Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Day 11

First in AGAIN is Maureen who I would've thought would have guessed it by now. BUT perhaps she's right to be confused!!!!! She says

"A lobster might wear glasses, but a carrot definitely would not. I am defeated completely!"

From yesterday I now have Julie who says

“Well, I really do see a body. My head is a bit large. I meant to do a picot smile, but forgot about it in the midst of playing thread chicken.”

Hmmm, thread chicken is one we all know too well!!!

You’re going to LOVE Irene’s answer to the headless ‘thing’. This is what she’s said and done!!!

“Good morning Jane,
I managed to catch up. 
Didn't like the thought of sending you a headless creature.
I hope this is going to be a little monkey.....a cheeky little monkey!!! 
West coast of Canada

That’s a FABULOUS head, Irene.

Sounds like a big sigh of relief from Carol who says

“Caught up just in time.
Carol in Oz”

Antonietta is next in with her day 10 and she says

“Buongiorno Jane
Ecco il mio "omino" !
Spero le piaccia 😉
Buona giornata e grazie per questo lavoro che sta condividendo con noi.

Good morning Jane Here is my "little man"! I hope you like it 😉 Have a nice day and thank you for this work that you are sharing with us.

Il gioco è stato molto divertente anche per me, Antonietta!

The game has been great fun for me too, Antonietta!

Jane has arrived and she says this

“Mmm. a disembodied, symmetrical something.”

You could be right, Jane!!!

Jenni has now popped into the inbox with her day 11 and her musings too!

“Hi Jane.
Late again tonight. At work.
Plus Mr Body needed to recover after his trauma management session on Saturday night, so I left him at home. (Oh...ok...I forgot to bring it).
So I figured I would wait until tomorrow.
HOWEVER....curiosity got the better of me and I peeked at today's bit. Joy joy joy!!! I don't even need Mr Body to do this one!
So here is Mr Body's 'other' bit started.
Have a great day.

Kerstin has just arrived and she’s got an idea which sounds good. She says

“Dear Jane,
what shall I say - it seems to be E. T.
At least today… 
Warm regards

What can I say?  Maybe and maybe not!!!!

Julie is next to arrive and she says 

“Not sure how this is going to work with all those joining places. It's sure to become interesting. If it is to be an ostrich It's going to have a big head.

So I think it could be a big headed ostrich? I didn’t know that there was such a species!!!! 

Maren is next in the inbox with her day 10 and she has this to say

“Hi Jane,
Finally done with day 10, am lagging behind here!
I don't know what to say Jane, this certainly looks like a headless person (like others here are also noting). This morbid turn was indeed unexpected, but I am now more intrigued than ever to know where this is going 😅

I’m intrigued too, Maren!!!  Well not really but very happy that you’re all still guessing!!!

Next is Stephanie who is beginning to think it’s not the lobster she’s been hoping for!!! She says

“Ears? (hmmm…I don’t think lobsters HAVE ears)
Beginning of a cluster of balloons for the monkey to carry?

Maria is now thinking of balloons. This is what she says

“Dear Jane,The Thing is happy dancing with balloons….

Hallie is next into my inbox and she thinks this

“I've got it! It's a paleontologist (his professorial spectacles gave him away) STUDYING Nessie!!
Looking forward to finding out the real answer, but I'll miss the fun of each new clue.
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin, where it rained last night and much of the snow is gone. Until Thursday.”

Well DONE Hallie - you may have guessed right.  BUT maybe not!!!!

Now the next arrival is Wanda and she has this to say

“Hello, Jane. It's getting curiouser and curiouser! This is not what I expected for today. Bravo for keeping us guessing! Here's my day 11, waiting for day 12. Wanda”

So pleased you’re still confused, Wanda!!!

The next person to arrive is Karen who has sent two pictures in. Love them, Karen. She says

“Dearest Jane, 
My two “happy mechanical men” have taken to dancing and crooning, “Hello My Ragtime Gal” as I work. Could they be making a leap of faith; hoppin’ on a ranarian bandwagon? Perhaps they wish they were like Michigan J. Frog? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evgEJlOPoeo
They might need top hats.”

Oh what a wonderfully vivid imagination you have, Karen.  Thanks for the video too.

Jacee is next with her day 11 and she says

“Good evening Jane,
Submission of my Day 11 here. They are eyes of a ?? ( my guess is a primate🐵)😊

Thanks Jacee I’ve added you to the TIAS blog.

Another great idea for the TIAS is from Kathryn who has this to say

“Dear Jane,
The 11th day could it be a piper piping?

LOVE your picture, Kathryn.  

Wilma is next and she says

“Ecco gli occhi del mio Hulk🤗
Here are my Hulk's eyes🤗

Ci sta guardando, Wilma!!! Allarmante!
He’s looking at us, Wilma!!! Scary! 

Marie has arrived now with her day 10 and she says

“Dear Jane,
Here is my Day 10. After dancing in the rain, our elf is now singing the approaching spring...

An elf?  That’s a good idea.  But I wonder if it is!!!

Wendy is next and she says

“Hello Jane, I have no idea what this can be, apart from a headless person/dancer! You’ve perplexed us all this time.

I’m delighted you’re still puzzled, Wendy!!! I’m sooooo naughty!!

Karen returned with her day 11 and made me laugh LOTS. She said the following was for my eyes only but I managed to persuade her to let me share it here as I don’t think anybody would be offended. Well here’s her contribution with comment.

“Now, this photo is only for YOU and NOT for publication on the blog.
I am waiting for someone to suggest we are tatting a bikini for a humanoid frame. Not me, of course...😜”

Jolimama is next in the inbox and she says

Kedves Jane! Küldöm a 10-11. nap képét. 🥰
Szeretettel: Jolimama
Dear Jane! I am sending the 10-11. day picture. 🥰 With love: Jolimama“

Ezúttal nincs tipp, Jolimama? Köszönöm, hogy benéztél a postaládámba a képeddel.
No guesses this time, Jolimama? Thank you for dropping into my inbox with your picture.

Antonia is the penultimate person in my inbox as I’m heading for bed. She says

“Hi Jane
Up early to work on day 11. Here it is. Nothing close to what I thought it would be. Winding the thread, I feel like the game is starting over again.

Ah, it probably IS, Antonia!!!!  Maybe it’s the start of TIAS 2024!!!

Finally as it’s past my bedtime I’m adding the last person in my inbox and that’s Katie who says

“Dear Jane, 
as Humphrey Bogart said to Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, "Here's looking at you, kid."
Just guessing! Are they eyes? Who knows?! 
Didn't want to send all five in this posture as you might not enjoy being stared at, Jane and fellow tatters!
Happy tatting and guessing, everyone!
Katie V in NC”

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