Wednesday, 8 February 2023

More Day 11

Good morning, world. A bright sunny one here although temperatures are still below freezing.

First in today is Pam who has given up guessing for now! She says

"I have no intelligent or unintelligent guess."

Bev is still staying 'all Spanish' as she says

"Hi Jane
Castanets! Olé!

Arlene is next with her change of mind and she says

"Okay, Jane, not an emu. Hmm. I will change my guess to toreador.
Arlene M
Durham NC
PS springlike weather the next couple days. Blooming flowers abound!"

Just as Bev has changed her mind from Spanish to 'something else' Arlene is now 'going Spanish'!!!! Which one is right?!?!? OR are they both wrong?

Rose Anne has now popped into my inbox and she says

"After a busy day on errands then outside with the dogs since they were inside I'm finally catching up. Here is Day 11 TIAS complete, a small step but you got us to wind lots of thread so it's not close to finishing yet! We're working on the head and I'm guessing maybe glasses or large rimmed eyeballs to this creature!
Rose Anne"

Well you may be right, Rose Anne.  OR you may be waaaay off the mark!!!

Debra is next with her day 11 and she says

"Good evening Jane.
I'm sorry this is late, we had to take our truck into town to replace the windshield due to wind damage. Which means if we come an hours drive off the mountain we do all our town errands, banking, laundry, groceries etc in one trip.
I feel as though my TIAS is going to a masquerade party. Lol"

Good to see you back home safely, Debra. I hope your TIAS enjoys the party!!!

Liz is next and she's still no idea what she's making. I'm wickedly pleased about that, Liz. She says

"Here is my day 10. I am not sure what we are making anymore!! Maybe I will get an idea from day 11!!"

I hope NOT, Liz!!!

Finally from the overnighters comes Carol who says

"Dear Jane:
Day 11 is attached to this email.
I am using Lizbeth, Size 20, Color 651.
I'm looking forward to more TIAS patterns
Always, Carol in NW Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II."

No guesses, Carol?  I don't blame you!!!!

Shower and breakfast done and Monica has arrived in my inbox. She says

“Ciao Jane,i miei innamoratini stanno andando ad una festa di carnevale in maschera!!🥰🥰O magari…quelle sono le orecchie??!!
Un abbraccio,Monica
Hi Jane, my sweethearts are going to a masquerade carnival party!!🥰🥰Or maybe…those are the ears??!! Hugs, Monica”

Beh, potrebbero essere innamorati - mi chiedo se stiano andando a una festa in maschera. Andrai con loro?
Well they could be sweethearts - I wonder if they are off to a masquerade. Will you be going with them?

Ruth has just arrived with her day 11 and this is what she has to say

“Well Jane, 
All I can say is that's a lot of thread to make a head. And those eyes we made are pretty big! Perhaps our whatsit is going to have a big hat!! And then again, perhaps it is not a human / chimpanzee! Here my "eyes" anyway. 
I do like Julie's head and I like both Heidi's heads. They are all more complicated than mine.
Ruth in Narrabri, New South Wales”

Don’t panic, Ruth.  You’ll need that thread!!!  Time will reveal all!!!

Agi has sent in her day 11 but hasn’t guessed anything!!! She says

“The new parts. :) 

Sylvie is next and she says this

“Dear Jane, A new enigma for a new it eyes👀 or ears👂 ??? That is the question 🤔...
Good night 😃

Eyes, ears - who knows, Sylvie!!!!

Coretta follows in shortly after with this comment

“Day 11 here with spectacles. I misplaced mine this morning, so I’ve got to go hunting for them.”

Spectacles? That’s a good guess, Coretta, but is it right? 

Richard has just arrived with his day 11 and he has this to say

“Greetings Jane!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a pair of flying eyes? I am hoping for the latter! My monkey seems to be reaching out for them, and, if she had a mouth would be singing "jeepers, creepers, how do I catch those peepers?"
Happy Tatting!

Great thoughts, Richard!!!  Catch those peepers?  Maybe if they don’t run away!!!!

Lynn has just sent in her day 11 with the following comment

“No new guesses today. I did have enough thread left on my shuttles to make a couple of small butterflies.”

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Liyarra said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that the 'eyes' are not and they will also not be put where we expect....
Time to turn thr drawing around Miss Jane!