Saturday, 4 February 2023

Now before I add the link to day 10 I challenge you to design and tat what you think the rest of the TIAS will be.  This is not part of the game but just a bit of fun for those who want to try it.

This is down to Ruth who sent in the picture below yesterday. After several conversations during the TIAS I dared her to add her idea after day 9 and she guessed and worked day 10 by working out that it would be a reflection of the other ‘side’. Then I ‘dared’ her to finish the TIAS off so she sent in this head (below the’body’).  This is what she said

“Well, you did dare me!! Today I have driven from Narrabri to Brisbane - a 7 hr drive. On the trip, I planned a head including eyes and hair.
Prototype 1 attached!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
It's a bit big!

First in this morning and with her day 10 is Maureen who’s carrot seems to have suffered a personality change!!! She says

“My carrot has grown up to be a lobster!!”

Next and hot on Maureen’s tail is Jane who has sent in her days 9 and 10. She says

“Hi Jane, aha, I've caught up, here's 9 and 10 in one. Mmm, I'll leave the designing to you thanks.”

Lyn has just arrived with her day 10 and says

“ Hi Jane from Avery hot Western Australia 37* today!Well my purple people eater looks better than it should because I had a fall today and ripped my middle finger open on the fence and I’ve had to tape it up to stop it bleeding over everything! Sigh ! 
Regards from Lyn”

OWCH.  Hope the finger heals quickly, Lyn.

Next is Kathryn who has this to say

“Dear Jane,
I am looking forward to seeing her head.

Me too, Kathryn, me too!!!!

You’re just going to LOVE Jenni’s day 10 and her comment. I’ve never seen a TIAS being treated for cardiac arrest before but thankfully Jenni and partner were there to perform CPR!!! She says

“Hi Jane.
Here is my day 10.
Obviously late as I am on duty tonight.
My work partner tonight tried his hardest but we feel the patient was beyond our help....he said why is it headless?
Still having fun... with no idea.

Next is Maria who has this to say

“I can't think what it will bebut I enjoy being able to make every time
have a nice weekend jane

Bev has finally got the answer!!!! Least she thinks she has. She says

“Hi Jane
Ha! I know! A ballet dancing frog!

Hallie is the next to arrive in my inbox and she has a name for her ‘whatever it is’. She says

“Good morning, Jane!
Here is Headless Irving. During my decades of teaching anatomy and physiology to nursing students, I used Irving as the name of my theoretical body (or Irvingetta, if appropriate), as in, "In Irving's liver..." So I have named our TIAS "Irving" his honor.
This was partly inspired by the hilarious photos of the resuscitation of Jenni's Irving!
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin, still snowy but warming up a bit”

That’s the name I’ve given Jenni’s offering too - HILARIOUS!!!  I like your name too.  

Stephanie is next with her day 10 and she says

“Maybe not a lobster after all, but very much convinced it’s still some sort of frond-waving, tentacle-y sea creature, just don’t know WHAT sea creature.

Melanie only has one word to say today and that’s

That's what I have to say.
Oh, and Thank You!!!!!
in Monterey Bay CA”

Sharren is next to arrive and she says

“'s obviously the headless horseman, after skinny dipping in a wintery lake, looking for his head so he can find his clothes! Poor fellow is blue with cold!!
Tatting in Greenwood, SC USA”

Hmmm, then you’ve obviously finished your TIAS, Sharren?  If it’s headless and it’s humanoid, that is. 

Hanneke is next to arrive and she says

“Hi Jane,
All excited. I know what, no WHO it is: Nearly Headless Nick from Harry Potter. But he lost his head completely now
Met vriendelijke groet,

What a GREAT guess

Julie has taken up the challenge to finish off the TIAS. LOVE it, Julie

“Here's my day 10 and the challenge head. It's my ostrich wiping his brow saying, "I thought you would never get done. Thanks for tatting me." How very clever of you Jane to have us finish it the way we were imagining it all along. Very fun.

I like that idea too, Julie. So clever. 

Now I have Lindy who has done a really good drawing of how her head is going to look. She says

“Hello Jane,
It is going to be a funny guy saying hellOOO.
Or not, at least I enjoy the fun!

He’s certainly going to be a very funny guy, Lindy.

Debra is next and she says

“Good morning Jane, my guesses have been all over the map. The jester was probably the closest but today I believe it's a monkey. Especially since your very first comment on the project was not to tell us what color to use because we would guess what the TIAS is. 
I am still trying to sort out how to tat its face lol.”

A monkey is a great idea, Debra. Ah, maybe I was leading you astray on my comments about what colour to choose. OR maybe not?!?!?

Now with her day 9 is Wendy who has this to say

“Hello Jane,
Here is Day 9. 
It is a bit warmer which is good because the hot water bottle sprung a leak! I have now bought a new one for the colder weather expected next week 😊
As for the Tat it & See, I haven’t a clue now. My granddaughter says it’s a beheaded, three legged monkey !!

You’ve got a very clever granddaughter but is she right?!?!?  I can imagine nothing worse than a leaky hot water bottle in a bed.  Stay dry, Wendy, stay dry AND warm.

Pam is next to arrive and this is what she has to say

“Yep. I’m sure now. Headless dancers. 🀣
I keep restarting to fix mistakes, but then I make other mistakes. If this goes on much longer, I’ll have dozens! The whole dance company! 😁
Akron, Ohio”

Well you’ll be dancing away while the rest of us are admiring your tenacity. Well done, Pam. 

Now I have Marco’s day 10 and she’s a bit worried about her toes. No, sorry, not her own toes but the TIAS toes!!! Here’s what she says

“Hello Jane,here is day 10.
I know the toe is on the wrong side. But its ok. My hands are very painfull the last weeks so i am glad that i am this far .
My guess for a flamingo is wrong πŸ₯²
Greetings Marco”

I’m very sorry to hear about your poor hands. I hope they get better soon, Marco.  I think that the picots on the ‘wrong’ side of that ring will be O.K so don’t worry!

Mary Jane is next to arrive and she says it’s a boxer!!! 

“Good afternoon Jane I am a boxer, Come watch me tonight 
You like my hair? Sure enjoyed the TIAS this year our guesses were wild 
Mary Jane. Indiana USA”

I’ll watch you and I DO like your hair!!! 

Mary Ann is next into my inbox and she says

“Hi Jane. Just finished day 10 and can't wait to see this finished. Mary Ann ”

I’ll be going ‘back to boring’ when it’s finished, Mary Ann so I’m not really looking forward to it being finished.  Not at the moment!!

Sadly Deana is disappointed in this year’s TIAS. I don’t believe her actually!!! She says

“Well Jane…..
Another disappointing TIAS this year unless this is a Canadian goose with broken wings!!!!! 🀣

IF it is a Canadian goose then it belongs with you and NOT in my country!!!  You are a naughty tease, Deana!!!

Rose Anne is next and she says this 

“OK now Day 10 TIAS is complete! I'm still going with a playful monkey πŸ’ or chimpanzee! We'll be working on the head next. πŸ˜‰ I had an itzy bitzy idea of a clown maybe holding balloons BUT those fingers/toes say NO!!
Rose Anne”

Now that’s an interesting idea.  The ‘clown’ could have lost two fingers on each hand.  Had you thought of that, Rose Anne?

I’m off to bed now but will be back to (hopefully!) a full inbox in the morning!

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