how many invaders there will be. Lol
Carol 😃"

Carol has updated her comment with the fact that she lives in Australia and that her thread is Bliss cotton and she uses a shuttle

Glad it was only a short lapse and that you managed the twisted picots in the end.  I’m looking forward to more alien invaders too, Carol!

10.    This next comment and alien comes from Kerstin who says

“Oh Jane, such a lovely alien 😊 from England!
Thanks a lot for this TIAS, if you start again next year, you can be sure, I’m with you.
I used Lizbeth #40, cream. 
Till then, have a good year and stay healthy.
Yours Kerstin - from Germany, Großbottwar (near to Stuttgart)”

I’m glad you like your alien from England but are you talking about the tatting or ME?!?!?!? Some of my friends would probably say I’m an alien!!!!

11.    Hallie came into my inbox next with her finished alien and she says

“Thank you so much for all the fun, Jane. I hope you'll be inspired to let us all play again next year!
Here he is, done with shuttles and Lizbeth #636, Country Grape Light, in size 20. He is visiting with us here in Madison, Wisconsin (north central USA) where the temperatures are above freezing today, but we expect more snow tomorrow.”

Thanks for joining in, Hallie and I’ll certainly do another if people really want to do a TIAS again.

12.    Now I have a whole group of aliens which is making me think that planet earth is under an alien invasion. HELP! Stephanie says

“Hi Jane! 
Here’s the whole family.   All size 20 unless noted below.
Pink and purple guy is Lizbeth….but neither had a label. The pink was probably one of the ‘azalea’ shades, but I’m not sure.
Next guy is ….I think….’juicy watermelon’ – also Lizbeth. Again, label is long gone.
Solid pink alien is the same ‘azalea’ as the inside of the first guy.
Green is also Lizbeth, one more with no label. I think it was one of the ‘lime’ shades. When the balls get to a certain size, the label comes off….and when they get really small, the label tends to slip out of the little bag while I’m using it. I didn’t realize I had so many little balls of thread with no labels. Usually I stuff the label into the core when it falls off, but eventually they do seem to ‘escape’ somehow.
Next to the green is a pinkish-purple (also no label) Altin Basak 50. For me, this thread seems to be about a size 30 (compared to DMC).
The little salmon/green/purple guy is Lizbeth 40, no label left, but the color – if I remember correctly – is ‘Lollipop.’
And last, but the first guy who got tatted, is my Purple People Eater, who was done in Lizbeth again, and alas, his label was also missing.
Everybody was shuttle tatted. All of us are in western North Carolina, USA, near enough to the Appalachian Mountains to be considered ‘foothills.’ 
Great fun, Jane. Thank you so VERY much for doing this again this year. 
Big hug to you!

I’m never sure if you ever sleep, Stephanie and feel you must tat in your sleep when/if you do!!!!  Thanks for taking part.

13.    Phyllis is next to arrive and she has this to say.

“Here is my entry:
Take me to your leader. Well, I believe this little fella has as we needed to follow the leader to finish him. Thanks Jane for this year’s TIAS and look forward for next year! Phyllis from Georgia USA”

Oh, Phyllis I don’t want to be a leader so I’ll follow your alien instead.

14.    Debra has arrived with her alien and she has this to say

“Happy Valentines day! What fun this was, and such a wonderful winter treat, I really looked forward to opening up the next link. Thank you for all of the work you put into designing, and posting all of our pics and comments, you made my 14 days!
Hi from Whitaker Creek Oregon!
Shuttle tatted with size 20 Lizbeth thread color 184”

I’m glad you enjoyed the trip, Debra. It’s certainly kept me out of mischief!!!

15.    Now this next message REALLY threw me. I had to check and re-check as both aliens appear to be made from the same thread!!! What a coincidence that they should follow each other into my inbox. This one is from Lynn who says

“Well it looks like I have been wrong with all my guesses. Looks like a waving alien to me. I made a mistake on day 12 so i had to start over with day 11. I’m not very good with twisted picots so I got some practice on this.
I’m from Ohio, but wintering in Florida. I used Lizbeth thread size 20 color 184.

Thanks for taking part, Lynn.

16.    Wanda is next to arrive and she has this to add to the blog. 

“Greetings, fellow TIAS-cians!
Our great leader, Jane, has requested that we leave our shuttles and unite! I, Tattrldy (Wanda Salmans), have journeyed from Kansas, USA, in my Magenta Medium, size 20, Lizbeth #617 suit, to the enlightening blog, Tat It And See, to join the gathering! I've enjoyed the challenges of Victorian sets, Catherine Wheel joins, and really long, twisted picots. Our leader, Jane, has stimulated our brains, keeping us guessing along the way. She is amazing! We must now go forth and share the joy of finishing this most entertaining adventure. We thank her for the fun this year, and encourage her to dream of the challenge for next year - after a nice, relaxing break, of course!
Thank you, Jane! Love your alien!”

That’s a great comment, Wanda. What a hoot!!!

17.    Kathryn has now arrived with her alien. He’s definitively got a cheeky look to him. Love him, Kathryn. She says

“Dear Jane,
Here is my finished alien I used Coats 40 thread in ecru I did a few extra stitches to make his head rounder. He is a bit dull so now I will make another in a bright colour. I live in Hampshire UK it is a beautiful day the sky is clear enough to see a UFO if there was one!
Thank you so much for the pattern I will send one to my Grandson.

