Thursday, 23 February 2023

Thursday and another alien!

I thought today was going to be a ‘no alien day’ but Bernice has proved me wrong - thankfully!

67. Bernice says 

“Hi Jane,
Greetings from Canada, we are in a cold spell so a perfect time to sit and tat. I used a Lizbeth thread Color 130. It is amazing how well this fellow sits up tall without his head falling over. Thanks for another wonderful TIAS. 

Thanks for sending in your alien, Bernice.  I was wondering whether there were going to be any arrivals today!!!!

68.    Another alien has just dropped by. This is from Maria who says

I'm sending the picture a little late, but I also made a Tias alien this year 😊

Thank you for sending your alien to me, Marja. I like your blog. I’ll be reading it in future. 

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