I thought little boys would like an alien. There aren’t many ‘boy’ tatting patterns and that was part of the reason for making him. Up here in Stratford it’s been sunny today too. 

18.    Lou is next with a great drawing for her aliens!!! Love it, Lou. She says

“Hi Jane! These guys wanted me to send them to my leader so I’m sending them to you. Not my first tias. They were shuttle tatted of course Pun intended! Lizbeth thread lime green, English rose dark and hand dyed Stonehill wine. I’m from Renton Washington, USA. Thank you so much for sharing your tatting talents with us. Looking forward to the next TIAS. Happy tatting Lou”

OWCH that’s a dreadful pun, Lou!!!!  LOVE it.  

19.    Now I wonder how this little alien knew it was Valentine’s Day? Perhaps Maria can tell us

“Dear Jane,
I am happy to see this little alien but I am sad that the game is over...
Thank you again for doing this!
Tias are not only fun but also very helpful in learning or dusting off different technics. Now I am very proficient at doing the CWs...and for the first time I did a twisted picot... lots of fun
I hope you will have a good responses and an army of little aliens, but be assured that those numbers are little in comparison to the real number of people enjoying your Tias through a tatter.
I have a group of 7-8 ladies that enjoyed making guesses when I showed them the progress of this pattern..
I have to report that none guessed right... but they wanted to name it Valentino, in honor of the today holiday and for the fact that I am Italian...
If a tatter just showed to one person the Tias you have a big number...
I used Lizbeth 20 #691 mocha and I tatted with clover shuttles.
This little alien found its heart in El Paso Texas, it choose well the location because we are close to Roswell New Mexico that is renowned for an alleged 1947 UFO crash... In any case its a good story, maybe one day I will visit the Roswell's UFO museum with Valentino and I will report to you...
Happy Valentine's Day to you and all the Tias tatters
with love 

Ooooh, I remember hearing about that alleged UFO crash as I grew up.  I was born in 1943.  Always fascinated me.  I don’t think my little alien has ever been to Roswell.  Love the little heart too.  

20.    Kaylyn is next with her alien and she says

“I love my little alien!!! Though he seems upset at something since they are facepalming, lol!
I used a shuttle with Lizbeth 20 in Black (604) and Kelly Green (713). I'm definitely looking forward to next year!
Missouri, USA”

Oh dear - perhaps he just doesn’t to look at us!!!  Maybe he thinks WE’RE aliens!!!

21.    Pam has just arrived with her little troop of aliens. She says

“Here is my completed "cheezy alien".
My Grandmother taught me to tat left handed because she couldn't teach me to crochet. So I tatting old timey Reigo rings and chains only, cut and tie and using all the size 80 thread on my one metal shuttle before starting something else. I met the Palmetto Tatters in 2002 and learned so many things my Grandmother would have loved to do. I also learned to tat right handed just to teach others very slowly. Thanks Jane for this exercise in following instructions and different techniques. You're the best!
BTW I have been in SC almost 50 years but born in Virginia and also lived in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and even Missippi...28 moves in total.”

Thanks, Pam. That is really interesting that your grandmother couldn’t teach you to crochet. I was 13 when I learned to tat but in my early 30’s before I attempted to crochet!!!

22.    Aonghas and Kay Lynn are next with their great picture and comment. They say

“Dearest Jane, 
We had great fun with this TIAS. This is my third TIAS (and I was a very young pup for the first one, so I didn't quite know what was going on); now I'm thoroughly enjoying each TIAS and hope for one in 2024. My name is Aonghas, origins of my breed are Scotland, and I'm a show dog (with three major wins toward my US Championship). My official name is Bear Valley's Tanana Aureus Amicus, TKI. Bear Valley was where I was born (Oceanside, California), Tanana is the valley where I now reside, and Aureus Amicus is Latin for Golden Friend. 

My "servant" and human mom, Kay Lynn loves to tat. She's been tatting for over 40 years with a shuttle. She used Ocean Teal Medium #664 Lizbeth in size 20 and Ocean Sunset #155 size 20 for the head. We both live in Tok, Alaska which is a very cold and snowy place as we have snow which accumulates from Sept. (or sometimes Aug.) to April or May. We can get to -50 degrees F. each winter (and sometimes as much as -70 degrees F.), but I like it when it's -20 or warmer as we get to go romp in the snow on those days. 

You'll see that I decided to be polite and an ambassador for our new guests that are arriving in your mailbox. I even dressed in my tuxedo and top hat, and welcomed them with a rose since it's Valentine's Day. We love to see all of the aliens that are visiting the TIAS blog, and hope that there are many that come in over the next few days. 
Aonghas and his "servant", Kay Lynn”

It was good to see you both again this year.  Hopefully there’ll be another TIAS next January and I’ll start thinking about it soon.  I must say, Aonghas, that your hat and  tuxedo really suit you.  Love the flying saucers too.

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Lelia said...

D E L I G H T F U L !!! I"m still on Day 12 (have a painter doing renovation in our home). Will catch up soon & post : ) I enjoyed each day and never figured out what we were tatting . Thank you Jane